Media loses interest in Waukesha massacre


An analysis by the Washington Free Beacon shows that the mainstream media, unlike its obsession with the Kyle Rittenhouse “white supremacist” narrative, has lost interest in the massacre of six people and the injury of 40 more at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

On Sunday, Darrell Brooks, 39, allegedly plowed his maroon SUV through the parade, running over grandmothers and children alike, and creating a horrific scene that was described by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post, and other outlets as an “incident” and a “crash.”

The driver of the SUV was not white, and the corporate media has quickly lost interest, barely mentioning the sixth death, that of a child, on its front pages on Wednesday.

Instead, the Washington Post led with a story about white supremacists, as did the New York Times, writing about a 2017 Charlottesville, Va. rally during which James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injury 35.

After Sunday’s attack, Brooks was officially charged on Tuesday with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide, and a sixth charge was expected after the death of the child. Waukesha Police Chief Daniel said, “This is not a terrorist event.”

Brooks, who had been released on previous charges, is the product of the progressive criminal justice reform movement, similar to what Alaska Gov. Bill Walker signed into law with Senate Bill 91 in 2016, which was repealed by the Alaska Legislature and Gov. Mike Dunleavy as one of their first acts in 2018.

Brooks was let out of jail after having two weeks earlier allegedly punching and running over his girlfriend said to be the mother of his child.

Wednesday’s edition of The Washington Post mentioned the mass slaughter at the bottom of the front page, and the Times also positioned it at the bottom of Page One, calling it a crash.

“CNN, meanwhile, was not featuring a single story about the Waukesha tragedy on its homepage as of Wednesday afternoon. The news network, however, did prominently feature an ‘analysis’ piece headlined ‘Biden spins a message of hope as an anxious nation readies for Thanksgiving,’ as well as a report that former president Donald Trump ‘now has a ninth-degree black belt in taekwondo,'” The Beacon described.

Read the Washington Free Beacon analysis here.


    • The fact of the matter is that almost all news now is fake to some degree – not entirely false, to be sure (excluding the laughable stuff coming from Q, etc.). Show me a news outlet that doesn’t identify with a particular political point of view. They all push stories that align with their political philosophy, keep old stories that should have died long ago running ad nauseum just to keep viewers jacked up. Even factual stories are written such that they adopt a particular tone that insinuates. Interpretations are given which color stories so that they neatly fit the preconceived notions of their viewers. Stories are cherry-picked to fit the desired political narrative. And in many cases, lies are promoted as fact, or at least tacitly reinforced, in order to keep the clicks and eyeballs coming.

      That’s just the world we live in now. Walter Cronkite must be spinning in his grave.

      And the worst thing about it is that it is done in the quest for profit.

      • Yeah but some networks are very much worse. Only BBC and Fox actually cover news stories. The rest cover special interests…buzzfeed.
        Anyone who gets there news from npr or cnn are Karen’s and closet racists.

    • The news media is a Domestic terrorist group most definitely. Lying sacks. You have to read 10 publications just to figure out if a particular issue really happened. The media has zero integrity just a bunch of thin skinned clowns for reporters.

  1. It doesn’t fit their narrative.
    The current presidency strives to divide, slander, and label loving parents as terrorists while preventing them from defending their children against this tyrannical regime.

  2. Of course they won’t keep this story alive – it doesn’t fit their narrative: Narrative in this case is anything that they can spin to promote radical communist change in society. Kyle Rittenhouse fits their narrative, even though many lies were published to make it look like a violent white-supremacist was set free – a narrative designed to increase bitterness, resentment, and division among Americans. You can’t spin Brooks – a loser and violent man who happened to be of African descent and covered with tatoos (gang-related?) – intentionally committing vehicular assault and manslaughter against a parade of white grannies and kids. Looks too much like a gimme to the lock-’em-up-and-throw-away-the-key narrative. My guess is the msm buries this so deep they won’t report on his trial outcome – afraid of the outrage when Brooks is given a chance at parole after his six or seven life sentences.

      • Let’s compare:

        Autocracy, guns, revolution, insurrection, White supremacy, Big Lies.


        Compassion, fairness, equality of opportunity, tolerance, justice.

