Never say die: Congressional Republicans battle Biden to keep girls’ rights from being destroyed


U.S. House Republicans, led by Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, are fighting President Joe Biden and his rule interpretation that allows sex discrimination in schools. Biden is ruling that boys and men may use girls’ private toilet and changing facilities and may compete as girls and women in public schools.

Rep. Miller and led 67 of her House Republican colleagues with new legislation that would reverse the Biden administration’s Title IX rule interpretation.

Representative Miller released the following statement:

“Joe Biden is undermining years of progress women have made in securing their rights under Title IX. For more than half a century, Title IX has protected women and girls, ensuring they have equal opportunities in education. However, the Biden Administration is putting our girls at risk by allowing men to access women and girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. This divergence is a blatant violation of the protections Title IX was meant to guarantee, and it undermines the very foundation of women’s rights and security in their private spaces.”

Supporting this effort are congressional women leaders, including Rep. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, and Rep. Elise Stefanie of New York.

“The Biden administration’s final rule hacks Title IX into pieces and expunges decades of progress for women and girls across the nation. This is a clear and present threat, and one that cannot go unaddressed. Vice Chair Miller’s resolution under the Congressional Review Act to stamp out the Biden administration’s radical Title IX rule is a much-needed prescription to safeguard opportunities for women and girls – and I am proud to support it,” said Foxx, who is the Education and the Workforce Committee chairwoman.

“I’m proud to support Representative Mary Miller’s legislation to block the Biden Administration’s radical efforts to roll back women’s rights and undo President Trump’s policies that ensure every American receives due process under the law,” Stefanik said.

“Joe Biden’s DOE does not get to decide what being a girl or woman means,” said Congresswoman Luna. “As society drifts into the chaos of postmodernism, it is crucial that we, as legislators, stay firm and protect the rights of young women across America. They deserve to feel safe in their schools and confident in their sports. We must stand up for our values and ensure that every young woman has the opportunity to thrive in a safe environment.”

Republicans have filed similar legislation in the past, but while they passed the House, they died in the Democrat-controlled Senate. In 2023, the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act passed the House, with Alaska’s Rep. Mary Peltola voting against it.

In the Alaska Legislature, Democrats also fought for the rights of boys to beat girls in sports and to use their changing facilities and bathrooms. The bill offered by Rep. Jamie Allard, House Bill 183, finally passed the House during the waning days of the 2024 session, but died in the Alaska Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.


  1. Where are the woman libbers at ?? Apparently they are a bunch of pansy a—- This move by Biden will take women’s rights back to 1900. Joe Biden is offensive. Your attack on my wife , daughter and grandchildren is horrific. There are 2 sexes. And I do not want men competing against my daughter and granddaughter.

  2. Sadly, most of the women and girls we are trying to protect are woke. They still persist in calling so-called transgender boys and men by female names and pronouns. Its impossible to help those who do not want help. An analogy is the foreign wars we fight to offer freedom to oppressed people who truly don’t want the freedom… nor will they fight for it as Americans have. Reference Vietnam and Afghanistan.

  3. So good to see that photo of healthy, normal girls sticking up for all girls sports. Biden has so many lesbians and transexuals working in his administration, that he virtually has no control over the LGBTQ issues. Strangely enough, Biden himself likes little girls and appears to have pedophilic tendencies. A very, very sick old man.
    And to think he is our president. What does that say about us as a country?

  4. Girls need sports too. By any entities, public or private, government or business, supporting Transsexuals, cross-dresser or whatever, as being “normal” or something to be celebrated, these entities are saying, “We don’t care about women”. Women supporting Trannies need to think about that.


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