And for the toddler, a book for learning your ‘Gay B Cs’


Hearthside Books in Juneau is promoting books for the holiday season, and its catalog features a book for the grand-babies: “Gay BCs”.

“The GayBCs,” released last month by Quirk Books, is authored by a gay graphic designer who wants to ensure parents are having a dialogue with their children about their sexual orientation at a very young age.

Hence, they can learn their alphabet letters and also be discussing their sexual attraction through various terms and jingles:

  • C is for Coming Out
  • G is for Gay. “It’s a word that implies you’re a girl who likes girls, or a guy who likes guys.”
  • I is for Intersex. “Some are born with the parts of both a boy and a girl; bodies are works of art!”
  • P is for Pan. “You connect with a vibe. No matter the gender, it’s about what’s inside.”
  • Q is for Queer
  • T is for Trans.” It’s a brave step to take, to live as the gender you know is innate.”

An entire LGBTQ+ vocabulary of 26 words is taught in the book through rhymes and illustrations. The author says it’s meant for children ages 4-8, but at Amazon, it’s marketed “for children of all ages.” All the reviewers on the Amazon page for the book give it five stars and glowing accolades.

“A playdate extravaganza transforms into a celebration of friendship, love, and identity as four friends sashay out of all the closets, dress up in a wardrobe fit for kings and queens, and discover the wonder of imagination. From A is for Ally to F is for Family to Q is for Queer, debut author/illustrator M. L. Webb’s bright illustrations and lively, inclusive poems delight in the beauty of embracing one’s truest self. A glossary in the back offers opportunity for further discussion of terms and identities.”

Hearthside is featuring the book as part of a page of gay and feminist literature.

The children’s book is not to be confused with the adult book by the same name. Shoppers won’t want to accidentally purchase the adult book thinking it’s for kids. It’s much more adult.

“Gay BCs,” authored and illustrated by Canadian designer Rae Congdon, is marketed as a “A cheeky, progressive adult alphabet book that celebrates and illuminates LGBTQ terminology.”

According to Greystone Books, it’s “a playful, subversive alphabet book that aims to spread awareness and demystify gay and queer terminology for everyone. Instead of appleball, and chick, this book’s ABCs are allybisexual, and cisgender. A ladybug gains a matching girlfriend to become lesbiankiss becomes kink, and tie gets a twist to become transgender. Using straightforward, accessible language, GAYBCs also defines less commonly known terms, such as “femme,” “Mx.,” and “ze,” and puts LGBTQ-friendly spins on words like “wedding” and “equality.” With clear definitions and clever illustrations, this book is accessible to everyone from teenagers to grandparents and those in the LGBTQ community as well as family, friends, and allies of all backgrounds. A fun and informative adult picture book, GAYBCs is a queer ABCs for our modern world.”


  1. Arrrrrgh! Let the kids figure it out for themselves!!! Preferences will surface and then those people who prefer their own sex can figure it out for themselves!! Speaking truth!! The “ committee” would do best by featuring literature on famous Lesbian and Gay people who influenced the world…and leave it at that! Leave the poor kids alone. 8 year olds are the most pure people on earth. Let them have that glorious year!!! ( retired elem. teacher, 30 years)

  2. What is really behind their agenda? Is it to normalize this complete weirdness of nature? To put more LGBTQ into society so that their numbers swell for political purposes? To mess-up the minds of young people and create more flesh for the indulgence of crafty queers? Or, is it being advanced as a population control mechanism? Why is this crap being generated so fast and why is normal society allowing it to be moved into the minds of our children?

    • Judie,
      Think “Eugenics”…
      “the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics”
      As more and more lesbians parent children by means of artificial insemination, the traits that many look for in the “donor” catalog are blond hair, blue eyes and taller in height.
      This new way of breeding will have many unexpected consequences in our future as children are born without knowing their fathers and are raised in a vacuum of propaganda.

    • Judie, hats of to you for being so unambiguously homophobic. Not everyone has the courage to so completely out themselves. You are an inspiration, I’m sure, to everyone sitting on a silent powder keg of hate but scared to let it explode into daylight.

