Covid update: Alaska makes list of states with lowest positivity rate for two weeks


The number of positive Covid cases in Alaska on Wednesday was 138, a 31 percent decrease from last week.

There were 89 people currently hospitalized for Covid in Alaska on Wednesday, which represents 9.4 percent of all hospitalizations. Just eight people are on ventilators due to Covid effects. These numbers are a fraction of what they were in September, when Alaska saw spiking hospitalizations and when the state was making national news and being criticized for not having stricter lockdown and masking rules. For example, on Sept. 30, Alaska had 1,270 new cases and 203 hospitalizations due to Covid. On Nov. 1, there were 1,547 new cases and 202 hospitalizations.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Alaska has made the coveted list of those states with the lowest rate of positivity, at 4.84 percent.

The World Health Organization advised governments that before reopening, rates of positivity in testing (ie, out of all tests conducted, how many came back positive for Covid-19) should remain below 5% for at least 14 days. Alaska has reached that goal.

For comparison, Florida’s positivity rate is quite low at 2.2%, while Idaho, where the virus is spiking, is over 37%.

Alaska’s own data dashboard has Alaska’s positivity rate higher — at 5.7 percent. And the state dashboard still has nearly the entire state in the “red” zone of high transmissibility.

On the hospital capacity dashboard, nearly all intensive care units in the state are open, with the exception of Providence Medical Center, which is at capacity. All non-ICU units are open.


  1. Who cares? These tests are completely unreliable and depend on how many cycles you run them for. It’s a bunch of bad data, always has been.

  2. The ‘Nu Variant’ that everybody is currently hysterical about and dropped the stock market 800 points, could be the mutant that was feared to be caused by the forced vax mandate i.e. universal vax. Some virologists who happen to be smarter than Fauci (is that possible?) and with none of his ulterior motives, believe that people with natural immunity will be better equipped to fight off this new variant. That would be the ultimate irony in the forced vax mandate in so many countries. This would imply that the real defense against this mutant Covid is therapeutics administered early in the Covid event. This is exactly the treatment urged by health care providers who are now being attacked some ‘enlightened’ physicians and referred to the Alaska medical board for disciplinary action. Perhaps these vax proponents and therapeutics haters will be sued for malpractice in class action lawsuits for failing to provide adequate medical treatment to their patients. And also sued for pushing a vax without providing the ‘informed consent’ to their patients that is required. There are peer reviewed medical papers are being produced weekly about long term health affects of the vax and that it’s efficacy is very limited, if at all. It’s all being suppressed by doctors, media, Big Pharma and public officials. What to do? Double down, of course! Vax, vax and vax. And throw in the children for good measure!

    • There is no new or “nu” or “omicron” variant. The narrative is falling apart on them and the variants are just scare-glue to keep people in a state of panic. Don’t fall for it. We are done!

    • Tell your “natural immunity” fable to the family of the COVID Party participant who died as recently as November 23rd in Texas. You also should add families whose loved ones are now taking dirt naps in Canada, Italy, Austria and Belgium because they, too, attended COVID soirees “Looking for Mr. Immunity.”

      COVID-19 eats human “natural immunity” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; then picks its teeth with your belief in the same. Face it: you and the rest of your cohort are just Darwin Award recipients-in-waiting.

      • Provide your sources for your data? Without sources you are nothing but a blowhard who thinks they know it all.

      • Sophie:
        Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule.
        Letting the human immune system fight off this virus has been demonstrated over and over again to provide better protection from the original virus as well as the variants. Whereas, the vaccine seems to be ineffective across the board.
        However, that does not mean the human immune system is in any way a guarantee against dying from the disease. If you have never been exposed to the disease, you have no assurance your immune system will keep you safe. That is true for any disease.
        The issue is choice. Choose to get the vaccine or not. It should be up to the individual, not some mandate.

      • Lol at this snarky rant against natural immunity with no facts. A great man once said that the problem with our liberal friends is they know so many things that aren’t true. Not an exact quote but close enough.

