Kawasaki to Fish and Game Commissioner: Recite climate change creed



In the confirmation interview of Fish and Game Commissioner Doug Vincent-Lang, Sen. Scott Kawasaki led off the questions by asking the designee to recite the politically correct creed on climate change that Kawasaki believes in:

“Do you concur that human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, deforestation, and industry is the primary cause of climate change?” Kawasaki asked the commissioner.

Vincent-Lang said he agrees climate change is affecting fish and wildlife management, that it is ongoing, and that it’s his job to address it as he does address any other factor.

But Kawasaki didn’t like that answer. He wanted to know what the Fish and Game commissioner believes.

“The question is do you actually concur that…there is a lot of science that backs this up as well. I know there’s mitigation…but I kind of wanted a straight answer on that…”

He was interrupted by Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee Sen. Chris Birch, who reminded him not to impugn the character of the commissioner by implying he wasn’t giving him a straight answer.

Kawasaki was not finished: “It’s a question because this is an agency that deals with science. And you mentioned science in your initial testimony, so I just wanted to get this on the record.”

Vincent-Lang answered: The Department of Fish and Game is the only department that has a climate change assessment on its website. Is climate change affecting our state’s resources? Yes, it is, he said.

“I’m not going to get involved in the causes of climate change, but I am going to get involved with what kind of factor it is in terms of sustaining our fish and wildlife resources.”

Kawasaki went on to ask about a fisheries important to him personally, the Chitina dip net fisheries. He wanted to know how Vincent-Lang would prioritize between subsistence, personal use, sports, and commercial interests.

Vincent-Lang politely reminded him that the decision for allocation belongs with the Board of Fish.


  1. Sounds to me like Sen Kawasaki is kind of a jerk. He is the type of person who contributes to so much division in this country. You either tow HIS party line or you are “disqualified” from participating in anything he has the power to influence.

  2. So much for the freedom to dissent from the orthodoxy of the Left on global warming. Senator Kawasaki is lucky he did not ask me that question, as he might of received a whole lot more science and facts than he wanted. I would urge him to put down the bong and separate himself from his groupthinking group.

    The climate models that use the “science” he purports to like uniformly predict hotter temperatures than the ACTUAL historical climate records of the past thirty years. The “carbon dioxide is the principal cause of warming” thesis is flawed.

  3. “Do you concur that human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels, agriculture, deforestation, and industry is the primary cause of climate change?”
    No, Peoples State Senator Kawasaki, I concur with nothing so arrogant and pretentious that presumes the cause of climate change is exclusively anthropomorphic.
    Big word? Put it this way, your lot can’t predict a budget for ninety days.
    But I better be able to do something about humanity’s effect on global climate mechanics because, as we all know, or should know, climate change is not caused by things that can be proven scientifically.
    No, it’s driven by ideology, consensus, in this case your ideology about what should be done to Americans and America’s economy to make the weather okay in your safe space.
    If your objective was to silence critics of your ideology, delegitimize debate, and obscure your embarrassment at not knowing a bloody scientific thing about climate mechanics, you get a prize for showing up.
    Now it’s time for a victory lap.
    Give us a quick rundown on how we warmed up from the last Ice Age and what Alaska’s Fish and Game Commissioner must do to productive Alaskans to make sure that doesn’t happen again.
    Thank you so much.

    • Can I frame your comment? Love, love, love it. Such arrogance to believe that man (who was not here before when the climate changed) has the sole and overriding power to stop, forestall or prevent the next one. We should all do what we can to protect and preserve our home – this planet, but this asinine political movement does nothing to address the real problems we face. It’s the quintessential Starbucks paper straw packaged in more plastic that the straw itself contained.

  4. Sen. Kawasaki worshiping at the altar of Mother Earth is not the real story. The real story is this is yet another example of Alaskan Democrats taking their orders from their national comrades and doing what they will against Governor Dunleavy to #Resist.

    This is the new normal in politics. National, state and local. Do not cooperate, take no action that is bi-partisan or will show any Republican in a good light.

  5. They say this planet is about 1 degree or so warmer than it was 100 or 200 years ago. Is it just me that finds it difficult to believe that we had a stranglehold of the accurate temperature of the earths magma when horses and buggy’s were the primary mode of transportation ?
    So Fix it all Doug. The immediate survival of this fragile planet obviously hinges on your daily decisions at ADFG.

  6. Compeau, you never did peddle Kawasakis. WTF? Aren’t they the quintessential good times bike? I prefer Honda and Yamaha, personally, and an occasional Suzuki.

  7. Guess Kawasaki’s mother likes pink. Ginny does a good job dressing up Scott before sending him up to the hill for play day. All the old liberal farts at Raven Landing scribble their messages to Scott so he can harass Dunleavy’s executives about global warming. Give me an effing break. Fairbanks traded Pete Kelly for this little twirp? Too much pot smoking up at the Banks. You folks up there need to close down some of your weed joints and get intelligent people elected.

    • The election may have hurt a bit at first, but hopefully, Pete Kelly is letting the good times roll a bit more now on his Harley, getting a little wind through that good looking well-seasoned Ptarmigan colored hair and enjoying life. Well….maybe not at these temperatures, but you get the reference.

        • I hope Pete Kelly starts driving his Harley over to Raven’s Landing at about midnight and revs the engine good and loud, to keep all the wacky, old Kawasaki fans up late. This will speed up dementia at Raven’s Landing and hopefully keep them from the 2020 elections. Go Pete!

  8. It amazes me that all of the demoncrats have the exact same talking points. Their email network must be very large and very protected.

  9. Its sad watching conservatism fail and fall apart because some doubt science. Well, I say screw them- they are new Flat Earth Society. We never went to the Moon either. Its all a conspiracy by the Jewish UN. When brain cells die they die forever in some people.

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