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Sen. Sullivan weighs in on FBI raid at Homer residence in search of Pelosi laptop

Sen. Dan Sullivan today wrote that he was concerned about the FBI raid on the home of a couple in Homer, Alaska. On his official Facebook page, he urged people to not jump to conclusions and to remember that law enforcement agents have a tough job.

That said, Sullivan wrote, “the FBI and Department of Justice have enormous power over American citizens, and unfortunately, Alaska has a history of overzealous federal agency actions. For example, the illegal and corrupt prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens remains a source of distrust between federal agents and the Alaskan people,” Sullivan said.

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“As part of the U.S. Senate’s oversight responsibilities, I will be asking FBI Director Christopher Wray and the special agent in charge of the Alaska field office about the recent federal law enforcement actions in Homer, and if these actions infringed upon the civil liberties of the Alaskans involved,” he said.

On April 28, Paul and Marilyn Hueper and two of their houseguests were handcuffed and interrogated after FBI agents, Capitol Police, and other unknown law enforcement agents busted down the door to the Hueper’s home, searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. The Hueper’s believe it was a case of mistaken identity. Although they went to the Trump rally on Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C., they maintain that their actions were legal and they did not enter the Capitol, as they were accused of doing by the agents.

According to Marilyn Hueper, the search warrant was not produced until long after the agents had violated the sanctity of their home, searching through Marilyn’s wardrobe for clothing that matches that of a person of interest.

Paul Hueper said he took a photo of his wife walking up the Capitol steps on Jan. 6, but they were no closer than 100 yards (91 meters) from the building entrance itself. He posted that photo on Instagram, and from the back, the hair and coat are similar to that of the woman the FBI are apparently seeking.

The woman the FBI are seeking, who is not Marilyn Hueper.

[Read: FBI break into Homer, Alaska home looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.]

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. The FBI’s standards are in the crapper. They have become a weapon of the democrat party, I hope our attorney general is looking into their actions. I don’t expect much from our congressional delligation.

  2. How about we kick them out of the state? I see no reason why we need the feds up here, especially when all they seem to do is spy on and hurt Americans. They fail to actually prevent terrorism and do not actually do their jobs when it comes to the left. They are acting as an unaccountable arm of the government or like secret police.
    How many more people have to get snatched or killed because federal agents cannot follow through on the evidence they have and use it as an excuse to attack political rivals. I am afraid this is absolutely the end of the republic. No point in voting, no point in listening to the politicians, and no point in caring that everything is going to hell. Seeing what is happening to this country is like watching someone die of cancer.
    I am a retired disabled veteran and I do not recognize this county I fought for anymore. From allowing gross miscarriage of justice, to allowing politicians to call for violence, and finally going after normal people just because they went on a trip. Our local and state leaders are likewise useless and have no teeth to accomplish anything or wish to. I stayed here because it was one of the last free places, but even the last bastion is falling. This may sound dramatic, but I do not care and I am done concerning myself with this. I am going to enjoy the decline, relax and watch Rome burn to the ground.

  3. I disagree with the Senator that Law enforcement ( the FBI) has a tough job….they had a job to do and did not do it well at all…and the only people ever in danger were the Hueper’s and their guests. Director Wray has certainly demonstrated his total disregard for Law and Order ever since his appointment to the post and his agents are taking the lead from the top..!!..his part in the coverup of the Hunter and Joe Biden crimes are enough to show any American our nations top cop is corrupt to the core.

  4. The FBI sat on (hid) the Hunter Biden laptop Russian AND China collusion involving Joe Biden for well over a year knowing good and well it would effect the on going campaigning and election. The FBI is as corrupt as they get and as said here already, “become a weapon of the democrat party”.

  5. The public deserves to know who was involved in this ill-conceived raid. That means the names of the entire entourage that solicited the warrant, broke into the residence, intimidated the occupants, confiscated personal property and restrained people under color of law. Why isn’t the ACLU on this? I suspect that organization approves of the abridgement of civil rights when it suits their ideological agenda.

