‘Muzzle’ sign man accosted by ice cream truck driver, who grabbed his sign


Passions are running strong on both sides of the issue concerning the masking of children. But now anti-maskers are being accosted for their views?

From 10:30 am-2 pm on Wednesday, drivers along Johns Road in South Anchorage may have seen Lucas Smith standing in front of Oceanview Elementary School holding a big yellow sign. He was on a solitary mission to state his views on masking of children in the public schools.

Drivers may have also seen the operator of a gray-and-pink ice cream truck stop in traffic, yell at Smith, get out of his vehicle and menace him, attempt to provoke him to swing at him, and eventually grab his sign, which read: Muzzles are 4 dogs not kids.”

Smith is opposed to masking children at school.

“And not just for children, mask mandates in general I disagree with,” said Smith, who has a child attending Oceanview Elementary School. Per the superintendent’s orders, all people going inside the school district buildings must wear face masks over their nose and mouths, and that includes his six-year-old.

“It should be up to the individual to decide if they want to wear a mask. iIf you feel safe with a mask, go ahead and wear one. If you don’t feel safe wearing one, don’t.”

Smith said a few people swore from their car windows or flipped him off, but 95 percent of drivers were giving him a thumbs-up.

But then came the gray-and-pink ice cream van.

“The individual stopped his ice cream truck in the middle of the traffic lane. This caused numerous vehicles to stop in both directions. His van was small, colored grey with pink lettering and with pink eye lashes on the headlights.  I believe the name on his vehicle was ‘Eddy’s Ice Cream.’  He hopped out, got right in my face Antifa style, and asked me if I liked to suck d***.  He said, ‘is that why you don’t want to wear a mask?’  Then he said, ‘Do you want to take a swing at me?’  He repeated himself a few times within about a foot of my face,” Smith recounted.

Smith tried to get an arms-length of separation from the man, who then took his sign and started off for his ice cream van.

“He took the sign out of my hands. As I chased down my sign a very nice individual in the lane nearest to me said ‘Hey man, freedom of speech!’  I noticed this nice individual had a Puerto Rico flag hanging from his rear view mirror. That meant a lot in that instant. So a big thank you to him,” Smith said.

Smith recalled that during the man’s rant he referred to “you Republicans,” which amused Smith, since he is a registered Libertarian.

“This all happened around 12:30 this afternoon in full view of the ASD security cameras if, in fact, they point fully out into the street and not just on property,” Smith said.

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    • And …. I was raised in Oceanview. In fact, both my youngest brother and my son went to Oceanview Elementary.Also, my parents are not that long dead, so I KNOW someone is lying about all the “thumbs up” he got in OCEANVIEW?! No, no, no. Not with that PTA. No.

      • No, Id believe 95% is correct. People of all demographics are waking up to all this BS, I watched a rap video today called “1984” by a very talented young man by the name of Lukas Lion. Search for it on YouTube before they ban it. Its available on BitChute just in case they do.

      • On the south side these days people are pretty based. A lot of my Oceanview neighbors and I are sick of the forced mandates and government overreach also There is little doubt that Oceanview is Bronson country. 95% of total reactions being thumbs up is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

        • People are waking up all over the world. Canadians stormed a vaccine injection sight this last weekend as tens of thousands took to the streets in protest. Europe, especially in France and Italy are having hundreds of thousands in the streets for five weeks straight in protest of this evil vaccine passport and mandates. But these leftist tools wouldn’t know it because they are the most misinformed people on the planet, only listening to propaganda and not reality or news. Civil disobedience is a must if we wish to see this cult of Covidian tyrants held accountable for their lies and crimes against humanity.

          • SM — you do know people have access to the internet — just like you, don’t you? Cut the lies. That would be viral news — AND IT’S NOT.

            Several thousand people PEACEFULLY marched jointly last Saturday — in Canada (Montreal) and across France — protesting the respective countries’ vaccine passports’ requirements for entry to restaurants, gyms, bars, and festivals. They had their say using the tools of TRUE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. The “passport” law is now in effect. The next step is to challenge the law in court. In a democratic society, Civil Disobedience always upholds and uses the Rule of Law to fight for Civil Rights and Liberties.

            Only an absolute ? ? cretin would believe a word you post after a whopper like that.

  1. Mr. Smith is a better man than I. I would have antagonized the other man until he took a swing at me then. I would then had to protect myself by laying the hurt on him.

  2. That’s not helping his ice cream business, even though the ice creams are too expensive. He giving all ice cream trucks a bad reputation. These protestors are speaking up for these ice cream drivers, the three I’ve seen speak another language, showing they are newly arrived immigrants. These protestors are speaking up, so the ice cream man doesn’t have to find another Free country. If America falls, where would any of us go? Where will he go to freely sell ice cream without government not only eating his ice cream but also inhaling his profits?

