More than one million doses of Covid vaccine have been given in Alaska


The State of Alaska Covid Data Hub reports that more that one million doses of Covid vaccine have been administered in Alaska since the vaccines became available in early 2021 — 1,001,941 to be exact as of Friday morning.

Most people getting the Covid shot receive two doses, which is considered by the medical establishment as “fully vaccinated,” but many are receiving boosters, which would account for the number of doses being as high as it is. Some 62 percent of Alaskans are considered “fully vaccinated” against Covid.

Cases of Covid in Alaska are spiking, regardless. Some 1,566 new cases were reported on Feb. 3.

Since March of 2020, 213,606 instances of Covid infection have been reported, and 1,060 deaths of Alaskans have been attributed to Covid.

Also since March, 2020, some 3,474 Alaskans have spent time in the hospital due to effects of the virus. As of Friday, 160 people are in Alaska hospitals with Covid.

The percent of vaccine breakthrough cases continues to rise as a percentage of all cases that are documented. In November, some 41.8 percent of known Covid cases were among those who had been vaccinated, up from 38.7 percent in October, and 35.2 percent in September. The data lags by two months in the state’s reporting, as seen below.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronavirus cases are declining nationwide. The U.S. averaged more than 540,000 new cases per day last Friday, according to the CDC.


  1. 62 percent is very sad, employers mandating this killer jab, a lot of Republicans took it. Time will tell the out come. The Medical System is a total failure. Nothing but a bunch of immoral killers.

  2. The vaccine was developed for the earlier variants and hasn’t been modified for the newer variants. Add then it doesn’t last beyond around 6 months, diminishing in effectiveness much like the flu vaccine. Hence the numbers do make sense. Regardless of the vaccine lessening severity in most people, it still does not guarantee one will not get the virus and a vaccinated person with Covid is just as much of a risk of transmission as an unvaccinated person. Mandates are about control of people and not the virus.

  3. 160 people in the hospitals here in Alaska WITH Covid, NOT due to Covid.
    Don’t miss that people.
    Being admitted to the hospital for appendicitis doesn’t mean you are in the hospital because of Covid.

  4. Today they want to know everybody that is Not Vaxed.
    Tomorrow WE will want to know who all the vaxed are.
    Just saying…..

  5. “The percent of vaccine breakthrough cases continues to rise as a percentage of all cases that are documented. In November, some 41.8 percent of known Covid cases were among those who had been vaccinated, up from 38.7 percent in October, and 35.2 percent in September.”
    Hahahaha your cold dark winter of death and overcrowded hospitals that Biden promoted. Good luck covidiots.

    • Bob, I know several injured with serious conditions and one young adult dead . It’s micro-clotting and organ issues and we are relatively early on with the shots. Last month as many soccer players died of heart conditions as in the previous 12 years. You are correct that I haven’t seen a 3rd eye yet. Give it time we have no idea what this will do to babies who will be born to vaccinated parents.

        • A good friend of mine, a union carpenter, a husband, father and relatively healthy person, showing no other signs of illness or medical condition miraculously and “coincidentally” developed Bell’s palsy the morning after getting his first shot. A man under 40…..who spends his days on his feet, working. Not some fat *ss keyboard warrior, an actual productive member of the anchorage community was stricken with partial paralysis from the clot shot. I’ll trust what I see with my own two eyes Bobby. You can keep your smarmy face buried in the sand.

    • That you know of. Do a little research about the number of people suffering from blood clotting, heart issues and such. This is just the beginning of what seems more and more to end in disaster. What say you revist this in say a year. Can’t imagine what awaits the 5-18 year-olds and their altered immunity systems

      • Those opposed to vaccines have been saying let’s revisit this in a year, every year, for years. Regarding the covid vaccines they’ve been saying it since before they came out. So let’s revisit a year out from when the various covid vaccines came out, shall we. They’ve proven to lower case counts, hospitalization, and death. There aren’t hundreds of thousand let alone millions dead because of these vaccines, no matter what the hysterical and insane may claim.

      • “…….Do a little research about the number of people suffering from blood clotting, heart issues and such……..”
        I and others in my family have been treated for clotting issues for generations, and several others in my extended family have died of clotting for the past century and a half. I’m 65 years old, and am overweight. I’ve been fully vaxxed since April of 2021, boosted since November, and have gotten my flu shot annually for at least the past 15 years. I haven’t even had a cold in so many years now I can’t remember the last time I got sick……..maybe some time around 2002, and I think that was an allergic reaction to a bad birch pollen year, like many Alaskans had. That is despite being around my snotty nosed grandchildren as often as my wife and daughter will allow.
        I support people making their own choices about the covid shots (and every other medical choices, other than abortion, which is the intentional homicide of an innocent baby), and I reject political, social, and propaganda coercion both for or against the shots. Stop the mandates, stop the hatred, offer the shots, continue work on effective vaccines, and figure out where this virus came from so repeats are minimized.

