Sitka’s Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tompkins to quit after a decade of service in Legislature


Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, a Democrat from Sitka, announced on Friday that he would not be running for reelection.

“I love Alaska and it’s been a tremendous privilege to represent my home of Southeast Alaska these last 10 years, he said. As I’ve grown older it’s come time to make space for other pursuits and parts of life. While I’m stepping away from the legislature, I care about the future of Alaska more than ever, and finding ways o positively contribute to Alaska’s future will remain my North Star.”

Kreiss-Tomkins was part of a group of tech-oriented people who started a Covid-19 misinformation website early in the pandemic and who marketed the website to policymakers across the country, and through the website fueled policy decisions that led to drastic economic harm across Alaska.

At the time, he was quoted in his college newspaper, the Yale Daily, as saying, “The economy is unfortunately ill-fated because of this pandemic. It is just a question of whether we want to reduce the fatalities by acting early, or suffer massive hospitalizations and unnecessary deaths and still have the economy suffer.” 

The website wildly overstated how many people would most certainly die in Alaska if lockdowns didn’t occur immediately.

Running for his seat is Ken Skaflestad of Hoonah, a Republican Native Alaskan and former Hoonah mayor. But Kreiss-Tompkins will surely have a hand in choosing his Democrat heir apparent.


  1. This guy with a hyphenated last name sounds like he will make a great propogandist for some Leftie’s campaign, or, maybe he can stir up some more lock-down misinformation and ruin our local economies even more, or, maybe he will put on his spandex and learn ballet.

  2. I hope he humbly learns some information about the US Constitution. Without deep respect for our founders, their values and the US Constitution nothing of value is at the table. Yale apparently is NOT the place to learn the Constitution.

  3. To my knowledge, Rep. JKT never adequately disclosed his direct association with Covid Act Now even when sponsoring testimony from the group’s members before the Legislature. Maybe there is more to the story but it struck me a bit like a judge in a trial not telling the jury that a witness is his business partner. But then rules are only for the little people

  4. If he wants to leave on a good note (if thats possible) at least he should get SB156 on the floor in front of the people.

    • Sorry Bob, but Sheila Toomey and Howard Weaver established that standard many years ago and it will never be equalled. You can now return to reading the thin gruel that remains of the ADN.

        • Lefties hate the truth. It exposed their agenda and their personal psyche. That’s why most of my appointments and therapy workload is with people like AK Bob. All of their vile and hatred gets directed toward the Truth Tellers. Thank you, Suzanne, for all of the work you bring to me.

  5. Other accomplishments of Kreiss-Tompkins include being behind auto voter enrollment for Permanent Fund applicants and being behind proposition 2. He has done so much for the state! Can’t wait to see what he does next.

    • You forgot about the “20 official languages” bill. As coverage of that bill revealed, it wouldn’t have gone very far without assistance from Republicans in the majority, specifically Charisse Millett.

    • Me, you forgot one more, during the “Opioid Crisis” this genius offered a bill to tax each pill a couple of bucks in Alaska to ostensibly pay for recovery treatment. So… Grandma dying of cancer gets whacked, the guy who takes a spill on the ski slope gets hit all to fund a government program that has a success rate of zilch.
      You have to be a sociopath to sponsor such a bill that will only rake in more money from those that need pain relief just to enlarge a governmental program. But then this is what you get when you elect Yale grads without any experience in the real world. Hey Sitka, I hear that there is a Logger running from Hoonah for this seat. Why don’t you elect him?

  6. Good riddance to this bad, evil and vile human.
    Kreiss-Tomkins, time to just shut up and walk away, you did harm. You did massive harm.
    You did nothig but harm not only your family, your neighbors, your city, and your country, you did that to all of us too. Every one if us.
    Walk away, the sooner the better, and shut up.
    Stop lying.