  3. Wait that has to be fake news because the dems are the party of love and tolerance and us conservatives are the mean violent ones. Hahahahaha!!

  4. Notice which side always initiates violence. When are good people going to stand together and stand up to this rather than just watching as they pass by? Where were all the thumbs up people, support freedom but not willing to stand up for it?

    • Atlas Shrugged, you are correct, the left clearly shows it’s Fascist underpinnings here. Like their spiritual fathers, the SA Brown Shirts they cannot allow any freedom of speech , thought or expression that differs from the party directive. They readily engage any dissent with in your face obscenities and violence or the threat thereof.

  5. Another example of the world going absolutely insane. Or was the ice cream man possessed by demons? The virus ate his brain?

  6. Get a new sign made tonight & get back at it in the morning…obviously it is getting people’s attention.

  7. Fast Eddy’s Ice Cream truck better be real fast, cause we are now on the lookout for it. If he ain’t wearing no mask, he’s gonna get a banana split with nuts, courtesy of Ben and Jerry’s.

  8. Society is disintegrating before our very eyes.
    Our freedoms are dissolving before our very eyes.
    Ask candidates very pointed questions before you vote for them.
    Let’s take America back before it’s too late. Think global but start local.

    • Boy Dave, there is some disintegration on the part of educating people on benefits of being vaccinated against this virus and as Arnold says “screw your freedoms.” You can lead a horse to water…………………..

      • Arnold’s father was a Nazi so its not to surprising he has an authoritarian mind frame. what’s your excuse?

        • You’re calling a lot of people radical leftists when in fact they’re conservatives. They want to conserve life. But I think I’m changing my thinking on that. No I’m not ready to crawl underneath your rock because it’s pretty crowded under there. What I am saying is if you haven’t got a shot yet don’t get one. If you aren’t wearing a mask don’t you dare put one on. It will be a win-win solution for everyone.

          • Do you realize that the highest vaccinated countries are experiencing the highest rate of hospitalized, vaccinated Covid patients?
            In Israel for instance,
            “95% of the severe patients are vaccinated”.
            “85-90% of the hospitalizations are in Fully vaccinated people.”

      • There are no benefits to being vaccinated other than to prove you are a blind sheep ready to be lead to slaughter. Quit with the masks and experimental vaccines already.

    • Freedom, hmm…
      It’s your freedom not to have your child wear a mask in school? Where he or she spends at least 5 hours a day less than 3 feet from other children? Children who talk, sneeze, cough, sputter, and just find untold ways of exchanging fluids from mouth and nose that are almost physiologically miraculous?

      You are wrong. You have the freedom to not mask you child under 12 years of age when you take them to public spaces, though you risk them contracting COVID-19. Others (like me) may find it cruel what you do, but there are not quarantine conditions, so mums the word. If you little one contracts the disease, you have the freedom to seek treatment — or not — once you realize your little one is sick. However, your FREEDOM to allow your child to run around everyone she or he and you know, soaking up COVID-19 like a human DELTA VARIANT sponge because you don’t wan’t her wearing a mask ENDS where my grandchildren’s FREEDOM to remain ALIVE begins.

      • your freedom to drive over 5mph stops where my freedom to not die in a car crash begins

        your freedom to own a gun ends where my freedom not to die from gun violence begins

        your freedom of speech ends where my freedom not to die from some maniac kills me from twisting your word into violent signals begins

        your freedom to practice a religion ends where my freedom not to die from an extremist violence begins

        see where your line of thinking leads?

        • AK4 –The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic … The question in every case is whether the words are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.
          Schenck v. United States
          — Supreme Court Justice
          Oliver Wendell Holmes

          • You are wrong again Sophia. The state would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the intent of the person shouting fire in a crowded theater was with INTENT to harm. A person see’s smoke and mistakenly yells fire and a person is stampeded to death in the following egress is not going to get convicted of murder or manslaughter. Even if it was a prank, an INTENT for harm must be proven. Therefore you do have a right. Our Constitution was structured to restrict government control, not restrict people’s freedoms. Some where in the last 100 years or more people have seem to forget this and those in control of our government grow more powerful while we continue to loose freedom. People like Sophia are helping them.

      • If your masked child is sitting next to my unmasked child, what are you worrying about? You’ve obviously lapped up the Fauci Kool Aid and your child is safe with the tyranny tarp on their face.

