Politico features Murkowski throwing ‘ice dagger’ at challenger Tshibaka


The 2022 Alaska Senate race has caught the attention of Politico, a national news organization based in Washington, D.C. and one that is widely read on the internet by political junkies.

In a description of Republican challenger Kelly Tshibaka, Sen. Lisa Murkowski was quoted as saying that all she could really say about Tshibaka is that she has “a pulse.”

“Lisa Murkowski has an ice-cold review of the Donald Trump-backed conservative who’s vowing to topple her in Alaska’s Senate race next year.

“It doesn’t surprise me. The president has said, you know, that he’s gonna endorse anybody that has a pulse,” the Alaska Republican said of GOP challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, as quoted by Politico. “This, apparently, is somebody with a pulse.”

Writer Burgess Everett of Politico wrote on Twitter that it was an “ice dagger.”

In the story, Tshibaka demurred commenting on the insult. The mother of five whose family rose from poverty to the middle class and who finished a Harvard Law degree was said to be en route to Utqiagvik by her campaign team.

“That blunt assessment of Tshibaka reflects Murkowski’s combination of confidence and wariness ahead of what’s shaping up as an unpleasant midterm campaign for her. She’s the only GOP incumbent senator to earn Trump’s ire this year after voting to convict him in his second impeachment trial, a move that got her censured by her state party. He has vowed to campaign against her in person,” Everett wrote.

Murkowski has not said whether or not she is running and, if so, whether she will run as a Republican. The Alaska Republican Party State Central Committee censured her in March and vowed to find someone to run against her. When Tshibaka raised her hand to run, she quickly hired many members of the Trump 2020 campaign organization to help her with the national side of what is shaping up to be the biggest race of 2022.

Then, just two weeks ago, Trump himself threw his endorsement Tshibaka’s way.

Read the story at Politico.

The Politico writer admitted that the ranked choice voting experiment going on in Alaska’s elections, the result of Ballot Measure 2, makes it hard to figure out who has the advantage, but Everett clearly gives the advantage to Murkowski, citing numerous senators who are supporting her reelection.

“If she decides to run again, she has a formidable record on her side. The 64-year-old moderate won a write-in campaign in 2010 after losing her GOP primary to tea party darling Joe Miller, and she romped to a third term by 15 points in 2016 despite never endorsing Trump. She also has support from the GOP establishment this time around, and they’re in rare alignment together against the former president,” Everett wrote.


  1. Ironically Murkowski doesn’t have a pulse. She doesn’t have a pulse on her constituents, she doesn’t have a pulse on her oath of office, she doesn’t have a pulse on the Constitution and I believe that this ice princess doesn’t have a pulse in her being.

    She is screwed over the people of Alaska way too long and is a member of the elitist long overdue to vacate the office New world order wannabes that remind me of the not ready for prime Time players. She definitely isn’t ready for the prime time.

  2. Alaskans will remove Murkowski, as she is a disgrace to the State. She does nothing to help Alaskans unless it helps her personally.

  3. Daddy put her in that office, and her political career will end like Daddy’s, complete with the false confidence. “Anybody with a pulse” is a great candidate to replace her with. At this point, I’d vote for a Demonrat for the first time since I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 to replace her.

  4. Frankie, that’s what Alaska senior citizens used to say about you back in 2003. “He has a pulse. But no heart.”
    I think they were referring to you gutting the Longevity Bonus, just before you purchased a business jet with Alaska money. If we still had it, we could help fly Kelly around Alaska.
    Kelly has a pulse and a brain to operate it. We’re still trying to figure out how Lisa’s pulse operates.

    • Nancy, you rode the jet too. We used it for Sunday outings and fishing trips. We lived better than when I was the bank president. Focus, Nancy. It’s been our objective intent to ride off into the Alaska sunset. Kelly is our best bet, otherwise it’s going to be more storm clouds on the horizon. Neither of us are growing any younger and I need peace of mind.

      • Frankie, the Alaska sunset is somewhere over Russia. Be careful, Palin is watching………again.

  5. Lisa, “having a pulse” is enough to make anyone a better option than you. Not impressed by your 2nd grade level insult game but you are human garbage so not surprised.