      • No mask. No vax. No mitigation of any sort.

        Still here. Huh.

        I say those taking the dirt nap you speak of did not make the Darwinian cut.

      • Sophie, yours may very well be the most uneducated, blatantly partisan, and hateful post, ever encountered on this website.

        If you’re high risk and want to take the vax I don’t think anyone has a problem with that. But claiming natural immunity, which has been proven to be up to 27X as effective as the jab, is somehow inferior to the vax, is dangerous and misleading propaganda. Your hatred of your neighbors and lust to control them and morbid desire to see them in pain and suffering consumes you, and is both sad and pathetic to observe. My advice: Look inward and fix what is wrong inside of you, before you drive the REST of your friends and loved ones away.

      • I’m praying for you Sophie.
        Hopefully you won’t reap any of the terrible side effects of the experimental gene therapies you volunteered for.
        Now that your natural immune system has been irrevocably compromised – booster shots 4 EVA.
        Don’t worry though – Fauci, BigPharma, the CDC, and SloJo said you will be OK.
        Sleep well.

    • South African doctors are reporting only mild symptoms being caused by the Omnicron variant but Biden panics and shuts off flights to stop the spread after calling Trump a xenophobe for doing the same thing. Just trying to keep the fools frightened and in masks.

  3. Interesting how the experts have not weighed in on natural immunity.
    They are quick to submit Orwellian procedures. Also interesting how the Republicans finally are taking a stand on mandates once outcry reached re-election concern levels.
    It’s time Alaska for leadership that places Freedom and Liberty ahead of cronyism and special interest protectionism.

    • There’s plenty of information out there on natural immunity, some of it good some of it bad. By and large each person has a different immune response, this creates a wide variance in natural immunity with some getting a more robust reaction and others getting limited or no reaction. It all depends on how much virus you are exposed to and then you individual immune response to the virus, a vaccine is a known quantity that produces a more reliable immune response.

      • Yes, that IS what a vaccine is, and is supposed to do.
        Too bad that the COVID jabs do not produce a reliable immune response, and do NOTHING to prevent contraction and transmission of the virus. They are therefore not vaccines by any standard definition of the word.
        But you are correct about varying immune responses from individual to individual. I had measles twice, just two years apart, as a child (and both times during Christmas Break, to my endless frustration). With rubella (German measles) in between, just for good measure.

        • Jeff,
          Once again, the facts do not support your opinion.
          The covid vaccines do in fact meet the definition of a vaccine, even the pre-covid definition. I’ve shared these definitions with you previously, it must have slipped your mind. Also the covid vaccines produce a much more reliable immune response than those who catch covid and get varying levels of illness and immune response. Studies have shown those who were asymptomatic or only showed mild symptoms had much less of an immune response than those who became severely ill.
          Hopefully you are doing all you can to help your immune system, it sounds like yours isn’t all that robust on its own.

          • The FDA itself changed the definition of a “vaccine” on its’ website from “immunity” to “protection”.
            All the infected with the alleged “new” variant in Southern Africa are fully “vaccinated” .
            Africa has low “vac” rates but the use of ivermectin, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine is widespread keeping infected persons at minimal levels.

          • Brian,
            So you care what the FDA has to say now? I can provide you with pre covid definitions of vaccine and post covid definitions of vaccines from dictionaries, medical dictionaries, and legal dictionaries. But you’ve decided to repeat something you’ve heard someone say about the FDA changing their definition…bow at their knees.
            “All the infected” with the new variant are vaccinated? Really, you’re going with that? All of them as in 100% this new variant only infects vaccinated people? Care to share any more information on that?
            The situation in Africa in much more complex than Ivermectin and other cheap drugs. For starters, these are largely third world countries with poor or no testing, monitoring, or reporting structures. The demographics and known comorbidities aren’t as prevalent, with a much younger population, much more rural vs urban population. Previous exposure to malaria might somehow help prevent covid and knowledge of how to deal with contagious disease outbreaks is an added dimension. In our civilized first world countries we’ve spent a large amount of money sealing ourselves in hermetically sealed boxes (from homes to vehicles to businesses) in an effort to save money, which has been proven to trap the virus and further the spread. It’s sadly not as simple as a cheap drug that may or may not help in treating covid.

