Most partisan field of work? Yoga instructor, librarian, oil worker, union organizer


Most librarians are Democrats, while farmers are typically Republicans. Doctors are in the middle, although pediatricians lean left and urologists lean right, according to an analysis of campaign donor data.

Yoga instructors, midwives, bartenders, and booksellers are mainly Democrat, according to the findings of Verdant Labs, a company that analyzes data.

The study took campaign donation information from the Federal Elections Commission database, where donors must list their occupations. The result was, unsurprisingly, that people in the resource extraction industry tend to donate to Republican candidates, while environmentalists and those in philanthropy donate to Democrats.

That, in part, may explain why the Biden Administration is so eager to shut down the oil industry and the jobs that go with it, while at the same time opening up the southern border to allow more service workers to flood in. It’s about the numbers.

Here’s the formula used by the study:

The study breaks it down further, and shows that most serving in the military lean right, with Marines and Air Force being more Republican than Army and Navy. Union organizers are the most partisan Democrats of any profession, with conservationists and social workers also leaning left.

“A caveat with this methodology is that we assume Democrats and Republicans contribute at a similar rate to each other within each profession. In other words, we assume that a 75 / 25 split of contributions by Democratic teachers vs. Republican teachers translates to a 75 / 25 split of Democrat vs. Republican teachers in the general populace. If it’s actually the case that, say, Republican teachers are looser with their wallets and have a higher per capita contribution rate, our ratio for that profession will be a bit skewed. Thus, the ratios should be viewed as approximate,” the group acknowledged.

Verdant Labs is a Seattle-based technology company that makes baby-name apps.

The entire analysis, done in 2015, can be found at this link.


  1. Government employees are more leftist; perhaps because they need ever increasing tax dollars to fund their soaring salaries, paid holidays, health benefits, and pensions…….

  2. It’s bad. I know a teacher real well that retired from teaching in an Alaska middle school that had about 100 teachers. She identified one other teacher that is an NRA member, and they told me that if they had put NRA stickers on their trucks other teachers would surely vandalize the trucks in the parking lot. Of course the students would have been blamed for the vandalism. They kept NRA membership a secret. Democrats take union members, minorities and members of certain professions for granted. And in my cited example the Alaska Education Association makes it very difficult for a teacher to opt out of the union. We need parents demanding accountability every day. We need a governor and legislative leaders with the courage to cut the BSA so that the incestuous connections between tenure, the AEA and the Democratic Party experience some turbulence.

  3. Donate? Gift cards. Phony name, phony address, phony phone number, occupation is unemployed. I suspect that one day, those donation records are going to be sifted through by communists to compile a “naughty/nice” list. Knowing how rage filled democrats can get, would you want them pounding on your door at 3am so they can “talk with you”…?

    • In the event of a communist takeover the leftist that are part of complaining and making waves would be put against the wall first. The quiet majority can be counted on to wait their turn or to tell on each other to stay safe. It is the people that are part of the revolution that do not have power or money that get killed early on as part of “normalization” after the mass chaos. If you have no revolutionaries, you cannot have another revolution….

      • One of the first things Lenin did after the October Revolution was to execute the “useful idiots”. He knew they were a bigger threat than those who did not participate directly in the revolution.

  4. This bit of statistical obviousness is too conducive to humorous temptation: Of course the Democrats spend green, just not their own. A urologist who leans either way makes a mess, but Verdant Labs appreciates the fertilizer… Military leaning is why we lose…Caveat with their methodology? We just love fertilizer! How could anyone in the Emerald City call themselves “Verdant” without a lot of steer stuff. 🙂

  5. Another curious thing to note from that study.
    Liberals tend to gravitate toward professions that do not require a lot of hard labor, or a lot of training to reach success. Whereas conservatives do not seem to mind getting their hands dirty.
    Liberal: Midwife
    Conservative: Surgeon
    Sorry, but helping someone do lamaze and delivering a baby (the most natural thing in the world) is not exactly the same as rebuilding someone’s knee.
    Did you ever notice that “raising awareness” seems to be some kind of accomplishment to the left?
    Face it. Liberals are generally lazy. That is why the push for socialism. Why work hard to get what you want, when you can just petition the government to take if from those who earned it?

    • In ancient origins ‘liberal’ was the word for ‘weak person who cannot hunt or fight but wants to boss everyone around.’

    • Not sure if that’s so simple, the left is in a constant state of reliving the cultural revolution of the 1960s. Manual labor jobs don’t afford that kind of freedom.

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