Turnout in Anchorage election is lackluster, and many registered Republicans have not received their ballots


Just 30,119 voters have turned in their ballots as of Thursday evening in the Anchorage Municipal election. The lowest voter is in downtown, where there are no candidates running for Assembly. The lowest turnout for contested races is in Eagle River (District 2), with just 4,300 having voted in an area that has 41,601 registered voters, or a 10.35 percent turnout in the most conservative part of the city.

Voters in Sand Lake and Campbell Lake area, in two heavily Republican precincts, are reporting to the Clerk’s Office that ballots have not been received, more than two weeks after the ballots were mailed, March 15. People in these precincts have also reported to election observers that they’ve not received ballots.

For each district, the turnout is:

Voters have until April 5 to get their ballots in.


  1. I’m completely shocked that the Republican areas haven’t got their ballots yet imagine that!!

  2. I hope I’m wrong that the Anchorage electorate hasn’t reached the Apathy Point. Because a hard turn to the Left comes immediately afterward. Years of conservative platitudes and lack luster performance will wear down your base. With Cultural Marxists in 5 of 9 Assembly seats Republicans shouldn’t lose an election for a decade. Milquetoast banter about property taxes, “divisiveness” and the PFD ain’t enough to stir the base.

    • Frankly, Alaska Republicans are lazy. They are too busy complaining to bother to vote.

      Can’t blame them to a degree. Seems every time we send someone to Juneau they go hard left.

      But what can you expect from the group once “lead” by Tuckerman Babcock? Not much.

      • I guess when your average Conservative campaign’s main goal is ‘not to upset the local left’ you are doomed from the start. I’ve heard this verbatim from 90% of elected and candidate Republicans. Only Mayor Dave Bronson had the courage to buck that trend. God bless him.

      • I guess when your average Conservative campaign’s main goal is ‘not to upset the local left’ you are doomed from the start. I’ve heard this verbatim from 90% of elected and candidate Republicans. Only Mayor Dave Bronson had the courage to buck that trend. God bless him.

  3. Let the ballot harvesting begin. Everyone needs to ask themselves the following question: “Do you really know who filled out a given mail-in ballot?”

  4. That is sad, people know how to complain but not how to vote. My Grandmother used to say if you don’t get out and vote keep your mouth shut. I like to discuss so I vote.

  5. Shenanigans in the muni election? No.

    Republicans need to get off their butts and go vote. The dog ate my ballot won’t cut it.

    • Shenanigans? Absolutely.

      They need to go out and vote yes, but they are definitely pulling shady stuff.

  6. Voters get out this weekend and Tuesday! Keep the workers busy. Go to City Hall as well as the Loussac Library. Don’t let the liberals continue to ruin our city. Support Mayor Bronson!

  7. Dropping my ballot at ship creek or city hall Tuesday morning.
    I dont want any shenanigans with my ballot postal wise, transporting wise, counting wise, and otherwise.
    Im giving them as little time handling my ballot as possible.

  8. This is voter disenfranchising. Laws have been broken, haven’t they. The
    apples don’t fall far from the tree, Eh? After the civil war the southern whites did the same things to the black population disenfranchised them so they could not vote, and made voting difficult for them.

  9. My wife and I are two of the people in the Sand Lake area that did not get our ballots in the mail. It makes me wonder how many other people did not get their ballots, and are not paying attention. It’ll be interesting to see after the 5th how many people realize they never received their ballot. Can’t help be a little suspicious from this.

  10. Actually the first thing voters, who have not received their ballots should do, is checking the ballot tracker. That way you know if it still shows that it is in the mail, or if some shenanigans are happening here. Then go to any vote center and vote!

  11. How pathetic! Either everyone has their heads in the sand or they are plain stupid! It really is no wonder the politicians know they get to have their cake and eat it too.

