District 36 Republicans endorse Nick Begich for Congress


From Nenana to Fort Yukon, Republicans officers in the Interior of Alaska have organized and voted unanimously to endorse Nick Begich for Congress. Begich is a Republican, son of a Libertarian dad (Nick Sr.) and a Republican mom, and he has his own roots in the Interior with a mining claim he owns with his dad just north of Chitina.

District 36 is the largest political district, geographically speaking, in the state, and that makes it the largest political subdivision in the country. Notable, it includes Congressman Don Young’s hometown of Fort Yukon.

It’s safe to say that District 36 contains approximately one fourth of all the land mass of Alaska with over 52 communities. It is the signature “Interior” District and is represented by Republican Rep. Mike Cronk of Tok.

Already, Begich has gotten the endorsements from Eagle River District 22 Republicans, and Homer Republicans, as well as the Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s club.

“I think Nick is best prepared for the job and really represents the majority of Alaskans with his policies yet will work well listening to and representing the interests of all Alaskans,” said Elijah Verhagen, chair of District 36.


  1. Suzanne,
    Which districts have endorsed Begich for congress, and is there a chance the state GOP will endorse him?

    • District 36, 22, 6, Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s Club. I think the GOP can endorse more than one Republican, so yes, I expect he will get a party endorsement, but it might not be exclusive.

  2. Okay all, I see all these districts falling in line behind Nick and I have been struggling to get behind him because his website says absolutely nothing about what the guy stands for. What will he advocate for as the new Congressman for Alaska? With all the problems this nation has, what does he stand for? Website says meet Nick, I could care a less about meeting him, I want to know why I should vote for him! Nick, you have to go public with what you stand for and how you will fix what is wrong in D.C. Main issues below,
    1. Election Integrity – End the use of Dominion Voting Machines and mass mail in voting
    2. Border Security – Complete the wall, toughen up our immigration laws
    3. Energy – Return us to energy independence
    4. Manufacturing – Make us self sufficient again
    5. Balanced Budget Amendment – Advocate for legislative action to end the spending spree in Washington and bring back the Gold Standard!
    6. Term Limits – Advocate for term limits for both the Senate and House
    7. Reform – End the gravy train for politicians, No free healthcare and 100% Pensions. You should pay into a 401K like everyone else!
    8. Constitutional Bills – All legislation must pass a constitutional filter test and have verified ways to follow the money and confirm proper expenditures
    9. Lobbyists – End their control
    10. Big Tech – End Section 230 of the Communications Act, make them public utilities
    11. Big Pharma- Break up the medical oligarchy and create stringent oversight, more transparency needed

    This list goes on and on! What do you stand for?

  3. NB3-R.
    All the way to Congress, on his own merit.
    (ps ….Uncle Mark must be jealous as hell.)

  4. It’s just the name. On that alone enough of the old oath breakers and the family line. Absolutely oath integrity is needed immediately Lora reinbold Chris tuck there accomplishments for the people of the people by the people alone deserve to be put into action for the citizens. Please governor stand for something stand for oath integrity sir. Full dividends and some oath integrity sir. Oath takers buy some act right so help me GOD you swore. Enough oath mockers

  5. We need politicians that are not politicians! We need servants of the people that will run on promises and keep those promises (Like Trump) or the current fiasco we have will continue. Force those running to publicly describe their plan to correct the multitude of problems the swamp in D.C. has created. We need smaller government and tangible limits on what those in power can do since they are ignoring their duty to abide in the U.S. Constitution, which limits their authority over the people. I’m tired of photo-op politicians that think holding a child or a gun in their hands makes them electable. Get out in public and win the vote by highlighting what is wrong in our institutions and design a plan you intend to follow and fulfil. When you take an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and place your hand on God’s Word under his eyes, it is not something to take lightly and betray that oath to God and the citizens of this land. There should be severe repercussions for doing so if criminality can be proven. If you audit the records of every politician while in office, you can hold them accountable. Term limits are way overdue.

    • Absolutely correct. Never trust a Begich, even when they claim to be a “conservative.” All are RINOs or straight up libs

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s not a RINO. Please take the time to meet Nick. Your judgment based off his name is rather uninformed.

        • Ryan, I’m willing to give him a chance to gain my vote but first, I need to know what he stands for and how he will change Washington. I scoured his website for info and there literally is nothing there on his stances. What does he stand for and how will he stand up to the Washington establishment? If you know him so well, defend why Alaskans should trust him not to join the club of RINOS and be more of the same.

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