Beauty pageant jumps the shark: Miss Maryland is a ‘he’ and Miss Alabama is 3X

Miss Alabama, left, and Miss Maryland, right

The Miss USA pageant, owned by the Miss Universe organization, has some big firsts this year. The winner of the Miss Maryland crown this week is a transgender — a man living his identity as a woman.

In the Miss National American Alabama pageant, the winner is so large, she would need at least two airline seats and a couple of seatbelt extenders.

Sarah Milliken, the supersized Miss Alabama, has suffered a lot of cyberbullying due to her enormous size, which sets her apart from other contestants in beauty pageants. The internet has been especially cruel since she won the title.

Bailey Anne Kennedy is the first transgender man to be crowned Miss Maryland USA. At 31, he is older than the average pageant queen and identifies as a “military wife.” She competed for Miss Maryland as Miss Williamsport (Md) USA.

As of 2023, women who are or have been married, as well as women who are pregnant or have children, are able to compete in the Miss Universe pageants at all levels. Competitors must represent that they are a female, as recognized medically and legally in the United States.)

The Miss Universe organization had its first transgender contestant, Miss Spain Ángela Ponce, in 2018. The owner of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA is a transgender entrepreneur from Thailand who bought the pageant in 2022.

Miss Alaska USA 2024 is Fairbanks’ Brenna Schaake, who was crowned on June 1 and will represent Alaska at the Miss USA 2024 pageant in Hollywood, California the week of Aug. 4. Brenna has worked as an external affairs supervisor for Kinross Gold Corporation for three years, and is a member of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.


  1. Wow…looks like fascistbook didn’t like your headline…it says the link has been removed (even though I used it to get here.) It won’t let me leave a comment. Dontcha just love censorship?

  2. There are only XX, XY and Mental disorder.
    You can make a stallion a gelding but try as you must you can never make him a mare

  3. For the most part a fair enough article, but did you have to misgender Bailey? If a transgender in any way identifies as a specific gender (&seaking as a medical pro, I remind all that the clinical definition of gender expression&identity is usually regarded as an emotional, intellectual designate whereas the oft debated OUTWARD biological “sex” is merely a promarily external identification, as like all soecies humans have a wide range of internal/genetic variances) it is potentually harmful and absolutely degrading practice to “dead-name/gender” them.
    Also take note the head of all pageants the article mentions is transgender. Thus its technically nobody’s business how said head chooses to run this show.
    And lastly, its a facetious contest traditionally based in various types of arguably vain points. Get over it. Live and let live. The fact anyones even so much as trolling such shows theur own deep insecurity

    • Actually Echo, I suggest respectfully that YOU get over it.

      You demand we change the societal fabric, but you are not willing to actually have a frank and honest discussion. Instead you petulantly insist that all simply accept your premise or be labeled as “mean people out to harm others”.

      Here you have genetically a man, who is had himself apparently surgically altered to look like a woman, entering a contest precisely geared towards celebrating biological women’s physical attributes. Then you complain that others notice and comment.

      As a simple observation on beauty pageants, I think they are silly and vain, but that is my opinion and if others get enjoyment and validation out of it, that’s fabulous!
      You are correct, the pageant owner can run it as they see fit, but I am not sure if their approach will in the end “keep the lights on” so to speak. The need to open up the categories from which to draw contestants, seems to indicate that there is a waning interest among actual women and if this is any indication may end up as the next iteration of the Rue Paul show.

    • The pendulum will hopefully swing back to sanity and “transgender” will be reclassified as what it is, a mental disorder.

    • Miss USA pageant is now the Miss Gender pageant?
      First trans people came from Egypt, you know, when daddy’s became mummy’s…
      Wonder if Miss Maryland’s ticklish… could find out by giving her a couple of test tickles…
      Suppose snide comments about “trans fats” are off the table…
      Might be helpful to remember women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it…

    • Echo, you make some good points. However, citing your credentials as a so-called “medical pro” is a logical fallacy. It’s not your professional status that makes any of your comments credible. Rather, it is the veracity of the comments themselves–that is, whether or not they are based in truth. Some of what you say is true; some is not. I will agree with you we should all “live and let live.” That means if someone wants to refer to a so-called “transgender woman” as a man then you should accept their choice to do so. The “dead-naming” trope is unfounded and hackneyed. You are entitled to refer to anyone however you want. Free-speech is the cornerstone of our republic.

    • Naaa… “Live and let live” went out the window after the gay couple decided that it’d be cool to force a religious baker to make them a wedding cake or be sued into oblivion. Pro tip- Alaska Airlines sells one-way tickets to San Francisco.

    • Ryan, chances are those women you pity do feel cheated but would never admit. They fear being cancelled by their woke friends and peers. They lack the courage to defend themselves against wokeness. The question is, should we defend those who are too cowardly to even speak in their own defense?

    • Ryan, chances are those women you pity do feel cheated but would never admit it. They fear being cancelled by their woke friends and peers. They lack the courage to defend themselves against wokeness. The question is, should we defend those who are too cowardly to even speak in their own defense?

  4. Disgusting.
    A profoundly obese woman, and a man.
    This is what societal collapse looks like.
    No rules, no standards, no morals, no law.
    What comes after, will be brutal.

