Sen Sullivan: FBI raid on Trump home looks like ‘justice system being weaponized against political opponents’


Sen. Dan Sullivan issued a statement about the FBI’s raid on the home of former President Donald Trump:

“Like so many Americans, I am very disturbed by the unprecedented raid executed by the FBI against a former president. The Department of Justice at the highest levels—the attorney general and the director of the FBI—needs to explain the reasons for another FBI raid that has the appearance of the justice system being weaponized against political opponents,” Sullivan said.

“I have the utmost respect for our state and federal law enforcement officers, who have difficult jobs and who often do not get the respect I believe they deserve. But from Ted Stevens to the Huepers in Homer, to the EPA raids in Chicken, Alaska, and recently in the Mat-Su—I and so many other Alaskans are left with serious doubts about how federal officials are conducting law enforcement raids,” Sullivan said, referring to the 2007 raid on the Girdwood home of Sen. Ted Stevens, the 2013 EPA armed raid on miners in Chicken, and the busting down the door of Paul and Marilyn Hueper’s home in Homer in the search for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

“The worst thing in the world for our country is for Americans to start to believe the Justice Department and the FBI provide two tiers of justice. The department’s comparatively light treatment of Hillary Clinton’s gross mishandling of classified information reinforces that perception,” Sullivan said. “It is vital for our democracy that Americans have faith in our system of justice. I’m calling on the attorney general and the FBI director to give the American people the answers and transparency that they deserve.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has not yet issued a statement about the shocking search of the Trump home for classified documents the Justice Department believes Trump has in his possession. She and Trump are considered political adversaries after she voted to convict him in his second impeachment trial, and he has campaigned against her, most recently at a rally in Anchorage. Trump supports Kelly Tshibaka for Senate this year.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy also expressed concern about the raid on Trump: “This raid on the 45th President’s home in Mar-a-Lago is very concerning, and should be concerning to all of us. This continues the politicization of the FBI against Donald Trump that started before he was even elected and continues to this day. Today’s action will only widen the divide in our country and further weaken trust in our Justice system. Presidents are elected by the citizens of this country, not by unelected bureaucrats using the FBI against their political opponents. This is smacks of Third World politics, and damages our standing in the world as a country that was founded on the rule of law.”


    • That’s because Lisa is one of their kind and has no problem with it. Lisa helped confirm the communists that Biden put in charge of our government agencies. All Alaskans please hear this! Do not rank Lisa Murkowski when voting. Do our state and our nation a huge favor by only ranking Kelly Tshibaka as #1 choice. Again, do not rank Lisa at all. This will not allow her the percentages she needs through the ranked cheat system. Help rid our nation of a traitor that continues to sell us out to the green new deal politics of destruction and her enabling of radical leftists to destroy our nation. She is literally plotting to end energy production in Alaska, which will destroy jobs and Alaska’s economy forever!

  1. I remember way back in the long long ago when only facists/dictators/tyrants weaponized the law enforcement agencies against their political rivals. You know, like everyone accused Trump of wanting to do to Clinton.
    Ahhh… good times.
    I guess it is only despotic behavior if the other guy is doing it.

  2. Good for the Senator to state his dissatisfaction and good he recognizes that Americans understand the game. I think at least half of the American public hasnt “started to believe” we actually understand and do believe there are two tiers. Justice politicized, all throughout Trumps term, before and after. But what has the good Senator done about it. Reflect on that.

  3. I am starting to like Dan again. Good words, because what is next? Do we all need stronger doors on our homes? Because, after all, we will be listed as domestic terrorists if we are registered to vote as a republican. And our firearms will be seized as evidence of our intent to do wrong. And if we protest or speak out, we will become political prisoners. And if we subscribe to MRA, then we also make the watch list. And our neighbors will be offered extra rations for information. You get the point. But it doesn’t seem so far fetched as it would have 4 years ago, now does it? If this happened in my Father’s time….well let’s just say it wouldn’t. The present administration is just seeing how far they can go, before the entitlement generation has had enough. I’m not so sure myself, but am actually glad to be on the short list most days. Except for my grandchildren. They don’t need to inherit this mess. They deserve to have an America like our WW2 veterans gave us. A land of opportunity, if you are willing to work for it.

  4. It is still hard for me to believe Lisa Murkowski supported President Biden over President Trump. Nice call, Lisa!

    • I often wonder if she voted for Hillary the first time! She suffers desperately from TDS! And I still often wonder if she was abused by a man when she was a child! Those hidden hate feelings can carry over to adulthood! Sad!

