Anchorage police refers people to youth gender-bending local nonprofit


The Anchorage Police Department is celebrating Pride Month, and in a social media post has referred residents to a local nonprofit associated with the gender transition movement.

Identity Inc. engages in helping youth make the “transition” from one gender identity to another.

In material published on its own website, the gender identity group says that although hormone treatments are “off label” for gender transition purposes, they have been used safely for years, a claim that is disputed by some who have gone through the treatments and suffered long-term consequences.

Identity Inc has published consent forms on its website to assist pre-teens in their gender identity change, starting with hormone treatments. The consent form presents itself as an authoritative document that has several places for youth and guardians to sign.

The Anchorage Police Department joins other law enforcement arms, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, in making June a month that focuses on gender, rather than public safety.


  1. Protecting and serving applies to everyone, even the small vulnerable communities. A tweet attempting to foster trust in a much scrutinized minority community does literally no harm to the rest of us. I’m so tired of this anger machine. Let’s go back to manufacturing local goods and services, and less manufactured outrage.

    • A lot of people still don’t realize how the trans community is being fostered, then used.

      Et tu, Socrates?

      The fact that a local PD is involved, however indirectly, in a process that will further damage young people who are already at risk is cause for enormous concern. What they are doing is neither protecting nor serving.

      • I’m having a hard time understanding your point. Are you claiming that there is a large conspiracy to create more transgendered people and use them for some purpose? Are you further claiming that the local PD is in cahoots with said conspiracy?

        I don’t think this is what you’re claiming, because that seems much less likely than a local PD making a statement of support to a community that has nearly a 50% suicide rate on average. A simple use of comforting words that may very literally save lives of people currently in crisis if they feel the world is against them.

      • What about when the kid is contacting the police, or found to be whereever the kid is-that the kid is on the street because their parents kicked ‘em out of their home Jenk? THAT is damagingto the kid, and cause for consideration.

    • ets says: “A tweet attempting to foster trust in a much scrutinized minority community does literally no harm to the rest of us”

      Literally no harm unless APD is actively helping Identity, Inc recruit and groom kiddos. That’s harmful, I think. Cheers –

    • Et_tu_socrates I agree that we shouldn’t be generating this rage machine. APD shouldn’t be stirring the pot with this BS. It is counterproductive. There is a big difference between being aware of mental illness and telling kids and everyone that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being LGBTQ+ and that the only drawbacks are due to social norms we can change through June “pride” month.

      And I wonder if Identity Clinic is training medical staff, therapists, police officers, school teachers etc that if a kid says she is a boy when she is a girl to not do anything or say anything that exposes how false that reality is? I wonder if they even train people to not grimace, but smile when they hear a child decide to go down a path of high suicide rate, as you mention.

    • It might not be that conservative, but show me a single community where the trendy left isn’t more imposing than the rest of the population.

      Conservatives have been choosing flight over fight for far too long. And before you strawman attack me lefties, by fight I don’t mean violence, destruction, bullying, or weapons. Don’t project.

    • Sorry, We NEED to know what’s happening in our own back yard, even if it is this “crap” that is harming the wild imagination of young minds.

      • Identity’s forms show parent involvement.

        I understand you believe you as director ofgovernment believe the government, by enacting laws and consequences, knows better than parents.
        I thought you are not generally keen about the government raising our children.

  2. I looked on APD Twitter, which I believe the pic is referencing (with the BLue Check), and there is no tweet like this. The latest tweet is May 26, much more than the 1 day in the pic. Nothing in the month of May resembling the pic. So did they delete it, or is this a pic of some other media???

  3. We shouldn’t be encouraged to favor a person or a people over another. We are all children of Adam and Eve made in God’s image. Our law enforcement isn’t supposed to play favorites. These officers took an oath to protect All not just a select group.

    • Jen wrote: We shouldn’t be encouraged to favor a person or a people over another.

      And then says we are all children og Adam and Eve made in God’s image-a view favoring Abrahamic religious thought.

      • Whether you like it or not Maureen, you are created in God’s image. Adam and Eve were the first humans. And it wasn’t Abraham’s thoughts, it was God’s thoughts. And actions. God loves you so much he sent his son to die a horrendous death foe you. Go ahead and twist it all you want. You can fight truth but truth will win in the end.