      • And is also known to produce some terrible side effects which is why personal choice and informed consent are worth fighting for

  4. The idea that allowing someone to contract the virus and then treating him with therapeutics is fascinating. There might be something to it, but it is, as yet, unproven. New therapeutics are being developed, but their effectiveness has not been determined.
    What has been determined is that the vaccines are effective. To postulate that therapeutics are more effective that vaccines at this point is disingenuous. The data do not exist. Maybe yes, maybe no. But we do know that vaccines, while not 100% effective, are very, very safe (you won’t be tracked, there is no chip, if you don’t get that, you don’t understand rDNA vs. microchips…nowhere near the same size…and if you don’t know which is larger, there’s the web).
    Vaccines are among the safest medical products available today. Aside from the occasional allergic reaction, and extremely rare complications, they have protected us from many, nasty diseases (polio, smallpox, chickenpox, tetanus, typhus, rabies, measles, mumps, diphtheria, etc., etc.).
    Corona virus is protean. We will be dealing with its many personalities for years. Fortunately, we are making progress. Don’t stand in the way by confusing the best information we have now with what will be perfect sometime in the future. What we have now is working to our advantage. What we think might be working because of anecdotal and outright false information is not.

    • Wrong Homo, the new therapy to treat a virus is NOT working. After receiving the jab and boosting its still not working. The jab was created for Alpha and we are experiencing Delta or a variant.
      The other diseases you talk about were treated with vaccines and a completely different type of technology. Some seem to work very well.
      If you have blood or organs this spike mechanism in the jab, appears to be doing incredible damage. You are part of the evolving science and rigorous testing. Don’t claim victory or defeat anytime soon.

      • Science evolves along with the virus. It’s sensible to follow CDC statements even though, as the virus mutates, previous statements may no longer be true. Science evolves with additional best supported data. It’s a pain to keep track of it all but it’s the best way to protect your community.

        • Good advice Evan.
          Maybe you should heed it yourself. Science does evolve and discovers new things every day, but if the result doesn’t fit your way then it’s a horse pill or poison. The CDC has discredited itself as an institution by making aggressive recommendations, that morphed into rules without authority and lacking any basis in real rational science.
          You follow science where it leads, not make it fit the box you want it in.

        • Well, they certainly are NOT vaccines according to any standard (or pre-2021) definition of the word. So we cannot in good conscience call them “vaccines”.

          • Jeff,
            Still spouting the same ill-informed nonsense. Do you really need to see the definitions of a vaccine pre-covid again? These vaccines demonstrably fit the pre-covid definition of the word…as has been shared with you numerous times. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you’ve got covid brain and can’t remember.

          • And I see that you, Steve, are still desperately pushing the discredited as well as wildly un-scientific official propaganda regarding the so-called “vaccines’ that neither prevent contracting nor prevent transmitting the Wuhan Virus, as well as the grossly misleading and untruthful BS regarding their so-called “safety” and “efficacy”.
            You are a very skilled troll, but your actions, and your motivations, are abundantly obvious here, and neither are to anyone’s benefit but the corrupt and failing status-quo power structure that you instinctively and rabidly defend at every turn. Your willful lies and malice are truly evil and contemptible.

          • Jeff, what is your PHD in? If you’re going to argue with those who have spent decades researching and learning about vaccines, you darn sure better have a resume that trumps theirs. So where can I find your published work?

          • John, your specious appeals to authority are telling, but what they tell us is that you are unwilling to exercise your own critical thinking and independent judgement, and instead prefer to blindly follow and conform to the pronouncements and dictates of those in positions of power. In other words, you are simply another spineless and cowardly Quisling.
            Neither I, nor anyone else, needs a PhD in order to see obvious political agendas and actions masquerading as public health policy.

