Suzanne Downing: In Rittenhouse verdict, the real justice is now Kyle’s case against the media, politicians, celebrities, and the president himself



For those who followed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial closely, there is no doubt in their minds that the young man who shot rioters in Kenosha, Wisc. was not guilty of murder. 

Most of America, however, did not watch the proceedings, or not closely, at least. They got their information spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media. They expected a conviction.

Mature Americans can agree that a 17-year-old should not have run to the fight, as riots tore across America during the 2020 election year –- riots fomented by anti-Trump forces like Black Lives Matter and Antifa cells. Rittenhouse had the courage of youth, but not the wisdom of years to know how badly things could go for him during that “fiery but peaceful” riot.

But, as many of the actual trial watchers have observed, the prosecution had no legitimate case. So they lied, withheld evidence, and even doctored video provided to the defense. 

In the end, the jury was able to see through it all.

Rittenhouse now deserves his own justice. President Joe Biden, then a candidate, called him a “white supremacist” in 2020. Celebrity journalists and politicians on Twitter condemned the young man before the trial.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s message in 2020 was by parroted by thousands of Twitter trolls and other racist partisans who are on the record with their premature verdict.

She wrote: “A 17 year old white supremacist domestic terrorist drove across state lines, armed with an AR 15. He shot and killed 2 people who had assembled to affirm the value, dignity, and worth of Black lives,” she wrote on July 26, 2020. There are hundreds of declarations just like hers from the famous and the famous-for-being-famous.

As jury deliberations had dragged into a third day, some observers thought a guilty plea was all but inevitable. There appeared to be no “slam dunk” in the making. 

Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, considered one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin, told media he had never had a jury take longer than 18 hours. The jury had deliberated for nearly 24 hours, and then Friday morning the verdict came: Not guilty on all counts.

For this writer, that appears to be the correct set of verdicts. There is plenty of reasonable doubt that recommends acquittal; Rittenhouse was under attack by grown men, one with a gun, and he fired in self defense.

To review, Rittenhouse, who was a 17-year-old youth from a nearby suburb, volunteered to be on foot patrol in downtown Kenosha in August of 2020. It’s where his family lives and race riots were burning it down. Rittenhouse had on him an AR-15-style rifle. He was trained on the weapon and he kept it properly pointed down, as evidenced in all the video available, until he had to save his own life when, he was attacked. His actions were clearly self defense, but in that moment, he killed two men and woundied another. The charges were reckless homicide and attempted homicide. Other charges relating to possession the weapon were already dropped.

Rittenhouse’s case became fodder for the leftist media, which declared him guilty early on, painted him in the worst possible light, called him a white supremacist, and colluded to misinform and shape public opinion against the youth.

The media saw Rittenhouse as the easiest of targets, fitting their narrative of a Trump supporter.

The lawsuits and settlements could certainly help restore some order to Rittenhouse’s interrupted life. Patriotic Americans would willingly contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the young man win justice against those who prematurely condemned him as a criminal.

A parallel to this case of media malpractice is the story of Nick Sandmann, a high school student who was defamed by The Washington Post and CNN, and many other news outlets.

“The parallels between me and Kyle Rittenhouse are impossible not to draw,” Sandmann wrote this week. “Kyle was 17-years-old when he became a household name after that terrible tragedy in Kenosha. I was 16-years-old when I was catapulted into the national conversation by video of an encounter with a Native American activist on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.”

Sandmann eventually settled his $250 million lawsuit agains the Post and CNN. But the damage to his reputation, as the damage to Rittenhouse’s reputation, has been done by the pig sty that American journalism has become.

Lawsuit or no lawsuit, there will be no real reckoning for the media. As with its corrupt colluding with the Hillary Clinton Campaign in 2016 to take down Donald Trump with the Steele Dossier, the wholesale slaughter of a boy in Wisconsin is merely collateral damage for news outlets that are organ grinders for the Democratic Party.

But at the very least, Rittenhouse deserves his justice against who railroaded him in the court of law and in the court of public opinion.

Suzanne Downing is publisher of Must Read Alaska and Must Read America.


  1. He’s goIng to be very wealthy. MSNBC, CNN, Brandon, CBS, all on the hook for large defamation settlements. Could be larger than NS. I’m very proud of the jurors for not caving to the mob. Courage lives!

    • You would think so but I am always cautious in libel cases because the courts in today’s environment even though explosive statements are made May rule that people are entitled to their opinion. I would disagree in this instance but look at who we’re dealing with, Brandon, CNN and other actors.

        • Lin Wood and he’s already Kyle’s attourney so yes, if Kyle choose’s to go forward he will be a rich young man. Don’t forget. It’s been two years and Sandman has only finished a few of his lawsuites he has several more pending in court. The wheels of justice turn slow.

      • Nicholas Sandmann has been lining them up and knocking them down in his battles with major news outlets whom defamed him. I hope Rittenhouse is able to do the same.

