Lt. Gov. candidate Heidi Drygas shames fellow Alaska passenger for ‘fake asthma’


Last summer, lieutenant governor candidate Heidi Drygas took to Twitter to declare that a woman she was sitting next to on an Alaska Airlines jet had fake asthma, and was not wearing a mask, using her faked condition as an excuse. And to add insult to injury, the woman was watching TikTok videos on her phone, Drygas posted on Twitter.

Before masks were mandated by Alaska Airlines, many people chose to wear them, while others did not. Drygas was seated next to someone who was not wearing mask, and Drygas demanded that she be reseated so she didn’t have to sit by an anti-masker for an hour.

Three days earlier, Alaska Airlines had mandated that all passengers wear masks, without exception.

Such is the state of hysteria among many on the Left. Some observers chalk it up to a mass mask hysteria that has taken hold in the population, led by the progressive agenda and the liberal media. Throughout the medical community, there is disagreement about whether wearing a mask is appropriate for all people and in all settings.

But Drygas, who lives in Juneau, played doctor that August day, deciding that one person’s medical condition was fake.

Her actions, judging people’s medical conditions and shaming them on Twitter, give Alaskans a preview as to how the administration of Bill Walker-Heidi Drygas would perform in balancing the freedoms enumerated in the U.S. Constitution with the need to slow down the transmission of a sometimes-deadly virus.

Drygas is the running mate of former Gov. Bill Walker, who failed to win support for reelection after his disastrous four years in office, which ended when Gov. Mike Dunleavy beat him in 2018. Drygas was Walker’s Labor commissioner and is an attorney for Big Labor. The two are running without a party, but are supported by leading Democrats, such as Rep. Ivy Spohnholz and Rep. Adam Wool.

Drygas and Walker filed their joint declaration of candidacy with the Division of Elections on Friday, as shown in the photo above.

The primary is Aug. 16, 2022.


  1. What a tattletale! She should be answering the question as to why her “running mate” let the The Carlyle Group “invest” the PFD money and since said time there is no PFD “formula” to be had?

  2. Walker and this ‘lady’ have less then zero business running for Any public office in Alaska! They are the sole reason our PFD is so screwed up. They have no idea what the word “SHALL” means, and if they do – they do not respect its meaning! Walker knows he can’t win – he just hopes to divide votes enough to have a liberal win against Mike.

  3. Walker will never get my vote again and his running mate sounds like a piece of work. She doesn’t sound like a very pleasant person. And I’m being diplomatic.

  4. Drygas exhibits the depth of her intellect as she embraces the true science behind the cessation of viral activity while eating and drinking. Looks like Walker picked someone just as cerebral as himself.

  5. I certainly can’t imagine why Walker thinks he’d win in any case. I guess China must be backing him, so maybe they’ll stack the deck like they did with their pal Biden? (We really need to do away with mail-in ballots).

  6. I bet Walker is only running because of ranked voting. Any votes they can take away from Dunleavy is a win for the Democrats. Ranked voting is going to make things interesting for sure. I’m not looking forward to that.

  7. Heidi, if you’re so convinced masks work – you wear one. Leave my liberty and choice out of it. If masks work, then you would be protected whether or not I’m wearing one. If vaccines “work”, why do I still need to wear a mask? The fraud and tyranny over this disease has gotten out of hand. The placebo effect is wearing off. Past time to return to “normal”.

  8. Would it not be the height of irony if she developed asthma herself or someone in her family? Knowing someone who has died from an asthma attack I find heidi one sick and stupid “B”.

  9. I have asthma. Even when I’m not coughing or wheezing it’s always there.

    I rarely wear a mask because it’s worse for me to breath my own exhaust than risk Covid.

    Problem is, since Heidi is not my physician or was even in the room when discussed, she has no way of knowing. And I only explain myself to my wife or God.

    It’s an interesting peek into Alaska under Walker. Dysfunctional, dystopian, authoritarian.

    I give Walker a minimum 50-50 chance of winning. Dunleavy is a joke, Alaska got conned into ranked choice voting, vote by mail, ect. Add to that the desire of the hard left to control every aspect of your life and it’s Walker’s to lose.

  10. If walker were smart he would have chosen one of the fake Republicans as his running mate instead of this screeching lib. Then again, Walker isn’t smart

  11. Maybe the passenger will see this Twitter tweet about them, and they will give their side of the story what it was like being rejected by this neighbor. It one is going to use their Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, TikTok to slander their neighbor, if their neighbor sees it, they might as well as tell the rest of the story in their own defense. Heidi Drygas decided to slander her neighbor, now it’s up to her neighbor to clear their reputation and set things right. Sounds like a passenger who just wanted to mind their own business and quietly watch tiktok videos without attention brought upon them.

  12. Those pigtail braids make heidi look like Goebbels daughter of the same namesake. Not a good look. On second thought, that was probably the look she was aiming for.

  13. Drygas doesn’t know the difference between a dry hole and a wet dream. How did Walker pick this idiot?; She actually makes Byron Mallott look like
    a decent, ordinary guy. Has Walker vetted Drygas for potential proclivities of the third kind? What about kickbacks from union goons and community organizers? If there are skeletons looming from under her bed, please call the ADN news tip line. Cover-ups are so much more revealing.

    • Disagree. A predator and potential pedophile is still worse than a mask nazi.

      Says a lot about who Walker is that he surrounds himself with such people

      • Agree with Avenger. Walker is a desperate, old bafoon, thinking that people will forget about his past. He’s so low that he’ll resort to election fraud in 2022, using Scott Kendall (son-in-law of supreme idiot Luke Hopkins) as his weapon for mail-in fraud and ballot dumping.
        Drygas is no asset to Walker. All of the crooked union bosses who steal pension monies from their membership will be right in there giving aid and support to Bill Walker.
        Hopefully, the people will understand how this cycle of corruption works and vote against Walker.

        • Did Walker check Drygas’s sexual preference background?
          That should have been his top priority for effective screening. It would have been the difference between being re-elected and being the disgraced, former governor with no future chance……..if he had screened Mallot.

          • With a name like Drygas, the voters will certainly have a little fun. Bill Walker might want to stand a little more to her left, after he introduces her. Discussions of a Chinese gasline project should get plenty stinky with his new unity partner and soulmate in tow.

  14. Bill “Dividend Killer” Walker and his running mate Heidi “Freedom Killer” Drygas need to be defeated. Alaska show them the door!

  15. Heidi is a liberal and like most she is a tyrannical control freak who’d love to impose restrictive mandates on us little people and she’d certainly use the police power of the State to enforce them.
    God help us all if she and Walker gain power.

  16. I wish I had the $7,040 Bill Walker stole from my PFD checks.
    So I could donate it to conservatives running against him and Drygas.

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