Murkowski to podcaster: Voters should trust FBI decision to raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home



Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski appeared on an Anchorage podcast saying Alaska voters should not question the FBI’s decision to raid former President Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago.

Speaking on the With All Due Respect podcast with former state legislator and political ally Andrew Halcro, Murkowski said, “We are branding our law enforcement to the point where — are we trusting our law enforcement?” she rhetorically asked about the FBI’s raid. “Are we trusting those who are there to protect our citizenry?”

“I’m talking about people who, before they knew a single thing, before they knew what was coming out of the Mar-a-Lago, they had made a decision about whether or not the FBI was once again on a rampage to bring somebody down or whether or not, you know, Trump brought it upon himself,” she said.

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Murkowski failed to acknowledge that no former president has ever been raided by his political opponent in American history. Instead, she blamed many Republicans for condemning the FBI’s actions.

Murkowski also seemed to have forgotten the FBI’s sordid role in raiding Sen. Ted Stevens’ home in Girdwood. Stevens, an old man by then at 84, was indicted the next year in Washington, D.C. on seven counts of failing to properly report gifts from a VECO Corporation executive; the gifts pertained to renovations to his home that the executive, who was using the home, had failed to bill Stevens for.

In 2009, an FBI agent filed an affidavit saying that federal prosecutors and FBI agents had withheld and hidden exculpatory evidence. The agent said prosecutors sent a key witness back to Alaska because he did not “perform well” in a mock cross-examination, and hid a memo from oil executive Bill Allen in which Allen said that Stevens would have paid for the goods and services if billed. The affidavit also contended that a female FBI agent had an inappropriate relationship with Allen, according to the National Registry of Exonerations. Stevens was exonerated and the Justice Department prosecution was held in contempt by the judge for failing to turn over the documents that would have aided Stevens’ defense.

But Murkowski didn’t connect the dots on that gross misuse of federal agents that took down Stevens that year, nor did she appear to recall the Capitol Police/FBI breaking into the home of the Homer couple in search of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop in 2021.

Sen. Dan Sullivan, after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, quickly expressed grave concerns about the Justice Department being weaponized against political opponents.

“Like so many Americans, I am very disturbed by the unprecedented raid executed by the FBI against a former president. The Department of Justice at the highest levels—the attorney general and the director of the FBI—needs to explain the reasons for another FBI raid that has the appearance of the justice system being weaponized against political opponents,” Sullivan said, after Trump’s home was raided.

Halcro and Murkowski have long political and familial ties. While serving together in the Alaska House of Representatives in the 1990s, they formed what they called a “bipartisan fiscal caucus” to propose state income taxes on Alaskans, or alternatively using the Permanent Fund earrings to run state government. The two are considered political friendlies. Halcro ran his family’s rental car business, had a failed run for governor, was co-owner and president of Great Northern Cannabis in downtown Anchorage, headed up the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, worked in a politically appointed position in the Mayor Ethan Berkowitz administration, and now runs a leftist political podcast for the Anchorage Daily News, in which he stays relevant by attacking conservatives.


  1. Well since the FBI recovered highly classified top secret documents, after Trump denied having them, it seems pretty obvious that the raid was justified, Trump is going to jail.

    • Rick, if you believe everything you hear ……..then you will fall for anything. And it sounds like you do, ……bud.

        • berv, and what have you fallen for? Are you blind to the political nature of this supposed raid on T-rumps palace? How about Joe Biden’s speech’s where he taunts Killing Americans with “his” F-15 jets and laser guided bombs? His piss poor Hitler impersonation speech in which he declared ”der maga sind untermenchen!”
          I’m not a big Trump Fan but holy cow, looking at the reaction coming from the Clown Car Biden handlers its pretty obvious that they are desperate!
          Watching Biden and the pathetic Democrats I am reminded of Sun Tzu, ” If you are weak, appear to be strong”. I think the Democrats are very weak and they are scared and they are very insecure despite what their media pals tell you. This is the stuff of disaster, look for more instability coming from this bunch.