    How can an FBI agent swear in good conscience to a judge that there is no doubt about the identity of a suspect, withhold pictures from the suspect as a means of intimidation, and do all the other things that are evident in the narrative of the Huepers?

    This police action is a cross between something one would expect from the unprofessional behavior seen in the shows “Reno 911” or “Super Troopers.” I hope all individuals associated with this “Keystone-Cops” episode will be held accountable. They should be sued.

  6. JOHN, There are many enemies of the Constitution but at the same time there are more of us who served to defend it. Though times may be down we cannot surrender. Now more than ever we must DEMAND action by our representatives to stand for their oaths. Though I do disagree with his lack of passion, I think that, as a Marine, Dan Sullivan will step up to lead. I hope so for my childrens’ sake (I’ve studied the downfall of Rome and misery of the Dark Ages). It will be an interesting next few years for sure, and just in case, keep a good stock of booze to get through. And remember, we are the producers. They need us; we don’t need them. And I really wonder if the contents of Pelosi’s laptop are as salacious as Hunter Biden’s, ha ha.

  7. If the FEDS busted down the door, I would have to assume this was a “no knock” warrant. I thought the lefties in control of the feds were against “no knock” warrants. Oh, it is only bad against liberals, it is OK to do whatever you want to conservatives.

    So the next time the feds execute a “no knock” warrant and get shot at, who’s fault is it? How many Alaskans would be firing at intruders if they bust through their door.

  8. Sullivan sounds like he is standing-up for an abusive husband because of him being stressed out, abused by his employer, and thats why he beats up and belittles his poor wife.
    Storming a person’s sanctuary place (their home) all for an inanimate object such as a laptop thing doesnt justify these FBI employees behavior.
    Besides! I was under the impression an FBI agent be a little more discerning and discreet. Three days undercover FBI agents watching this couple they would had drawn up the conclusion they werent dangerous not to just come up to the door, knock, and wait to be admitted inside.

    The woman of interest by FBI you know She looks like a Democrat to me. No republican woman looks like that!!! But Democrat women look like her, they always look like they just sucked a lemon.

  9. Wow
    The couple had a close call with our Federal police and survived.
    Many people have not been so lucky in past years.
    Maybe Dan Dan can pull his head out and find out why this judge signed off on the warrant also.
    Seems like we have been over run by a bunch of political lawyers who insist on covering up these actions.

  10. Senator Sullivan’s concerned, Alaska’s other senator is… what?
    Nowhere in America’s Constitution, Senator Sullivan, is “tough job” mentioned as an excuse to violate Americans’ civil rights.
    While on the subject, why not ask FBI Director Wray and the special agent in charge of the Washington D.C. field office about the federal law enforcement actions on January 6 and if these actions infringed upon the civil liberties of Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran who served multiple tours in the Middle East, whose Twitter feed includes pro-Trump posts and pictures of her at local pro-Trump rallies?
    Such a “tough job” that was… the officer who killed Ashli Babbit was never charged!
    Somebody’s on a roll now, Capitol police invade Alaska, flexing on the Huepers maybe proving a point to those of a certain political persuasion?
    No? The FBI and Capitol Police invade homes of Antifans, Black Lives Matterists all the time, we just don’t hear about it? These questions seem worth asking, Senator.
    One hopes the Huepers are considering a really big lawsuit under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

  11. “As part of the U.S. Senate’s oversight responsibilities, I will be asking FBI Director Christopher Wray and the special agent in charge of the Alaska field office about the recent federal law enforcement actions in Homer, and if these actions infringed upon the civil liberties of the Alaskans involved,” he said.

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. You’re going to ask them if they did something wrong? You’re kidding right? It will be under oath, in a public hearing right???
    Actions Senator, not words. Do the right thing, and NOW! People are being terrorized, hurt, their constitutional rights are being violated, and people are being put in jail over this BS.
    Will you be demanding the answer to who ordered the Capitol Police to let the crowd into the Capitol on the 6th? Everyone paying attention knows what happened at the Capitol was a false flag. Why are you covering that fact up? Video evidence is everywhere.
    Time is almost up. The Arizona audit will start the domino effect, and this whole clown show is about to come unraveled and get exposed. It appears you have chosen your side, which is right along side of Lisa Murkowski. Disgusting.