      • Life is full of risks there Sophie.
        I have lived through well over half a dozen deadly pandemics, and this is the only one where we are masking, testing, and quarantining the healthy. But, hey, your grandchild’s freedom to remain alive is paramount, right?
        Tell me, what does your grandchild eat? Do they own any toys made with plastics? Do they play outside, or have windows open in the home? Is there a HEPA filtration system in their rooms? Do they have a pet?
        If unmasked individuals bother you, please feel free to stay home, mask up, and avoid all contact with other human beings. No one is stopping you.
        It is the epitome of arrogance to demand that everyone else alter their behavior and inconvenience themselves so that you can feel safer.
        Oh, and guess what? You can do all of the above, avoid all forms of virus and bacteria, eat healthy, exercise, etc… and die anyway. There I said it. No one gets out of this life alive. We all die for some reason.

        • What ARE you going on about? You’ve taken fragments of statements, glued them together in that febrile mind of yours ….eh, voila! Attack, attack, atack!

          Happy if your ?

      • Sophie, you are overly dramatic here. I feel sorry for your grandchildren; to constantly live in fear is a miserable existence. If you feel your grandchildren are so endangered, why are they in school at all and you are not homeschooling them? That would be the logical solution, instead of demanding all bend to your view of the world. Life is risky. Some like you have lost the ability to asses risk. Most parents weigh the risk of Covid (which according to all science is minimal for kids) against the long term impact on their children’s ability to learn and function in society when denied facial clues and freedom to explore social interactions with others, because they have to hide behind a mask. Masks are a visual reminder to continuously be afraid, and especially ludicrous for children, considering the outrageously poor efficacy of a piece of cloth said child pulls on, touches, chews on or wipes his nose with….

      • Sophie – Ask yourself this. If masks, lockdowns & vaccinations are working so well in the United States why is our Covid death rate among the highest in the World at over 600 deaths per million? Many other countries who , did not or could not, follow the miserably failed Covid policies of the United States have a significantly lower death rate. For instance, India has a death rate per million of less then 100. Of course, unlike the United States, they allowed early intervention with cheap, effective therapeutic drugs which drastically lowered hospitalizations.

  9. Jen….hang on! Just one gosh darn minute! Ol’ Jeff Smith identified the placard confiscator as a Puerto Rican ?? — This is the flag of Puerto Rico. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with it. Obviously, you are unaware that the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is part of the United States of America and its residents are American citizens BY BIRTH. Moreover, it has been on deck to become the 51st state of the United States for the past twenty years.

    • You’re so fast to try and throw an insult or correct someone that you failed to read the story or Jen’s comment correctly.
      Maybe you should try and hold a picket sign with your beliefs written on them. The middle fingers you’d receive would not be people saying “You’re number one!”,.. even though your vanity surly would convince you of it.

        • Ohhh… nice one.
          That tactic is called “closing the argument.” It is was people who know they are wrong do in order to shift the focus of the debate away from the actual topic. Now, Censored has a few options. They could ignore your insult, to which you would declare victory, or they could respond to it, which plays right into your hands.
          But, the third choice is the best one. Accept it. Say “thanks, I am a proud Trumperrorist, now can we get back to the point that you are demonstrating a sub-grade school level of reading comprehension?

          • Or we could get to the REAL point. Jen.
            Why doesn’t SHE defend her commentary. All of YOU have things to say, but never Jen.. As someone who grew up in an ESL (English as a Second Language) environment. I know that’s why. I recognize the almost regular breaks in syntax when she writes.

          • Sophie you are deflecting again….see CBMTTek comments above. Insulting other commentators says more about you than those you complain about. None of us need to “defend” our comments.

  10. This is exactly the kind of behavior most have come to expect from the left. He had pink eye lashes on his truck and blocked traffic to ask a man if he wanted to ” suck d***” and then took the mans sign away in a tantrum when denied.

  11. How childish.
    Someone is saying something you do not like, so like the toddler you are, you must silence them.
    Is there a person on the left side of the political aisle that is a fully realized adult?

  12. Mr Smith is uneducated. Free speech is not free from consequences. He should take civics 101 and learn a thing.

    • The threat of violence and removal of his expression of said free speech (stealing his sign) are clear demonstrations of suppression and denial of his right to voice his opinion. In civilized society one can offer his thoughts freely and deserves the respect to be secure in his person when doing so. If you do not agree, your choice is to pass on by or stop to have a discussion and understand each others point of view. Fists in one’s face terminate debate. I recommend you take that Civics 101 class.

    • yes a man peacefully holding a sign that says slightly controversial things you don’t like deserves to be violently aggressed upon. classic civics 101.