  5. Senator Sullivan,
    Sir I think your faith in and trust of of the obviously corrupted D.O.J. is sorely misplaced. It isn’t just about Donald Trump, it is about the Constitution and the rights afforded to all citizens. What was the probable cause listed on the Search Warrant? Who was the Judge? What documents did the agents take? Have you seen the warrant? Do not take Director Wray’s brush off about this being an ongoing investigation. Demand Answers!
    This is turd world doo doo happening before our very eyes. Please raise holy hell about this obvious political persecution.

  6. The Senator must do more than offer these soft words about the ‘raid’ He must condemn this activity and strongly call for a Stop to such tactic’s and demand an explanation from every agent and person with any leadership roll from the bottom to the top of the now corrupted FBI and department of Justice, and then on to the Current President himself

  7. Sullivan is concerned about the politicization of law enforcement? Then why does he put our political statements like this one? Seems like he is happy to undermine law enforcement when he spews political speculation without any factual basis, as he has done here.

    • You might be able to say that, had president Trump not been persecuted after the fake Steele dossier, or impeached twice first for making a phone call to a foreign dignitary and negotiating substance and second for giving a speech. The man and his supporters have a right to their opinion. I believe the election was stolen just like Trump does and just like half the country does but we have no proof. But you can’t hold president Trump responsible for the actions of a crowd. He didn’t tell the crowd to go down there to the United States capitol and hunt down pelosi and murkowski while they were hiding in their little closet bunker. All he said was if you’re pissed about the election results go down there and tell the lawmakers how you feel. So yeah this justice system and the speech tearing up which pelosi along with murkowski and others have politicized the justice system. And you ask that we trust them now while they’re being led by a guy who is scorned because McConnell held up his Supreme Court vote? I think you’re asking just a little too much. Sometimes the American people can be gullible but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

      • Trump was impeached twice for good reason. He is the most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent president in American history. And he tried to steal the 2020 election that he lost by over 7 million votes. Today he pleaded the 5th rather than answer questions at a civil deposition under oath and subject to the penalty of perjury. He is now running around claiming to be a victim because the FBI executed a search warrant to retrieve what appears to have been classified documents that Trump removed from the White House, Trump could clear up what the FBI seized, because he has a copy of the search warrant, and because the FBI had to give him an inventory of what it seized. So why hasn’t Trump done so rather than running around that the raid was some sort of political persecution? Because the facts don’t support the victim card he is trying to play.

      • Greg, should you ever write the history of the Trump administration, it will collect dust in the fiction section. You’re ideology has consumed you ability to reason.

  8. Raid the Bidens, raid the Clintons! Good lord the judicial system is corrupt as all hell including the FBI!!!Washington is indeed a cesspool if both those families are still walking free! Comey and Struzk are still free, Epstein’s loyal patrons are still free, Pelosi’s walking while Martha Stewart went to prison, Hunters laptop from hell….you get the picture.

    • Hillary Clinton just emerged from the woods and it’s back to selling hats. In fact they’re selling out to liberal communists. I guess she’s still not over being butt hurt on losing the election. That’s a good thing. Someone as evil and vile as she is deserves to be bitter for the rest of her dying days. The fact that she’s dancing around the campfire as they’re burning Trump at the stake shows that she has no moral fiber. But that’s fine. She lost and she’s angry about it and it messed up the New world order plans so that’s a win-win in my book. Plus, Trump ought to be making hats that says I picked three Supreme Court of justices Hillary. How many have you picked? LOL

    • Andy. No evidence for your claims (except the Epstein gunk). Whatever happened to critical thinking with conservatives?

  9. Dan Fagan was on fire this morning, KENI 650 AM! Some quotes I transcribed from his 8/9/2022 podcast:

    “8/8/2022, YESTERDAY WILL BE THE DAY that we moved closer to a banana republic than imaginable, when THE FBI RAIDED DONALD TRUMP’S HOME.”

    “Do not dismiss the significance of what happened in America yesterday.”

    “We are at war. The games are over. They raided Donald Trump’s home!”

    “IT’S NO LONGER AN OPTION to sit on our couch and watch Netflix all night, and not pay attention to what’s going on in the world.”

    “IF WE LOOK THE OTHER WAY like we did with Covid, we will lose this nation so fast.”

    “THEY ARE TESTING US. The Huepers were a test. The Covid lockdowns were a test — shutting down churches; shutting down businesses, making us wear those ridiculous face diapers; making us get this experimental vaccine that’s killing people.”

  10. I wish I was in your shoes Dan, I would be able to show you my accomplishments for you and ALL Alaskans, I voted for you and all I got was a rino red faced liar. We ousted begich for you and the stench got worse booooooo to little to late red faced rino man.