      • Donald Trump once bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle Times Square and his followers would let him get away with it. He was referring to people like you Andy. It’s hard to imagine what more you need to see to realize Trump is a crook. First he took highly classified documents to Mar a Lago. Then he lfailed to return them after he was served with a subpoena. Then he wrote a letter saying he had no more classified documents. That conduct alone amounts to several felony offenses,

        • Rick, Your Girl HRC did more then whack one obstacle in her way and yet you still support her and her traitorous gang of Chi- Com criminals known as the DNC, and that corrupt old senile moron they parade out as POTUS, so what is exactly your point? Is it that your a sheeple and Orange Man Baaad? I thought so.

    • You really don’t know anything about the classification / declassification game, and all it took was a nicely staged photo of classified cover sheets on the floor to convince you. Thanks for playing, though.

      Just in case you are wondering, the President, at the time Trump, is the ultimate classification authority. He doesn’t have to follow any procedures. He doesn’t have to ask permission. He doesn’t have to notify anyone anywhere. All he has to do is wave his hand, and the document / system / program is declassified. That’s all it takes.

      Failure to understand this essentially puts the bureaucracy, in Trump’s case, a hostile intel community who participated in the Russia Collusion hoax in charge. And they aren’t, though there are a lot of people like you who think so. Cheers –

      • However he is not president now and does not have authority to have any of those documents in his personal possession now.

        It was not a raid. It was a police proceedure. Law and order. cheers-

      • Ex AG Barr who Trump appointed has definitively said Trump took the documents illegally. BTW agmirc what law school did you go to?

        • Barr is a swamp denizen, beholden to the swamp.

          Never went to law school. OTOH, spent 23+ years dealing with classified on a daily basis in another life so I know the drill. So, like what’s your excuse? Cheers –

      • Agimarc, you seem to be confusing the US presidency for a monarchy or authoritarian regime–a President can still commit illegal acts, despite what Richard Nixon said.

    • Right…. Just like Fauci, Biden, Obama, either Clinton, Pelosi, any Kennedy…
      Hell any Democrat…..they never get punished or go to jail, why should our guy?

      DJT is guilty only of doing what every other President has done, so arrest them all or leave him alone. Go crack a nut, Rick

      • You are living in a delusional fantasy world. Just what are you putting in your homebrew? It’s fortunate for our country that the vast majority of Americans see Trump for what he is: a narcissistic egomaniac, wannabe dictator, fascist criminal. He is the worst thing that ever happened to the Republican Party.

        • It is unfortunate that too many people, like you Rick, do not see the destruction of the democrat party as a whole on our nation, on our cities, and to we the people. You have been purposely “used” and taught what to think, what to say (proof is right here where you do not acknowledge facts), and how to behave (blm and antifa are the movements you support supporting the democrats).
          As the elites are wrapped in the arms of WEF and George Soros funding, and love the power it offers, you are missing the point.
          We are being cheated, lied to, abused by their corruption, and are witnesses to the atrocities our local, state and federal governments impose upon us. The power of the pen is evident in every executive order, every local assembly action against us and our mayor.
          Rick, attend assembly neetings, get active in your community, do something constructive to help. Do not stand on a corner with a sign or write your ignorance in yet another response. You are not speaking from reality of our true situation.
          Think about the truth first.

          • Molly, did you watch any of the January 6 hearings? I thought they were quite persuasive in demonstrating the depravity of Trump, and by extension, the Republican Party. There’s nothing remotely equivalent for the Democrat Party. No democrat has stolen national secrets and may have sold them to adversaries (very likely that the Saudi Arabia “investment” of two billion to Kushner may be payback). It wasn’t the Democrats that tried to overthrow democracy. It wasn’t the Democrats that tried to illegally change the outcome of the election.