        • Reggie, I couldn’t help to think of this WWII vet that I knew who chained smoked. He was well into his 99’s, guess he proved that smoking had been unfairly targeted as being dangerous.
          Go to revolvernews and read the article on Omicron vaccine fails miserably. Check out whatfinger news as well, several eye opening articles on the data and science.

  6. How many people have died or will die and/or adversely injured from any of the doses given? I will not be a statistic coming from the sheeple that have been duped. Sickening isn’t it? Total scamdemic.

    • One Million doses………
      Now I f Alaska could acquire a million or two buggy whips we’d be just dandy.
      It great seeing so many good comments here …… but some of us here are so devoid of a real news source. You can tell with the ignorance in their comments.
      I won’t mention any names but their initials are B O B

  7. The bio agent(s) are not inert. If they are inert is it what it is claimed to be. The active bio agents may be doing “things” in the environment “the science” has not yet been (truthfully) announced. Radio active isotopes used in cancer treatment aren’t disposed of randomly or willy nilly in Alaska are they? Why not? It’s all good isn’t it science/pharma? Like I’m as trusting as a five year old, right? And you must be also to be “norm” labeled. What is freedom? What is communist future Alaska?

  8. D, oh yes it does! You get hit and killed by a bus it’s COVID. I’ve just read 900,000 deaths. It’s strange how few deaths we’ve had from the common diseases like Pneumonia, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, and a myriad of other maladies that befall us. All swept under the carpet.

    • That talking point has long ago been proven false. If you die because of covid, it’s because of covid. From the CDC “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

      • No, Steve, it is your pro-corporate media and pro-corporate-medicine talking point that has been proven false. Even the CDC itself has admitted as much.
        Stop with your pro-establishment lies and Covidian Cult insanity already!

          • No, the facts and, you know, THE SCIENCE support what I state, and contradict what you keep falsely trying to claim here.
            I swear, I think you are employed by Pfizer, or are part of the AMA, to be so rabid and relentless in your never-ending propagation of the establishment narratives regarding the Wuhan Virus, as fallacious and malicious as they are.

          • Steve O, I was in a hospital ICU and I personally listened to a doctor tell a nurse to report a case as strictly COVID when there were at least 2 other ailments on this patient. Its all about the $$$.

  9. The death rate for 18 to 45 year old’s is up as much 40% in Indiana according to life insurance companies and it’s over 60% in Texas. A 10% rise is a once in 200 year phenomena (as happened with the Spanish Flu). I had a friend just fall over dead a few weeks ago only 2 days after getting his 3rd shot. Their vaccines have murdered well over 200,000 so far, mostly young men as they’re more venerable.

    ALL of our leaders have failed us beyond miserably and the worse is yet to come.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t each little dose have a serial number administered in a parking lot somewhere by a trainee in entrancing mysterious garb in all types of weather? Please ask the robust health department to provide a map with a star re-presenting each serial dose freely dispensed throughout AK. The stars will no doubt glow and coalesce. That’s ok. I’d like to see a visual of the physical dispensation. A scientific helpful aid to the rightsless public who we care so deeply and endlessly for.

  11. Watch out for Big Medical. It’s the latest tool in the US Governments surveillance grid. All information you give nurses and hospitals goes into your personal data base for the coming social credit score system. Only give them enough info to get the job done. Find a Doctor you trust.

    • Please tell everyone to stop testing for covid. There’s no treatment anyway unless you wisely educate yourself on early treatment protocol. The testing is suspect at best and leads to covid hysteria. I’ve never been tested, but have early treatment protocol meds and have successfully used them.
      On another note, go fund me has taken 9 million raised for the truckers and has no plans on returning it to the donors. They have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and should not be used. All the above is just my opinion of course.

  12. More accurately, more than one million doses of experimental, unsafe and mostly ineffective mRNA treatment jabs have been given in Alaska. The clot shots are NOT vaccines by any standard or pre-2021 definition of the word.

