Sen. Sullivan calls White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki ‘Baghdad Bob’


In a press briefing on Thursday with other Republican senators, Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan said the White House is out of touch with inflation’s impact on Americans, and he called out Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who during a recent daily press conference joked that the supply chain crisis is the “tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.”

“This administration is so out of touch,” Sullivan said. “You had the White House chief of staff (Ron Klain) recently tweet-out saying high energy prices, inflation is a ‘high-class problem.’ What the heck does that mean?” Sullivan said.

“The White House press secretary on these issues is starting to look like ‘Baghdad Bob’,” Sullivan continued, comparing her to a colorful spokesman who was the media and foreign affairs minister under Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and who was spokesman for the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and Saddam’s government. During the the Ba’athist regime, would regularly read aloud a list of executed Iraqis on state television

Referring to labor shortages combined with shortages of basic essentials, Sullivan said, “These issues are exploding all around the White House, and they just ignore them.”

Talking about energy prices, Sullivan said, “This is purposeful policy. The White House isn’t a bunch of dummies. They are purposely driving up prices on Americans for energy. How do we know that? A. Just listen to the rhetoric of Gina McCarthy and others – the tzars, where they say limited supply will increase prices and that will quote accelerate the transition to renewables. Go ask them, this is purposeful.

“The second reason we know it’s purposeful is just look at the policies. When you limit the production of American energy, when you go and kill energy infrastructure like pipelines, when you go and strong arm the financial institutions of this country, which they’re doing, saying don’t invest in American energy,” he said. “And, oh by the way don’t invest in American energy in the Arctic, which is called Alaska…” Sullivan said.


  1. LIttle Danny – leading from behind – again.
    Stating the obvious – again.
    It’ll be very difficult to overcome the traitorous behavior you engaged in – when you saved the Biden admin and Pelosi – all for a little bag of gold – you sold the Heart of America down the river.
    Shame on you and this embarrassing grandstanding!
    Where have you been on the stolen election, Dominion voting machines, the Border invasion?
    You are an embarrassment to the State of Alaksa.

  2. “What the heck does that mean?” It’s called COMMUNISM, Senator. Plain and simple. Better get a grip before it’s too late.

    • Except that high energy prices are good for Alaska. It’s what keeps the lights on. Remember, we don’t pay any taxes.

  3. Good for Dan calling the administration out for their daily lie sessions and our media is acting like Saddam’s media did as well as they shamelessly parrot lie after lie for this lawless administration…

  4. Good stuff. Just wish he’d had been a no on infrastructure… the 19 GOP senators paved the way for all this build back better for the Bilderburg crowd, nonsense that just makes rich people richer, China stronger, and let’s whiny leftists virtue signal, but hurts America and the working class.

  5. Sullivan, you can’t cover up your weakness with these little stunts. You are, as a prior commenter said, “leading from behind”.

  6. Dan voted for the RIGGED ELECTION, voted for the Socialist Not-Infrastructure Scam, and voted for Alaska-Killing Deb Haaland. Remind me again why he is considered a conservative?

  7. They took energy and food out of the inflation calculation.
    I liked Bag-dad Bob for his patriotism… her not so much.

  8. Jen Psaki grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. She has never wanted for anything or experienced significant disappointment. Her advice to ordinary Americans is without value. I cannot say that I am at all surprised; she is about what one would expect from the Brandon administration.

    • As a thought exercise, try comparing the intelligence of Psaki against, oh dang, I drew a blank. The “Alternative fact” spokesperson. Is she still around or is she rehearsing moves for Dunce With the Stars?

    • Yet you believe Trump who’s silver spoon makes Jen’s look like it’s for a miniature doll.

      You do realize, President Biden is the first president without an Ivy League educations for 40 years?

  9. I believe Senator Sullivan is now seeing the real truth behind the Brandon Administration’s motives. Keep on hammering away Senator. We need all voices to keep the heat on and stop the Great Reset Agenda from taking its evil root here in Alaska and in the United States.

    • I can’t disagree with you more. Senator Sullivan has voted lockstep in support of the Brandon Administration’s “ Make America Fail Again” agenda ever since the election a year ago. He is, after all, part of a “great team” with Lisa.
      He does pretend and talk a good game, though.

  10. Yes it will be a cold expensive winter. Sure glad the state is taking our statutory dividend. That would go a long way helping pay for heating fuel

    • But hey, at least the Urban Non Traditionally Housed in the Sully are warm and comfortable. That’s what REALLY matters.

  11. Yes, and Senator are grossly out off touch with Alaskans as you se recently proven by your vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill!!

  12. Dan sold us out on the Infrastructure plan. Dan, go campaign for Lisa. Birds of a feather stick together. I will be voting against you next time around

  13. Its upsetting when politicians like Dan talk the talk but vote the other direction. our poor country… we are in trouble.

