Mayor Ethan tells criminals to abstain from crime


While Mayor Ethan Berkowitz was advising citizens about tax relief, stay-home orders, and economic recovery efforts underway in Anchorage, he had a word for criminals in Anchorage: Give it a rest. This is, after all, a COVID crisis.

“I wish we could do what Bethel did and it and … Bethel sent out a text to its community and the department there suggested that the criminal element abstain from any kind of criminal activity during the duration of the COVID crisis and would encourage them to be — at least for this particular time — better citizens.

“I would encourage the criminal element in Anchorage to do their civic duty, and abstain from criminal behavior for the duration of the COVID crisis,” Berkowitz said.

He continued, telling criminals that by taking time off from criminal work, they might find out that “there’s a better way.”

The City of Bethel Police Department in Alaska had posted something online that has been going around the Facebook feeds of various police departments in the country, with a similar message: Crooks need to take some time off right now for the good of the community.

The Bethel, Alaska department referred to by Berkowitz evidently copied the advice from the Bethel, North Carolina Police Department’s Facebook page (shown below), Must Read Alaska has learned. Theirs is more colorful:


  1. Wow, you cannot make this stuff up. I get the cops making light of the situation since they are on a first name basis with the thuggery and completely understand that it is only a joke and how futile such a request is, especially in Bethel. The Mayor of Anchorage on the other hand might actually believe that through such blandishments he can change the behavior of the criminal element. I only wish he was right. The sad fact is corrosive forces like Rust and Crack addiction never sleep.

  2. I would want to hand deliver that message to every Alaskan politician and senior administrative ranks.

  3. What a perfect message! Maybe in this time of global, national and community crises, people can focus on being good people. Who knows, maybe it will stick afterward?!

  4. Elections have consequences. He should move to Mexico and join the Mexican President in pleading to the Drug Cartel to play nice. The proud Anchorage Democrats who elected this idiot can be found with prolific stupid comments on all stories in the ADN about President Trump and Governor Dunleavy.

  5. I can’t believe Ethan Berkowitz just called out most of the Anchorage delegation in the State Legislature.

    I can just hear Cathy Giessel yelling at Ethan in her best Greta Thunberg voice…How dare you!

  6. Would anyone expect any thing different from a liberal Mayor? He is running for Governor next…you’d better get out and vote if you don’t want him to win.

  7. I see that infamous and selfless “Alaskan can-do” attitude is on prominent display in the comments again. FFS, it hurts no one to ask; some *will* take it to heart.

  8. Wow! Just think how many crimes could have been prevented or at least put off to the future if the Mayor had said this a few years ago. That’s his big sin! .
    He could have just told all would be criminals to please wait until the next Mayor is elected. Then have at it. .

  9. Good advice….now address it to the lawlesslators who stole your PFD. It’ll do about as much good there as it will in San Francisco North.

  10. Thank you Mayor and other community law enforcement for at least trying to address this population of people-anything is worth a try and you just never know who will comply or not, but doing and saying nothing isn’t acceptable

  11. I just spoke with the APD Chief and he said that there has not been even one crime committed since the mayor politely asked criminals to give us a break and not commit any crimes. He is contemplating a 50% reduction in police officers as a result.
    I say: Well done Mr. Mayor. Keep up the good work fighting crime.

  12. I like it. Almost everyone has a good side. Maybe the Mayor can bring that out. At this time I encourage everyone to be their best.

  13. I think it’s more of a warning to criminals. Times like this, I catch someone trying to steal from me…that person is the only one calling 911. I’m sure alot of others can agree as well

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