        Yeah, the Dems are all about Darkness…

        • Let’s compare:
          Authoritarianism, ‘wokeness’, divisive racialism, Non-white Supremacy, pro-corporation, pro-corporate media, fiscal recklessness, boarder insanity, hysterical fearmongering, rabid censorship and suppression of debate, systemic corruption of the vote, military fecklessness, mandates, mandates, mandates.
          Individual autonomy and liberty, self-reliance, healthy respect for and proper understanding of relative risks, racial blindness, securing the boarder, securing the integrity of elections, freedom of expression and debate, individual choice instead of governmental coercion.
          Boy, such a hard choice we face here!

        • Saw all that from your daily corporate media propaganda
          White-black evil-good hero- villain
          Nuance is dead and people, like the dog here, killed it when they allowed Trump to break their brains

  3. “”

    Black shoots up part of town with AK-47…Never heard of it???? Happened during the Rittenhouse trial…. of course not!

  4. This is the SAME sheriff in this SAME town that marched with BLM last year and ordered his officers who were at the march to be on their knees to show, I don’t know, repentance for all the slaves they just released earlier that week, I think.
    We saw the photos of the cops on their knees last year. This was the town. This was the sheriff.

  5. Oh, his bail two day before? 1000 bucks.
    “See? We have now stopped systemic racism,” said all the bail reformers who seem to hail from one party.

  6. It’s just dead white people, killed by a black man. The media doesn’t care. Reverse the races, however….

  7. The Washington Post has changed its slogan to “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” presumably in response to its ongoing battle with President Donald Trump. A newspaper changing its slogan is a rare event. The Post has previously used the slogan, “The paper that digs deeper.” [February 2017].

    Apparently, it no longer digs deeper into the stories it prints and democracy died in the darkness at this paper a long time ago.


  8. Well, you know, on the day of the recent Arbery verdict, CNN was covering it extensively as one would expect. So I switched to Fox just to see what they were broadcasting, and it was all about gas prices and the stolen election.

    So it’s pretty obvious these days that each channel broadcasts that which fits their viewers’ politics. The Fairness Doctrine is long gone. MRAK is no different.

    And this is killing America.

    • The “fairness doctrine” always intrigued me. Thomas Sowell said:” It is not what is best, but WHO decides what is best.” Somehow the “fairness doctrine” always applied to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, but never to the Clinton News Network.
      Why not simply report. The good, the bad and the ugly?
      BTW Dog you are wrong Fox reported on the Abery trial every day, it just wasn’t the ONLY thing they talked about.

  9. Our judicial system has been broken for a long time. Why is somebody not in jail over the capitol deaths? Why now people get arrested by the feds at early morning swat raids? Why are bail and sentence amounts so far apart? If your poor or a normal citizen you have no chance against the political system. They have too much power.

  10. Corporate media nowadays is the propaganda arm of the government, similar to Pravda from Russia’s experiment with Communism days. Didn’t the Washington Post sign a multi- million dollar contract with the CIA not too long ago? For the dummies out there just look up Project Mockingbird which shows clearly, with de-classified CIA documents, how the government attempted and succeeded in corrupting American media.

  11. “……..The driver of the SUV was not white, and the corporate media has quickly lost interest, barely mentioning the sixth death, that of a child, on its front pages on Wednesday.
    Instead, the Washington Post led with a story about white supremacists, as did the New York Times, writing about a 2017 Charlottesville, Va. rally during which James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injury 35………”
    Would diversionary “news reporting” like this be called misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, or exactly what? I think it’s interesting to note that Satan doesn’t attack humanity with nuclear weapons. He uses lies, and gets us to use the nukes on ourselves. And every topic under the sun, including the weather, can be lied about.

    • What about the above passage is false, Reggie? And how is the truth “diversionary?” The conservative news media sprang up to counter a false and increasingly dangerous racial narrative being perpetrated by Wapo, NYT, CNN, and MSNBC; and being perpetrated for reasons that are lost to those who get their news only from those outlets.

  12. Right when this story broke you knew it was going to be dropped very shortly. Immediately it was coined a “non terrorist” event. Biden said he wouldn’t comment until he had all the facts, and he has yet to comment. Darrell Brooks prostituted young girls and ran over his own girlfriend or “baby mama.” Just dead silence from the media and what ever happened to the MeToo# movement?