          • Jefferson, it’s not about using critical thinking skills to understand things you don’t know. For instance, you wouldn’t ask a critical thinking homeless person who has zero education in any field to give you medical advice, would you? You absolutely need education in related fields to be able to discuss them. Period. End of story. Pretending you can bypass decades of practice in a field because you have an enormous ego is…. well, what a person who should never be trusted would say.

          • John, you either missed or ignored the critical part of my last response to you:

            Neither I, nor anyone else, needs a PhD in order to see obvious political agendas and actions masquerading as public health policy.

    • You conflate actual vaccines for diseases that work with the mRNA shot for Covid, which does not. More “vaccinated” folks than “unvaccinated” are getting Covid, and getting hospitalized. Also, we do not have the data for the Covid shot; it has been out less than one year, was never safety tested properly, and has multiple adverse reactions associated with it, including death, even in healthy young people. To postulate that the mRNA “vaccine” is very safe or effective is, um, disingenuous, at best.

        • Yes, the data does, Steve, all your false assertions and flat-out lies to the contrary.
          But you never, EVER fail to automatically support the establishment line and official narratives, do you, Steve? Never.

          • Jeff,
            Please feel free to share the data then, I won’t hold my breath because you don’t have it and never will. I’ve repeatedly shared data that proves you are wrong, you disregard it because you are a true believer and facts do not matter to you.

          • Steve, it is clearly useless to try to provide any real data or arguments to you that do not support the Orwellian establishment propaganda and political agenda, as you will just dismiss it with a wave of the hand, as you have arrogantly and disingenuously done here many times already.
            It is beyond obvious that you are not here to debate this farce of a pandemic with honesty and in good faith, but to simply and relentlessly push the specious and insidious official propaganda lines regarding the Wuhan Plague in every way and in every instance possible. You are nothing but a lying and malicious troll here, and you know it, and we all know it as well. So just stop already.

          • Jeff,
            All the childish name calling aside, you can’t even find one study to support your beliefs? I’ve seen numerous poorly done studies that suggest further studies might be in order, can’t you even be bothered to read one of those and use one of them to bolster your beliefs?

          • Jefferson, the only people on here lying are those who keep pretending the vaccine is harmful or does not meet the definition of vaccine. And guess what… those people are all lacking in relevant credentials to make the calls in the first place.

          • Sweeney,
            One must have great patience when dealing with the willfully ignorant. There’s absolutely no reason why anyone would claim such absurd and demonstrably false things unless they are willfully ignorant…well, that is unless they are a anti-American infiltrators intent on destroying the American way of life. I choose to think that some of the commentators here are willfully ignorant and not anti-American infiltrators, but I could be wrong.

        • But of course when you don’t track the breakthrough cases you will never have data.


        • “”

          One only needs to do a little search to find data.

      • The mRNA vaccines work incredibly well. And the added benefit that they can be mass produced quickly to react to mutations means we have a technological breakthrough that will save millions of lives in the short term and prove to be one of the greatest breakthroughs in anyone’s lifetime today. The mRNA vaccines are extremely safe. Safer than birth control or over the counter pain meds. It’s easy to administer, and it leaves the body within a week or two, leaving only the immunity that helps fight whatever virus one is inoculated against. It’s a no brainer.

        • John (or should I say “Steve-O”?), your pathetic shilling for the establishment power structure, and their failing narratives and innumerable laughable lies and propaganda, is so obvious and over-the-top that you really should write for “The Onion” instead of posting here.
          Your so-called “vaccines” (which are nothing of the sort, as they provide little or no immunity to either contraction or transmission of the virus) are NOT ‘safe’, by both the mountains of accumulating evidence AND by definition, as they are still experimental, and have no long-term studies behind them, nor could they, due to the short time that has elapsed since their development, all the hysterical assertions of you establishment trolls and shills to the contrary. You are nothing but a liar, and a very pathetic one at that. What a contemptible excuse for a human being!