        • Like it or not this thing about being made in god’s image belief, itis according to a particular religious belief, one of millions of different religious beliefs across the world.

          Go ahead and rely on the one thing you accept-your religion. Keep it out of my government Elizabeth.

  4. Seems like the police should stay focused on what they are paid for. Public safety and law enforcement. They should inform their union leaders that they don’t want to participate in politics.

  5. For example I don’t see people both in the church and outside the church taking an interest to understand and know a single parent they work with or they see at church, praising this overlooked group that have more members than the group we being told to be praised. People don’t even look for ways to friend, get to know, and help these small unconventional families. That’s why we shouldn’t be encouraged to favor one group over another. Favoritism promotes further division and unbalance. It’s an abomination to God; it’s using unequal weights and measures.

    • That’s a sad comment on your church. Perhaps try another.

      Maybe on that follows the Bible as written, not the version you often use.

  6. I knew it was deeper than we all realized. Frigging LGTBQ alphabet people sickness!! Anchorage Police, and the FBI!?! What the hell type of twilight zone are we in???

        • Fire I noticed YOU brought up two quite serios accusations. Interesting what’s on YOUR mind.

          Lay off the pain meds please-I don’t like taking the incredibly low dose I do take-but it sure does help with the complicating feature of pain within this now 6th year of experience and treatmentStage IV Cancer.

          • At this point, I believe you are lying about your “cancer”. You play that sad story sympathy card to manipulate people. I think you’ve been doing it your whole life.

          • Fire-At this point I believe you meet me tomorrow at Prov Anchorage Imaging (2:15) for my chest CT to look at the ground glass opacity in my lungs, a side effect of my mirvetuximab infusion, that was seen as worse than my CT in March. This CT scan to more fully see my lungs/function given the findings of my neck to mid-thigh CT scan of 3 weeks ago.

            Or my appointment on Wednesday with Dr. Joanie Hope @ Alaska Women’s Cancer Care 10a, or Infusion just downstairs at Prov Infusion 11a.

            I think you are sorely misinformed. I think you have been your entire life.

    • Bless and thank you Daisy !! Even Fred Meyer’s‘s Kroger company all out for them but do they ever think that other loyal customers or any conservative or even a left leaning person for their money they spend no they don’t but this week this month they’re all out for LGBTQ the whole alphabet, not my dollar Not till it’s done at the end of the month

  7. Ya gotta give alphabet people some credit. It takes some talent to pull off a whole month were everyone bows to them. They are a very small portion of our population yet wield the power of social media and main stream media to instill fear and divide the masses. It’s just like yelling racist or fascist ,,,, there money to be made. Black Lives Matter people got rich and never addressed black on black crime. Seward sucks this time of year. Last year I asked the bartender where the American flag was ,,,, multicolored hair face piercing freaks yelled at me to leave because I’m homophobic. Yeah ,, all I did was ask a question and they immediately went ballistic. I left disgusted. Buisnisses disregard common Americans and give in to the alphabet people out of fear of the screaming mob. Sad

    • Whole montha to Military appreciation and the other for military families. Plus Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

      Think of all the money made from those.

      • Apples to Oranges comparison. Military members and their families chose to serve their country and more than 1.1 million paid the ultimate price for that service. Many more suffered tremendously with PTSD based on what they saw and did, or with physical wounds from war. Having an entire month to celebrate an alphabet soup of gender is not, in any way, comparable to those we honor for military service, including their families who in many ways sacrifice just as much. Frankly Maureen that’s an offensive statement and shows disrespect to military families.

        • No it doesn’t. I get you think it does. There was no attempt to be offensive only clarify for people who give the LGBTQ+ community a hard time for their month and complain The Military gets only Memorial Day.

          M&M’s-do you realize how many folks in that community suffer PTSD, assault, TBI, and or death experiences just for being who they are?

          • They weren’t born that way they have a choice if they choose to be ridiculed by their actions which is against all what we have learned over the past 50+ years in our lives what America is it’s not this it is not this they are ruining our children it’s disgusting that parents allow their children to go to those Nasty shows. Those people are evil to dance in front of small children and a half naked the parents need to be arrested.

          • The whole matter IS they WERE born that way.

            YOU were not born a Christian. Your parents and the church they took you to made you that way. Kinda disgusting when you consider indoctrination concerns Granny.