  2. The rioters set an apartment complex with children in it on fire only a few blocks from where Rittenhouse was attacked. They broke bottles over people’s heads, curb stomped people, set dozens of other fires and bloodied anybody they though wouldn’t bow to their Maoist god. Than God for Rittenhouse and it’s just too bad there weren’t 1,000 more like him with the courage to protect lives and property.

    But sadly, NO, there was NO justice as NOTHING was done to the rioters while one innocent child was put through months of hell by these fascist prosecutors. What’s happening couldn’t be more obvious to anybody who knows the first thing about history—it’s the exact same tactics that Hitler and communists dictators have used since the French Revolution: Have the police stand down while Maoist mobs attack anybody who disagrees with them and prosecute anybody who dares to defend themselves. The political/media/corporate/banking cartels are using our judicial system as a weapon and conservatism has ZERO chance of turning this madness around until we change our entire (in)justice system.

    • Yes, where were all the ‘adults’, who should have been shoulder-to-shoulder with him protecting their community? Instead they had a 17 year old boy doing it. The lefties that get their daily brainwashing from MSNBC, CNN (and ADN…) will always believe, no matter how definitively proven, that he is a white supremacist and crossed state lines and killed blacks, etc–for the rest of their lives. I hope he sues and wins massively for his being defamed.

        • Greg, I have been to Germany and would not describe it as a “Jungle” anywhere. Climate there is moderate with wet and cold winters.
          If you are implying that these youngsters fought for their country against Nazi Germany and in Vietnam, you are not giving them the respect they deserve . They answered when their country called them and stood up to be counted. In my book the most dangerous are old fools, who should know better, clinging to power as their mental faculties slip away.

  3. Justice is back! Not guilty on all charges as it should be because he was only defending himself from thugs. Kyle, you are a hero in my book. Go after those leftist media defamers and retire early, you deserve it. I want to thank the Judge in this case because he followed the rule of law and refused to be bullied or allow his Jury members to be bullied. He had a thug journalist arrested for doxing the Jury members. He deserves a spot on the SC! It is refreshing to see a Judge actually carrying out his duties according to the law and the evidence, not the made up false narratives from the media.

  4. Yeah it’s kind of a proud day to be an American. It shows that Americans can defend their country against tyranny both foreign and domestic. Biden has a real problem on his hands because as a private citizen he referred to Kyle as a white supremacist which is defamation of character. There isn’t a shred of evidence anywhere that that is true or it would have been brought up in this kangaroo Court of a trial by this fake prosecutor. Most prosecutors wouldn’t have even brought this to trial after seeing the evidence but this fool being a liberal hack decide to not only distort the evidence, but put on witnesses that were outright lying, and he also put on his own witnesses that supported the defense’s narrative. What kind of a fool does that? He needs to take a bunch of boxes down to his office and start packing because he’s out of there. Good for you Kyle. Justice has been heard which isn’t always the case nowadays.

  5. No longer are Americans going to stand for this mob Justice that the media tried to put on in Wisconsin. If you’re a thug, which I would like to add that all three of the people that got shot were thugs and that they were wife beaters, child molesters, bail bond skippers, felons and illegally possessing a firearm. Those are the kind of guys aka the model citizens that’s a fake news media wants to put on a pedestal. So if you want a riot in this country, the riots of 2020 are over and those fires are out. If you want to demonstrate peacefully then go right ahead that’s your right but you better do it legally and not trying to set dumpsters on fire and push them into occupied police cars. One other thing, if those guys hadn’t continued to chase Kyle when he was trying to get down there to the police, there would only be one fool dad now instead of two and a third one with his arm blown off. But they didn’t have a good sense of right and wrong and they demonstrated it on that night as well as before on the rap sheet.

    • I actually responded to a fool that wrote an article for a leading rag and he was saying that Kyle had no business being down there. He just kept on with that narrative even though he had as much legal right to be there as initially the rioters did before they started breaking the law. I advised him of that and he came back with well if he just would have stayed home and me being a counter puncher, I replied well if the rioters had just stayed home then he wouldn’t have had to go there. This was defending the rioters and prosecuting people for trying to defend property and lives. That’s what’s wrong with this country people like this writer who apparently is gainfully employed get paid for writing this kind of swill. .

  6. “”

    SAY WHAT??? HERE is the real story of a real terrorist that could not shoot straight.

    No coverage by the Marxist Media??? Naturally!

    • Can’t let up. They will just re-org and come back at a different angle. They will NEVER give up. It’s like cockroaches–the nest has to be destroyed. In this case, that means, through the electoral process, the courts are strengthened, the rule of law obeyed and an army of prosecutors go after the lying, marxist scum. Which is why the elections in 22 and 24, the Republic is literally on the line.