    • If a President states he has no classified documents then he has no classified documents since the President can declassify on the spot. You can thank Obama’s Executive Order 13526: President Obama Signs Executive Order Streamlining Declassification of Government Information. (Jan. 25, 2010) On December 29, 2009, President Barack Obama issued an executive order intended to allow researchers to gain access more quickly to formerly classified national security information.

      • 1. He wasn’t the President when he lied about having no classified documents. Thus, even if you were correct (you are not) he couldn’t declassify anything after he lost the 2020 election, which he most assuredly did, by over 7 million votes.

        2. The subpoena required him to return any documents bearing classified markings. The photos clearly show that he retained documents bearing classified markings. He lied when he said he didn’t have them ,thus committing a felony.

        3. I wonder if they will let him keep his orange hair dye in prison. It will match his inmate clothes.

      • Big D–where in EO 13526 does it say that a president can just call a document declassified and then it’s done. It’s a long EO, but it says nothing of the sort.

    • Your ignorance proceeds yourself! Try educating yourself on the facts. The FBI had already been to Trump’s home and knew exactly what documents he had and knew they were secured. Trump was completely cooperative and gave them full access to the documents. He even took their advice and placed an extra lock on the compartment they were stored in at the request of the FBI. Also, the Presidential Records Act is very clear that a prior president has the right to take declassified information and other official documentation with him during his presidency. All documents Trump had were declassified in spite of the lies being told by DOJ & FBI about their classification status. Trump had the authority and was legally justified in the documents he had in his possession. What you should be asking is what was the DOJ and FBI looking for? I’m thinking they were looking for the documents that prove their guilt in the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. They colluded to impeach a duly elected president. The FBI is corrupt to the core and needs to be investigated by Congress and have their funding pulled. Until the corruption is uprooted, they cease to exist as a law enforcement agency. They are now synonymous with the soviet style KGB or Nazi SS. They continue to protect the Biden crime family and the Clinton crime family but are persecuting an innocent man. America was founded upon the rule of law and following it, not subverting it! Murkowski is part of their criminal syndicate and will follow them into the pit of hell, where she belongs.

  2. Nepotism is never ok. Frank is unprincipled for appointing her and Lies A is worse for accepting the appointment. Shameful family.

    • I agree, appointing a daughter and son in law as senior advisors with absolutely no relevant experience was more than shameful!

  3. The situation involving Ted Stevens’ home in Girdwood is entirely different from the FBI’s search of Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago home. In Florida, the FBI correctly took possession of government property and particularly sensitive intelligence information and reports AFTER Trump’s most recent lawyer pledged in writing that Trump had returned, months earlier, everything that he was not authorized to have in non-secure storage in his home.

    • BARB, so you think you can just waltz into the Trump home? Secret service is supposed to be guarding ex-presidents last I heard. Wouldn’t keeping trumps home secure, be part of that?
      I’ll hold judgment until the process has worked its self to a conclusion.
      Remember Trump being impeached for Russian collusion? We are finding out that the fbi was involved in cooking the books to make it appear that Trump was guilty, while all along he was not.
      Lisa meanwhile is as trustworthy as the fbi!
      The machines may be required to put lisa over the top in this upcoming election.

      • ex AG Barr who Trump appointed definitively said Trump broke the law and took documents illegally. Dunham just ended his 4 year investigation into Clinton nd Russian Colusion. Dunham got one minor conviction for fudging paperwork. What law school did reed go to?

      • Reed, the Secret Service guards the President, not his home and not a basement storage closet. And the Secret Service does not explicitly guard documents, classified or otherwise.

      • Why am I not remembering an impeachment related to Russian collusion? Probably should have been one. Wasn’t he impeached for extorting Ukraine and leading an insurrection?

  4. Halcro is a clueless rich kid (much like his friend Murkowski, now that I think about it)
    They know little about people who have to earn a living, but a lot about handing out $ to non-workers
    I can’t believe they call themselves Republicans.