      • B, just b/c you support contraindicating nature’s preference towards natural selection, please don’t bully Judie for being brutally honest about her questions of our politically twisted times. (See Mr. Stine’s comments above). Apparently, these lesbian mother-wanbabees prefer a Hitlerian approach to seeking stereotype children. Odd…..coming from so-called diversity worshippers.

        • Paul, please don’t re-brand my comment as bullying when I’m simply calling out Judie’s homophobic and hate-filled leanings. See: “create more flesh for the indulgence of crafty queers.” And then there’s Steve’s totally unsubstantiated eugenics comment (which is incorrectly in quotes, by the way) that further attempts to demonize a class of people. The book may be over the top, but not half as over the top as the hateful and godless comments from this group. If only we had a god that taught forgiveness and acceptance.

          • And God talked about a man and a woman — not educating kids with this adult matter. Let’s teach them about animal abuse, robbery, blowing up people and anything else an adult can do you do not like. That way they can make a great decision on what they want to do in life at an adult age.

  3. And “To Kill a Mockingbird” is banned? Perseverance Theater drops “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”? And this book is for “kids of all ages“. Has the world fallen off its axis?

    • Why is “To Kill a Mockingbird” banned? Is it because the n word is used? Mark Twain use that word in his books. It was a sign of the times and yes things have changed now but to try to erase history is wrong. Pretty soon they’ll be saying that the Holocaust never happened…… Oh wait they already are saying that.

  4. The CDC states 65% of ALL NEW HIV CASES will occur in the gay Community… why do we allow them to push this dangerous and lethal lifestyle on our children……dying with fungus growing down your throat is not what we have in mind for our precious children.

  5. I heard an interesting story from my friends on the East Coast…
    Two lesbians who parented a child through artificial insemination were giving lectures at their child’s kindergarten classroom.
    The topic of the discussion with the young children was “same sex marriage” and explaining why some kids nowadays have two moms instead of a mom and a dad.
    Although I am all for equality, it is disturbing that the public school system is indoctrinating these alternative lifestyle choices into young minds….at such a young age.
    The public educational system is failing our children in so many ways these days and many parents are once again dedicating the time it takes for home school education as the early learning alternatives looks bleak.

  6. So now we are to discuss sexual attraction with toddlers and preschoolers? It is indeed all about sex, an entire world, identity and agenda built upon fornication. Something that used to be a privately intimate mutual interaction, not an identity, that wasn’t force-broadcasted to every person breathing air. Very sad and sick. Perhaps someone might write a book expounding a ‘heterosexual alphabet’? Sodom and Gomorrah all over again as history repeats itself.

  7. The most popular sites in the internet are PORN. Straight porn, gay porn, tranny porn, animal porn, weird porn, child porn. You name it…… The internet is now porn driven and it’s really wrecking our country.

    • This is because hollyweird and the music and entertainment industries and college professors have been allowed to freely promote their sick ideas to the last several generations. More people are against all this sick crap than you may realize. So many are too afraid to make their opinions known because of being branded a “fill in the blank” phobe, and bringing harm to their families through vengeful retaliation.

  8. Grounded in science and contextualized in thousands of years of mankind’s history, there is just no other way to put it: sexual activity and the pursuit of it under the LGBTQ definition is an anomaly in the animal kingdom. Except for generous, apologetic societies, this really is not the new standard, but rather, a compelling sensitivity towards people with mental illnesses who use the legal system to demand attention to their illnesses.

  9. Talk about something needing to be banned. Good grief let children grow up without this garbage! No place for it in schools.. If this is a toddler book then please no one buy the junk. That’s all it is. They are using children at every turn to get their way. The LGBTQ crowd needs to be disbanded.. All they are doing is pushing a sick agenda into our kids now with books. Disgusting. Like I said. No one buy it.

  10. NCCA Division 1 Transgender Male win Women’s running event. Today’s Headlines.
    It all starts at an early age.
    With Cross Dressers Reading in Public Library s across the Nation with the complete blessing of the P/C Media. It is no surprise that a home grown Homosexual book aimed at young kids would originate in Juneau.
    I could care less if a man wants to wear his underwear s backwards.
    But… I am done with men competing in women s sporting events, over the top propaganda on a life style CHOICE
    and it being my problem because YOU are confused. ENOUGH.

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