No freedom for Jonathan Norton, parole board says



The man who murdered Duane Samuels off of De Armoun Road in South Anchorage in 1989 was denied parole today by the Alaska Parole Board.

More than 360 of letters opposing Jonathan Norton’s release were received by the parole board, said Ralph Samuels, the brother of the victim.

“The Samuels/Lindstam/Walsh families cannot express our gratitude for the outpouring of support we have seen in this most difficult time,” Samuels wrote. “A particular thanks to those that sent a short note to the parole board. The man can reapply to the board in ten years, but in the mean time, we do not have to have this worry. Thanks to the entire community.”

Families of victims often have to return to fight the release of murderers like Norton, who shot Duane Samuels in the forehead in cold blood during a car theft. These are wrenching experiences for them, as they have to relive the loss of a loved one and face the murderer again.

Through this website and one set up by the family of Duane Samuels, and with the strength of the word being spread on Facebook, the community of Alaskans rallied around the victim’s family to object to Norton’s release. Alaskans won.

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  1. And thank MRAK for getting this matter tended to. It shows the power of the pen, Suzanne, and getting your base fired-up.

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