  5. Bill Allen & his oil workers totally screwed up the remodel of Sen Stevens house
    They were welders & roughnecks & Allen hurt his ‘friend’ w/ that failed remodel
    Cornerstone Construction, from ANC, had to go down there & straighten the mess out
    Cornerstone billed Mr. Stevens for all work done & the senator paid those bills.
    That’s why the Stevens was indignant about accusations that he had “free work” done
    He had paid receipts from Cornerstone & probably knew very little about what Allen did while “using” his place
    Senator Stevens real crime was establishing a friendship w that perverted, uneducated welder. imo.

  6. Lisa,
    You should keep your mouth shut. You are not academic material. You must not engage in legal matters involving 4th Amendment issues and unwarranted raids on an ex-president’s personal home. This is way over your head. Remember, you barely got into law school. Thanks to Frankie’s pull, Willamette saved you the last seat.
    You barely got out of law school, with your poor grades. You flunked the state bar exam at least a half dozen times. Luckily, your bar preparation course that we paid dearly for furnished you the exam questions prior to the examination. You could hardly hang on to your state house seat. Frankie felt sorry for you and appointed you to his US Senate seat. I was never comfortable with that. You didn’t bow out gracefully when Joe Miller beat you in the Republican Primary. You and your Democrat friends resorted to election cheating in order to win. Now you have greatly embarrassed Frankie and I with your Left-wing rhetoric. When the Alaska Republican Party censured you, we lost all of our dear old friends. We had to move to Petersburg to escape all of the people we used to love. Why are you doing this to us and the Alaskans that you owed your early career to? We are supporting Kelly Tshibaka now. We want some peace and quiet and for you to shut up and go away. Go cry to your other parents, Nancy Pelosi and Brandon, your real daddy.

      • I’ll even consider going back to work for a short while. All of this free living off the government and the Murkowski Bank has really made me fat and unhappy. I miss my old noodle stand.

      • Frankie and Nancy,
        We feel so sad for you. Raising an ungrateful daughter like Lisa must be absolute poison to your Alaska spirit.

        • The Murkowski Bank? Was House Husband referring to Frankie’s first career where he became a rich banker, or is he talking about all of the money Lisa gets from the super rich Democrats? Interesting.

          • Yes, Judie. Nancy and Frankie have gone completely underground. Maybe even underwater since they are in Petersburg. Family representatives have hinted that all is not well in the Family. Little wonder why not. Lisa has turned on all of them, just like she turned on Alaska Republicans. A very sick old woman. And …….alone. She has no friends.

  7. But I don’t trust her, either.

    The hallmark of a civil society is the peaceful transition of power. That includes not harassing the previous administration.

    It’s not just Trump. The FBI has been going after everyone who worked for him, private citizens who have voiced support for him, even a stupid pillow maker.

    Princess continues to be so butthurt she can’t see the bigger issues at play here. Or is showing her true colors.
    The FBI is become Joes Stasi. Seems she’s fine with it.

    • Could be Masked, maybe just COULD BE , that the FBI investigation of Trump’s satellites is because they have some evidence of a possible crime. It’s called law enforcement; something wishy washy conservatives used to support.

  8. Were we supposed to trust the FBI and their fictitious steel dossier investigation? Once again Lisa doesn’t fail to put her foot in her mouth. People were wondering where she’s been and now she’s answered that question. She still in feinstein’s dog house. Ruff ruff

  9. Trump had Top Secret stuff at his house. Why do you defend him? If the tables were turned, you’d be screaming for jail time. Law and Order, remember??

    • You don’t know what was there. All you know is what CNN tells you. If it did have a top secret stamp on it, at what date does that go out of expiration? Trump didn’t need a bunch of papers Mark top secret other than stuff to put in his library. Do you think he really needs some papers if he wants to sell some secrets to somebody? This is all been a scam, a way to keep the pressure on him so that he doesn’t run. They never give him a break from the two fictitious impeachments to now this. Once the clintons got beaten down by their own doing I might add, they simply weren’t worth going after anymore. But with Trump it’s personal. They want him battered and bloodied and barking like a mad chained up dog. They want him to suffer for throwing a chink in there Hillary Clinton plans. That’s it in a nutshell. But if they do try to convict him on this, I would recommend protecting yourself and your property.

