Leftist group weaponizes against Mayor Bronson; mayor’s campaign signs defaced across town


The leftwing group called 907 Initiative has a side group 907 Action, which published a voters guide recently for leftists in Anchorage. Ballots will be mailed to voters on or around March 12, and must be in the mail by April 2.

The group is pouring money into the local elections to flip the mayor’s office back to Democrat control after suffering major setbacks during the last mayoral reign of Ethan Berkowitz, a Democrat.

Conservatives can use the “progressive voters guide: to figure out what the liberals want for Anchorage, and can vote the opposite way.

The 907 Action website is pushing Suzanne LaFrance for mayor and endorses all the leftist incumbents on the Anchorage School Board, as well as pushing for yes vote on bond issues.

It’s impossible to tell who is funding the group, but its parent organization, 907 Initiative is a dark-money group that conceals its funding sources. The 907 Initiative poses as an educational group and is prohibited from campaigning, but it has been pounding on Mayor Dave Bronson for months.

Meanwhile, leftists whose values align with the 907 Initiative/Action have defaced over 15 of Bronson’s campaign signs by scrawling the words such as “GENOCIDE” across them, as shown above.

On the 907 Action’s description of Mayor Dave Bronson, the group says, “Mayor Bronson’s first term was defined by scandal and incompetence. Under his leadership, long-time municipal employees fled, leading to high vacancy rates across city departments, including the Anchorage Police Department. The inability to clear the streets for two straight winters under his leadership led to record school closures and parents having to stay home from work. Mayor Bronson failed to implement a plan to address homelessness, leading to record outdoor deaths and large camps throughout the city’s green spaces. He also approved illegal contracts, and was accused of spying on employees and creating a sexualized work environment. We do not support the reelection of Mayor Dave Bronson.”

About Bill Popp, the group tries to not insult him: “Bill Popp led the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation for 16 years, before resigning to run for mayor. His long business background is a plus, but his absence of serving as an elected official is concerning. Anchorage residents need a leader with experience to get our city back on track. We do not support Bill Popp for mayor.”

The group is very hard against Chris Tuck: “Chris Tuck has a long history in Alaska politics, having served seven terms in the Alaska Legisature. Despite Tuck’s experience and accomplishments, he holds several concerning beliefs, including an anti-abortion stance. In 2020, he joined several other Democrats around the country in writing a letter asking the national Democratic Party to drop their support for abortion rights. Tuck also opposed Real ID on the belief that the IDs contain a GPS tracker, opposed the use of flouride in drinking water and claimed TSA scanners took naked pictures of people. Tuck’s tendency to believe misinformation is concerning. We do not support Chris Tuck for mayor.”

But the group glorifies Suzanne LaFrance, and calls her a nonpartisan, although she is the choice of the Alaska Democratic Party: “Suzanne LaFrance is running for mayor on a platform of returning competence to city government, focusing on public safety, trails, education, addressing homelessness, and affordable housing. LaFrance comes with the experience of serving as chair to the Anchorage Assembly and plans to deliver expected city services by staffing up city departments and instilling a professional, positive workplace culture. She ran on fighting for state and federal resources for the municipality and running a transparent city government. We support Suzanne LaFrance for mayor.”

There appears to be no such voter guide for conservatives in the Anchorage municipal election, which ends April 2.

Official information about the election can be found at this link.


  1. They have their ballots ready, now they just need to stuff them in the mailboxes. Soon they will impose their one-party system on the rest of the state.

  2. Typical left wing tactics, next they will be blaming the right for the exact actions they are performing. I wonder if they are part of Ak BLM and antifa?

  3. This has gotten ridiculous😡
    Dave, put up new signs and I will gladly sit out and wait for the thugs to spray paint another sign while I video the damage!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Nice to see the crowd so worried about “democracy” doing everything they can to encourage it.

    • There are a lot of great people living in Anchorage and many conservatives. They do have an uphill battle for sure. We have family living in Anchorage and they are all conservative. I see it a bit as a political, and spiritual, mission field. If I had to work in Anchorage again I would move closer, as I would never do the valley commute again.

      • I can say the same for Juneau, Nome, even Sitka. Doesn’t change the on the ground reality.

  5. Guess what Scumbags defaced signs get more attention than regular signs and your intent will backfire on you!

  6. They want to preserve Democracy yet an action like this is election interference. Go figure, we’re not dealing with intelligent lifeforms here.

  7. Democrat terror groups or individual vandalize BOTH their own Democrat candidates signs as well as Conservatives and Republicans signs.

    The Southern Democrat plantation owner paid and used armed white gang of men on horses to provide security of their plantation. They hoped it would keep slaves from running away as well as other white people stealing from the plantations. Their gang though were terroristic and also terrorized the plantation owners slaves in their prejudice and arrogance. Democrats still employ gangs. They haven’t changed after losing the civil war. I think This is why in the Old Testament the Lord told Joshua and the people entering into the promise land they were to kill ALL their enemies. So their enemies will not mix and corrupt them. Instead they showed compassion just like President Lincoln done.

  8. Look at the bright side:
    Free campaign publicity for Mayor Dave.
    Mayor Dave’s already living rent-free inside their heads.
    Maybe arrest records for the defacers.

  9. Anybody know how I can get off these 907 color brochures mailing list that show up in my mail?
    I don’t want anybody sending me tainted reasons trying to control my vote.
    I will vote against any body they support with this waste.
    The money spent trying to influence votes could be way better spent.

  10. Look, I already said I am supporting Bronson for Mayor. You do not need to continue selling him to me.

  11. Name calling. That’s what the Left is all about.
    Even the so-called educated Left. Boot them all out.

  12. The Dems enjoy defacing evidently. They think it is proof of their enviable urbanity and superior sophistication to deface others property by virtue of their effete status within the class system of privilege. To be sure these demarcations are a bit faint on the faint side in the winter in AK.

  13. After spray painting the Bronson sign, the brave leftist crusaders scurried back to their respective moms’ basements in Muldoon.

  14. I got this link to a downlaodable/printable pdf from the Alaska Family Action group – Anchorage voting guide. Please share with anyone and everyone in Anchorage that would like some more input on the candidates running for offices in Anchorage.


  15. Any comment about the LaFrance and “Incompetence has a Price” signs along I Street being defaced?

  16. Just realized this.
    Genocide is the new Racist.
    The leftist will use it to close the argument. Do not fall for the tactic.

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