  13. Table 8 referenced above shows a very clear disparity each and every month. The unvaccinated continue to makeup a disproportionate number of the total cases, they also make up a disproportionate number of those requiring hospitalization, and those who ultimately die from covid.
    At this point it’s a simple math equation, and that simple math tells us what is happening. We know that more cases result in more hospitalization and more hospitalizations result in more deaths. When 60% of the population makes up 40% of cases and 40% of the population makes 60% of the cases, this should be clear to everyone. Do the math on those hospitalized and deaths, it’s clear that being unvaccinated results in a worse outcome.
    The vaccinated are less likely to get covid, the vaccinated less likely to need hospitalization, and the vaccinated are less likely to die from covid. There are plenty of studies out there showing this, the raw data shows this, this information is available to anyone who spends any amount of time looking.

    • No, none of that is not true at all, Steve. Which you would know, if you bothered to read or look into any independent and non-corporate-media sources of information.
      Recent data out of Israel, Scotland, Ireland and Japan, just to give a few examples, completely refute your claims here. And before you disingenuously try to demand that I provide links to prove this, I cannot post links within comments here, and this data is very easily found and available with a simple internet search, as long as you do not use the corrupted and censored Google.

      • Jeff,
        Go spew your misinformation elsewhere. You can post links here, just put an apostrophe before and after the link, like this ‘’ then people can copy and paste to go to your link…but we both know you don’t have any links to share or you would have simply said go look at this site or that site. You’ve seen me and others post links here before, no reason to act like you can’t share information here.
        The data, the world over, continues to show that the unvaccinated make up a disproportionate number of those who are hospitalized and those who die, that includes Israel, Scotland, Ireland and Japan.
        Your false narrative has been and continues to be shown for what it is, nonsense.

        • Again, just like the radical leftists who so unconvincingly pretend to not be, you project your own lies, deceit, obfuscation and willful attempts at disinformation and misinformation onto others.
          EVERYONE who is even halfway informed today KNOWS that what you are repeatedly trying to claim here is false. Completely false, and a total inversion of the truth. Even reading between the li(n)es of the corporate media propaganda, one can see and hear this truth for themselves, so blatant and obvious it is. And yet you, Steve, keep on pumping the same discredited falsehoods and establishment propaganda, in total contrast to the mountain of information on the unsafe, ineffective and proven-dangerous so-called “vaccines” for the Wuhan Virus that is ridiculously obvious and widely available. You only display your own ignorance and lack of intelligence in thinking that many if not most of us already fully recognize the LIES that you keep trying to propagate here.

        • And no, Steve-O, I can NOT post links to the reams of data and myriad independent websites that are spreading the truth about the dangers, side-effects and deaths caused by your beloved so-called “vaccines” (sic). Suzanne has consistently deleted any comments in which I have tried to do so, for reasons of her own.

          • Just more empty meaningless words from you Jeff, like I said we both know you don’t have any actual information to share. You simply repeat the same nonsense over and over again believing that doing so will make your incessant chanting become true.

          • I wonder if Steve O would listen to a very highly respected doctor who said to use hydroxychloroquine for SARS viruses and basically poo-pooed the effectiveness of masks. I don’t get it Jefferson, one would think people would at least look stuff up when their very lives are on the line. Just 2 weeks ago, I had a friend/neighbor who died 2 days after getting his 3rd shot, BTW. He’d already had COVID and it just blows my mind into the ozone that people who already had it get shots!

          • Rusty,
            I think it’s very telling that you, and Jeff here, seem to think that other people don’t look at or listen to others views. Could it be that you, and Jeff here, haven’t looked at opposing views and just assume that is what other people do…or don’t do? I’ve looked at all kinds of views about this issue, the odd thing is people who believe in the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin never have any real supporting data to support their beliefs. Sure there’s plenty of empty meaningless words, but there’s never any real data to support their beliefs. Like Jeff here, he’s been offered every opportunity to provide just a shred of evidence, but he consistently refuses to do so…that’s not just weird, it’s very telling.
            I’m sorry your friend/neighbor died, was it related to him getting his third shot?

          • It’s no use Steve-O. Jefferson is too dug in to be redeemed. The sad thing, though, is that he really doesn’t believe what he espouses. His protestations are mainly an effort to try and silence the little voice of worry in his head that keeps telling him that he should get vaxxed.

            “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Winston S. Churchill.