    • Like the Laptop from Hell? It didn’t take a phony search warrant to recover that evidence. Go eff yourself, you old idiot.

    • Context still not your thing? Let me help.

      Very little of what Trump is alleged to have or not have has been confirmed. Considering the FBIs history of political activism I don’t take anything at face value. Considering Comey’s stunt in 2016 helped cost Hilary the election, you shouldn’t either.

      The FBI has very dirty hands here.

      I defend him for several reasons.
      -the unprecedented attack on a former POTUS by a sitting on.
      -the FBI’s extremely dirty hands, especially under Garland.
      -same reason I defended Hilary. Gotta prove it. I didn’t care for her and think her as dirty as someone can be. But I want to believe in our system and the requirements of proving guilt.
      Therefore, defend Trump. Hell, I’d defend you under this umbrella. The concept is more important than the person.
      -after 2 impeachments and how many investigations the left has ginned up, nothing of significance has stuck. Why think this will?
      -I know a witch hunt when I see one.

      More, I’m unclear of context. What, exactly, under law-not media opinion, is he accused of. Specifics matter. Further, how much of this is potentially accidental, an attempt at a process crime, is it really all it’s been made out to be. Plus, how far does precedent apply regarding past Presidents?

      You want a very black/white show trial. This isn’t and shouldn’t be.

      Presidents have a far greater power to view, hold, classify and declassify than exist in your philosophy, Horacio.

      Lastly, in a very roundabout way I defend him because of what will come next. Unless your side stages a full blown coop, my side will return to power. If you push this, what waits for the Biden family will be beyond ugly. I could care less about Biden.

      Personally I’d love to see him and Hunter so under a jail they never are heard from again. But I care about our system far more than I do a family of crooked perverts. We can survive Biden. We can’t survive a Stasi style judicial system.

      Every time the left violates precedence to secure short term political gain, it ALWAYS bites you harder later.

      • Like having government documents one has no authority to have in their personal posession in one’s personal possession?

        That’s gonna bite the the hand of the one breaking that law.

        • You keep ignoring this: Trump when he was President had the power to classify or declassify anything he wanted to. I am sure those documents were unclassified, he mentioned in one of his impromtu Marine One pressers he had “declassified everything” that related to Crossfire Hurricane.

          This is either a ploy by Biden to get Trump back as the focus of the midterms to divert attention away from his disastrous presidency, or the DOJ believes Trump kept documents proving FBI criminality in their investigation of him. It’s probably a combination of both.

          • Pepe: There is a process through which a president can declassify documents. A president cannot just utter the words. That would be dangerous don’t you thinK?

    • Whidbey -Obama still has classified documents in his possession and it was recently reported that Bill Clinton found some classified material in his sock drawer! Ex-Presidents do this type of thing regularly. ostensibly to review the material to see if it is suitable for inclusion in their Presidential Libraries. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander! The fact that Biden is weaponizing the FBI against Trump just proves that he is petrified of a Trump presidency in 2024 and for good reason. The corruption/treason of the Biden crime family would more than likely be exposed for all to see if Trump were elected.

      • Icy Roads – because it has been publicly stated many times by members of these administrations & the National Archives themselves!! There is nothing unusual about what Trump did, only thing unusual is the reaction from Biden & his corrupt DOJ Garland!

