Nick Begich all of a sudden in crowded race of competitors, signs Axiom campaign team, gets key endorsements


As the filing deadline ended for the special primary election to replace Congressman Don Young, Republican Nick Begich is racking up endorsements and resources. Begich said his phone was buzzing all day with calls from reporters and supporters. The total number on the special primary ballot is now 51 plus a write-in slot.

Another key Republican District came forward with a unanimous endorsement. District 29 Republicans, who reach from the Mat-Su Valley to Valdez, voted to “stick with Nick.” He already has endorsements from:

  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Alaska Chapter
  • Alaska Outdoor Council
  • Anchorage Young Republicans
  • Eagle River District 22 Republicans
  • Homer District 6 Republicans
  • Interior District 36 Republicans
  • Kenai Peninsula Republican Women of Alaska
  • Republican Women of Fairbanks

With over $1 million in campaign receipts at the end of the first quarter, Begich has brought in Axiom Strategies as general consultants.  Axiom recently elected Gov. Glenn Younkin in Virginia and won the Anchorage Mayor’s race for Mayor Dave Bronson and is the preeminent campaign consultancy in the nation for Republicans.

Nick has also been endorsed by numerous former and current elected officials:

  • Jesse Sumner – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly Member 
  • Michael Welch – North Pole Mayor 
  • Glenda Ledford – Wasilla Mayor 
  • Charlie Pierce – Kenai Borough Mayor 
  • Mark Jensen – Petersburg Mayor 
  • Jubilee Underwood – Mat-Su School Board
  • Shelley Hughes – Senate Majority Leader 
  • Mike Cronk – State House Member
  • Dee McKee – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  • Jamie Allard – Anchorage Assembly member
  • Ken McCarty – State House member
  • Kevin McCabe – State House member
  • Rob Yundt – Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  • Crystal Kennedy – Anchorage Assembly
  • Pamela Melin – Palmer Deputy Mayor
  • Teea Winger – Kenai Council member
  • Thomas Bergey – Mat-Su School Board
  • Roger Holland – State Senator
  • Tom McKay – State House member
  • Pete Kelly – Former Alaska State Senate President
  • Mike Prax – State House member
  • Ron Gillham – State House member
  • Jai Mahtani – Ketchikan City Council
  • Bill Elam – Kenai Borough Assembly member
  • Lynn Gattis – Former State House member
  • George McKee – Former Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly member
  • Mike Shower – State Senator
  • Richard Derkevorkian – Kenai Borough Assembly member
  • Clay Koplin – Cordova Mayor
  • Sarah Vance – State House member
  • Ben Carpenter – State House member
  • Josh Verhagen – Mayor of Nenana
  • Matthew Sampson – Fairbanks North Star Borough School District School Board
  • Jimi Cash – Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly
  • Charisse Millett – Former Alaska House Majority Leader
  • Dan Kendall – Former Anchorage Assembly member

“Over the past five months, I have been traveling around the state, meeting Alaskans from all walks of life and listening to their concerns, hopes for the future, and often their frustrations with government,” Nick said. “Doing so has only strengthened my resolve to represent our great state and her people. With just one seat in the U.S. House, it is paramount that Alaska’s critical role in our nation’s resource, defense, and energy strategies be made clear and compelling. I would be honored to be that voice for Alaskans. With hard work, I believe Alaska’s best days are ahead of us.”


  1. I am “all in” with Mr. Begich. With the entry of narcissists like Al Gross and Sarah Palin, the choice is clear.

  2. All these other candidates are trying to throw a monkey wrench into this stupid tiered voting joke. I am still voting for Nick Begich.

  3. Sarah Palin will blow Begich out of the water. She’ll raise more money, and garner more, and better endorsements.

    • Sarah Palin has never helped anybody but herself. A meglamaniac and selfish woman who thought she might have a chance at the presidency. Delusions of grandeur. She won’t even come close to getting in the top 4. She’s an immature, trashy person. Even her husband couldn’t take it anymore. Goodbye for good, Palin. Only idiots will be be supporting you now. I’m voting for Begich.

    • Hmmm M, look around, there’s got to be better shake! And regarding Trump’s endorsement, Ceak, you must have improved on an old family recipe for a stout raisin jack! I don’t know if you’re both mad or just over the moon.

      • NB3 first to the finish line. Palin will scratch when she learns she didn’t make the cover of Globe or Enquirer. Or, when she learns her daughter is expecting out-of-wedlock #3. Or, when her son gets thrown back in the slammer. Or, when her youngest disabled child gets taken by OCS. This is the REAL Sarah Palin.

    • Jon Alderson, The Elephant is the G.O.P. party mascot. Elephants are known to have long memories. Given the above perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that many in the G.O. P. Will not support Ms Palin candidacy.
      I encourage you to give young Nick your consideration.

      • I am an Independent, not a Republican. I have lost faith in the GOP establishment to offer true conservative candidates. If the uniparty operatives are lining up behind Begich, that is not a good sign for me.

        • So you’re going to vote for the governor who quit, who taxed the oil companies to oblivion, and who endorsed Bill Walker for governor? Well do as you please.

        • Palin is a known progressive. She was a horrible governor. It is not likely she will be a good congresswoman. Using the catchphrase “uniparty” won’t help you much if Palin gets endorsed by similar people. Look into Palin’s past. Also, look into who supports her. But mostly her past.

        • Jon Alderson, We have in Alaska two Major parties, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party, Republicans are the Stupid Party. I’ll take Stupid over Evil.
          As for the endorsement of young Nick by many of the Stupid Party, I would point out that on occasion even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. Please give credit when due. Or, one can go back to being really STUPID and vote Palin or for another of the Establishment candidates like Revak.