    • Free speech is not free from consequences. However, there are tests of reasonableness that apply. Is your exercise of free speech libeling or slandering another individual? Is is inciting to riot? Is it specifically designed to result in damage to individuals, property, or structures?
      Holding this sign did not result in any of the above. If an individual is offended by it, that is their problem. There is no justification for threats, or confiscation of another individual’s property here.
      The very speech that the 1st Amendment protects IS the speech that someone else might find offensive.

      • CBMTek,
        You are well spoken and Succinct. Educated and insightful.
        Thank you for taking the time to give readers your accurate imput .

  13. I support choice regarding masks and vaccines. And Im liberal. Lay off the useless moniker baiting for a change. If you think this is really about the left and the right, your brain has been colonized by the corporate owned media in exactly the way they want. Draw two circles and fill in what the sides say. Find where they actually do stuff and not just promises and you’ll see the actual agendas. Corporate America has no party.

    • hahaha YES bipartisan bill such as the PATRIOT ACT are always the worst. you did get one thing wrong corporate america has 2 parties.

  14. The thing that struck me about this article is that his 6 year old child was inside being muzzled. Pull the kid out of the school for goodness sake! He can be there with you on the sidewalk and get a real education.

  15. And the disintegration can be seen as how people choose to not educate themselves on history. How governments become tyrannical and use fabricated crisis to bring fear to the population in order to strip them of liberty. How a significant portion of the population is quick to give control of their lives to government because they place faith in men with power, even when they constantly fail, only to be used by government as tools to accomplish their tyranny. Your approval of Arnold’s disgraceful statement is pathetic. Freedom has always been the backbone of this Country and without it, this country will crumble as you have crumbled to your fear, a fear that has given you some self appointed authority to steal other’s freedoms.

  16. Nice to see the typical pro big government types on here, predictably defending the guy who wants to strong arm any dissenting views and attacking the guy peacefully stating his opinion. In their inconsistency, they are consistent. They are remarkably tolerant, of their sides intolerance.

    • You choose to place a country on a pedestal that use to fine people in their country $10,000 dollars for bubble gum in their possession , cane prisoners for cigarette violations and spray painting a wall, and imprisonment for questioning a cop. It also a country of scripted 5 years of military or 5 years in prison, your choice. Sounds like a country you should move to. Your profound intelligence is greatly needed there.

      • Are you incapable of reading something without making your own assumptions John???
        No pedestal at all, just making the comment that some know how to handle airheads.
        You thinking these airheads should be on a pedestal John?
        Most will be sicker than dogs before the fools (like you) will even weigh in IMO.
        Your turn.

        • Every post I have read of yours are nothing but assumptions. You assume the government is correct in what they tell you and you repeat the drivel all over this site. Are you a virologist? Are you a doctor? Are you a scientist? I am none of these either. However, I trust my eyes and believe in something greater than man. My eyes tell me that everything that this administration has touched in the last 8 months has turned to sh$t. I certainly will remain skeptical and apprehensive on how they are handling the Wuhan Virus. Place your faith in man all you want.

        • You are a fool, sir. You are adding to the dehumanization of other humans. A man who does not wish to receive chemicals into his body, that has not been thoroughly vetted by a government agency that has a track record of lying to the populace is not a villain. Many of those who are fighting for the freedoms we hold dear will die of old age, while you and your ilk call for their early termination from disease or government imprisonment, all because you are too timid to own your own life, and leave others to theirs. If we could stop the motor of the world, you would still never see the fracture in your world, screaming to the end that you are the just one. And yes, I am vaccinated, but by choice. Unlike your ilk, I do not believe in the power of the gun to enslave and force others to comply because you are scared to live. As the number of vaccinated infections and hospitalizations go up, you will cling to the booster, and the next, and the next, always blaming those who won’t comply, while you refuse to associate with them, and condemn them. You will support the next extreme step, and pat yourself on the back when your neighbors are gone, by force. But you will still cower in fear, waiting for your god government to tell you who to fear and what to give up next. This is not a new thing, you and yours are not special, just useful.

    • So Bill why are you still here??? Oh and invite Sophie to go with you….
      Jail time for not wearing a mask???
      Do you realize how “out of proportion” all this Covid stuff has become? Oh stupid question, of course you do. It now gives you a handle to push and manipulate to your dictator heart’s content . We are to the point were we have a disease that most people survive without much issue, but we are demanded to arrange our lives, so that no one gets sick; harassed to introduce vaccines that are not approved into our bodies; wear cloths in front of our faces that have a questionable efficacy, all so the hypochondriacs among us FEEL safe.
      News Flash: It’s a disease. People get sick and yes people die. While the anecdotal tales are sad and heart wrenching, you can not operate a society on that basis and expect it to function. As the last year has proven, medical tyranny did nothing to change the trajectory of this virus. So those of us with more courage and common sense are getting back to life.