          • Jeff,
            Why would you call a guy named John, Steve-O? All the stress of shouting at any passerby getting to you? Has repeating the same childish insults while providing no information of any value taken such a toll on your mental well being? It might be worth taking a break from all the hard work you’ve been putting in lately, if for no other reason than to keep you immune system from being taxed too much.

          • Because you are prone to believe conspiracy theories and you see one here where one guy named Steve-O posts something and another guy named John posts something so they must be the same person? Or is it because you post under numerous nom de plumes and figure others must be up to the same duplicity as yourself?

          • Ah, the empty accusation of “believing in conspiracy theories” — it just HAD to come out from you, a pro-establishment shill and troll, eventually! Thank you, Steve/John/CIA/NIA, for finally showing your hand.
            Funny how the equally pejorative, yet accurate, label of “conformist” and “Quisling”, when hurled at people like you, just rolls off your back. I would guess that is because spineless, soulless people like you actually take PRIDE in being conformists and Quislings.

          • Jefferson, I hate to break it to you, but Steve and I are different people who have very different opinions. We just happen to both agree that you are full of it.

          • Jeff,
            Solid points, you are unable to accurately quote some one, and you’ve completely dispelled the notion that you are prone to believing conspiracy theories by claiming John and I are the same person and we are both members of the CIA and NIA (whatever acronym that stands for, I assume National Intelligence Agency and not the National Institute on Aging or the Nevis Island Administration). So if John and I are the same person employed by the CIA/NIA that clearly makes you a duplicitous agent of the CCP intent upon spreading misinformation to the American public. I choose to believe you are simply a guy with an overactive imagination who is scared of this ongoing pandemic with a limited ability to explain just how scared he truly is so he strikes out at those with whom he disagrees…but it’s still possible that you are an agent of the CCP.

        • I am not concerned about any virus. I have a very robust immune system.

          What concerns me is the amount of people desperately trying to push drugs on a free people, just so they can feel safer for themselves.
          What concerns me is people who are willing to have their fellow citizen imprisoned for not being vaccinated, just so they can feel safer.

          John Seymour, you can spout data and statistics and fear propaganda all day long, but you will never convince me to give up my health, for your illusion.

          Yes, taking the shot is a no-brainer, for it is those with compromised brains who are lining up like cattle for all this nonsense.

    • Homo – there is a new study that was released in the UK recently that appears to be well researched and properly constructed. It tracked 566 people of all ages from pre pandemic to now. Those who received the clot shot were at a 11% to 25% risk of heart attack within the next 5 years, depending on which age group they fell into compared to those who were unvaccinated. This was determined by their PULS scores which is an accepted cardiac test of various known bodily markers . The other shoe is about to drop on the use of these experimental “vaccines”.

      • Nonsense. Do you honestly need someone to remind you that you jump, duck, and weave to avoid all the studies that show the vaccines are working, while heralding some outlier study that lacks controls just because it agrees with your opinion, that let’s be honest, has no basis in reality?

        • John, your pro-establishment trolling is amusing but contemptible. Virtually ALL the real evidence, that shills like you conveniently ignore and try to deny, is that the so-called “vaccines” (sic) are largely both INeffective, dangerous, and are only exacerbating and prolonging the ongoing (very mild) Wuhan Virus pandemic.

          • Jefferson, do you believe the Earth is round or flat? A guy like you should not make the mistake of listening to know-it-all experts who tell you the Earth is round. Have you traveled into space, and proven it? Or are you just a pro-establishment shill who just accepts what he’s told?

            Hint: using the internet makes you a pro-establishment shill, FYI

        • I don’t need some study to tell me that humanity will make it through this.

          If you are scared, sucks to be you.

          • We know humanity will make it through. We knew humanity would make it through 9/11 too, but that didn’t stop us from acknowledging what happened, and working to avoid such a tragedy in the future. Unlike those who continue to deny vaccines, masks, or social distancing measures that work to save lives.

    • “What has been determined is that the vaccines are effective”
      What? In what bizzaro world of fiction are you living?
      The vaccines do not stop you from the viral infection.
      The vaccines do not stop you from transmitting the infection
      The vaccines do not stop you from getting ill
      Is there is a different definition of “effective” than the one I am aware of?