    • Hillary had thousands of top secret emails on a server in her bathroom, and wasn’t even president. You should read the constitution, presidents can declassified what ever they choose. 45 was president case closed

  10. Related: former CIA station chief Scott Uhelinger said in an interview the intelligence agencies are so woke the only fix is to fire everyone and start over

  11. Anyone with an IQ over 50 and who has been paying attention, knows that the FBI and the DOJ have been thoroughly weaponized against Trump and the GOP by the Biden regime.
    Murkowski, with remarks like this proves that she is all in with the Biden regime, and is a traitor, being part of the corrupt regime bent on destroying our once great Republic…..

  12. Lee Harvey Oswald, Branch Dividend WACO, Randy Weaver—Ruby Ridge, Tim McVeigh–- Michigan Militia—Oklahoma City, Blind Sheik—Stirring fetilizar—first twin tower bombing, Phony kidnapping of Michigan Governor—Blame right wing Extremist—2020, Ted Stevens———What did all these have in common——FBI involvement.

    • LaVoy Finicum?
      Clive Bundy?
      Russian Dossier?
      Mike Glover (now considered to be a terrorist … REALY?!?!)?
      Comey – Strzom – Page High Level of Integrity & Honesty?
      EPA raids Chicken(AK) Goldminers (08/2013)?
      Now, 87K new IRS Agents? … Given the US Agency track records, what could possibly go wrong and/or what injustice could possibly occur that would help build confidence of any potential distrust?

      • Lavoy Finicum pulled a weapon on law enforcement. Cliven Bundy violated federal grazing laws. The FBI behaved properly. Are you against law and order?

        • Lucinda, the Nazis and Soviets were strict in their adherence to “law and order’ as well. And I have no doubt that you would have been an eager and willing bootlicker under those totalitarian regimes as well, just as you would be if you lived in China today.
          Honestly, your pro-establishment, pro-status-quo trolling shtick here is patently transparent and obvious. Go collect you pennies from DHS, and give it up already.

  13. The BATF and FBI are terrorist organizations controlled by democrats. They murdered those folks in Waco Texas, Sammy Weaver and his mother Vickie, while She held Her baby in Her arms, and then, the next day they made fun of Her, asking what She was having for breakfast. The shooter was Lon Horiuchi, FBI sniper, the shot was 100 yards. Never forget, and never talk to those demons, they will frame you, just like Ted Stevens, Mike Flynn, and Martha Stuart. They ask obscure questions, and then charge you with “ lying”. NEVER talk to them, NEVER answer their questions! Get a lawyer.

  14. Shut up, Princess Traitor Lisa, just shut up.
    We all know that you are a blind and loyal mouthpiece, and diehard quisling, for the ruling class and establishment power structure — there is no need for you to prove it once again.

  15. The FBI is a stain of what it once was, now a corrupt, rotting agency hell bent on advancing the crooked schemes of Obama, Hillary and the puppet, they are a disgrace to this country.

    • The fbi was corrupted during j. edgar hoover’s reign and has continued to be corrupted to this day… Purposely lower-case letters as they are low class…

  16. Could you imagine the outcry if the fbi raided the clintons or obamas while Trump was President? The hypocrisy is unreal. Murkowski is disgusting.

    The fbi needs to be abolished. Fbi has failed to stop every major terrorist event starting with 9/11.

  17. If the next Senate splits 49 Democrat to 51 Republican, and – *shudder* – murky wins again, I expect her to jump ship and join the Democrats to give them the majority (with the VP as tie-breaker) and control of the Senate.

    She’s only in it for herself.

  18. What a dumb, dangerous & naive statement from Murkowski! She would obviously not be very effective in stopping the political weaponization of Federal bureaucracies that is becoming endemic in Washington, DC. The Republic is in grave danger from these unelected bureaucrats.

  19. Murkowski despises former President Trump. Also well known that former President Trump strongly dislikes Murkowski.
    Murkowski is one of Pelosi’s sheepherders, always has been and will be.
    Time for Alaskans to make a change this election to replace Murkowski in the Senate.
    Alaskans also need to overturn Choice Voting

  20. Trump was given plenty of time to return the documents. He didn’t. The FBI searched his house and took them. Like Bill Barr said, the documents were not his to take.