  12. The election by ‘mail-in ballots’ crowd have always touted that this election method will appeal to voters and bring them out in droves. In reality, it does not. It does reveal how incompetent the voter roles are and how difficult it is election officials to get ballots to eligible voters on time. The result is further loss in confident in our elections. We are becoming a third world country. On purpose.

  13. I’ll assume that more people will get out and vote but… this is endemic to Anchorage during an election. We’ll be lucky to get a 20% voter turnout. In checking out ADN’s comments to Randy Sulte’s article, and some NextDoor comments as well, it’s frightening to read the left’s pablum-induced vitriol and base ignorance. One thing about the left is that, when they’re wrong, they double-down and circle like muskox to defend it. Looks like we’ll have higher property taxes and many of the same vegetables on the Assembly to ensure that it happens. I pray that I’m wrong.

  14. My wife votes democrat and her ballot came in mail a week ago. I vote republican and have not received mine.

    • Me and my husband vote republican and we got both of ours. My husband’s brother and his wife vote dem and they haven’t received theirs. This isn’t partisan manipulation, just general poor mail management. It’s frustrating, but all the people foaming at the mouth trying to claim it’s rigged are causing a bigger problem that will overshadow the real issues and make it harder to actually fix.

  15. My neighborhood in West Anchorage is conservative with signs supporting a conservative. We are one of the several conservative areas that as of 2 April have not received ballots.

  16. Fact is this is a Fallen Republic! The 2020 election was stolen. And now it will never be fair, transparent ever again.

    • If the 2020 election was stolen, there would be evidence. So far, nothing. You might hate the Libs, but adhering to a fake story weakens your side.

      Although, former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows illegally voted, so there’s that.

  17. We need to watch and see how many ballots are rejected. These ballots will need to be subtracted from the turnout numbers. That could help reject mail in ballots for reducing voter participation. I volunteer to help collect signatures.

  18. Our household will turn in our ballots on voting day, not before. Many people wait until the actual Election Day to vote.

  19. It’s hard to compete with union voters whose salaries literally depend on voting for union-backed politicians. The rest of us don’t get directly paid based on how we vote.

    So it’s easy to see why union voters always turn out to vote themselves pay raises.

    • Very true what you said. With the union vote we need 25000 votes to overcome them. But the lazy taxpayer will not care until they see the results in their wallet. The renters who believe their not property tax payers need a dose of reality rents need to double to pay for the bonds they vote yes for.

  20. For those that did get a ballot and voted, you can double check that your ballot was received here:


  21. There is something amiss here… Reasonable suspicion is now probably cause to believe foul play is at hand. This is sufficient for an immediate AUDIT assuming these facts are correct. The Director of Elections needs to stand down and be replaced until these issues are resolved. Don’t delay. The Parents, Patriots, Conservatives and Rational thinkers are energized and there will be no fraud in this election. Get it done Mayor.

    • Yeah, except you have no evidence. “Reasonable suspicion” is not a sufficient justification for an audit.

      • Lucinda, are you familiar with the term “probable cause”? It implies that there are enough irregularities to warrant further exploration. Since public funds are used, any city election should be subject to auditing by a independent third party. It further is troubling, since the Municipal Clerk works for the assembly and therefor has a built-in conflict of interest. Mrs. Jones in past dealings has shown herself to be more inclined to defend the assembly then appear impartial.

  22. My husband ballot came late and mine came even later. Funny, my sister got a ballot even though I turned in the card they sent out for people that no longer live at the address. I said she moved to Cali. I dropped it off in person at the PO and she still got a ballot. We already turned in our ballots.

  23. Ok, it’s April 5th, and after numerous early calls, my conservative neighborhood and several others in W Anc never got our ballots. I know many of did vote in person, but wonder how many couldn’t or let it slip. I did tell the Div of Elections, but may have just as well told the fox guarding the hen house. I don’t want to hear about the Post Office or Tacoma, WA printing office. It’s the Div of Elections who is to make sure we all get ballots.

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