  5. If you look at the extremes, CA and IA… if in IA people are generally only getting a test if they have symptoms and are using it as a diagnostic to decide whether or not to undergo a specific regimen; but in CA, tests are required weekly in certain jobs or to attend certain events, or for other arbitrary reasons… then these data are completely useless. If people in some states are only getting tested because they think they have covid19 and want to confirm, they will have a much higher rate of positive per test than in a place that tests for many other useless reasons.

  6. “The World Health Organization advised governments that before reopening, rates of positivity in testing (ie, out of all tests conducted, how many came back positive for Covid-19) should remain below 5% for at least 14 days. Alaska has reached that goal.”

    The State of AK does not follow WHO protocols regarding averaging test results that were positive. They use the SEVEN-DAY Overall Average not fourteen days. Just one man’s observation.

  7. Just in time for…wait for it…a new, possibly more transmissible and deadly variant that may or may not be covered by “the vaccine.”
    We have to wait a few weeks while the scientists look at this virus for the next few weeks but, until then, everyone do your part and take the jab.
    Don’t believe me?
    I’m just paraphrasing the WHO reps I heard on NPR today.
    And nobody saw THAT coming down the pike…

  8. Completely unacceptable if we’re to force mail-in voting only ………
    Maybe Brandon will get some early morning flights up here from a southern border state.

  9. The only places where more vaccinated than unvaccinated are being hospitalized might be where the vaccinated far outnumber the unvaccinated!! In the majority of places for every vaccinated hospitalization there are 8-9 unvaccinated. The only vaccinated people who are getting sick and dying are pretty much people who are immunocompromised or have severe comorbidities like diabetes and obesity, and vaccines are keeping many of them out of the morgues. We did those born in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s a disservice, apparently, by making sure all of them had their vaccines to go to school. They’ve never seen smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, or polio! Even measles cases have been rare. They’ve never seen their siblings, cousins, friends, and classmates struggling to breath and walk or going blind or deaf, or suffocating on their own phlegm! If they had seen some of these diseases like their parents and grandparents did, they wouldn’t be so ignorant and disparaging about vaccines! We did our jobs too well trying to protect them from the suffering we had seen. Now they will pay the price by watching and paying for their siblings, friends, and children suffer from covid-related disabilities, as well as their parents dying from this now-preventable disease! In protecting our children from a number of nasty diseases, including a cancer (HPV) for our grandchildren, we doomed so many of them to ignorance and stupidity about preventing disease and disability with vaccines! Sorry, Kids. We should have allowed a fair percentage of you to contract polio, smallpox, measles, and hepatitis so you would know and remember. Omicron is real and it’s rapidly (MUCH more rapidly than Delta!) spreading. It’s now in Europe (so far known cases in Belgium and Germany), Israel, Hong Kong, and likely others. It took Delta 2 months to become the dominant strain. It’s taken just 2 WEEKS for Omicron to become the dominant strain in parts of southern Africa! That makes it about 4x as transmissible as Delta, which is way more transmissible than the original virus! No, we’re FAR from over it! We lost our chance to be over it when so many refused or couldn’t get the vaccine! Omicron has so many mutations it could only have developed in a single person who couldn’t clear the virus, like someone with HIV or other immune system problem. It had exactly zero to do with vaccination, except perhaps the person probably wasn’t vaccinated because Botswana and South Africa don’t have the highest vaccination rates. But they do have high HIV rates. This is precisely why the rich countries need to get vaccines to the poor countries! To protect ourselves! But we haven’t been great about sharing, despite those countries crying for vaccination help while many selfish Americans and Europeans are refusing the vaccines their countries have bought for them. They’re starting to dispose of many of those unused doses, which is unbelievably sad when so many who want those doses can’t get them! And those unused doses are why we’re still dealing with covid and will be for at least a few more years in one form or another. Because Omicron will eventually mutate into something with even more mutations in unvaccinated countries and people where there are plenty of hosts to pass it on. And the scientists will have to keep reworking the vaccines into new boosters to cover the people who don’t want to get the new strain! Yes, Omicron is very likely to require another, reworked vaccine booster or two and this will likely become the pattern. The unvaccinated will catch it every year or so as immunity wanes and more and more strains will develop, some of which will evade the existing vaccines, like Omicron likely will, though it’s less likely with mRNA
    vaccines than dead virus ones. Thankfully, all those decades of research and development of safe, effective mRNA vaccines that can be relatively easily reworked for a new variant or virus and distributed within a couple months have paid off! We now have the ability to stay ahead of (or close to it) the virus even while applying the technology to other vaccines! Very soon virtually all vaccines will be using the mRNA technology because it has rendered the dead virus vaccines obsolete!

