Recall petition approved, group will go after Jamie Allard


Two women from Anchorage have won approval of their petition to recall Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard.

The petition application is almost exactly like the ones that failed to get rid of Assembly members Meg Zaletel and Felix Rivera. It says Allard violated former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’ emergency order that banned gatherings of more than 15 people back in the summer of 2020.

“Even though the merits of recall are laughable because I was the only one who objected — on the record — to the issue they are attempting to recall me for, I believe in our democracy and the vote of the people,” Allard said in a statement. “The extreme partisan backers of this couldn’t even find someone in our district to sponsor it. The people from Eagle River will see through the political gamesmanship.”

The petition applicant signers, most of whom are not from Eagle River, said that Allard continued to participate in gatherings of more than 15 people after “being specifically informed of the violation.”

In fact, she was the one who informed the Assembly that it was in violation of the mayor’s order, but the Assembly leadership persisted in continuing the meeting outside the law.

The recall proponents now must collect 2,530 signatures, all of which must be verified voters of Assembly District 2, in order for the question to be put to a ballot for the voters of the district.

Read the petition at the following link:


  1. At least we know where these communist live now. I won’t be taking my kids anywhere near these sickos for trick-or-treating next year.

  2. Unfortunately Jamie Allard will be recalled because the marxists that run Anchorage elections will find enough “ghost” votes to unseat her.

    • Nope, People have seen what these sicko’s have done in the school district and its all up to God and us. Fight like hell!

    • They have to get signatures first. GL with that, it’ll work as well as the failed Dunleavy recall that was collecting FOREVER

  3. This recall effort of one of the most responsive elected people in Anchorage is symptomatic of the collective descent into madness. Ms Allard is a former marine isn’t she? Thank you for your continued service to the city, Ms. Allard.

  4. Come to Alaska, the last frontier… politics that is. Run for an office, do what’s best for society only to lose a second election in a recall because sore losers aren’t satisfied with the election day results. This has to be changed. Alaska is becoming a joke.

    • You’re right. Sarah Palin (not a huge fan) was run out of office by the cost of litigation. The state wasn’t paying for it. Some local threw all these suits against her. Each and everyone was found in Sarah’s favor.

  5. Why do the want to recall her.. she’s the only one that has common sense.

    They need to recall everyone else!

  6. To clarify my post above, i dont want Jamie to lie cheat and steal lol. I’m simply pointing out that the group agaisnt Jamie will do whatever it takes to get their way. I hope the folks in Eagle rv see through this garbage and support Jamie.

  7. Recall Wars. Political warfare. Add it to the Culture War, waging on now since “The Summer of Love” in 1967. Thinking that this growing hatred won’t end in a crescendo of violence is pretty naive.

  8. If any of the hyper-militant radical leftists who organized this recall approach me to sign it, I will refuse to do so, while telling them exactly what I think of them (which can only be expressed in language not fit for this forum).
    Go Jamie!

  9. I imagine that Chelsea and Kerry are going to receive a few emails about this now…

    For those of us who are inclined to support one of the only two people on the assembly who have been standing up for our freedoms and liberties, what can Allard supporters do to help?

  10. Considering that the assembly is in charge of the voting process you can rest assured that this will succeed. They have cheated. They will cheat. Now that they’ve severely limited observing it appears we can’t stop them. They hate Jamie with a passion times infinity and will stop at nothing to get rid of her. They can’t be trusted one iota.

  11. Moral of the story: there is nothing so low that the left won’t stoop to it.
    Where have I read about this stuff before? Oh yeah, the Bible. John 8:44.

  12. Let the partisan politics continue…
    Let’s not take our eyes off the prize though, the opportunity to vote out some of the deviant left 9 is coming soon. That will be the real reward. This distraction will not work. Eagle River residents don’t like to be pushed around.
    Go Eagle Exit!!

    • I remember back when I was still up there I attended a teacher’s meeting and towards the end of it none other than the then speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon walked in and gave a little speech to a bunch of liberal teachers and then he said that if the governor didn’t start doing what the house wanted then they were going to get rid of him. He got almost standing room ovation from that. Obviously Bryce was wrong then and I think the recall people are wrong now.

  13. So… if there were other assembly members in the same meeting room at the same time of this alleged infraction then it stands to reason that they should all be subject to recall as well. Might as well pass around the “open can of worms”… it is definitely too late to try and stuff them all back in now…!!!

  14. Well, at least this’ll give the Anchorage Assembly’s “Gay Mafia” something to focus upon that isn’t perverting public policy. #manysweatylittleexcitedpalmsgrippingthoseiphones

  15. Doesn’t the Assembly have more important things to do than to harass the one, lone Conservative? Aren’t they concerned about protecting the minority rights on the Assembly? Fascists, Totalitarians, and Communists behave this way.

  16. this petition sure was approved a lot quicker than the other two! wonder why? clerk is biased and she is also in charge of elections.

  17. The sickly voles approach the healthy wolverine stating that ‘they’, within there sickly numbers, shall overcome the healthy wolverine, apparently alone….

    The healthy wolverine responds, calmly, “You can try”, and just as the sickly voles begin their advance, the wolverines family shows itself…

    I wonder how that is going to turn out?

  18. It’s hilarious that this blog and its followers totally supported the bogus recall efforts against other assembled members, but now express shock and outrage when a group does the same thing to a conservative assembly member. Bring to mind the phrase “Turnabout is fair play? “

    • There is no hypocrisy here at all, Rick, as the recalls of Zaletel and Felix Rivera were both initiated by individuals within those ass-emblymembers’ own districts, whereas this one is clearly NOT initiated by individuals within Jamie Allard’s district, but from radical communist activists from other ass-emblymembers’ districts. Which sounds on the face it improper if not illegal.

      • As usual, Evan, you have that exactly backward — it is the (so-called) contemporary ‘leftists’ who have the lock on hypocrisy nowadays, and that is not an opinion, but an irrefutable fact. And I am not even a conservative, so you cannot try to explain my claim by resorting to any sort of cheap partisanism.

      • Ha ha ha

        I bet you have rational excuses for why the leftist governors violated their own mandates about large gatherings and masks while the rest of us suffered in silence.

        Willful ignorance is not a virtue.

  19. Where do you expect these communists to set up to collect signatures? As a long term resident and small business owner in our community, I can guarantee that they will find it troubling to find anyone in our community to support their efforts, since Jamie is so well loved here. I think the “ nasty nine “ is completely aware of this and realize that this movement is childish and will go nowhere, but that is where they live. Can’t we just tar and feather the lot and buy them a one way ticket on the next boat out like our founders? Oh, the good old days. Now, we must be patient and wait out the next election, and hopefully Anchorage will pull their heads out and vote for once. We in Chugiak/ Eagle River did and that’s why we have Jamie, and a great Mayor to boot. Now, it’s up to Anchorage. Do something, or we will pull out. We don’t need Anchorage, they need us.

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