  12. “the FBI and Department of Justice have enormous power over American citizens”

    This is the problem…federal agencies have way too much power over all of us.

    We didn’t grant the federal government this kind of power…they’ve simply taken it.

    In fact, we expressly limited federal power over us in cases like this through the 4th Amendment.

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    The DOJ and the FBI fall under the Executive Branch and, in cases of search and seizure, we placed the Judicial Branch in their way.

    They have to convince a judge to sign off on a warrant that lists what they’re looking for.

    Unfortunately we’ve allowed the government to interpret “particularly describing” way too broadly and, as a result, we get warrants that “authorize” government thugs to kick down doors and steal not the particular laptop they’re supposed to be looking for but every electronic device they happen to find.

    You tell me that taking cell phones has anything to do with Pelosi’s laptop. What’s reasonable about confiscating someone’s phone or personally owned laptop when you’re supposed to be looking for a “particular” laptop.

    Now we suffer under unreasonable warrants that say things like “and any and all electronic devices.”

    And when the alleged crime is stealing a laptop is it reasonable to launch a massive, armed raid on anyone that starts with getting your front door kicked in and multiple agents pointing guns at you screaming for you to put your hands up?

    That’s analogous to having a local shop owner accuse you, without real evidence, of stealing a candy bar and then having police kick in your door, rough and cuff you and then confiscate all the food in your house.

    The mistake that our Founders made, with regard to the 4th Amendment, is they assigned one branch of government to watchdog another branch of government.

    That’s like asking the wolf to watch the fox…they might have competing interests or agendas but when it comes to your henhouse they’re both after the same thing.

  13. Sullivan will send them a three page letter that rambles on about nothing boring them to death. Another spineless RINO.

  14. Traitor Dan? Let me remind you “dan”, there will never be another Waco or Ruby Ridge. You present us with your USMC “honor” as your loyalty, yet your actions show your employers (that’s right, you work for us the taxpayers) something else. You are just a junior swamp monster. You make me sick. No, I will not be re-hiring you when you come up for re-election. You are showing your true colors. You are part of the problem in DC. I expected more for you, you have FAILED to uphold your oath.

  15. My understanding is that they must have a warrant before they can search the premises and your property, even with no knock warrants they still must have it on hand – otherwise that is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. That couple should be able to sue the agent in change, the prosecutor and the judge who allowed this to happen. Until the Fed that’s responsibility and accountability “THAT” is when we can start trusting them again.

  16. The agents involved should be fired but Dan knows that Congress has no power over the FBI.

  17. Get used to this-
    If “Extremist Deep State” part of our government feels threatened, they will do whatever they want to do without consequences. No search warrant searches etc…
    It is the new normal in America, and there is no stopping it.

  18. This raid has nothing to do with a Lap Top gone missing, I submit that it is a strategic event, the Biden’s and those at D.O.J. want you to know that they will not tolerate any open dissent. Like thugs taking over a neighborhood, this is merely Moose and Rocko getting the bosses message out. I gather from the reports I’ve read about this couple that they are members of a fringe group concerned about Constitutional Rights, plus they traveled to D.C. on January 6, 2021. This raid was a message to all of the “Right Wing” nut jobs.

  19. What about the far, “left wing” nut jobs. They get to do whatever they want.
    How about, we follow the laws here. We Alaskans and other Americans have rights.
    As for you Dan, Your Weak just another sheep in the swamp.
    Next election vote out Loser Lisa, then your next Dan.

  20. “The F.B.I. and D.O.J. have enormous power over American Citizens” so states Senator Sullivan as quoted in this story. I have trouble with this statement if it was accurately quoted. The PEOPLE hold the “Enormous” power in this country, not the hired guns of an alphabet agency working for apparent corrupted political hacks. Senator Sullivan would do well to remember this. We elected him to represent this State and to insure that the Federal Government stays within it’s boundaries as enumerated within the Constitution of these United States.