  5. This all stems from a misguided attempt to avoid discriminating, in any way, at any time.
    First of all, discriminating is not bad, not good, it just is. When you decide that the Ford suits your needs better than the Chevy, you are discriminating. You have identified a difference between the two, and made a selection on which one is “right” for you.
    And, that is the problem with the woke folks. They cannot allow themselves to identify one thing as better than another. Especially when it comes to humans. ALL humans MUST be equal in all ways to a wokester.
    But, no one actually thinks all humans are equal in all ways. That is insane to think that. One person is taller, another plays the piano better, a third runs really fast, etc… But, in the eyes of the wokester, that is bad because it says one person is better than another.
    So, how does the woke crowd resolve this conflict?
    They have to cut down the good, and elevate the bad. Wokesters will claim benevolent forms of government are evil and oppressive, and celebrate governments that oppress their populations as good and worthy. They will ridicule religion because it teaches people that evil exists and there are ways to be good.
    And, here we see it in the results from a beauty contest.
    A woman, who at best is average looking (ignoring her obesity), who’s smile does not exactly light up a room, who’s hair and makeup is not pageant level is named Miss Alabama. Not because she was the prettiest girl in the contest, but because she was not. Specifically, because she was not.
    The judges elevated the bad, and cut down the good, like all wokesters do. The made the statement that heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and eventually an early death MUST be considered beautiful. Saying otherwise is making the claim that one human being is not absolutely equal to every other human.
    Do a search for “Harrison Bergeron.” It is a short story from Kurt Vonnegut. You can usually find a .pdf on line. It describes the inevitable outcome of this way of thinking.

  6. I don’t care if that 3X woman wants to give it a shot. Good luck to her. The problem is the judging. They’re apparently totally indoctrinated or totally cowed.

    But the man? No way! As my grandfather told me when I was looking for my first cat – “It’s not rocket science, just look between the legs.”

  7. Two years ago, when Miss Maine was an “ew,” I knew we would see wokeness continue its creep. This year’s Miss Massachusetts is married to her brother, and that may also be a first – at least being open about it.

    If you look up the word pervert in Webster’s Second Unabridged Dictionary you will see that every aspect of the definition is now afforded special protection in US federal law. I cannot imagine where all this is leading.

  8. Just like how the Hollywood award shows are used to tell you what a good movie is and put actors on pedestals as if they are an upper class of human that you should admire and fawn over, these beauty pageant only serve the purpose of trying to convince you of what beauty is supposed to mean. Both of these devices are tools to keep your attention fixed to an illusion. When your attention is fixed to an illusion, your power is diminished from making life beautiful for yourself.
    What we see happening with the injection of “the message” in your precious entertainment systems may serve as a way to break the spell over some, but may enthrall the attention of others.
    People who watch this recycled garbage have nothing better going on in their lives and seek to find fulfillment by vicariously living through the glamour of others. Hopefully humanity will wake up and these systems of attention control will die a much deserved death.

  9. Just taking it to the next level of crazy. Want wholesome and morally right? Thank a republican. Want “Mad Max”? Thank a democrat.

  10. The party of the mentally insane are doing their best to infect our state. Look at Anchorage, it’s become a leftist sh@t hole and going to get worse under the new socialist mayor. Anchorage is a place we drive through and never stop.

    • I guess swim suit competition is a non starter anymore. Imagine the seamstress making the ribbon for Miss Alabama having to go back to the store 4 more feet please. And by the way Miss means female for all this judges might want to do a package check.

  11. Holy Crap! Who judged this mess?

    That’s rubenesque on a West Virginia / Ohio / Louisiana scale and maybe that’s where judges for this nonsense come from but the one w/ the Johnson is different in a ‘turn your head and cough’ sort of way. That judge lost the ball in the lights for sure.

  12. It’s really simple:

    A fat woman is fat.
    A male is a male. In this case “man” does not apply.

    I won’t play stupid games and encourage elective mental illness.

  13. What a mess. A man with a d— who is married to a Marine?? So, he plays with his little pecker then? And the — in Alabama. This is no longer beauty. It’s time to just ignore all these things. Disgrace.

  14. So I perused the world wide web to find out how many women competitors the Maryland winner had. Sadly I could not find a reference. What I did find was insightful.
    One site claimed that Bailey was chosen for poise and his platform of mental health. You can’t make this up!
    Then there is this from on several sites that Miss Maryland expressed joy at the celebration of women “no matter their gender.”
    A blatant admission that Miss Maryland in the end is still a man.
    As an aside it is interesting that not one article focused on any of the other contestants being forced to a share dressing room, bathroom and other facilities with this person. So much for protecting women and girls….

  15. What’s all the fuss about? These are but aberrations engendered by the times and the “un-closeting” of America: jezz, everybody is coming out–of all sizes and configurations, not to mention their twisted minds. And then there is the case of D. J. Trump and “Slow Joe” Biden as the main contenders for President of the United States of America with Alfred E. Neuman fast on their heels as a candidate from an alternate universe! I’d
    say buckle-up, but there ain’t no consolation to be found in that!

  16. Time for real women to stand up to this for crying out loud! Make a difference like most of you claim you will once the crown is yours!


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