Dunleavy asks Legislature to pass bill protecting women’s athletics from bio-males


Gov. Mike Dunleavy took to Twitter on Tuesday night to let the Alaska Legislature know he supports legislation that would prevent biological males from competing in women’s and girls’ athletic competitions.

Senate Bill 140 is such a bill, but hasn’t moved from the one committee it was referred to: Education, chaired by Sen. Roger Holland, a Republican.

“As a father of three daughters, watching the deterioration of a girl’s ability to participate in athletics is alarming. To have biological males competing against biological females nullifies the fair nature of competitive sports,” Dunleavy wrote. “Female athletes deserve to compete on an equal playing field. I’m calling on lawmakers to pass legislation that protects the fairness in women’s sports in Alaska.”

The liberals who fuel the Twitter rage machine were not amused. One commented that there are not very many transgenders in Alaska so “take your phony outrage elsewhere.”

Another wrote, “Attacking children for political gain is disgusting.”

One liberal Twitter writer got down and dirty: “How many students do you think it is, more or less than five in the whole state? In Utah it was four. If you have three daughters and they’re all so bad at sports that like two other kids in the whole state derail their careers, maybe they should try a different hobby.”

And yet another Twitter warrior wrote, “What’s alarming is seeing our social safety net, women’s rights and the health of our planet deteriorate. But hey, pick on trans people you coward!”

But one commenter who was more circumspect posted this video, a reminder that the issue of women having to compete against trans athletes goes back a few years in Alaska, and that women and girls currently have no protection in law from biological male athletes who are competing in the female category — and that has consequences for the women athletes:


  1. This is good, but it doesn’t seem like the most important issue. Why doesn’t he ask for a law banning tyrannical COVID mandates?

    • Protecting our daughters is way more important than Covid mandates. Most Alaskans ignore mandates anyway.

    • Or one that states an Emergency Declaration and all attending edicts sunset after 36 hours or one week.

      We also shouldn’t have to pass a law regarding obvious silliness. Perhaps next year William Thomas will declare he’s only 17 years old and break all the national high school girls records as well. Just because he believes in unicorns doesn’t mean we all need to chase them.

      • Agreed. It seems like they are passing these nothing burger, obvious laws to avoid doing anything useful

    • This is a very important issue, there is a group of people out there that are trying to erase gender in our society. They are pushing this agenda in our schools and it is hurting many of the kids, they try to make it out like they are helping kids but they’re not in the long run they’re destroying their lives.

  2. About damn time he said something. Pity he did it on Twitter where nobody except the rabid will see it.

  3. Once again the Gov is on the right side of history and craven “republicans” won’t back him up and so this bill protecting women and girls languishes in the Juneau swamp. It would be good to know exactly which turn coats are blocking it. Is Revak on this committee, for instance?

  4. Holland promised a full dividend and spending cuts to balance the budget. Not sure anything he says is believeable.

  5. Jon Alderson- it’s one of many important issues. Maybe you don’t realize it’s importance because you are not a young girl in elementary school who can’t find safety to use a restroom without fear of a boy being in the same bathroom. Maybe you don’t see the importance because you are not a young lady who has devoted her entire youth to working hard to claim win after win, only to lose her college scholarship opportunity to a boy competing for a girls spot. Clearly it isn’t of importance to you… so you could focus your energies on the other important bills at play right now so that the real women can focus on SB140 to ensure that girls in our state can still compete in girls events, to ensure that girls in our state have safe locker rooms, and to ensure that girls in our state have scholarship opportunities. Shame on you.

  6. It’s a great start. Finally someone speaking up to protect women’s athletics! Why more females before this never spoke up I have no clue. People in general are so confused about the word Transgender. Just because you wake up and feel like a girl that day does not make you a female. Nor does taking hormones. If you were born a male you have no place in women sports. Why would you? Across the nation this must be fought! These delusional people have done enough to our way of life. This is the line in the sand as far as Iam concerned. No bio males or transgender people in sports unless they are competing against others like them! Period!