    Sullivan as a former A,G. should know that it is repugnant to our laws when an F.B.I. Special Agent can fool a Magistrate into giving a “no Knock” warrant for anyone who is not a dangerous criminal or a menace to society. Law enforcement folks are not dumb, their job is” hard” as the Senator states, however they know who is a threat and who is not. Clearly this couple did not meet the “dangerous” threshold.

    Senator Sullivan, this is a watershed moment. Sir, please stand tall for the Constitution. These reckless Cowboys with alphabet brands have to be brought to heel. The couple in this story are far from belonging to a fringe or radical group plotting a violent over throw of our Government. In fact they seem like everyday patriotic Americans. Unless this case is the new standard for “No Knock” warrants under the Biden Regime!

  21. Well I could see how simply based on her match with the security camera and the fact she was at the capitol, a mistake could have been made. She sure looks like the same person to me. Look at the right eye brow and also the shape of the mouth.

  22. Steve: the Congress may not have much direct power over the FBI…but that Judge the FBI lied to sure does and will do something about it if he or she cares for the courts system at all….as this was a direct assult on the department of Law and the courts..!! as well as every citizen in Alaska !!

  23. A conservative News organization reported that Alan Dershowitz compared the raid on the Homer couple to a Banana Republic. Now isn’t that an interesting , I agree with Morrigan and hope the Huepers are considering a really big lawsuit under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

  24. The FBI has been investigating innocent people while letting obvious law breakers go about their illegal, destructive activities, such as burning down courthouses. And then there is Hillary, or Hunter Biden, or any number of other lawbreakers who do whatever they want and nothing happens to them. The FBI is a rogue, leftist weaponized agency. I have no trust in the FBI to ever do what is right.

  25. CENSORED907 wrote:
    “The FBI sat on (hid) the Hunter Biden laptop Russian AND China collusion involving Joe Biden for well over a year knowing good and well it would effect the on going campaigning and election. The FBI is as corrupt as they get and as said here already, “become a weapon of the democrat party”.

    Yes, and now the BATFE and FBI are ignoring the fact that Hunter illegally (as a drug user) bought a gun, then threw it away. We have various of levels of “justice” in our society, and it doesn’t favor the regular, unconnected citizen.

  26. I doubt they will Charlie. Those federal judges have got lied to to get the fisa warrants certainly didn’t seem to be very angry. I wonder what’s on the laptop to begin with? Perhaps murkowski comes up on their multiple times and they’re trying to recover to protect her. You never know what’s under a rock until you turn it over.

  27. AKVOTER. Yes it was a no knock warrant for no reason at all. My first thought was did they really want to kill someone. I am so happy no one died in this disaster as that really is the logical conclusion especially with our soaring crime rate. Thank you Dan for speaking out. Please fight for us Alaskans like no one did for Uncle Ted.

  28. Nothing here. Kinda disturbing the words from Senator Sullivan. Why is the federal govt allowed to kick the US Constitution to the curb? Deep State: FBI, DOJ, DHHS, IRS, Capitol Police, ad infinitum. Our Founding Fathers would fight back.

  29. Kathy, remember, the new head of ATF was at Waco and speaks of it as a successful raid burning women and children to death.

  30. JOE, and don’t forget she was a white woman. You know, they all look the same so it could be an honest mistake just like they used to say about so many lynchings (also mostly coincidentally by democrats). With cameras everywhere watching us, you never know when they will hit on you for a make believe crime.

  31. Time for the Governor to sign an EO that makes the Feds go through the Alaska Secretary of State’s Office with a proper search warrant and credible proof of the individuals crime before arriving at the house. There will be no entry without announcing to the owners their presence and showing the warrant prior to entry. I think Alaska State Troopers should escort the Feds as well to ensure protection of the individuals rights.

    Then there is the easier EO, stay out of our State!

  32. Sullivan. . . Is that the guy who voted for an anti-Alaska-oil secretary of Interior, b/c “she was going to win anyway, and she said that she totally wasn’t going to screw us over” (paraphrase)?

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