Bill to protect girl athletes stuck in Senate committee chaired by Republican Sen. Holland


A Senate bill that is meant to protect female athletics from being taken over by biological male athletes has been stuck in a committee chaired by Republican Sen. Roger Holland.

Bill sponsor Sen. Shelley Hughes is not happy about having her bill stalled for three weeks, and she’s hearing from women across Alaska who agree with her.

Holland says the bill has constitutional problems, won’t stand a court test, and wants portions changed that would allow transgenders to compete against girls or women if they pass certain conditions. He says the bill came too late to his committee and that Hughes didn’t communicate to him that it was a priority. In emails to constituents, he has disparaged Hughes. Other men in the Senate, such as Democrat Sen. Tom Begich, want the bill killed altogether. It appears that Holland is digging in his feet upon the advice of Democrats who say the bill will not move in the House.

Women in social media have taken a stand against biological males competing against them in sports.

Anchorage Republican Women’s Club President Judy Eledge says the bill is a priority for her members and she has sent around action alerts to her members to get in touch with Holland.

“As the President of Anchorage Republican Women my organization of 150+ women want you to know that we strongly support SB140.  What is happening to young women today is one of the most sexist things I have ever seen. Women have fought for years first to vote, get equal pay, and then Title IX treating them equally in schools and athletics,  I know several of you have daughters or granddaughters. How would you feel if that daughter of yours worked all through high school to become a great athlete in competitive sports and when the state championships in that sport happened some 6 foot male, who had recently decided he wanted to compete with women, decided to compete against your daughter or granddaughter?” Eledge wrote. She said the takeover of women’s sports by transgenders is “a nationwide agenda to put women ‘back’ in their place” by men.

“We encourage you to Stand UP and fight for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and young friends who are silently crying in the locker room because once again they have to fight for equality. This is NOT equality, this is a political agenda to destroy what we all know is truth,
I can’t imagine a more important bill for our future as a nation,” Eledge wrote.

Also championing the bill is Alaska Family Council and Bernadette Wilson, who is the state director for Americans for Prosperity, but who was speaking on behalf of herself as a mother:

“My point to him is it is time to stand up and take a stand, regardless of what we think is going to pass with the Democrats in the other body. It’s not his job to worry about what is going to pass in the House. It’s his job to fight for good public policy,” Wilson said. “This legislation has stood the test of time in other states.”

Political observers say that former Sen. Cathy Giessel, who lost to Holland in 2020, will seize upon this issue, side with Sen. Hughes, other women legislators, and the majority of Alaska women, and will roll Holland in the coming election in November.

Holland did not respond to a request for an interview.

SB 140 is at this link.


  1. Beware the wicked witch, Senator Holland. Get this bill out of your Committee and be done with it. Constitutional muster or not, sitting on your conservative party’s bill will allow the witch to stir you in her pot of brew.

    • Good advice ChrissyB! We are all tired of these kinds of shenanigan’s. Holland needs to move the bill out of committee now!!! Let it stand on it’s own merits, make the Senate vote and show their hand! Seems like Senator Holland talks a better game than he plays.

      • Holland better get a clue, and quick. Constitutionality of a bill can be interpreted by the courts at a later time. You better protect yourself, or you’ll be put out to pasture by the good people that put you into office through all of THEIR hard work. THINK!

  2. The correct adverb if ironical for this bill to be stuck when at the same time the House is flummoxed over Covid case caught at an event held to commemorate and benefit homosexuals. Alaska has gone to California; which is to say it has gone to Hell.

  3. Suzanne Downing congratulations to you ma’am. In a world of bought out fake media and a bunch of gullible citizens believing all they hear and see on the tv. Here you are ma’am giving the citizens the truth, please don’t move to Florida on us Alaskans ma’am we need your integrity. The ladies union thank you GOD for ladies. Imagine no moms no ladies BOOOOOOO to that world. SUZANNE

  4. Just shows that Holland needs to go!
    There’s other solutions to the “trans” issue than having them compete as women. Like another category! I’ll buy the trophy!
    Have all concerned race against a clock until after litigation.

  5. I’ve been suspicious of Holland for some time. PFD champ who first thing voted for per diem protection.

  6. Holland is being conned by staff or Democrats who have convinced him of the constitutionality issue. Either that or he’s been compromised. He needs to send this to the full Senate and force the members to go on record yea or nay, which is exactly what many of them don’t want to do in an election year.