    • Sullivan won office through deception in 2014, immediately turned against Republican nominee Donald Trump after the Primary, then proclaimed his full support for the reelection of RINO Lisa Murkowski, bragged about joint efforts with Democrats, and now wants to spend the rest of his life on the public dole in Washington D.C. pretending to represent Alaska. I’ve yet to meet another Marine who would share a foxhole with this guy!

  11. Our Senior Senator may not have released a public statement related to this illegal raid on President Trumps home but she has a long record of working hard setting the stage for this kind of activity with her support for James Comey and Bob Muller and the entire Russian lie even when she knew it all to be a sham , she did what she could to protect the lies from Clapper and his ilk, the list of bad actors is long and nothing has been done to bring a single one of those folks to any form of justice….

  12. I wouldn’t expect a statement from Palin until the mainstream media has time to thoroughly becloud the entire affair. They must throw out dozens of benign excuses, half truths and lies to confuse the public and affirm the leftist about the intentions of the corrupted FBI. This is obviously political. The FBI has been weaponized since Trump first began to run for office and the FBI spied on him for Obama. This rot of our federal agents must stop or they must be abolished.

  13. Republican politicians express concern over the FBI’s & DOJ’s corruption but do little to actually stop it. A A lot of huffing & puffing!

  14. If Princess Lisa is smart, she will keep her nasty mouth shut. It will also be of great benefit to the environment.

  15. Yes. This does look exactly like political use of the DOJ against a President of the US when extremely illegal action by the opposing party are well reported and in testimony of Congress and yet nothing is done. This isn’t right.

  16. Senator Sullivan, outstanding comments. But we need action now or we will lose our Constitution–maybe that is the objective. Please, either amend or repeal the Patriot Act as well. It is being used to spy on Americans–something that should never be done.

  17. “Disturbed” and “concerned” are hardly the words to use… and have all the appearance of trying hard to ride a fence – to please constituents on one hand and avoid setting himself up to be raided on the other. A better word is “screaming pissed off!!” Off the gestapo demonrats – when we retake the House and Senate, it will be your turn to be impeached, harassed, raided, cancelled, and disrespected in every way possible short of lying about it. When the truth is so helpful, who needs to lie? Seriously, we need to avoid stooping to their level of tyranny and dishonesty and just put a stop to it. Free my country you devils.

    • There is obvious evidence to support an investigation of Trump by the FBI. What are you afraid of? If no evidence is found that trump broke the law, then you can bitch and accuse, but let the process work.

  18. Wow Dan, did you figure that out just now? Where have you been while the January 6 witch hunt has been going on? Where were you when they were calling Moms domestic terrorists for challenging school boards? Where have you been as Americans are denied their rights in the D.C. gulag? Just a little late to the party aren’t we?

  19. Please keep the noise down, Senator Sullivan has gone back to sleep. Fighting the deep state just wears him out!

  20. This is all these Republican pols have to counter the coming prosecution of our previous president. Unfortunately, when it comes to the law, politics will hold little sway with most juries. And we will be getting a ringside seat to how it shakes out. At least Sen. Dan saw enough to vote for that cap on insulin costs, along with Lisa.
    I predict it will be some tough sledding for Trump and his ilk.

    • Billy Boy
      It’s going to be rough sledding for us all.
      Heavy handed and unrestrained political oppression rarely stays in the box. Meaning it never always works one way. Why it could be you, or hell even me next time. It’s not about Trump, it’s about the rule of Law.

      Take some time and find out who the Judge was that signed this Warrant.
      Discover his background and if he recently presided over a case where Trump was suing Hillay Clinton and all the other Russian Collusion hoax operators.
      Weird huh? Oh, and he previously worked for D.O.J. Cozy yes?

      • Tough sledding only for Trump and his ilk Bobby.
        Trump’s former attorney suggested that the big problem here for Trump is that the informant that tipped off DOJ would likely have even more information that would be incriminating. He further said that what usually comes after the warrant search comes an indictment.
        Wonderful news, eh?

        • Bill Yankee,

          Also, William Binney, former high level NSA employee has said multiple times that the NSA (No Such Agency) records and saves permanently in a facility in Utah the *contents* of every phone call (not just metadata, converted into text), every email, and everything we do online.

          This is a full violation of the 4th Amendment, but they do it anyway. Most Americans don’t care.

          What the NSA collects can’t be used in court, but the powers that be can do raids, or something else to get information that can be used in court.

          The FBI can also make mistakes though.

          And if Trump has dirt on them, they might back off so some of them aren’t exposed.

          And some think that’s partly what Qanon was about.

        • Bill Yankee,

          It’s how things work, because the corruption is much deeper than most realize, and the corrupt media won’t report it.