    • Maybe maybe not. That’s all yet to be proven. If so, maybe he thought he had it coming to him for everything that crooked FBI and Hillary and Mueller and pelosi put him through. Do you think this country owes Trump anything for putting him through all that needlessly? I think we owe him carte blanche.

      • Because Trump was the president. He does not have to run things by the AG, the National Archives or anyone else to classify or declassify them. He has plenary power over this matter. Just like he has plenary power to pardon anyone charged with federal crimes. No qualifications or permissions are needed from anyone else.

  21. If Trump had some highly secret documents in his possession, do you think he would keep them at his home? No, he’d have them stashed somewhere far away. If the FBI did find something we would have known it. This is just a stunt they can ride through elections and gives CNN something to report on as they have nothing else to do.

  22. One question which the media and the left refuses to answer.

    If the FBI was so damned concerned, why didn’t they take them when they visited earlier? All the FBI did was request a better lock.

    Answer? Garland sent them on a fishing expedition to set this up.

  23. This is the part where Lying Lisa* actually is truthful.
    “I’m talking about people who, before they knew a single thing, before they knew what was coming out of the Mar-a-Lago, they had made a decision about whether or not the FBI was once again on a rampage to bring somebody down or whether or not, you know, Trump brought it upon himself,” she said.

    So, yes, Lisa. We don’t trust the FBI to protect the citizenry, because they are doing the complete opposite.

    *I call her “Lying Lisa” because she promised to support the winner of the primary in 2010, which was Joe Miller. She spectacularly failed to do so and the State Supreme Court allowed any write-in that had an “M” in it to count for the murky one.

  24. Sad truth is, Trump is gonna get indicted on something. Too much has gone into it to be distracted by facts.

    Doesn’t matter how bogus it is, the base and the media demand it. Regardless of the damage done to our country. “He must be guilty of something. He MUST be”.

    It’s a major tenant of their religion.

    The thing they keep forgetting is the poopstorm coming in November. The GOP will be out for blood. Deservedly.
    Even McConnell won’t be able to stop it.

    They are playing with fire. We all are gonna get burned.

  25. Vote Yes for constitutional convention so we can fix ranked choice voting, PFD, judicial appointment, education funding. This is the biggest chance we will ever have to be directly involved in fixing our government. Meanwhile, we need a federal lawsuit against ranked choice voting for federal offices so our vote can be counted the same as residents of other states.

  26. Now, if Lisa had classified documents I would be scared. It would soon be in the hands of our enemies. Like the Clinton’s, who were financed by the Chinese government. I am sure that she would never have assess to anything on purpose. This is obviously a political game, since if Trump posed a danger then he would no longer exist…

  27. Murkowski may be from Alaska but she works for the Corporation of the United States. She supports the FBI because they are not America but rather a foreign entity that has been in control of America since 1871. All of the garbage being shoved down our throats is a direct result of foreign control. That said, it is so easy to see why Murkowski supports foreign control in everything she has done.
    Anyone who does not know the truth about foreign control of America, I say Murkowski for President because you may as well vote Justin Trudeau(Castro). It does not matter who is in control because they are owned and have an agenda of brainwashing you.

    • Brain dead Alaskans are going to vote her in for another round. Name recognition. It is nice to know that you and possibly others have figured it out. Now if we could just have confidence in our electoral system.

    • Kerry…there you go, right down to the root.
      THEY are making a play to draw this to a conclusion, that even lucinda will find distasteful. Multiple operations are in play at this time. The divisions and diversions are playing into THERE plans. The great reset, will not be great!! Lisa is a used idiot!!

  28. The left went from wanting to defund all of the police because they don’t trust some of them, to trust all of them or you don’t support law enforcement. Neither are correct, obviously, and it’s another example of how the flighty left uses extreme emotions to attempt to bully people, with no concern of being level headed, logical, and wise. And it really shows how so many don’t have any integrity at all and don’t scrutinize their own beliefs before they dive in with both heals. But we already knew that.

