Shades of Mike Gravel? Rep. Matt Gaetz enters Hunter Biden’s laptop contents into Congressional Record


In the House Judiciary Committee today, Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida asked FBI Assistant Director of the Cyber Division Bryan Vorndran if the Hunter Biden laptop that the FBI has possession of contains security vulnerabilities for the United States.

If Vorndran knows the disposition of Hunter Biden’s laptop, he sure wasn’t telling.

Gaetz then entered into the committee record what he said is a copy of the contents of Hunter’s Biden’s laptop and a receipt from Mac’s Computer Repair, which shows the FBI took possession of the laptop in December of 2019.

The move by Gaetz was reminiscent of the late Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, who in 1971 famously read into the Congressional Record 4,100 pages of the 7,000-page document that became known as the “Pentagon Papers,” stolen reports from the Pentagon and the RAND Corporation, which revealed the nation’s early involvement in Vietnam, before it became openly involved in the Vietnam War. Gravel was credited with an official move that allowed newspapers such as the New York Times to publish the contents of the Pentagon Papers, since they were now part of the Congressional Record. The Times published the first installment on June 18, 1971. The Washington Post followed.

In today’s media environment, it’s doubtful the mainstream media will request copies of the laptop and reveal to the public what is on it. The mainstream media spent months disparaging the story and calling it Russian disinformation.

Vorndran, in answering Gaetz’ questions, said he doesn’t know the location of the laptop that the FBI seized from the repair shop, or whether actors such as Russia had used the laptop’s contents to compromise the Biden family. Hunter Biden was involved in business dealings in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere around the world while his father was Vice President, making millions of dollars from his ability to access powerful decision makers and set things in motion in the Obama Administration.

“Who has it?” Gaetz asked Vorndran.

“I don’t know who has it,” Vorndran replied.

Gaetz expressed he was concerned that the laptop could have been used to blackmail the president.

The mainstream media has not only ignored the story, but has disparaged those reporting on it. The New York Post was almost alone in reporting problems with the laptop and national security, and was widely criticized by other media. The New York Post wrote that “information gatekeepers scrambled to keep this story from polluting the mainstream’s pristine infoscape,” as the media labeled the story “Russian disinformation.” Twitter banned the New York Post account over the story prior to the 2020 elections.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff called the laptop story a “smear.” After the report about the contents came out in the New York Post, 51 former intelligence officials discredited it, saying it was Russian disinformation.

Today, even the far-left New York Times has admitted the validity of the story, which links Hunter Biden to the Ukrainian firm Burisma, where he was being paid $50,000 a month as a board member, all the while his father was Vice President of the United States. He had no particular qualifications, other than being a coke-head.

“How are Americans supposed to trust that you can protect us from the next Colonial pipeline [ransomware hacker breach] if it seems you can’t locate a laptop that was given to you three years ago from the First Family, potentially creating vulnerabilities for our country?,” Gaetz asked the witness on Tuesday.

In his answer, Vorndran used the exact words that former FBI Director Robert Mueller said to the Judiciary Committee when dismissing Democratic National Committee ties to the “Steele Dossier.” Vorndran said Hunter Biden’s laptop was not in his “purview.”

Gaetz also said the laptop could contain international business deals, kickbacks, and shakedowns that would allow foreign adversaries to compromise the president.

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Democrat Jerry Nadler was befuddled about how to block the surprise move. “I’m not –” and then he paused as an aide leaned over him, discussing the matter animatedly. Another lawmaker could be heard saying, “There’s no objection to that.”

“I will object, pending further investigation,” Nadler then said.

“What’s the basis of that objection?” Gaetz asked.

“It’s a unanimous consent request and I object, pending further investigation,” Nadler replied. “It may very well be entered into the record after we have a chance to look at it further.”

There was a pause in the proceedings, after which Gaetz was allowed to enter the item into the record. It’s unclear if what was on that handheld hard drive is the actual contents of the Biden laptop.


  1. The Biden corruption runs deep in many countries. Ukraine is just a money laundering country for many elitists including our representativs. From our pockets to theirs.

  2. The media will report what the media will report. A month ago Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out” the media fell over backwards decrying what he said as a sitting US Senator. Two weeks ago he said “Yeah, I hope he’ll be taken out, one way or the other,” and the media responded the same way. Now THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA says about Putin “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” and the media is making excuses and trying to backtrack.
    You or I calling for removal of a head of state of a foreign country is one thing, a sitting US Senator explicitly saying that he hopes it happens from inside Russia is another, but the POTUS??? This same clown said he wouldn’t send aircraft through another country because he’s scared, but on the world stage he says “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” and our media reports about an actor slapping a comedian at an awards show…

  3. It seems, from what I see of the desperation the democrats and their media allies exhibit in defending unsavory information about their champion’s family or any other democrat and the desperation to smear Donald Trump that the democrats are already compromised – there is no truth in anything they promote and no love for America. They are simply evil. If there are exceptions to that statement I’m not aware of them.