  7. Et Tu Holland? Traitors deserve something that I probably can’t post on this establishment RINO site.

  8. When someone whose political philosophy is in line with mine (+/-) a bit, has trouble deciding on such a basic tenant as this, then I have to reevaluate that someone. It’s pretty simple. Are men women? Is it OK for men to compete against women for prizes of value (scholarships etc.)? Do the feelings of one man trump the feelings of all women? And one of my favorite questions. Is it a sex crime for a man to strip naked in front of little girls in a locker room?
    Anyone who holds this bill up has no place on the political stage. This is not an issue that you can pander to both sides. The left will lambast you if you don’t protect their trans people. It’s time the right to wake up and lambaste anyone who will not protect our society. The reason we are in this predicament is because we remained silent when it was all starting.

  9. Trans female present that they are a gender… Thus since sports are divided by gendered respect them and allow them to have there own team to compete with and against. Be very fair about it require nothing more or less in the regulations that all other teams require.

    Same minimum of team members. Ect.

  10. Roger Holland, get a clue. You’re about to crash into a wall of women from both sides of the aisle. If it’s true that you are listening to Ed King on your staff, then you are a fool, and we voters will take our chances with Giessel. You won’t even serve out a full term. By the way, where is that Permanent Fund dividend you promised?

  11. Holland. Another clueless neo-con RINO. When is he up for re-election? I believe h needs to hear from at least a few hundred of us. Do you think he knows what a man is?
    Email: [email protected]
    Toll-Free: 800-892-4843

    • Holland, we worked very hard to get you into office, and you are acting like an idiot. You’ll be bounced out on your tail if you don’t grow a pair.

    • Elizabeth, your terminology makes me wonder if you are a conservative or just a liberal “stirring the pot” so to speak. First and foremost I support SB 140. This being said blindly demanding its passage, will not accomplish anything. Simply dismissing constitutional issues makes us no better than any liberal, who demands action by executive fiat. We need a bill that will pass the house and its liberal majority AND pass constitutional muster or be stuck in the courts for years to come, robbing our female athletes of the protection the bill promises. I appreciate Senator Holland’s thoughtful approach to a piece of legislation that requires getting it right from the start.

  12. Holland told me personally some time ago that he was new and could not even try to stop the vaccine mandate. Why do we even need Holland?

    • Right, you clearly don’t understand how the system works. While the senate may have the votes for the ban on vaccine mandates, the dysfunctional house under “Where is your mask???” Stutes is going to sit on it until the cows come home. So it is really up to you to get Senator Holland, Senator Reinbold, Senator Shower and Senator Hughes some help this November, by electing principled individuals in both the house and the senate.

  13. This seems to be a fine way to elects Giessel, conservatives. Pay attention. Senator Holland is doing great work for Alaskans. Stop beating up on our good conservatives.

  14. While I don’t believe legislatures should pass laws they know are unconstitutional, on a controversial issue like this let the courts decide. We don’t expect conservatives to win every single battle but we sure as heck expect them to try!

    • When you consider who’s on the judiciary committee, I imagine everything will be considered unconstitutional, with the exception of proliferation of our PFDs.

  15. If it’s got an apple (Adam’s) it’s got a banana and if it’s got a banana it doesn’t belong on the women’s swim team.

    I wonder, is that clod dressing out in the women’s locker room?

    You realize that this is a guy you would not like had you known him personally, right? He’s doing nothing more than intentionally attracting attention to himself all the while knowing you can’t do anything about it and it’s because conservatives make less noise than the typical mouth breathing liberal parasite. This is a homosexual playing games with you knowing you have no choice but to take it like a man.

    He’s trolling.

  16. Mrs. Sydney Watson should go berate her mom if she’d like to take a confrontational stance on “bleeders”.

    This is a natural outgrowth of a time when women’s lib was preaching some dreck about wanting to be viewed as “equal”. Any of you old bags that considered that effort to be a win note that our buddy the swimmer here is what you actually won. Give him a hug; he’s a sensitive little pickle sniffer and that defiant ‘come and take it’ visage you see in the pic above is simply him tucking in his inner feelings.

  17. Somebody said this guy would have been ranked at 500 among men swimmers but in the woman category ranked first place. Yeah no problem.

  18. A motorcyclist that identifies as a bicyclist is planning to win the 2022 Tour de France.

    Momma said you can grow up to be anything you want.

  19. Sex is scientifically verifiable

    Gender is a blended social construct.

    Conflating the two is possible only if you allow it.

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