Kelly Tshibaka: Alaska voters say it’s time for a change in the Senate




As the Alaska Republican Party holds its state convention this week, attention will naturally focus on the 2022 elections, most notably the selection of our next U.S. senator. I’ve been running against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski for over a year, and it’s clear that voters agree that it’s time for a change. 

Because of a new election law, approved narrowly through a referendum crafted and promoted by Murkowski’s political allies, we no longer hold party primaries in Alaska. All candidates from all parties will run in a “jungle” primary on Aug. 16 with the top four advancing to the general election, where voters have the option to rank their choices. 

The reason for the change is obvious. There was no chance that Murkowski would win a Republican primary, so it was eliminated. And there’s good reason for Murkowski’s friends to think that way. 

Because of a lengthy list of votes betraying Alaskan values, the Alaska Republican Party censured Murkowski and told her not to call herself a Republican anymore. I was honored to receive the endorsement of the party, and in the absence of an actual primary, I am proud to be carrying the conservative mantle as the true Republican candidate in this race. 

All this is because Murkowski is a senator who is owned by special interests and who casts votes simply to retain her popularity among the D.C. political elites.  

In fact, this is what inspired me to run against Murkowski. She cast the tie-breaking vote to advance the nomination of the radical environmentalist Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary. At the time, Murkowski even admitted Haaland would be harmful to our interests, yet she voted to confirm her anyway. 

Haaland, predictably, has gone on to lead President Joe Biden’s energy-annihilating agenda, which has targeted Alaska and killed our jobs.  

And Murkowski has gone a lot further in cementing her place as Biden’s CEO – his Chief Enabling Officer. 

She’s voted to confirm more than 90 percent of his cabinet appointments, including Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who moved to reinstate the “Roadless Rule” which cuts off our access to the Tongass National Forest. This was a huge blow to our timber and tourism industries and was another Biden job-killer. 

But it goes back longer than that. In 2011, Murkowski voted for Obama’s federal judicial nominee Sharon Gleason, calling her “superb.” Judge Gleason went on to kill both the multi-billion-dollar Willow oil and gas project – and the thousands of jobs that went with it – and the life-saving King Cove Road, which would link people living in the Aleutians with medical treatment.   

The most recent affront was her vote to confirm Biden nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. Jackson will join the Court with a record of leniency towards child predators and will almost certainly be an activist jurist, writing legislation from the bench. 

Murkowski’s full-throated support of Obama and Biden judicial picks are in stark contrast to her blocking of President Trump’s conservative nominees to the Supreme Court. Murkowski opposed constitutionalist Justice Brett Kavanaugh and attempted to filibuster constitutionalist Justice Amy Coney Barrett.  

Sometimes Murkowski offers the excuse that the results wouldn’t have changed even if she had voted differently. This is faulty on several levels. First, it reflects her belief that her vote doesn’t matter, and that she no longer can even trade her votes to benefit Alaska. Second, it implies that she considered objecting to nominees she ultimately supported, for which there’s no evidence. And third, it’s a clear admission that her votes do not represent Alaska’s interests. 

If Lisa Murkowski will not stand up and raise hell when something is bad for Alaska, then she should clear out her offices and make room for someone who will.  

Instead, she continues to fund our Alaska senate seat with dark money contributions from Big Tech, radical environmentalists, and leftist organizations from the Lower 48. 

When I am the next senator from Alaska, I will stand up for our resource industries and revive our economy. I will fight for our rights, like the rights of parents to be involved in their children’s education, our constitutional and 2nd Amendment rights, and I will vote for only constitutionalist nominees. I will stand up against the horrendous Biden policies. And I will always side with Alaskans. 

A poll for our campaign shows us beating Murkowski in November, but it also shows that 84 percent of Republicans, including majorities of both men and women, are with us in this race. An amazing majority of undecided voters and half of independent voters hold a negative opinion of Murkowski, as well. 

These are the people who tell me over and over that their voices are not being heard in D.C. But I hear them, and they’re all saying, “It’s time for a change.” 

Kelly Tshibaka is a born-and-raised Alaskan, and a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska who is endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Alaska Republican Party. 


  1. Kelly is preaching to the choir. This article should be in every newspaper on newsprint and online news.

  2. The quicker we can get rid of Murkowski the better. She has been in DC too long and is a member of the swamp. Doing nothing about our energy policies and acts more like a Democrat. Perhaps she should run in that party.

  3. Lisa has been on the wrong side of issue after issue and perhaps her worse position is her unwavering support of those merchants of death at Planned parenthood as well as her support of those pushing the green new deal and their destructive goals for our nation as a whole and its effects on Alaska’s entire energy sector…

      • A person without a brain doesn’t need a desk. Why would Lisa need a desk? Frankie gave her everything, except what it takes to actually “think.” And Lisa is not known to be much of a thinker.

  4. I hope to god you beat her, she’s done absolutely nothing worthy for this state since she took office. Get rid of all RINO’s.

  5. Tshibaka predictability complains about murkowski without offering anything of substance about her policies or vision. If she wins, we can expect gridlock, division and endless needless culture wars.

    • Lucinda, it is only YOU and your radical leftist extremist bedfellows who are forcing their demented and perverted Neo-Bolshevik culture war down our throats.

      • Mr Jefferson I don’t know from where you get “demented and perverted Neo-Bolshevik culture war” from my post, but I think its fun to read your posts cuz they/you define the hard hard edge of the ultra mega right fringe.