  13. Of course the MSM have buried this story. They have blood on their hands by inciting Brooks to kill as many whites as possible with their lies about the Ritenhouse case. I hope someone takes them to the cleaners for the murderous result of their lies.
    And SD, you keep the “alleged” language when identifying Brooks as the perp while it seems the MSM has long ago left out the “alleged” part when reporting on anyone who goes against their woke agenda. You’re declared guilty now regardless of the facts and now without any consequences.

  14. I must say that hearing MRAK complain about the liberal media’s story selection and word usage as evidence of their bias fills me with amusement. Talk about dripping with irony…

    MRAK serves as an exemplar of the very same on a daily basis.

    • There’s a difference dawg. Suzanne is up front about the political bias, while Fox will tell you they’re fair and balanced, LOL, and CNN will make the ridiculous claim how they’re straight shooters bringing people the unbiased truth.
      You’re brainwashed, dawg, and it’s sad and I’m sorry for your loss

      • Well, sir, we’re all products of the media we consume even if we insist that we aren’t. So in the end, we’re all brainwashed one way or the other. And this is intentionally done by the media in their endless quest for ratings and profits.

        Sadly, Lenin was right when he said that Capitalists will die by the very rope that they sell.

  15. Yet it is this very same industrial media (propaganda) complex that brought us nearly every elected official. I encourage you to challenge your friends to end the influence cycle. Refrain from constant avalanche of news, facebook, and the others. Reduce its hold on you, your family and friends. I am convinced we have become addicted to outrage. Perhaps it is time to use RICO litigation against the media?

  16. The national press has not followed up much on Waukesha to limit “copycats”. If you read the Milwaukee Sentinal Journal you will find stories. Much easier to believe the MRAK BS than perform internet searches.

    • You miss the point entirely look at the stories the corporate press push and what they suppress
      Look at Jesse Smollett you can find a push and repress all in the same story

      When he was “hate crimed” by two white guys in maga hat throwing around slurs, the media ate it up and pushed it all over the place even though it was an obvious lie.

      Then when it was found out he hired two of his buddies to help him in the hoax the corporate press suppressed the story from the national spotlight and now he’s on trial for it and you don’t even hear a peep.

      But you’re probably right, Frank, they aren’t guilty of pushing narratives. The corporate press is great!

  17. I’m an old liberal. I’m stunned that Waukesha is no longer on my google news feed. I’m stunned by the silence. We were being treated to lectures about ‘white tears’ on outlets that now tell us not to draw any conclusions about Darrell Brooks. As the wounded keep dying.

    No one should pat themselves on the back or root for their team anymore. We’ve all lost our way. The political Right is not conservative, hasn’t been conservative for a very long time. We could really use some principled conservativism right about now. That’s been A.W.O.L. since 1992.

    Now, and since probably at least 2016, the political Left is also completely absent any principled liberalism. This is bad. Obviously.

    A healthy society balances conservatives, liberals, and a majority middle. Studies have actually indicated that the natural balance within a society is approximately 1/3 conservative, 1/5 liberal, and the rest neither.

    We’ve been warped by consumerism. We no longer think like citizens. It’s all lifestyle branding. Virtues of humility and grace and tolerance for dissent have all become vices.

    Meanwhile, as we lose ourselves to our psychological nightmare of our own making, the real universe continues to threaten in all directions. A tribe of consumers doesn’t stand a chance against the universe.

    We had a chance to do better. We’ve failed. There needs to be a rejection of consumerism and a rediscovery of the virtues of citizenship. Lots of good people still have it.

    What each of us can do now is tolerate dissent. Tolerate it among your enemies, tolerate it among your friends, and insist that your dissent be tolerated. Insist with love for your family, and love for your fellow citizens. We don’t have to like one another. We ARE in this together, and it’s a leaky old rowboat. And worse weather is coming. Peace and Love to you all.

    • Amen and Awomen
      the corporate press and legacy media are the main cause of driving people apart
      The war will be won when the corporate press is viewed by a majority of people with the same vitriol as tobacco executives

  18. Close your eyes and imagine a white man driving an SUV through a parade and indescriminately mowing down and killing minorities. We’d see this on the front page for a year. The media did not even have the integrity enough to mention the driver, much less his race. They called it an “SUV that plowed into a parade.”

  19. Why is it that Biden went to George Floyd’s funeral, but he’s not even going to visit Waukesha?
    I guess democrats see only color.

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