Nick Begich makes it official as candidate for special election for Congress


Nick Begich filed as a candidate for the special election to temporarily replace the late Congressman Don Young. Nick was at the Division of Elections filing his paperwork on Wednesday.

He also filed for the regular election for Alaska’s one and only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Over the past five months, I have been traveling around the state, meeting Alaskans from all walks of life and listening to their concerns, hopes for the future, and often their frustrations with government. Doing so has only strengthened my resolve to represent this great state and its people”, he said. “With just one seat in the U.S. House, it is paramount that Alaska’s critical role in our nation’s resource, defense, and energy strategies be made clear and compelling. I would be honored to be that voice for Alaskans. With hard-work, I believe Alaska’s best days are ahead of us.”

Nick is 44 years old, lives in Chugiak, and is married with one son. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Although he has uncles who are well-known Democrats, he is the son of a Republican mother and a Libertarian father, and was raised and educated as a conservative.

The filing deadline for the special election for the temporary replacement of Young is on April 1, and several other candidates are expected to file in the final hours. The filing for the regular election is June 1.

The special election is going to be conducted by mail-in ballots, according to the Division of Elections. Those ballots will need to be in by June 11. Then there will be another vote for the special election, which will be held concurrently with the Aug. 16 primary for the regular election.


  1. Is he REALLY a Republican? We have too many Democrats losing as Republicans. Knowing his family name shouldn’t we be suspicious?

    Anyone notice no Republicans pretend to be Democrats to win in Democrat districts?

  2. Thanks, Nick, for running. Us folks in Chugiak who know you are very proud of you , and I know your grandfather would be proud as well. Time to put something good to the family name. I know you never wanted or needed to run for office, and I am so glad you changed your mind. The only way we can make positive change is involvement. Some of us are just too old, but not you. Keep up the good work. We are behind you.

  3. Alright Suzanne he could be the one to set the oath integrity pace we all need from our oath takers in Alaska our country and for the sake of oath integrity. Turn back towards GOD oath takers. New oath takers so help you GOD is no joke mock away thing. Can you imagine a chance to help out or sell out. Integrity for all needed immediately oath takers.

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