        • Ultra mega right fringe? Lol… You meant “MAGA.” Incidentally, that fringe is the majority of the American public. Not the side of the illegitimate, counterfeit president, who’s crackhead son served as his pimp to China while the demented one was VP. Your guy!

          • Droid-if I’d meant MAGA I would have typed that. Biden wasn’t my first choice but unlike Trump, he has integrity, honesty and intelligence.

        • Well that just shows how truly little you know, Lucinda, as I am neither “ultra mega right fringe”, nor mega right fringe, nor right fringe, nor even right (in the political sense). It does not take a person from any of those hypothetical groups, however, to see, acknowledge and be disgusted by the intolerance, perversion, arrogance, authoritarianism, self-loathing and socially suicidal insanity being peddled and forced down our throats by radical leftist extremists such as yourself. You and your ilk are the poison that is killing this country.

    • When the liberal lemmings answering the clarion foreign WEF commands to take the US over the cliff immediately the residents want gridlock at least, to be divided from international criminal marxists asap and endless adherance to THIS 1776 US Constitution. Kelly holds on to the actual clear language of the US Constitution. Who wouldn’t want that.

      • Lucinda:
        Biden has integrity, honesty, and intelligence? Not sure what your IQ level is, but I’m guessing below room temperature. Try reading and thinking independently. Biden couldn’t find his way out of a room with one large exit door, even after he paid his valet with bribery money to walk him to the exit. The dumbest, most dishonest, most crooked, most demented SOB, and most illegitimate president to occupy the White House. And you know it to be true, Lucinda, even with your below 70 IQ. Grow a brain before you come back to MRAK. Your reputation here is fodder for the idiot patrol.

    • Lucinda we already have gridlock and division you need to wake up and look out the window. Sounds like your part of the problem as a uninformed voter.

  6. Lisa and Fat Frank have been a drain on our pocketbook far to long , all kinds of BS and no result, please voters vote her out. Looks like we have a chance to get someone new Worth supporting, someone I hope will look out for us not herself.Merkowski is an embarrassment I hope she is voted out and leaves Alaska she can live next door to Obama..

  7. Ms. Tshibaka,

    In what ways do you have views that are independent of or break with the party line of the GOP? On what issues do you differ with Donald Trump?

  8. The “necessary” and “deserved” change has been needed for a long time now. Daddy’s Little Princess has been emblematic of something “other than” tried and true characteristic GOP – Republican – Conservative – Industry Advocate and, deserves nothing less than to be replaced by Kelly-T.
    M-Ski … It’s time to pack your bags!!!

  9. I don’t put hope in any politician.You really think Kelly is like a Marjory Taylor Green? A fighter? KT is all about establishment and quite mediocre at best.Don’t get me wrong Lisa is worthless..
    The republicans and Dems are one in the same.No change coming except what you had in your pockets…..

  10. How does one become a contributing guest?
    I’d love to hear from Sean Thorne. I assume he’ll do more than regurgitate platitudes.

    SD how can you make this happen?

  11. It’s interesting that Must Read has not published the news that Dan Sullivan endorsed Lisa Murkowski, or that Mitch Mcconnell’s Superpac has pledged to spend $7 million to help Lisa get re-elected. It’s not surprising that these Republican senators are supporting Lisa. Kelly has proven she will say or do anything to become a U.S. Senator. She got Trump’s endorsement by supporting his deranged Jan 6 coup attempt. If she supports efforts by Trump to undermine our constitution and subvert our democracy, what else will she say or do to get elected?

    • Rick, it is common knowledge that Danny has endorsed Lisa, and Mitch is a Sellout as well. What’s your point? All three are swamp creatures, and like Lisa need to go.

    • Americans have no business or Constitutional rights in DC. It is a rip-off. The embassies should be closed and turned back to the state of MARYLAND from whence it came. MARYLAND can do what they would like with the acreage. The agencies/foreign corporations that outgrew DC need to apply for business licenses in each jurisdiction they have invaded and pay taxes like other corporations. They unlike we uneducated Alaskans KNOW they are trespassers.

  12. As much as I think that a republic should be in the best interest of all parties. Unfortunately, those democrats with the exception of a few vote party lines. Those party lines are not in the best interest for all. Unfortunately Lisa goes with the democrats, possibly hoping for sanity in return, but the party lines are what we need right now for ALL Americans and Lisa is not delivering.

  13. A much better penned letter telling
    or better word informing Alaskans what we been missing in d.c. For all those wanting to know how kelly will perform if she is elected. Well! One can’t predict the future events and how it impacts a leader judgement, citizens just want the best leader who won’t sell us out facing all the tumultuous events yet to come. Pick the candidates holding a biblical worldview and they know what is a biblical worldview and how they’d use it facing characters as china, russia, migrants, high cost health care pressing issues of the future spanning 6 years. You know! Sullivan. he’s really doing a good impressive job for someone entering as a rookie.

  14. Americans have no business or Constitutional rights in DC. It is a rip-off. The embassies should be closed and turned back to the state of MARYLAND from whence it came. MARYLAND can do what they would like with the acreage. The agencies/foreign corporations that outgrew DC need to apply for business licenses in each jurisdiction they have invaded and pay taxes like other corporations. They unlike we uneducated Alaskans KNOW they are trespassers.

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