Mayor Bronson says no more federal mask mandate on city buses in Anchorage, school district makes them optional


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson announced on Tuesday that with the lifting of the federal mandate, the Municipality of Anchorage no longer requires face masks on any public transportation including People Mover, AnchorRIDES, and RideShare.

“I am pleased to see the federal court decision reject this mandate that kept Alaskans from making their own health decisions for themselves and their families,” Bronson said.

Riders may still choose to wear a mask if they would like. “We still encourage riders to stay home when they are sick and will maintain our cleaning practices,” he said in a statement.

On Monday, a federal judge ruled the Biden Administration mask mandate for transportation to be an illegal action, and several airlines quickly lifted the mask requirement in response. The Transportation Security Administration is not enforcing the mask mandate in airports and train stations. The Biden Administration is appealing the judge’s ruling.

The Anchorage School District says masks, which were mandated on school buses, are now optional.

Uber has lifted its company mask mandate as of 9 am Tuesday but Lyft, a competing ride-sharing company, had not made an announcement.


  1. Oh good! I can again begin riding people mover. I had missed it. Poor poor car had been working a bit too hard without its bus partners to share the transportation burden.

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