  14. Is the inflation he refers to the same inflation that will be coming from his support of almost $3 trillion in “infrastructure” spending? Or is there another inflation that I’m not aware of?
    You, Senator, are a part of the problem. It would be better if, like Lisa, you publicly embraced it. At least then we’d know who we were voting for.

  15. From the 40,000 foot level, this kind of appears like a Murkowski-Campaign stunt…

    Fight harder, Dan. We have people being unlawfully detained for being at or anywhere near the Capitol, being denied a speedy trial, and what have you to say about it??

    Fight harder, Dan.

  16. The simple truth is President Biden’s policies are not the reason for the current high oil prices and Senator Sullivan knows that. The lack of major oil company bids on ANWR and the enthusiastic Gulf of Mexico bidding this week under the Biden administration shows where capital markets believe the greatest ROE is. A bit confusing when Gov Dunleavy lauds high oil prices to promote big PFD payouts ans then falsely blames Biden for the current market price for oil.

    • Frank, that is as bad and blatant a lie as any of the dissembling “Baghdad Bob” propaganda blurbs from Psaki, and you know it. It is obviously and beyond doubt that the powers-that-be who use PotatoHead as their ventriloquist’s dummy are trying and doing everything possible to undermine and destroy this country. It IS really that simple, and that obvious. Stop trying to piss down our backs and call it rain.

  17. My question: “Why now?”
    Where have you been, Sen. Sullivan? We conservatives have been screaming at the top of our lungs to oppose the left’s tactics and you were……. where? Was it over expensed steaks and champagne that you, Lisa and Don decided to screw Alaska and our oil industry? Was it a good steak?
    It is one small step between today and Biden killing our Pipeline too. One stroke of his pen. And you’ve given him no reason NOT to do it.
    Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver, Judas.

  18. All the policies implemented by this administration from day one is planned. They are not “out of touch” they know what they’re doing. Jen Psaki just delivers a word soup to deflect criticism. Hope we can turn this around but it may be too late.

  19. Follow the grease. Who owns Pfizer and Moderna. Sombody does. The funny thing is the Green New Deal was supposed to be a money making deal and it’s not working. Ah-ha-ha-ha. Thieving and censorship is a crime. Those who do it are criminal thugs. Where’s Cuomo?

    • They are both public companies ads are most pharma. Hopefully you bought some early to get in on the profits. If not, maybe next time.

  20. Thank you Senator Sullivan,

    Thank you for your continued work in DC, for Alaska. And Thank you for your continued

    service to this great country. Alaska is part of the overall solution not the problem please continue

    to fight.The dividend is a state issue not a Federal issue.We need to fix our politics in this whole state to

    fix that issue.

    We have without a doubt the very best voice in DC since Senator Stevens.And Senator we have no

    doubt you will grow stronger as the years go by and Alaska will once again be taken seriously.The

    Country needs oil to sustain its appetite for everything it consumes.The next phase of electric energy

    or whatever new idea is developed will come but not today.It is a great new idea and practice but

    comes with extreme expense to the end user as well as massive waste.The US must use it’s own

    resources not those from foreign lands.

    Stay the fight Senator !!!

  21. ?‍♀️ Oh brother.
    Sullivan has swamp water in his ears and swamp infection in his brain.
    Beware: He is a politician people!
    True to form – HIS WORKS speak louder than his words.
    Because – He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. In this article – how inflation will impose hardship on ‘regular’ people (with LM behind him pretending to care????) ((tapped your ‘feel good’ about him, right))
    While he willingly sign(s) (plural, still happening) his approval for TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS (TRILLIONS of tax dollars, PEOPLE!) on GREEN NEW DEAL STUFF that will IN TRUTH pose hardships Americans – of undescribed consequences – for YEARS TO COME!!!
    Learn how to spot insincerity and don’t be fooled.
    Sorry I voted for him. NEVER AGAIN.

  22. Nice try at looking to care Sullivan, after you drove up inflation and the deficit by helping pass that 1.7 trillion dollar debacle trying to disguise it as an Infrastructure Bill. Do you really think we are that stupid? You and that waste of a Senate Seat Murkowski behind you are SWAMP fodder and need to go! Alaska needs to place America First Candidates in office so we can get our country and our government back! Dan Sullivan, the only way your getting back in your seat is if you do the following:

    1) Impeach the imposter in the Whitehouse
    2) Initiate and pass a term limits bill
    3) Advocate for a politician 401K retirement system, end your 100% pension gravy train
    4) Close the border and remove all the illegals that have been let in by Biden
    5) Pass a balanced budget amendment
    6) Bring back the Americans stranded in Afghanistan
    7) Release the political prisoners in the D.C. Gulag and release the damning evidence against the government that shows Jan. 6th was a setup of Americans.
    8) Remove Merrick Garland from the AG position after he ordered Counter Terrorism operations against parents for using their 1st Amendment rights to protect their children from CRT in schools.

    Why are you so silent on these important issues?

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