          • Steve O
            Thank you for your post and thoughts. We’ll never know if the shot killed my friend as they didn’t do an autopsy. There’s lot of reports out about how 18 to 45 year old deaths are up 40 to 60% but you seem to demand scientific proof of everything anyway. Sorry if I’m not going to take the time right now but there’s 300 papers on the effectiveness of ivermectin and 28 major studies. But then when you google it there’s just as many articles and links to the bad some say about it. So which side to believe? Well, it was Fauci who wrote a friend to use HQC for his daughter with SARS and he’s changed his view on masks and gobs of other things from night to day. When they were claiming 12 deaths in Alaska I happed to know a nurse on the floor of the fist one to die in the Valley and it turned out that person had stage 4 cancer and was expected to die within 2 weeks. So I looked into the other 11 and 2 died in Seattle and hadn’t been to Alaska for 6 months, 4 others had things like a series of serious strokes and other things that killed them and 3 where 78 or older. So they flat out LIED about over half the deaths (and maybe more). I also have two friends in the States who know of 2 others that died from other causes and were listed as COVID. Just in general and on 100 issues the mainstream media and Dumbocrats change their views 180 degrees whenever it suits their agenda. They’re doing it right now with the filibuster of which they strongly opposed only a few years ago and I could name a dozen examples right off the top of my head. I see examples in the media of that almost daily and let’s consider ivermectin. First was the story that Rolling Stone reported about it killing people then they pulled their usual BS “correction” instead of being honest and saying the story was total bull—said something about how they now can’t verify the story that was told to them by one guy who worked in a hospital and the JERKS never even tried to verify it–and also buried their withdrawal on page 20000 or something. Too and gee wiz, isn’t it “funny” how we don’t hear of people being poisoned and dying from ivermectin anymore, especially since there’s a lot, lot more people taking it now. There’s gobs of reports where countries of providences gave out ivermectin and their deaths went to zero–as one in India. I know a lot of the above is antidotal but I just can’t wrap my brain around people who don’t give a rip when they’ve been lied to by the media people like Fauci. I mean I won’t listen to some “conservatives” like Hannity, not because I’ve ever caught him in a lie but because he pulled one of those 180 degrees change of his view when the Democrats did something he could attack them over (sorry, don’t remember the issue any more–it was some time ago).

            If you really want some facts and from people who have put their lives and careers on the line to save people, look up Senator Ron Johnson’s panel on COVID. The whole thing is nothing short of mind blowing and I’m OUTRAGED beyond words by ALL OF IT—especially the FACT that by their OWN NUMBERS the shots will kill more children than it will save (look it up on CDC’s own site).

          • Rusty,
            There’s no doubt it’s hard to trust media, it’s hard to trust government, it’s hard to trust random commentators on websites (myself included). That’s why, as you say, I demand scientific proof. I remember when the death toll started climbing and the deaths from AK residents that hadn’t been to AK in over six months, I think was well over a year (wouldn’t that make them not AK residents?) I remember commenting on it and questioning it at the time. If I recall correctly the first official Alaskan case was a pilot who landed in Anchorage after having come from China.
            I’ve asked repeatedly about ivermectin studies that show efficacy in treating covid, most point to the same 27-28 ivermectin studies, many of which have been shown to be flawed in numerous ways. Some of those studies are outright fraudulent and have been withdrawn many of the papers written about ivermectin cited those studies, some even after the fraudulent studies were withdrawn. The study by Ahmed Elgazzar out of Egypt was one of the bigger fraudulent studies that is commonly cited, even to this day by those who believe ivermectin works in treating covid. There have been a few bigger studies that show it doesn’t benefit in treatment for covid. The Together Trial which was the largest ivermectin study at that time stopped the trial midway through because of futility, they found that fluvoxamine had a positive effect in treatment of covid. Duke is currently conducting an ivermectin trial, so we will see what they come up with. As far as India goes, the best way to have zero covid cases is to stop counting or recording them…corrupt third world countries might be a great choice for some to base their healthcare decisions upon, I prefer corrupt first world countries.
            As far as anecdotal information, I’ve heard numerous people claiming they were cured by ivermectin and then they go on to say how bad they still felt and how they were still suffering from covid until they got the monoclonal treatment but that it was ivermectin that cured them. Some people even needed to be admitted to the hospital after they’ve claimed covid made them better right away and cured them…seems like a strange cure to me. But that’s all anecdotal anyways.
            I’m not sure why anyone would give their health child the covid vaccine, other than if your child is severely immunocompromised then that is a different story and maybe something worth pursuing. I haven’t seen any information that suggests children should be vaccinated at the rates that adults, and especially older adults or those with comorbidities should…and that’s not to say they should be mandated to do so. I believe adults should be able to make informed decisions.
            It’s tough to know who or what to trust, those who provide proof of what they say is a good place to start.