  7. I hope he follows suit just like the other young man did. The harassment, threats of violence, actual death threats and I’d like everyone to remember that he was out there helping businesses that were being burned, vandalized and destroyed (many of them never to come back again). I’m not talking of big businesses, I’m talking about small business owners who don’t have the financial means to pay for protection. In my opinion, there should have been a lot more of “him” people to protect those businesses. Instead, Kamala Harris paid the bond of all the rioters that were arrested by the police and released back, to cause even more mayhem. Everyone from the top down should be sued, including the President and VP, who called him a terrorist. The threats are certainly not going to stop because a jury found him innocent. I hear there are some big names saying they will pay for the lawsuit. Those prosecutors should be jailed, doctoring videos, etc…

  8. Biden called Rittenhouse a white supremacist BEFORE he was president and AFTER he was vice president. He is liable.

  9. Biden says he’s angry and concerned over Rittenhouse’s acquittal for the Kenosha killings. “But we have to abide by it”
    How about Lady Justice has spoken. Wow, Biden needs to resign.

    • Funny how Biden says that we all have to abide by that one court ruling, but must ignore a different court ruling on a matter more personal to him. Yes, so interesting.
      Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

  10. As Rittenhouse was leaving the courthouse, the judge stopped him and said, “hey kid, here’s your AR-15 back. You may need it again.”

  11. UK News Publication Claims Kyle Rittenhouse Shot ‘Three Black Men’


  12. It would be gratifying to see “Brandon” sued as he was not president and has no immunity. All these people need a sound spanking. Right in their wallet pocket. I am normally not in favor of lawsuits but the right way to settle this is not legal so money is the next best way.

  13. That kid showed remarkable fire control in an intense situation. In fact, most cops are no where near as cool, calm and forward thinking, or as accurate in shooting.
    None of the multitude of other looter/rapist/arsonist/murdering mob of thugs who were not actively trying to kill him were harmed. He was very well brought up and is more of a man than the average American male citizen, cowering in fear as their community is destroyed and women and children endangered by fire bombing.
    The local, state and federal cops just watched, in fact the feds were observing the organized politically motivated mobs progress by drones. It is not inaccurate to describe BLM and Antifa as the new political shock troops, reminiscent of the SA in 1930s Germany. (except the SA were battle hardened WWI vets, vs. the soy punks on dope BLM thugs, who lack physical development sufficient to overturn barriers) protected by the FBI and current regime in Washington DC.
    Society has relegated the duty and responsibility of the citizens to protect their families, homes and communities to incompetent and corrupt cops, courts and prosecutors. America reeks of fear and cowardice, which with the complete emasculation of our armed forces is encouraging enemies, foreign and domestic to loot our nation.

    • I was just saying that exact thing earlier. In a split second of time like the military have or cops have he did everything right and I guess that’s what your reaction does when legitimately your life is in jeopardy. Survival just takes over and you shoot the perp. I’m so sorry that he has PTSD and is not sleeping well at night and is having troubles but time will heal some of that. Maybe 20 million in lawsuit money will help also.

  14. The “mistake” the kid made was not standing there and allowing the rioting mob to tear him apart.

    How can a society survive this level of polarization?

  15. The entire event is a tragedy. Focusing on this case may obscure the fact that the authorities in Kenosha failed to do their sworn duty to protect the public by allowing a bunch of rioters and looters to take control of the streets. This was not a peaceful demonstration – it was a chaotic riot. Bad things will almost always happen in such situations. Racial justice will not be achieved using the Kenosha model.

    • Well said JMARK. This and many other riots were the failure of elected leaders shirking their duty to keep the peace.
      However I believe that we should not allow agitators to dictate and define our goals. Racial justice like social justice are nebulous terms. The true focus should be on equal justice. In other words, if you do the crime you will have to answer for it, regardless of ethnic origin or social standing. That should be our goal. What we see instead is prosecutors and judges failing to charge or setting free, violent criminals/rioters in some misguided attempt to ” achieve a fair quota”, while going after some 17 y/o with a solid case of self-defense, or home owners, who felt threatened when a mob stormed their property.

  16. Great work, Suzanne! I can remember having to go through some of the riots when I was in Santa Ana, CA to get to work. All of us carried loaded weapons and were prepared to use them if necessary, but praying that it would not come to that. we just wanted to survive. Being in a riot situation is scary and you are on a knife’s edge. We had riots on both sides of us and I was up a good part of the night for a week and a half with a loaded rifle because of them just being a few blocks away on both sides of the four-plex I was in at the time. So I can imagine what the kid was going through. Most kids don’t have any reference points nowadays concerning riots, like we did. But after 2020 I guess they have learned. If I hadn’t had to drive through the riot areas to go to work, I would not have done so. My heart goes out to him.

  17. Suzanne, excellent analysis on the verdict. Rittenhouse now has a civic duty to sue all the news agencies who had put out fake news about the circumstances of the case and then defamed him ad hominem. Then, he should sue each and every media luminary who defamed him. Start with the usual reprobates like Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, DeBlasio, Joy Reid, the harpies on The View and many others. The law suits won’t go any further than a quiet settlement. They don’t want any discovery to uncover the evidence that the media was following a coordinated narrative.

  18. Mainstream media journalists are the most feckless cowards on the planet. Their AR-15s are the venomous words they write, all committed with malice aforethought. Haters of justice, freedom and country.

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