Monopoly money: Alaska settlement from Suboxone will be $1 million


In a significant development, the Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor announced that a nationwide settlement has been reached with Indivior Inc., the maker of Suboxone, a widely used medication for treating opioid addiction.

The settlement, amounting to $102.5 million, involves 42 states, and Alaska’s share will be approximately $1,065,000.

The legal action against Indivior Inc. was initiated in 2016 when the states collectively filed a complaint alleging that the pharmaceutical company had engaged in illegal practices to manipulate the market for Suboxone.

The complaint claimed Indivior had sought to eliminate competition from Suboxone tablets in favor of the film version, thereby attempting to secure a monopoly in the opioid addiction treatment market. The trial for this case had been scheduled for September 2023.

Attorney General Taylor said, “This has been a long case. It shows that the state Attorneys General are united and committed to making sure that there are consequences for drug companies, and other companies, that try to game the system at the expense of consumers.”

The agreement, subject to approval by the court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, obligates Indivior Inc. to make a combined payment of $102.5 million to the participating states. Additionally, the company is required to adhere to specific injunctive terms that include the disclosure of all citizen petitions submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the introduction of new products, and any changes in corporate control. These measures aim to ensure that Indivior refrains from engaging in similar misconduct as alleged in the initial complaint.

Joining forces with Alaska in the settlement are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


  1. Cool, hold companies that practice shady tactics accountable. Is this really enough to deter them though? Last I checked Indivior Inc. is worth multiple billions with net revenues that are multiples of this judgement. Doesn’t seem like this will be hitting their bottom line any. Slap on the wrist?

  2. This is an interesting lawsuit, as it is challenging the proprietary time limited patent of a capitalistic organization to otherwise socialistically release its product to any competitor without compensation for research, development, investment, marketing, or political promotion. The invention of Suboxone in the 1970’s had to undergo FDA approval as a mild analgesic, as well as Congressional authorization which was finally approved in 2000 due to a 1914 Congressional stipulation regarding opioid treatment. The introduction of Suboxone resulted in Medication Assisted Treatment intervention, which was revolted upon by traditional treatment programs. The 2011, the Alaska Annual School of Addiction Conference had a reduction of 1/3 of attendees due to the theme being “Medication Assisted Treatment.” Over the years the M.A.T. / psycho-social treatment intervention with intent to taper off has been considered the gold star to help opioid dependent individuals, which over 80% became addicted due to medical procedures which other pharmaceuticals abused patients and healthcare providers for their benefit.

    Does this law suit make any sense or is it overgeneralizing pharmaceutics that have been involved in opioid related services? Is the premise of the law suit about monopoly? Generic Suboxone in tablet form was available but Indivior Inc. marketed another format that seemed to be preferred. Should any corporation / entrepreneur be worried that they are not “playing fair” when they have invented a “better mouse trap?” Should Apple have been forced to give away its platform to Microsoft to create Windows just because Microsoft wanted it? Should Alaska Grown products / fisheries have to give up proprietary products / fishing just because Washington State does not think we play fair?

    I strongly do not believe in monopoly of business. President Teddy Roosevelt was a our country’s champion to assure that corporate America is not run by monopolies. We all should be carefully watching this lawsuit as the implication regarding general capitalism and the entrepreneur spirit of marketing appears to be the essence of the suit.

  3. When are state attorney generals going to file lawsuits against Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc. for the severe injuries from C0v1d jabs as documented in VAERS? Sudden death, aggressive cancers, blood clots, stroke, cardio issues, etc. etc. etc. of the magnitude experienced during the last couple of years must have consequences. These companies manipulated data and attempted to hold off submitting requested data for 75 years. This potential fraud/racketeering activity more than likely pierces the immunity from damages. No one was given informed consent as there were no information actually provided to victims, many who were mandated into getting the poison jabs. If scientific debate is NOT allowed, then it isn’t scientific but merely more propaganda. We must all unite and fight for our medical freedom and stop the insane behavior before the next plandemic. Fauci lied and thousands died and or/were severely injured. If humanity doesn’t learn from history/mistakes we are doomed to repeat them. These tyrannical activities must not be allowed again. The UN and WHO must not be allowed to usurp sovereignty over any nation. Again, shutting down debate as mis information or dis information by WHO is a violation of American’s Constitutional Rights. Spying on Americans should never be allowed by foreign entities and should NOT be tolerated by any NGO or federal entity or corporations and NEVER social media. All politicians have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. It is time for Alaska’s Attorney General to defend Alaskan’s Constitutional Rights. No to any shape fashion or form of medical tyranny and NO to WHO/UN pandemic treaty!!

    § 5. Oath of Office

    All public officers, before entering upon the duties of their offices, shall take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Alaska, and that I will faithfully discharge my duties as . . . to the best of my ability.”

  4. Let us use this money toward evidence based efficacious treatment programs rather residential only. The evidenced based efficacious opioid treatment is medication assisted treatment with psychotherapy. Such effective programs view the M.A.T. as 1/10 medication and 7/10 psychotherapy (e.g. group / individual). Most programs in Alaska are not doing the evidence based format rather taking the money and blaming the client for not changing. Let us be strategic to help.

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