Begich fundraiser at White Spot Cafe is a first for an iconic downtown diner


In a first for a downtown diner that has been a political hangout since before Statehood, the White Spot Cafe is going to be the place for a political fundraiser.

The candidate is Nick Begich for Congress, and the date is Feb. 15, 5:30-7 pm.

The White Spot, 109 W 4th Ave., is a classic hole-in-the-wall diner that specializes in breakfast and lunch, and especially is known for friendly staff, big portions, and good coffee. The diner survived the 1964 earthquake, the oil boom and bust, and even Covid shutdowns by Mayors Ethan Berkowitz and Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson, and it has a loyal clientele of civic and business leaders, many of whom have witnessed the history of the young state as it grew. It’s a place where elected officials, business owners, and blue collar workers come together to enjoy fresh halibut sandwiches. The current owner is John Bridges.

Begich, a Republican, is running for the seat now held by Congressman Don Young.


  1. The White Spot is tiny. If that’s where you’re holding a fundraiser you must not expect many people to show up.

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