          • If they were truly born that way, Maureen, then there is literally nothing for them to be “proud” about in being homosexual.

            Are you ‘proud’ that you are a woman, or that you have whatever eye color you have? It is the exact same thing.

    • Sounds like you do not bow to them. Why can’t you swerve and hang with people who think like you do. Surely you’d be more comfortable. I think the Christian religions are nonsense but I don’t attend to heckle.

      In other words, support liberty and freedom

  8. Also the newest police academy graduating class has quite a few porkers in it. So physical fitness requirements seem to be discrimatory also.

  9. So APD is virtue signaling too. Celebrating pride month is celebrating despair and sadness. Gender confusion is not normal, it is fraught with dysfunction and to celebrate it is at its foundation, cruelty. I do not dislike people struggling with gender dysphoria. I have worked with, lived with, and been long time friends over my long life with a number of people struggling with gender issues. ALL had history that set the stage for their battles. This is not something to embrace or celebrate but to view for what it is – the result of a very fallen world. Some people struggle with substance abuse, some with eating disorders, some with self harm and some with gender dysphoria, along with other -phobias, -phorias, and -isms. None of it should be celebrated. All of us dealing with such struggles need help, not encouragement to stay in our dark hole. Shame on APD, and all the other destructive virtue signalers.

    • Hey Elizabeth-Ask Covenant House downtown how common teenage homelessness in Alaska is because of ‘Christian’ parents kicking their queer teenager out of the house.

  10. Everybody should educate themselves on these gruesome surgeries that never end well. Vaginoplasty is a constant battle with infection and pain and requires daily dilations to keep from healing shut as your body tries to heal the wound.
    Phalloplasty takes flesh from your thighs and tries to make a penis with a permanent catheter implanted. You then go through life with a flaccid piece of rotting flesh that needs constant medical treatments These surgical procedures are satanic rituals that mocks the Human dignity

    • Good luck-this is likely a nationwide police thing. But I get it. You would lean toward defunding the police for this, amirite?

  11. The hate is strong. Any sign of empathy or compassion is met with damnation and vitriol. Nobody wants to groom your kids. But there are kids who were born different and feel true pain until the figure out who they are. Brothers or cousins who enjoy playing with Barbies instead of baseballs and don’t know why. Did you know they are humans?? Did you know they have rights?? You don’t have to like them but they have the same rights as you. Save the hysteria for when the drag queens start marching into elementary schools with AR15’s like the entitled white kids do. Until then, be better. We all have room for improvement

    • You are part of the problem and clouded with obvious amounts of distorting hate. You should watch “Affirmation Generation”. You won’t enjoy it because it won’t flatter you but you should trust it more because it’s made by a bunch of lefties that you won’t assume are full of “hate”. ‘

  12. Thankfully at least a few folk writing in comments (especially you, Maureen!) seem to legitimately care about the community being harmed by this hate-mongering publication that seeks to actively promote hate speech.

  13. Went to Anchorage Airport the other day. Not an Anchorage resident and have not been to Anchorage in the last twelve months. At 5 am weather was a cool 53F with steady drizzle. While entering city limits on 5th Ave. first I saw several people passed out laying alongside the road, filthy clothes soaked by rain. Next block I encountered people stumbling down the sidewalks, zombies intoxicated or stoned. Next block dysfunctional homosexual/lesbian sex flags taped to storefront windows. Next up a shiny new high rise building ablaze with homosexual/lesbian colored lights with dozens more zombies scattered about. Made the turn onto Minnesota and next up saw an apartment building with stairwell lit up with homosexual/lesbian lighting and more zombies.
    Venturing back made a quick stop at McDonald’s for a bite to eat. More of the same. While in the drive through line I watched as a panhandler made the rounds and then in plain view took out a glass pipe to smoke his drugs as Anchorage P.D. just cruised by.
    End of the month I was taking guests from out of state to the Museum and then dinner at Simon and Seafort’s. Plans changed. No way will I ever go to or stop in Anchorage for ANYTHING in the future. What a filthy cesspool it has become!!

    • Exactly. Well made point. You will be really disappointed to see what we have done to our biggest venue. It’s become the zombie nest that seems to be just making more zombies.

  14. You are fringe and twisted. You also are either naive or a pedophile. If you can’t see reality and nature you have no place around our children.

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