Gold Rush fever: From Santa Claus to Sarah Palin, the rush is on for the race for Congress on April Fools Day


It’s get-rich-quick fever for the 21st century in Alaska: The race for U.S. Congress feels like the Gold Rush in 1898, with seemingly everyone in the political realm dipping their pans in the stream to see what may glitter for them.

The Division of Elections website was busy Friday, the final day for filing for the seat left vacant by the late Congressman Don Young. Dozens of people have filed to fill the seat of the late Congressman Don Young, but only a few of them had been interested in the seat or had the courage to file before Young died: former Gov. Sarah Palin, Chris Constant, Nick Begich, Chris Bye, Gregg Brelsford, and a couple of others who had filed months ago, when Young was very much alive and very much “in it to win it.”

The New York Times broke the news about Palin. Must Read Alaska has not been able to confirm this news independently.

“Sarah Palin, a former Alaska governor and the Republican nominee for vice president in 2008, said Friday that she was entering the race for Alaska’s lone congressional seat, marking her return to national politics after she helped revive the anti-establishment rhetoric that has come to define the Republican Party.

She will be joining a crowded field of nearly 40 candidates to fill the House seat left vacant by Representative Don Young, whose unexpected death last month has spurred one of the largest political shifts in the state in 50 years.

“Ms. Palin said she planned to honor Mr. Young’s legacy, painting a dystopian picture of the nation in crisis, criticizing the “radical left,” high gas prices, inflation and illegal immigration.

“America is at a tipping point,” she said in the statement. “As I’ve watched the far left destroy the country, I knew I had to step up and join the fight.”

Sarah Palin files for Congress at the Wasilla Division of Elections.

Santa Claus, who serves on the North Pole City Council and who used to have a different name, filed early on Friday. Later on, former Rep. Andrew Halcro, current Rep. Adam Wool jumped in, and Sen. Josh Revak made it official. Tara Sweeney, a Native leader who used to work for Sen. Lisa Murkowski and was an official at the Department of Interior (as head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.) Both Sweeney and Revak were co-chairs of the Don Young campaign before he died. Alaska Native elder Emil Notti is reported to have filed; he lost to Don Young in 1973 in the special election to replace the first Congressman Nick Begich; Notti is 89.

By 4:30 pm Friday there were more than 40 listed on the Division of Elections website, where a special tab is set up for the list of want-to-be congressional representatives.

The unverified press release said to be sent by the Palin campaign is still leaving a question in the minds of many Alaskans: Is this an April Fools Day joke?


    • No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.”
      — U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 2, clause 2

  1. Sarah Palin is no fighter, she is a loudmouth who’s looking to be on the cover of all the morning FOX TV shows. She doesn’t have any interest whatsoever in representing Alaska. If this is true Al Gross very well may have been elected US Rep today.

  2. Awesome! I hope Sarah makes it to the Final Four! It’s time for that later life comeback!
    Can you imagine how the lamestream press will cover this?

    • Then you should keep looking. Palin when governor tried to institute a massive tax on oil. She is no conservative. She was however a perfect pick for McCain as they shared the same politics.

  3. Not enough Excitement and BS in that job, she would resign before the first term was over,. Some people are just out of touch. I cannot think of a worse choice.

  4. It’s only an April Fool joke if the Division of Elections is in on the joke

  5. I say we ought to elect Santa Clause just for the short interim until the real election.
    I would love Santa Clause to sit in our Rep chair in DC for at least a few months.
    Then people will know Santa Clause is real 😉

    Will the Representative, Santa Clause from Alaska please stand up.

    • This Santa Claus guy is a self described “independent, progressive, democratic socialist, with an affinity for Bernie Sanders”

  6. Chris we have a serious candidate in this race already, he is the grandson of the guy who beat Don Young back in ’72, despite having been killed in an airplane crash. The kid, Nick the third is the real deal, not unlike his Grandpa. We need real leadership at this juncture of our State and Nations history, not political comedy.

  7. Is Sarah Palin even an Alaska resident? Seems like the conservatives need to get their act together or they will divide the vote so much the line will win by default.

  8. It takes a lot of money to win statewide elective office. Sarah Palin is the only candidate to have won statewide office, and she is going to raise more money than any other candidates- by far.

    I predict Sarah wins. It’s clear the demented President, Pelosi, and the moron- Harris are taking America down the wrong path. Millions of illegals flood over our borders, inflation is out of control- the worst in 40 years, and the left wing wants to eliminate the police and let the criminals destroy our nation.

    Sarah will oppose all that left- wing BS and drive the left mad. Good.

  9. Apparently Sarah has been short on attention and money, so has decided to gin up more of both by throwing her hat into the crowded ring.
    She has no interest at all in working the hours in D.C. that Don Young did.

    All Palin is doing here is muddying the waters of our trying to elect a suitable replacement for Young.

    • What suitable replacement??? Fidel Castro?
      Palin is America first not last – all we need to know!

