Nick Begich wins two big endorsements for Congress on Saturday in Homer and Kenai


Just one day after the passing of Congressman Don Young, the leading Republican in the Alaska race for U.S. House of Representatives, Nick Begich, won two major endorsements — the Homer district Republicans, who voted unanimously at their convention to endorse Begich, and the Kenai Peninsula Republican Women, who did the same later in the day.

Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s Club with Nick Begich.

Begich announced his campaign for Congress in October. Since then, he has won endorsement after endorsement, with over 100 major endorsements from Ketchikan to Fairbanks.

His grandfather, Nick Begich, was Alaska’s congressman when a plane he was traveling in from Anchorage to Juneau disappeared on Oct. 16, 1972. A special election was held and Don Young won the seat and was sworn in on March 14, 1973.

In a twist of fate, Congressman Young died on a flight on Friday, losing consciousness on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle, while on his way to Ketchikan and Juneau for campaign events. He had just completed his 49th year in Congress. The cause was said to be a heart attack.

Again, there will be a special election, as there was when Begich Sr. died.

Although the news of Young’s death hit Alaskans hard, Nick Begich III had already scheduled appearances in Homer and Kenai on Saturday, and was met with unanimous support at both events. Republicans across the state are processing who they will support in the upcoming special election and then in the August primary. With ranked choice voting, many had planned to either vote for Don Young and Nick Begich in that order, or for Nick Begich and Don Young.


  1. I don’t like the looks of Begich’s campaign ad – A picture says a thousand words and what I see is he seems to think the 2nd amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to go duck hunting – I need convinced by Nick that he won’t allow “assault rifles” or external magazines to be banned – I wish he was shooting an AR and had a Glock on his hip – I don’t like what I see

    • I wish they’d hire professions, and not closet liberals, who quite frankly do not have a their best interests at heart.

      One thing we can say about those old Al Gross advertisements, they were very well done– he spent some coin on those, and they were produced by people who wanted to sell his message.

      Our guys seem to find some kid off TikTok, one with an iPhone and no clue about *modern* conservative visual messaging.

    • Richard Hatch, I own a Glock, an AR and a Shotgun plus a Ruger Single Action in .44 Mag similar to what Nick has holstered in that picture. I don’t see anything wrong with the picture you mention. Is Nick supposed to be decked out in 511 tactical gear to get your vote? Seriously Sir, might I suggest that you ask him the question yourself. Nick is approachable. BTW Nick has my vote and I am a big 2-A fellow. Thanks Richard!

    • Rather than making assumptions, I suggest you contact Nick to receive the answer you so very much doubt.
      Hunting ducks does not equate to anything other than enjoying the rare opportunity to get out and shoot some ducks.
      I appreciate the valid pointed question, yet also feel your statement is presumptuous in nature.
      I also would like to see him with a “black rifle”.
      Yet please understand, disingenuous pictures are for disingenuous people.
      Just because one does not send thousands of rounds down range with pictures to prove it, does not mean one does not support the right to do so.

  2. Our 2nd Amendment must be protected, I to want to see and add from him stating his support, we have far to much Government overreach now ,

  3. What are the conservative boa fides here? Sounds like just the next Alaska democrat to run with an ‘R’ by their names if you ask me.

  4. You know what separates NB3 from his Uncle Mark?
    NB3 is his own man and doesn’t shamelessly use repetitious videos and sound bites of NB1 with his family before the plane crash. Geezus, those were nauseating “feel sorry for me” campaign ads run by Uncle Mark. I had to turn them off everytime.
    NB3 gets my vote and campaign contribution.

    • Life Time Alaskan, yes old Nick was a Democrat and he was Pro-Life, Pro-Job and Pro-Development, imagine that. That shows you how far the Democrats have gone left. in short Nick the third’s Grandfather was an American, well liked by all and very effective in getting the Pipeline going. The kid, Nick the third reminds me of his Gramps. Give him a listen please. A smart kid, good sense and has the right moral outlook for the job.
      Thanks, I am sure you will be happy that you did.

      • Well put, I have known this young man for years, and he represents true conservative values. Back in the old days, democrats were very different. Will Rogers was even a democrat, but he would have nothing to do with the present Democratic Party. I will support Nick. And I have always supported Don Young in the past, given the other choices, but intended to vote for Nick well before the passing of Don.

  5. I have had a pretty good track record of knowing when someone is hoodwinking me. I have talked to Nick and so far I am super impressed with him. I feel bad that he will have to overcome the negative connotations of his name. Go to somewhere Nick is speaking and buttonhole him afterward. You might be impressed to find out he is the real deal. I have always personally liked Don Young but was wishing he would retire. I have voted for him consistently and I was immediately sad to hear of his passing. But the next thought in my mind was–now I don’t have to make a choice.

  6. Living in a family where my six siblings are bleeding heart libs and I’m the lone conservative Trump supporter has had its finer moments when, say, Trump won. I am as far away politically from my liberal brothers and sister as can be. So, yes, Nick Begich, the grandson, can certainly be his own thinker.

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