    • Esthera, you invalidated your premise in the first few sentences. A real vaccine like MMR, polio, small pox etc actually prevents individuals from getting sick and disease disappeared. Even the flu shot slows down transmission and disease spread enough that the fast majority of individuals do not get sick with a fairly modest rate of overall vaccinations.
      This vaccine for Covid does not. If the so-called break through cases, according to you, are only the elderly and individuals with co-morbidity then we have gained nothing. In the early days it was clear that the elderly and the co-morbidity folks were most vulnerable. Furthermore with a real vaccine the higher the immunization rate, the less likely cases crop up. Not so with Covid. This looks more and more like a global lab experiment and trust in all these demi-gods in white is clearly misplaced. If you wish to continue on this path, nobody is stopping you, but I find it despicable that you demand we all jump off the cliff after you.

  10. Oh, and Omicron also has a mutation that makes it nearly impossible to detect with existing tests until the person has had it (and been spreading it) for nearly a week! So testing is not an option with it for control purposes. It remains to be seen if it’s more virulent and/or deadly than Delta. It wouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

    • Did a bit of reading on this “omicron virus”. Turns out that there really are not that many cases. A doctor in Botswana had 4 and all of them were vaccinated. Another doc in South Africa reported mild symptoms of fatigue and muscle soreness for about 24-48 hours with some patients reporting a slight cough. About half of his patients were vaccinated and half were not. Seems to me that this is more nuisance than anything else, but the panic machine is already getting in gear, while the WHO (wonders of wonders) actually cautions against more shut downs etc.

  11. And natural immunity will not be much help with Omicron if you had Alpha last year (2020 or winter 2021). Not only is that immunity waning or nearly gone, Omicron is nearly an entirely different virus with its 50+ mutations! It has about 20 more mutations than Delta and several are in the spike proteins the virus uses to enter your cells. They don’t know yet if the changes are enough to completely evade natural immunity to Delta (which seems to be fairly effective for at least 6-9 months against Delta) or the vaccines which depend upon immune system response to the spike proteins. They’re researching that as quickly as possible.

    • Christmas wish Esthera? You’re wrong, natural immunity will likely cover this. It’s the vaccinated who have to worry. The covid therapy shot was made during Alpha and is very leaky. If you continue with the boosters you may never become immune and may become auto immune dependent. Turns out Dr. Robert Malone and not Fauci is the doctor to follow for good health.

      Course the covid 19 and the mRNA are both very new and the rigorous testing is currently underway. It will be years before real science is collected on this terrible situation. Do a search on soccer players collapsing this past 6 months and beware of a quick fix.

      • Here, in Alaska, about 6% of vaccinated people have had a breakthrough. So these “leaky” vaccines have a 94% rate at keeping people from becoming infected, and that’s with variants included. The influenza vaccine efficacy ranges depending on the year from around 40%-60%, sometimes it’s as low as 10%.
        Putting your faith in Dr. Malone is just as asinine as putting it in Dr. Fauci.

        • “”

          You have to report the cases to have valid data.