      • She said she run if Alaskans asked her to. No one I’ve met or spoken to did. Nor does there seem to be a audible groundswell for her.

        So apparently she is hearing voices no one else hears.

        Exactly what we need in Congress.

      • Right now I intend to vote for Nick Begich.
        Palin never proved she was a Conservative during her brief time as governor…..before she up and quit because the media attention had died down and it was time to get back to work.

        While she was is Juneau, Alaska was the only oil producing province in the western hemisphere that saw a decline in oil production, thanks to raising taxes on the producers past the point where it was profitable to produce.

        She is also a back stabber, as evidenced by her stabbing Sean Parnell and Ted Stevens in the back.

  10. I am still voting for Begich. Sarah’s star has fallen. She just doesn’t stay at any job long enough. She may be a personality, but we need stability. Sarah is not stable. She has proven that time and time again.

    • Same here! A political opportunist striving for attention. She needs to sit back and lead a normal life. The liberal Wackadoodles won’t leave alone for a minute.

  11. The fools showed up on April 1st to file for the Congressional seat. Palin , of course, needs little introduction. I remember her as shallow; yet, a good speaker spewing right wing rhetoric. Halcro, a pretty boy who likes to stare in the mirror, wants to be like Lisa. Revak, is a clown and mental light weight who will say anything you want to hear if he thinks it will help his chances. Santa Claus, that’s simply great snd he’ll probably make it to the final four. Sweeney, the Native woman-type Don Young always dreamed would succeed him. What a list. My bet fir the final 4 : Sweeney, Santa Claus, Nick Begich, Al Gross

  12. Lots of Palin haters, but she’s a good choice. I’ll vote for her. I’m sure Trump will be quick to endorse her.

    • For sure Trump and Palin would be a winning ticket and make the LBGT alphabet mafia go totally NUTS. Forget Alaska congressman – small potatoes.

    • You clearly do not remember how she bailed from Alaska as a Gov to go play Vice Prez.. That she didn’t win either. She’s a clown that will bring only more drama and problems for our state! Not a hater. But certainly I’m a person who wants an adult with a brain to be running the show here. Not someone who is all about herself! Big difference!

  13. Sarah Palin is the Republican version of Al Gross.
    Loud, vexatious, a Charlatan, and worn-out. Pass on both of them

  14. Many political careers will end with this. For example, if Palin doesn’t make at least the top half-dozen, let alone the top 4, we won’t hear from her again so far as running for office. Palin’s result will make the national news, and if she isn’t at least in the top ten every late-night TV host will have a joke about it. Among the 51 there are many others having their final do or die moment of fame; Gross, for sure, but also Revak, Sweeney, Notti, Sattler (who must now for certain take the top prize for running for office in Alaska under the most different names), and several others.

  15. I feel that I have to point out that Sarah Palin only won the governorship in 2006 due to the almost universal loathing of then-governor Frank Murkowski. I think that vastly more votes for her were anti-Frank votes, rather than honestly pro-Sarah votes. And her performance in the debates leading up to that election were embarrassing, to say the least.
    I honestly hate to say this, as I like her personally, but Sarah was just completely out of her depth as governor, and would be at least equally so as representative in Congress.

  16. Wow,! The lizzard
    Commies r freaking out already ! God Bless Palin and strengthen her against the relentless attacks she will surely endure

  17. Santa is not real. But the birth of christ jesus is real. Americans. and the corporate church have done a disservice to its children, to its citizens, to believe such fairytales is important to having easter and christmas spirit. Childhood is wasted to believe in bunnies hiding eggs and fat men slidding up and down chimmnys, while the children miss the real point of easter and christmas and the greater calling waiting on them than finding eggs and presents. A calling that can bring better and good news that lasts longer than a day unwrapping baskets and presents.This materialism is most likely why america is a mess, we have misplaced priorities. We love money and power more than life.

      • Incorrect. The birth of Christ and the events surrounding his life are well documented.

        Yeshua shows up in Roman historical accounts of the age. Pilot, the disciples, even the unexpected weather changes during crucifixion are matters of historical record.

        This is why I hate it when people bloviate about faith when it’s not directly relative to the topic on hand. Makes them look foolish, fuels the prejudices of people like you, and makes it harder for the rest of people of faith to actually get the message out.

        Joe Biden being a man of principal and in charge of his faculties are fairytales and impossibilities.

        • You didn’t mention a dead man coming back to life or a virgin birth. It’s on topic cuz the church lady brought it up.

    • Learn to use paragraphs.

      It makes off topic religious rants easier to read (and ignore if desired)

    • Santa Claus is a registered voter and citizen of North Pole.

      Yes, Jennifer, there IS a Santa Claus.

  18. Sarah Palin is the only governor that ever responded to letters that I sent to them all. Her reply was a great help to me even though the consolidation of the high schools never went any where. I think she understood just how important competition is in education. I’d vote for her!

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