  6. Oops. Arrogant Murkowski dismissed, not only her challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, but all Alaskans. Murkowski, who was gifted the seat by her Daddy, rudely insulted an extremely well-qualified candidate. Murkowski, who has inadequately represented Alaska for years as she sank deeper and deeper into the Swamp, is frightened by an outstanding candidate who has actually earned her own way in life. Even with Outside money, your political pulse is on life support, Lisa, and you are terrified. But odds are, you’ll continue looking down your nose at all the little people you patronize.

  7. I am not at all happy about any number of votes that Senator Murkowski has cast in recent years. That said, outside of her brief tenure as Administration Commissioner, I can find little, if anything, of Ms. Tshibaka’s contributions to Alaska. Ms. Tshibaka will need to set forth a whole lot more than she “isn’t Lisa Murkowski” to win my vote.

    • Lisa Murkowski has never been truly “Alaskan”. She likes to portray herself as aligned with the Alaska native community but all she has every done for them is what might help her politically.

      Paraphrasing Townhall.com: ‘Ms. Tshibaka was born and raised in Alaska, and spent her career exposing fraud and abuse in government and served as Commissioner of Administration for Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy from January 2019 until she stepped down to run for the Senate. Tshibaka’s father was a union electrician and Vietnam War veteran, and her mother was one of the first workers at the startup of Prudhoe Bay. Her parents were homeless for a time in the 1970s but fought their way into the middle class. Tshibaka graduated from Stellar Secondary School in Anchorage and was the first in her family to pursue a college degree, beginning her studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage before graduating from college and law school. Prior to serving in Alaska government, she saved American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in her work in offices of the inspector general for several federal agencies.’

      Kelly Tshibaka is far more than “a pulse” and she isn’t another bought and paid for establishment politician like Murkowski has proven to be. That should be enough to win any Alaskan’s vote.

  8. Lisa Murkowski, just another member of the swamp and privileged political elite (as long as she bows to the Democrats with fellow privileged elite Mitt Romney).

  9. If Tshibaka wins next year even through rank choice voting, the victory will be good for Alaskans who want a better life than the one we accepted for ourselves and children.

  10. …citing numerous senators who are supporting her reelection? Does this mooncalf actually believe having support from various RINO dingleberries around the country is going to carry Murky back into office? Elected officials are our representatives. NOT OUR LEADERS. Siding with Democrats, who want to push the oil and mining on which our state depends for survival is NOT representing us. I’m willing to vote for a potted fern to replace Lisa Murkowski. I have never been so eager to vote against someone.

  11. Some one should make a campaign add for Kelly T with that old Jessi Colter song playing in the background, “I’m not Lisa … Lisa left you, many years ago”.
    Her majesty aka “Daddies little Princess” would do well to remember that She is not indispensable. Her arrogant statement about her challenger is very telling. Lisa has drifted far from her Alaskan moorings and now has become a creature of D.C. This election for U.S. Senate has nothing to do with Trump, instead it has everything to do with the fact that this Kelly woman isn’t a beneficiary of nepotism and hasn’t come to believe that she is entitled to be our U.S. Senator. So Lisa, put that in your pulse and smoke it!

    • Lisa looks OLD and haggard. ….the way Democrats start to look just before their seventh decade.

      • It’s not just what you see on the exterior. Some of these people have an old and haggard interior before their fifth decade.

  12. That photo of Lisa says it all about who she really is. In it, she looks like one of the femme fatales from one of the early Disney movies (Cruella de Vil, maybe?), or one of the evil witches from the Brothers Grimm.

  13. AK needs a fresh start.
    …Listening to the wind of change
    …The world is closing in
    …Did you ever think
    …That we could be so close, like brothers
    …The future’s in the air
    …Can feel it everywhere
    …Blowing with the wind of change
    …Take me to the magic of the moment
    …On a glory night
    …Where the children of tomorrow dream away
    …In the wind of change

  14. Murkowski can say what she wants too. She knows she is in big trouble because Trump will be making a special trip here to campaign with Kelly and I’m sure pointing out how Murkowski is selling out our country to the communists in the White House. As well, she voted to impeach Trump with no evidence to support it, which shows that she has nothing but contempt for the law and our Constitution. Murkowski is a corrupt political insider with no respect for the Alaskan people and our future. She only cares about power! Go Kelly, Go!

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