        • There is a really great book out there titled “How to Lie with Statistics” written by Darrell Huff. The examples used are a bit dated, but the math behind them is still just as valid.
          Saying that 6% of the vaccinated had breakthroughs does not mean the other 94% were exposed to the virus and did not contract it. Nor does it mean the remaining 94% did not contract it and remain asymptomatic. In fact, it means NOTHING other than “6% of those vaccinated have confirmed cases of COVID.”
          That is like saying “25% of polled voters would not vote for Biden in 2024 means that Biden will get 75% of the vote.”

          • Great catch and comment, CBMTTEK! Yes, our friend “Steve-0” here excels in providing reams of misleading, misinforming, and outright disingenuously false ‘statistics’ in his desperate attempt to shill for the establishment and its narratives, as discredited by anyone with any intelligence and integrity as they are.

          • CB,
            “Saying that 6% of the vaccinated had breakthroughs does not mean the other 94% were exposed to the virus and did not contract it. Nor does it mean the remaining 94% did not contract it and remain asymptomatic. In fact, it means NOTHING other than “6% of those vaccinated have confirmed cases of COVID.”
            Exactly, it means that 6% of the people who were vaccinated had a breakthrough infection, I’m glad we can agree on that simple concept. And just like we don’t count how many unvaccinated people were or weren’t exposed to covid, we only count the cases that are confirmed. Is it possible and likely that there are vaccinated and unvaccinated cases that aren’t counted? Absolutely.
            Vaccine breakthroughs are a measurement of how many cases there are in the vaccinated. In Alaska that’s about 6% of those who have been vaccinated, which means 94% of the vaccinated have not had a breakthrough.

          • Jeff,
            Well said, that explains perfectly why you have so much trouble actually discrediting literally anything I say.

        • I put faith in my body.

          Swine Flu. No vax, no mask. Still alive.
          Bird Flu. No vax, no mask. Still alive.
          Zika Virus. No Vac, no mask. STILL ALIVE.

          I have no PHD or medical degree. How have I managed to live this long hmmm???

          The only downside is I am still stuck on this planet with those who think chemicals are a replacement for health and documants are a replacement for intelligence.

  12. Great conversations. The comments are always the best part of any news post. Clearly the number of deniers commenting is also reflected in the vaccination rates, Insures that as the cold kept us inside may have played a role for the continuing drop all it takes is a large gathering and we’ll see a jump. There’s just too many who have gotten sick yet or been vaccinated. Do what you can to maintain your health and get on with living.

    • Large gatherings are taking place all over the lower 48 i.e. College Football games with no super spreader events.

      • I was a bit to pessimistic, it’s hard to see a future spike in cases. What the data will reflect is a end to a continuing decline and a flattening of the curve. If you look at the 14 day averages for Anchorage that appears to be happening now. The good news is the more unvaccinated that get sick and survive the smaller to number of people who can pass around the virus to keep the epidemic going. We just got to accept there will always be folks that get it every year just like influenza.

    • Fluvoxamine has shown promise that other cheap drugs have failed to meet the billing for, there’s no reason to cling to previously tried solutions if they don’t show any actual verifiable efficacy.

      • Cheap and now-generic drugs like ivermectin will NEVER fail to be dismissed or discredited by a vast pharmaceutical-industrial complex that has no interest in, or profit in, the potential or actuality of such drugs being effective, when they stand to make HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars by pushing expensive, patented drugs and (so-called) ‘vaccines’.
        You only showcase your own disingenuousness and/or dishonesty, Steve, in consistently refusing to acknowledge this fact. But then again, doing so would force you to take a stand AGAINST the establishment power structure, and its narratives and self-serving propaganda, rather than kneejerkedly supporting them as you always do.

  13. Large gatherings are taking place all over the lower 48 i.e. College Football games with no super spreader events.

  14. The vaccinated need the unvaccinated to become vaccinated so their vaccine will work. Much in the same way I am asking that all of you who dont take vitamins please start doing so to ensure that my vitamins work better for me.

    • And always wear quadruple masks while ‘social distancing’ at least half a mile from every other living human! And be afraid, ALWAYS be afraid! Because SCIENCE!!!!

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