  4. Begich, is Joe Biden the duly elected president of the United States of America? Only a straight forward answer is expected! Or are we to be treated to Axiom’s “sweet ordure?”

    • Nick knows that whispered “sweet nothings” appeal to the heart of the younger Republican women who have grown tired of all the ugly and caustic politics of the old far right. He isn’t my choice of wrapping and ribbons, and his “sweet nothings” don’t send me into a swoon; but regarding the race as a race, I’ll bet on him. I’m tired of hearing the empty complaints of all the old farts. If Begich can say that Biden was duly elected president, I might consider voting for him just to move Alaska into the new age!

  5. I don’t understand the game here and the rules here but I know it’s time for the citizens to say nope. Lora reinbold or Chris tuck I know would just shine for us here. Why not? yet Suzanne says nick so if not then nick oath integrity needs you to show em all some act right sir.

  6. It will be an important and interesting race.
    The more I see and hear Begich, my support grows. He is very smart and is compelling on the stump. He’s successful.

    • Come on Frank, your list was already abbreviated, it included only Chis Constant until Alan Gross showed up.

  7. This is my personal opinion.
    IMHO, the only reason Sarah Palin, Al Gross, John Coghill and all the other “know names” piled on was they think that with Don Young out they could beat Nick alone.
    1. Nicholas J. Begich III has earned all the endorsements in this article. He has gone to those organizations, put himself forward to questions and criticism and still came away with those endorsements. From a conservative aspect, look at the long list of strong and solid City, Borough assembly and the long list of legislators. He has earned those endorsement, I know many of them and they just don’t support someone because they are a Republican. In point of fact, many, I would say the vast majority endorsed Nick while Don Young was still in the race!
    2. Per his campaign folks, he has earned over a million dollars in. In looking at the FEC filings, only to Dec 31, all contributions are “individual”! Don’s FEC is no longer, but I know when it was up, a large chunk if not most was PACs and Outside Money. So, where will Al Gross get his? He is rich and may well self fund, can he self fund a million dollars, doubt it. Same holds with Sarah and John.
    3.. Al Gross ran for a Petersburg, I believe ii was, hospital board (he works there when not in Thailand). There was 3 vacancies, he came in FOURTH! ? He lost to Dan Sullivan and not by a little while spending from campaign contribution by the DNC and other socialist PACs as a so called “independent”. According to the Division of Elections, he has filed as Non Partisan!
    4. Now let’s talk about the Premia Dona Sarah Palin. For the record, I pleaded that she run against Frank Murkowski. I had known her as the Mayor of Wasilla, worked with her on 2A issues that had come up and was impressed. This was over an hour telephone call. Two weeks later she filed. I’m not saying I was the cause, but I’d like to think I had some influence. I then called her and discussed major issues, oil, education, budget, etc. I supported her and was thrilled when she won the primary and then the general! After that? Well, unless you were in her inner circle, I could not get any input to her. Her attack on the conservatives over the oil tax bill she was pushing, with the Democrats, was outlandish! As an citizen, I got letters and e-mails back from Frank Murkowski, Tony Knowles and Sean Parnell. I even got a face to face with Sean over a very important issue to me. Sarah? Not a word. It’s bad enough getting responses from Don, Dan and Lisa a month or more on an issue, so if she is in D.C. with that past history any bets she will never respond? Hell it is hard enough to talk to a real person in Lisa’s D.C. office now!
    5 John Coghill. I used to like and support John until he teamed up with Cathy Giessel, Bert Stedman, Gary Stevens and the like. After his following them in killing our PFD, his stand on the State Constitutional Convention, his votes overall, especially on SB 26 that took more of our PFD, NOT!
    In closing, I am betting that when the numbers come out after the Jun 11th Jungle primary, Nick will be on top from 55% on up. Who will be in the general? I honestly don’t thing Gross or Constant can make it. John might, Sarah no. Last word on Sarah, during the Presidential campaign Lower 48ers loved her or hated her. I would always say that Alaskans knew the truth about her (she would have been like Camella if McCain had won). Whomever gets to the general, I will see who is on the list. Nicholas J. Begich III for sure #1, a Republican #2 (if one of the know names gets to that point), if the AIP gets in,#3 and most likely a write in for #4. Again, this is just strategy at this point.

  8. It’s a ranked choice ballot – no matter who you vote for, be thinking about your second, third, and fourth choice Republican candidates, and DON’T FORGET TO FILL THEM IN. Don’t like Palin? Me either, but she might be my fourth choice given all the others on the ballot. The new ballot will require some different consideration and diligence if we are to use it right and avoid defaulting to a Democrat.

  9. What else has Begich done to earn his “conservative” credentials? Every progressive to date has run on conservative credentials and turned left-wing nut job the day they were elected. Is there any hard evidence that he is actually conservative?

    • Alaska Policy Form director means nothing to you? Perhaps the most conservative think tank for freedom in Alaska. Talk to Nick please, its not like he’s hiding from the public like Murkowski.,

  10. I am voting for Sarah Palin because I don’t see anyone on that list that is a true conservative. I wouldn’t vote for a Begich if they were on the ballot with an ape. There is a bunch of jokers calling themselves Republicans that are about as conservative as the ADN on the list, a couple of con artists, a guy that would say anything to get elected to the US congress so he could screw Alaska into the stone age, Constant has been one of the worst things that ever happened to Anchorage, right up there with Halcro. Anyone that bothered to get past the ADN and the mud the main stream media threw at Palin would realize she is a earnest person who genuinely tries to do what is right for her constituents. And for all the people that said she couldn’t do the job of vice president hasn’t seen who is in that office now.

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