  7. If his other pursuits of what he calls ‘positive contributions’ toward a better alaska doesn’t have anything to do with jesus and recommiting alaska to the gospel, then his further contributions would only lock us down in our sins and continue increasing havoc across alaska. I am sorry there isn’t another christian brother living on sitka who by God’s spirit brings jesus back to sitka and recommits new sitkan believers to christ. then maybe this guy here has a chance to hear it even from his island of isolation and see jesus transformative work spreading across his and my beloved sitka.

  8. I am happy to see him leave the Legislature. His mother is or has been an MD for the BIA contractor, and JKT is nothing if not a woke Momma’s boy and a foot soldier in the cancel culture. Yes, he is a nice fellow, but he represents very well how our economy and even our culture jumped the tracks. He moved from the far left of Yale undergraduates to Juneau comfortably and easily, and that alone shows very well the social challenges facing Alaska. Everyone works for government, as an employee or a contractor (or sells goods to government and government employees), and therefore no one wants to produce anything. Government supplanted production, thanks in no small part to state oil revenues and federal dollars sent to Juneau. We have accepted the SNAP credit card, Section 8 housing subsidies/vouchers, and the highest and broadest Medicaid participation in the nation in return for giving up our self-respect even as we lost the value Alaskans once placed upon personal responsibility. The Alaska House Majority believes that socialism, in all its forms including the National German Socialist Worker’s party and Putin’s brand of communism, is superior to personal responsibility and capitalism, and JKT has been one of the enablers. Alaska can and must do better! When government removes the need to work during a five-year period it removes the will to work for a generation, and in Alaska we have done that for even longer than five years. We desperately need elected leaders who will end the dole and reduce the size and scope of government; JKT has been part of our problem.

      • Gunter, the P- Fund belongs to the people. The intent for creating the fund was to keep Government from spending ALL of the oil revenues and to reserve a portion for the people.

      • There are many theories as to what the PFD is. Some say, as Hammond said, that it is to allow us to pay for state government when we can no longer afford so much government. Others say it is payment for only Native corporations owning their own mineral rights; the rest of us have no mineral rights on our own property. Others say it protects the Permanent Fund from politicians. I don’t know. However, my largest annual expense is payment to government, and my PFD is a very small rebate on those payments to keep ghettos in food stamps, indigent people in subsidized housing, bureaucrats flying around the world, etc. etc. Right now I am grateful for our military because it is all that keeps Putin from bombing Seattle and taking Alaska. If the PFD, net of the federal tax on it, ever gets large enough to net my payments to government then I will give back to the state any excess. In the meantime I suppose I will collect the PFD as always. Frankly, the PFD, especially net of the IRS take, is such a small amount for each Alaskan that we should not spend as much time talking about it as we do.

        • Kubota, the creator of the fund was very clear as to his intention for doing so. You see, vast sums of oil wealth were being pumped into the States coffers. Oral Freeman saw that special interests with Alphabet monikers, NEA, ASEA, AGC… would suck up this $. So, what about the little guy? Well it’s his money. Put it away for him. After all the Government and it’s parasitical class shouldn’t be entitled to all of the oil wealth? Right?

      • Dividend: a sum of money paid from profits to shareholders.

        Hardly a handout.

        You a AK public school grad?

  9. Contributing to Alaska will be his “North Star.” More Liberal word soup, he might as well throw in equity and infrastructure too. Glad to see him go, we have enough Ivy League elites running amok in politics.

      • Yes it is, the word has been pirated by Democrats to make us think money will be spent on things like roads, bridges, etc. In reality, it means more socialism like free child daycare (indoctrination centers), housing for homeless, more money spent on illegals, and some other programs to line Nancy’s pockets.

  10. 🌬☄🌪⚡🌊🤑🌈🌛🌜🌚🌙🛴♨️🎪🌍🪵⛺🛶🚀🛸🚁⏳⌛🧳🌌❄

  11. People should learn to use paragraphs.

    But I suppose the worst offenders may be Alaska public school grads. They may not know how.

  12. Why now?
    Why uncouple from the public teat, why leave one’s adoring public?
    Maybe something bad’s fixin’ to catch up to the boy
    … or he’s got a lobbyist job waiting.
    Either way, good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the as… (oops!) on the way out.

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