    There are plenty of reasons for conservatives, real ones, to doubt anything the fbi does against Trump or any Republican. The FBI has been found by the court of law guilty of forging documents to fabricate evidence against Trump. And the left has forgotten completely how investigations found that Hillary had classified information on a private server that she then deleted and Comey, the fbi, decided to not press charges.

    But the left doesn’t know anything about all of that because they are too busy thinking their “Two Minutes of Hate” session everyday is a real source of objective news that’s comprehensive. They think that but they know they are lying to themselves when they believe that. They are just too afraid of what might happen if they allow themselves reconcile things in their head and the can’t even humanize the perspective of a trump supporter. For them it would be like naming a farm animal they have already planned to slaughter because they have ordained themselves judge, jury, and executioner long ago. That’s the reason they read the New York Times, the self proclaimed “Paper of Record”.

    I’m afraid Lisa will win again. I do have my doubts still about the legitimacy of close election results, especially with RCV (gasp, I might get sued for saying that) and I suspect it will be close. I hope I’m wrong. But it would be nuts if Lisa won when Trump handedly won this state. Some serious dichotomy there.

  29. I’m trying to decide if the choir of yappers are Princess staff members or if it’s a slow day in middle school.

    I suspect many of the usual suspects are bots or the same person using different accounts. Truly I don’t care enough to bother to find out.

    There are so many fun parts about the yappers.
    -they never respond to facts or logically stated positions.
    -never debate, just insults.
    -the inability to put forward a coherent position outside of “I know you are but what am I?”
    -the debating capability of a dog chasing its tail.
    – drive by posting (thanks Rush).

    When confronted with logic, they do one of two things. Go silent or go insult.

  30. One thing I constantly wonder. If their fever dream comes true and the Mean Orange Man is sent to GITMO, or better (for them) executed, what happens to them then?

    Will their lives be totally empty of meaning? Will they turn on each other? Do they really think nearly 1/2 of the country will just take this passively?

    History is their friend, but they don’t know that since they don’t understand history predates their political awakening.

    Robespierre lead the reign of terror in France. He helped kill a lot of people, most on the most thin of pretenses.

    Once they had killed everyone they could get their hands on, they killed Robespierre.

    You aren’t playing with fire. You’re playing with napalm. Once napalm starts burning, it burns EVERYTHING in its path until it finally burns itself out.

    This is what you idiots are trying to do.

  31. Seems to me that a reckoning is coming around.
    People are going to break this cycle of violence.
    Ordinary citizens will be the new heros as they bitch slap back those trying to obstruct progress.
    Hurts don’t it?

  32. Sure is going to be interesting when the Trumps release the closed circuit video footage of the raid. I’m guessing many of the posters on here will be shocked at what lengths are being taken to tarnish President Trumps Legacy

    • Denali, you sound like the Pillow fluff guy. ” I have mountains of evidence. I’ll reveal it on thursday. Just you wait.” Hope for treason springs eternal with you.

  33. Ditto for me regarding Murkowski. 48 years now in Alaska for me and she has zero credibility and no respect. Go Kelly Tshibaka!

  34. I see Junior High let out early yesterday.

    The best way to deal with children throwing tantrums in Fred Myers (or here) is to ignore them.

  35. Murkowski must be feeling the heat. She’s really putting out nasty ads against Kelly T now. Disgusting. Time to really go after that no good traitor, Lisa

  36. Sure. Here we go ’round the mulberry bush. Even an Ambassador has the power to classify his documents. Every day, without consulting a public courthouse employee. Who has more rank? (In your mind?) An ambassador, a doj employee, or a US President? Think it over for a minute.

  37. PS. I’d like a promotion. I’ll write a little note right here promoting myself over the Commander in Chief. Would that “help”? The insolence.

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