  7. Twitter is nothing more than a loud, obnoxious online mob, representing an extremely small minority of the American public. Why do all the news organizations feel compelled to report their blatherings as if they were anything but a bunch of bullies who hide behind their keyboards spewing hate across the internet?

  8. Our daughter was an NCAA college athlete on four years of generous scholarship allowing her to finish her bachelors degree without any student loans. She worked incredibly hard in the classroom and in her sport, graduating with honors as an NCAA scholar athlete. How horrible for female athletes today that may not have that opportunity as they could lose it to a man that saw his own opportunity to benefit by posing as a woman. Hence no more women’s sports it seems. This is such a proverbial ‘no brainer’ and it truly is insanity that any lawmaker would not see it. A man is a man, with muscle, skeletal, and cardiovascular, strength advantage over a woman no matter how many surgeries he has or drugs he takes.

  9. A tweet is an empty gesture. Dunleavy’s wheelhouse for certain.
    He should be out fighting this issue using the political capital he’s earned.

    Oh, wait. He has no political capital. He lost it all when he caved in Wasilla

  10. Lia:

    When did we this get so wrong?
    To allow a man in a thong
    To swim among girls
    Twirling his curls
    Among jeers and cheers from the throng

    Does Will really think ‘he’ is ‘her’?
    Changing to Lia, the cur
    Some really can’t stand
    You still look like a man
    Wishing you left things as they were

    Faster than the competition
    Achieving your first place position
    But on the medal stand
    You still look like a man
    As they try to soften your complexion

    Others will say let ‘her’ be
    Only one question from me
    How long will it take
    To prove you are fake
    Do you sit or stand when you pee?

  11. Look it up: Male = XY chromosome determined at conception
    Female = XX chromosome determined at conception
    It can’t be any clearer than that.
    Having been a high school athlete prior to Title IX I was ecstatic when it passed and gave girls an opportunity to get scholarships and continue to advance in sports. These new NCAA rules will kill all that. It is unbelievable that they would find it more important to accommodate a few transgender individuals (with XY chromosomes) rather than protect all women in sports. Not to speak of protecting women in locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. Stand up for your daughters & granddaughters or you will be witnessing the death of women sports along with athletic scholarships for girls who worked very hard to earn them.

  12. I feel Senator Holland wants to do the right thing, but is caught up with doing things by the book. Which means running everything through the judiciary committee which is chaired by by your favorite liberal. Nothing will ever get through the judiciary committee, except stealing your PFDs. Sometimes, it is time to fly by the seat of your pants and do what is right, and throw the checklist out. We have a disfuctual government and we can’t go by the playbook. Those of us that have daughters or granddaughters need this to come up for a vote in the house, so we as voters can see who’s who come election time. It certainly worked in Virginia. Wokeness is BS.

  13. What ever happened to the #MeToo movement? This was supposed to protect and advance women’s rights. We had a lot of activists right here in Juneau who could quickly assemble and stand on the steps of the Legislative Building. They always made the front page with bold print of the highly esteemed Juneau Empire. Now, all mysteriously silent. Guess the higher powers told them to be silent.

  14. All this started when they “just wanted to get married”
    Now they are currently trying to indoctrinate the innocent children; witness the stories about Disney or the article where the majority of a teacher’s 4th grade class declared they were homosexual.
    Flush it all away.

  15. Take action. Send a public opinion message to Senate Education Committee to vote “YES!” on SB 140. The rush to greatly heighten confusion over basic identity among teens is nothing short of efforts by Satan.

  16. These gender people why are they shoving themselves with the woman’s sports?
    Is it because this perverts man want to be excepted as a woman because no one is except them as a woman ?????
    God created male and a female. Men cannot give birth. This is a abomination to God
    And shame on Lisa Makowsky that she supports such thing a male playing in the women’s sports.
    This males can’t compete with another male should not be playing any sports what so ever no if are but end of the conversation….

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