  14. First of all, they don’t count the actual number of injections, just the vials. So if 10 vials go out from the main supply, then the bean counters will count that as injections given. Makes no difference if the vials are lost or destroyed.

  15. Steve O

    Another good reply, thank you. That’s interesting about the ivermectin studies and I may look into it if I get time and, yes, it could be true about India, also. A few things though: I was more interested in its safety as it and the people who touted it were attacked and many lost their practices. It’s like a lot of the insanity going on with the whole thing—trying to force the vax on people who already had COVID, on little children and even force booster shots on people who had bad reactions to the first shot (as just happened with a little girl in Viet Nam who they gave a booster to and she died hours later). And when the attacks on ivermectin first started it was around the same time Trump was touting HCQ and the media, fascist Fauci and many others attacked that, and mostly only because they hate Trump so much. It’s a drug that has been used by perhaps billions for 70 years!!! (Though HCQ can and has cause injuries in a small percent.) I’ve look into gobs of stuff on the safety of ivermectin and everything I’ve found says it’s one of the safest drugs ever. About 10 times as many people die from taking Tylenol every year. As far a the studies you mention and the ones on safety, I’m not a doctor of anything so I have to rely on others. Unfortunately, even then there’s opposite views on the exact same thing. I’ll include a link to a video about safety–hope it works and you decide for yourself but I really like the guy who did it.

    A second thing is, though you may be totally correct, the doctors who use ivermectin don’t use just that but have a “protocol” that includes other drugs, zinc and so on. So yes, maybe ivermectin isn’t the miracle some say it is. I’m personally going to use and believe those that have these protocols and say they’ve prevented 85 to 90% from ever having to go to the hospital or, as some say, have never lost one patient. I’m going to believe them over Fauci who lied through his teeth and worse—and especially about remdesivir and the hospitals that are murdering people with it. I doubt it’s still online but when they first started the study on whether it could treat COVID I was following it and it CLEARLY stated the study was to see if it would save lives. But then when Fauci announced it in the Oval Office (and genius Trump stood it the background shaking his head and smiling about it, TOTALLY missing the OBVIOUS lies) it change from saving lives to whether people recovered faster or not. In other words and by Fauci’s own admission, it saves ZERO lives. (I had another friend, my best friend in fact, die from COVID but his kidneys and liver were shutting down from the remdesivir also—as it has been known to do since it first came out. My friend was very high risk, mostly a bad heart.) I chose to believe those who have the protocols rather than those who rather see people die than simply try HCQ just because they hate Trump so much, won’t even let people try ANY alternate treatments, come out with outlandish accusations against doctors of which many have had very distinguished careers, been published hundreds of times in journals and so on….and just the total insanity out there with it like attacking a drug which pretty much eliminated river blindness off the face of the earth and for which the inventors received the Nobel Prize.

    I personally know of only two people who took ivermectin when they got COVID, a husband and wife, and they say it got them over it very quickly. Doesn’t prove anything of course—and, BTW, they had to get it from a vet. Finally, some thing that I would think nobody could deny are the reports from our military about how neurological disorders are up 1,000%, cancer up 300% and other things like the list on Wikipedia showing that soccer players in Europe falling over dead is up 500%. I also have a really hard time thinking that all the life insurance people are lying when they say deaths for 18 to 45 year olds are up 40% and as high as 60% in some States.

    • Rusty,
      I don’t disagree with most of what you say, but I don’t know much about the death rates for soccer players in Europe. As a guy who thinks soccer isn’t really a sport I can say I don’t pay much attention to their death rates, maybe they’ve started pretending to fall down too much and that is causing death now…I’m joking. Going back to the who to trust thing, like I said it’s tough to know who or what to trust, those who provide proof of what they say is a good place to start…I’m not sure wiki anything is a trusted source. I would also like to see where “all the life insurance people” are saying that “deaths for 18 to 45 year olds are up 40% and as high as 60% in some States” and is it possible that covid has anything to do with that?

  16. Hey Steve O
    I meant “I’d have a hard time believing” all the insurance people who are reporting increased deaths for 18 to 45 year old’s are lying—not that “all” of them are saying that.

    I can’t find the article that reported 18 to 45 (or maybe I got that number wrong) but here’s one that says 18 to 49 are up 40% nationally and as much as 65% in one State to a little as 10% in others. It has some pretty good links to other article, also (though there’s a few things about it I don’t like). I’ve also heard some try to say it’s because of fentanyl but all overdose deaths have increased 30,000 since 2019, not nearly enough to account for the increase.

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