        • So Bill, I have seen you use this line several times as if it is a rebuttal of the subject at hand. If that is all you got, you lost the debate, It’s an attack often used by those with no facts to back their argument. As for someone using a pseudonym, it is unfortunate these days that many people aligned with your line of thinking retaliate with vindictive actions against people who disagree with them. There have been many people who have lost their jobs for speaking their minds, had their personal information released for others to take retribution, violence towards them and their families and threats of such. Violence and retribution is a tactic of the Marxist left and so far since the inauguration of Trump it has become fact more times than not. So pseudonyms are a justified defense to the Brown Shirt threat that exist.

  17. Funny, I just heard Van Halen’s “Ice Cream Man” song yesterday. Sadly, the lyrics don’t fit the story. I’ve just found it increasingly odd, and sad, how Libs defend the virus like one of their children. Bring out truths and they go berserk. I’m riding out a 30 day suspension from the Nextdoor website and a 6 month suspension from Teladoc for publishing truth and facts. Well, at least I wasn’t attacked by an ice cream vendor (sounds like he wasn’t social distancing either).

    • They wont even look at CDC data. Everything is a conspiracy if it doesn’t conform to a radical left agenda, even the truth. They cant be bothered to fact check what the China News propaganda is spewing. They are incapable of separating their feelings from facts. They have invented their own facts and made them into a religion that if questioned, like you said… “go berserk”.
      You’re not alone Jim Collman, Ive been banned or Censored from just about all social interaction for posting CDC data and facts.

      I had a surgery back in Nov. The local news was reporting maxed ICU beds here in Anchorage. When I was in recovery from my surgery I asked about the ICU and covid 19 cases. The nurses told me there was a total of 28 covid cases in that hospital and 9 in the other.

  18. Hey guys, the business name is actually Elodie’s Ice Cream. If you do a web search you will see that it comes back with their faceboook page, which they have currently taken offline. This is suspect. Also if you search #elodiesicecream on instagram, you will see a picture of their van that matches the description of the attacker. They currently have a business license under Elodie’s that is active. Their address is in the general area of where this attack took place.

    I don’t have time right now to do this but I’m sure it should be easy to find out the owners name and press charges. Someone should reach out to Bronson and have them make this a priority arrest and set an example of what happens when you assault an American over their Freedom of Speech.

    Suzanne, I think you have the makings of some decent follow up articles to document this whole string of events that are about to unfold 🙂

  19. One thing I love about being American is the right to choose my own risk, the right to stare danger in the face, and the right to be a human being driven by my own choices. We now face a time when the ruling class is hell-bent on shoving every American in the same box. “Do what your told if you want your freedom” The truth is we all calculate risk differently, some of us may ride motorcycles and drink dark beer, some of us like to read a book and drink a glass of wine. The fact is you cannot force all Americans to read and drink wine. We are diverse class of human species that are different on every level from culture, religion, values and upbringing.
    Respect the fact that I choose to read and listen to leading doctors and epidemiologist that are actually treating patients, vs playing doctors on TV. I have a much broader view of the world because I don’t limit myself to mainstream news, music and regurgitated soundbites spewed from the left and the right mouths of constant social media junkies. I am a critical thinker and I am nonbiased in my findings while researching views and sources.
    Respect the fact that I am neither a Republican nor Democrat and that I am free to believe what I find to be true to the best extent possible. You simply cannot subject me to your evil ways of manipulation and social pressure to encourage my compliance when I feel the risk of the vaccine or masks, out way than the risk of the virus for my age and current status of my health.
    I am sorry but I am free to believe, act and conduct my life in a manner that fulfills my god-given right as a human being. I am so grateful I was born in a Country where I can express these very thoughts, and act in accordance with the freedoms given to me by God.
    Now granted, there are laws upon each society that every person must obey in order to be an active member of the community. Yes wearing a seatbelt is the law, and yes there are many laws we as Americans must abide by if we intend on keeping ourselves out of jail. But it is my choice to obey those laws, and it is my choice to face the consequences of my behavior because I am responsible for my own actions. I have free will
    You simply cannot force me to get vaccinated when I have already contacted COVID, recovered, and have antibodies that have been proven to be more effective than the antibodies derived from the mRNA vaccine. You cannot force me to wear a mask when it has been proven ineffective in preventing spread of the virus.

  20. If that had been a BLM sign, the entire Anchorage assembly would still be discussing it, and a full FBI investigation woul be well underway.

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