Alaska LGBTQ advocacy group pushes Alaska children toward financial aid for puberty-blocking hormonesAl


Psst. The first one’s free, kid.

Identity Inc, an Anchorage-based advocacy group for those with alternative gender and sexual preferences, is encouraging children to get in touch with the organization if the children want help getting puberty blocking chemical treatments. In a social media post, Identity Inc. tells kids they will be put in contact with the Rainbow Youth Project USA, which helps children get the chemical treatments that are the first step in transgenderism. Once children block their progress through puberty by using hormones, they can then later get surgically castrated, have their breasts removed, and get other surgeries to change their appearance so they look more like the opposite gender.

Boys who take these drugs can force their voices to remain at a higher range and they may be able to prevent facial and chest hair from appearing. For girls, they can prevent the onset of their menstrual cycle, and can slow down the growth of breasts. Children who are enticed to go this route face a lifetime of dependency on pharmaceuticals and many of them endure side effects in what is still uncharted and unregulated medical territory.

Read about trans surgery sexual pain issues at The Daily Mail.

Rainbow Youth Project USA offers financial help for youth who wish to transition their gender appearance, which is also called “gender affirming care.”

But wait, there’s more: For those children living in states that prohibit Medicaid public funds from being used for such a purpose, the Rainbow Youth Project USA will offer help, including scheduling appointments for children with physicians who do this kind of work.

Identity Inc. offers a list of Alaska health care providers who are working in this field, which the group calls “LGBTQIA2S+ Affirming Physical Health Providers” at this link. The list of Alaska physicians includes what Identity refers to as pediatric endocrinologists, or those doctors who work with youth with hormone disorders.


  1. One thing I flat can’t fathom.

    Why any alleged, caring adult would push the concept of altering nature (party of science my butt) on children.

    There is a precedent. The Nazis loved experimenting on children. So does the progressive, “compassionate” left.

    It’s obscene and inhumane. In short, classically progressive.

  2. Sick freaks.
    What more can be said about people like this?
    PS: I find it utterly disgusting, vulgar, and dehumanizing to find anyone basing their personal identity primarily on their sexual preferences. To do so is to de-emphasize and denigrate all that makes us uniquely human, that being our intellect, our reason, our culture and our morality. Sexuality includes none of those things.

    • What Rainbow Youth Project does has absolutely nothing to do with sexual preference. It’s not relevant at all. I think maybe learning about what transgender is about might be in order.

  3. Used to be about all I could do to tolerate the mild mannered, run of the mill freaks. But I begrudgingly made allowances and did. Then their ‘movement’ was co-opted and they became the equivalent of steroid enhanced, and turned into Communist Freaks.

    I may be slow, but I am steady, and my tolerance for this nonsense has been zeroed out. They have zero tolerance, and if that is how they intend to treat their neighbors, they deserve nothing in less in return. Make no peace with evil.
    Having destroyed moderation, they have no business complaining into the face of righteous indignation having evolved into something more fierce. It is not for me to tip the scales, and really there is no need since the Communists are hard at it. Equilibrium can only be successfully denied up until it can’t.

  4. SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! They have no idea what they are doing to that generation of kids. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. Anything goes and the parents are to have no choice or input to the matter. And if the parents are encouraging the kids to go for these blockers, they need to be charged with child abuse.

    • It’s the children coming to parents about feeling different, not the other way around away. I have no idea what the sodom and gonorrah comment means. This isn’t about having sex, it’s who you feel like on the inside.

    • Greg, ignoring them has deposited us at this juncture, where it seems perfectly alright to these groups to eliminate parental authority and arrogantly decree what is good for children of apparently any age. Young children have no concept of “gender” and the lifelong implications and so are easy targets for these fanatics to fill their mind with topics that they are not mature and experienced enough to rationally or emotionally deal with. It is time for parents to stand up and say “no, not my child”

      • What are you going to do go out and kill them All? When I said ignore them, I was referring to ignoring them the same way I would a piece of dog crap on the sidewalk. Simply walk around them and continue on. You can’t be Don Quixote with everything you come across. It’s best to arm yourself, and approach those that cause you physical harm or potentially that. Talk to your kids. Have the grown up talk even though they may not be ready for it. That’s the best way to educate the kids about these freaks. When I was getting beat down daily while attending grade school by black children, I came up with a little plan to help me cope. The teachers all look the other way because they were afraid of repercussions. I used to wear my heavy winter coat till the end of May to soften some of the blows that I would receive in the halls and in the classroom. My plan and it worked for me was to picture the offenders in a slave situation. The lighter skin girls that were pretty worked in the houses, and the smaller boys worked in the fields. The bigger stronger boys I imagined working in the swamps cutting and dragging logs out and draining the swamps for farmland. Anytime someone hurts you, it can be helpful to put them in a worse off situation than you are in.

      • Most of the parents support their children’s desire to transition. It’s important to do this before they decide to end their lives and that happens many times more often than usual. When trans kids read things like what is posted on here it lets them know they aren’t wanted as they are so they try to end their lives. There is no eliminating parental authority. At the present time there is no one under 18 getting help from this organization but there should be. All these new laws making trans kids feel like they aren’t wanted and that there is something seriously wrong with them. That’s on you all!

      • Oh but they do know what gender is, they know they feel different than what society says they should. Ignoring that sets them up for suicide. You can’t pretend your child isn’t trans when they are, same as you can’t ignore when they are gay. It could cost them their lives.

  5. The very same people who are not mature enough to understand a student loan apparently ARE mature enough to make life, and body, altering decisions before they are 13.
    Can’t understand the long term repercussions from signing a loan agreement, but is perfectly capable of understanding the life long commitment gender altering drugs will have on their life. Got it…

  6. The time is nearing where we as a nation are going to have to rise up against this tyranny and pedo pushing nut jobs or fall like the empires of old… I have a hard time believing how this state, of all the states, has turned out like this… pathetic and disgraceful

  7. PROVIDENCE is on the list.
    What a fabulous CATHOLIC institution that is!
    Don’t you think our wonderful Archbishop would be spending his time on THAT problem, rather than attacking HRA?

    • Don’t forget the Covenant House is now LGBT. For all those donnating to “Click Pick” research your preference Non-profit.

  8. Why the insistence of Puberty Blockers? Is it to keep children in perpetual adolescence? What happens to a child’s brain as it goes through puberty? Why do these people seek to thwart the natural process and thereby rob a child of his or hers development? Seems very unnatural to me.

  9. Call me dumb and old! But I do t get it? If someone loves a spirit and character wouldn’t you just love them? Or thyself? Regardless , of sex, body style, coloring? Why? Are you physically changing yourself? I’m not getting it! Sorry! Make me understand! This!

  10. “Children who are “enticed” to go this route face a lifetime of dependency on pharmaceuticals and many of them endure side effects in what is still uncharted and unregulated medical territory.
    This is not a true statement. They are NOT ENTICED!
    obviously, you have purposely skewed this story driven by your theocracy personal beliefs. You are not a journalist you are a theological hack.

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