Media bias alert: Jill Biden is the August cover for Vogue magazine


After four years of snubbing, another First Lady of the United States is on the cover of Vogue.

The elite women’s magazine skipped over First Lady Melania Trump, after it had printed Michelle Obama the cover three times, and Hillary Clinton had been on the cover twice.

Just five months into her husband’s presidency, Jill Biden was revealed today as the August cover.

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  1. She is a JOKE! She cheated on her first husband to be with her dumb husband. She is a fake person along with her so called degree!

    • amen – She is the human applause meter for jo when no one in audience can figure out what he is saying and when to clap. Cookies for the national guard, sleeping on concrete floor, with 5,000 men to one toilet, to show she appreciates them when the illegals are being put on in 400 night hotel rooms. Low class

      • Amen, they call themselves Godly people but in fact they are the opposite. I have no respect for her. She is teaching little girls it’s ok to sleep with a married man and lie about your profession.

  2. I am not confident the fashion world really knows what is beauty, when their models they choose aren’t even half as striking as some women and girls I seen walking around in Alaska who should probably be in a modeling studio because of they have personality, beautiful features, and pizzaz. They dont know the right people, so it is the loss of the fashion world.

  3. If you are going to pretend to be a “news” source and not just a personal blog writing one sided articles to create division in the state of AK, you should really consider writing a full article.

    First, you can’t even spell Melania correctly. You would think as an advocate for the Trump family, you would proof your 3 sentence opinion before publishing.

    Second, did you bother to reach out to her agent and ask if she was offered to be on the cover? There are people that decline opportunities to put in public spotlights.

    Why cause such division in the community you are trying to represent? Is this for popularity within a small group that is so opinionated? Your work and mission have really swayed from where you were a year ago.

    • WH – Even my spell check seems to hate Melania ;-D but thank you for the correction and for your opinions.- sd

    • Thank you for sharing your observation! It is becoming clearer every day why things are what they are now going forward, for the former family in our Whitehouse was simply out of place and not qualified for their positions. We thank God that we no longer go to bed at night thinking of what rich American institution these interloping individuals were going to destroy next. We got lucky in 2020!

      • We didn’t get lucky we voted, the highest voter turnout in history. I say American citizens keep up the good work and vote every election.

  4. Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself …… putting her dementia-ridden and mentally incapacitated husband out there into the public arena for ridicule and laughter. Pure, intentional elder abuse.

    • Yes, the nerve of her. Being First Lady is more important to her than being the wife of an Alzheimer’s spouse who can’t remember whether it was her hair he last sniffed or the hair of a thirteen year old girl.

  5. Alaska is a small market not a big one. There is not more where that market came from. Many commenters know exactly who each other is. We know uncomfortable stuff about motivations. Suzanne is doing an amazing job of handling info. Thank you for caring. May it ever be thus. Trying to keep it about “ideas.”

  6. Jill Biden is a greedy, ambitious woman. What kind of wife would put an obviously demented spouse out there for ridicule and shame. She must be getting a lot of money from “the handlers” to cover for him. Except it’s not working. The whole world can see the truth.

  7. I am struck by a remarkable thought – What if we spell the name of the teen fashion mag backwards? Come on, man (sniff sniff… Did you change shampoo?), say it… EU GOV !!
    Vogue is just tasteless pandering and indoctrination – make the demrat princess cool.

    • Even though she cheated on her first husband, Vogue is trying to turn her into a pre-disastrous Jackie O. Joe, like Jack, is a womanizer, and his wife has to put up with that crap. So basically they’re trying to dress her up and parade her around as a victim of the current infestation in the oval office. We’ve seen it all before.

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