          Regarding the NSA’s ability to record all phone calls, emails, and everything sent online, and then saved indefinitely, this is *just one example* of William Binney, former high level NSA talking about this. Here he was talking about people in general, when Sean Hannity asked Binney specifically if they can access Donald Trump’s phone calls, emails and etc., and then use them against Trump.

          Binney said in 2017, they could go back at least 5-10 years, and that 16 agencies would have access to that data. I’ve seen Binney talk about this many times. I don’t know if I can leave a link or not, so I won’t.

          “NSA Whistleblower William Binney on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (3/6/2017) — All phone conversations have been recorded for ‘at least 5-10 years,’ and now any one of the 16 agencies have access • The people don’t seem to care”

          Also, notice how Sean Hannity normally never digs deep like this, but talks about the same things over and over. That’s how they keep their jobs, and keep the truth from Americans. They all do it, even Tucker; though, he’ll go deeper than most of the others.

          Hannity, O’Reilly and Glenn Beck all attacked Ron Paul in 2008, so he couldn’t become president, because Ron Paul was not compromised in any way, so he couldn’t be trusted to be allowed to be president.

          Hannity accepted what Binney said as fact, not doubting Binney’s credibility, but then he just let it go, probably not bringing this subject up again, so most Americans won’t care as long as Hannity doesn’t care.

          Binney even said the people don’t care.

          And now we’re approaching endgame; though, some of us have been paying close attention to what’s really been going on for decades.

          But hardly anyone wanted to hear the facts about what’s really going on.

          Even now….

          • The rules for listening in to American phone calls is that federal judges have to sign off on them, similar to this warrant signed off on getting into Mar-a Lago had to be granted by a federal judge. I suspect that your Binney is full of chit but you took the bait, hook line and sinker. Why??

        • Wow, I was right. There are idiots that eat the Deep State propaganda and believe it. Thanks for verifying my hypothesis Billy Troll.

        • Bill Yankee,

          Regarding “the rules” for collecting data from American citizens and the NSA agent you mock with profanity; though, you know nothing about him:

          Senator Rand Paul said the government is using this President Reagan’s EO as justification to collect the content of Americans’ communications, not just the metadata, on the Senate Floor, May 20th, 2015:

          “John Napier Tye goes on to warn us. He says… Executive Order 12333 [signed by Ronald Reagan in 1981] authorizes collection of the CONTENT of communications, not just metadata. Even for U.S. Citizens. …we were told for years, don’t worry, they’re not collecting your data, they’re just collecting the data of foreigners. Turns out that wasn’t true.”

          This is from my post, entitled: “(video) Rand Paul: NSA Can Collect CONTENT, Not Just Metadata – Executive Order 12333 — Filibuster Hour 2”

          Another former NSA Agent, Russel Tice said NSA is collecting everything, including content of phone calls, not just the metadata, on MSNBC on 6/21/13:

          NSA, today, is collecting everything – including content – of every digital communication in this country, both computer and phone, and that information is being stored indefinitely.

          My post is here: MSNBC – Fmr. Agent Russ Tice (2013): “NSA is collecting everything, including CONTENT of EVERY digital communication in this country, computer and PHONE, and is being STORED INDEFINITELY”

          You can watch the interview with anchor Craig Melvin on MSNBC Bombshell: “Fmr. Intelligence Agent Accuses NSA, Obama Of Lying, Alleges Broader Spying Programs”

          The New York Times did a video exposé on William Binney, 32-years-NSA Whistle-blower, who developed a program to collect people’s communications in foreign countries, which the NSA then used to spy on all Americans.

          “After 9/11, they took one of the programs I had done, or the back-end part of it, and started to use it to spy on EVERYBODY in this country. So that was a program they created called ‘Stellar Wind.’”

          You can watch the video with key quotes at my post: “(NY Times Video) NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All – Op-Docs: The Program — NSA’s Utah facility can store 100 years worth of THE WORLD’S communications!”

          Or watch the video on the New York Times YouTube channel: “NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All – Op-Docs: The Program”

  21. Really! … think so Senator Dan?
    You’re one sharp cookie …… they gotta get up pretty early to get one over on you brother.

  22. Who here remembers the fbi , justice department frame up of Ted Stevens?
    How about the timing of that fame up? Who went to jail? Tell us about Bill.

  23. I imagine Trump kept documents that would be worth a lot of money, like the personal hand written letters from Kim Yung-un. According to the law these type of documents belong in the National Archives

    • Frank – using your faulty reasoning then Obama should have been prosecuted for removing millions of pages of presidential documents when he left office. He never was and never will be!

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