  4. Ha! Given the Democrats penchant for lascivious behavior they probably can’t find it because it’s being passed around among senators.
    Gaetz is a hero, as was Gravel.

  5. How about the kiddie porn and self-made videos of Hunter having sex with scores of prostitutes? Or self-made videos of Hunter having sex with his dead brother’s wife? Does that go in the congressional record too? Wow! The Biden’s sure had a stellar family. What a bunch of deranged, mixed-up people. And they run our country! God, please bring Trump back to us. Democrats are destroying our very being.

    • The Democrats are highly fearful of Hunter’s laptop contents, Nancy Pelosi’s stolen laptop, and Hillary’s emails. Yet, they want the emails, texts and everything else regarding Trump and his associates. Can you imagine the frenzy if Don Trump Jr. or Eric Trump had drug addictions, or used prostitutes, or slept with each other’s wives? Sick mainstream press would provide daily front page coverage. Democrats are such a sick bunch of sophists and hypocrites.

      • Geez Trouser, try pulling up your pants after you go potty.
        How were these women NOT hurt? Hunter’s deranged affair with his dead brother’s wife occurred while Hunter was still married to his own wife. How about Hunter’s own daughters? You don’t think they were harmed? Or the strip dancer who Hunter knocked-up, birthed, and denied paternity to until a DNA test proved Hunter a liar like his dad? Or, how about the girls Hunter had sex with and video taped on his laptop? And, the little, underaged girls that Hunter ( and his dad) seems to have an affinity for?
        Trouser, you must be a Democrat. Do you even like women? Or do you prefer to hide behind them because you don’t have enough spine or moral compass of your own?

        • My goodness, Tiffany! Some women actually enjoy physical congress and don’t consider photographs of the event to be particularly deplorable.

          That takes most of your assertion of the table.

          As to strippers is it not reasonable to expect that DNA evidence should be substantiated prior to just making payments to what is essentially a prostitute? If you deem them honest and beyond reproach you may have missed a meeting. For an accurate account from right here in God’s country consider looking up Ms. Mechele Linehan, a former Anchorage stripper currently accommodating a 99 year sentence.

          The balance of your response appears to center around assertions of underage activity that has not been proven (that I’m aware of) which makes it seem to the reader that yours is mostly a moral lament. There’s nothing wrong with having a moral perspective or a dead libido but know that neither will be helpful in evaluating others that operate within a political environment. I agree with you that he’s a roach but much of what you’ve stated isn’t actually an actionable offense. Prostitutes, strippers, crack, rogering your dead brother’s wife, etc. are like an afternoon in Portland or San Fransisco.

  6. Mainstream media is dead! We the People have known for a long time Hunter Biden’s laptop contains ‘hot potato’ items the deep state don’t want known. Nothing will stop what’s being exposed-prepare for impact!

  7. The legacy media’s burying of the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell story constitutes federal election meddling at a breathtaking level. If we had an honest Department of Justice, media corporate heads and others would be in prison by now! The United States has become a Banana Republic in every sense of the word.

  8. Not only are our politicians corrupt to the point of being obvious, our Justice Department is, too. The very people who are supposed to keep the system clean.
    It’s time for a cleansing.

  9. We simply have to get rid of the Liberal left politicians, they need to be voted out, our government needs cleaning, that includes Murkowski, her support for the corruption only means she is making money by selling her vote. Look close Alaskans remember your PFD, and Walker, Stedman, and Giessel at the polls.

  10. Mike Gravel! Ha! Regardless of his pentagon papers capers, this was the same man who famously asked what happened to all the penguins in Alaska.

  11. Mike Gravel had deep-seated convictions and personal ethics which he stuck by steadfastly throughout his political career.
    Matt Gaetz is embroiled in legal woes involving a minor (17 yr old). This declaration appears as if this gentleman is simply trying to clean up his record.
    Mr. Gaetz does not deserve to be compared to Mr. Gravel!

  12. If Hunter Biden was using a laptop when Obama was President in 2014 and the FBI seized it on December 19, 2019 when Trump was President, why is the far left being accused of holding up the investigation? If there was something terrible on it why didn’t Attorney General Barr, appointed by Trump get an indictment? He had a whole year.

  13. ‘Democrats “critical race theory, don’t pronoun me bro, i need safe space, wear a a mask I , a non-doc, mandate You!, the Us Constition needs to be changed, don’t apply it, etc., I wanna go to Davos, Hi Klaus, Graduate WEF, what’s a treaty, Who do I gotta answer to; the Queen?

  14. What a load of nonsense. Hunter Biden’s laptop has become the new made up scandal for the conservative media, replacing the fake scandals over Hillary Clinton’s emails or Benghazi. It’s great that Matt Gaetz is the spokesman for this nonsense. He is currently under investigation for paying for sex with underage teenage girls and providing them with illegal drugs. He is a total sleeze bag.

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