Biden bungle: For the first time in history, France has recalled its ambassadors to U.S. and calls for European strategic autonomy


France, for the first time in history, has recalled its ambassador to the U.S., a step that is an extreme diplomatic action usually taken against adversaries.

According to the French foreign minister, the move “is justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on 15 September by Australia and the United States.”

“At the request of the President of the Republic, I am recalling to Paris without delay our ambassadors to the United States and to Australia for consultations, said French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

“This exceptional decision is justified by the exceptional gravity of the announcements made on 15th September by Australia and the United States,” Le Drian said.

“The cancellation of the Attack class submarine program binding Australia and France since 2016, and the announcement of a new partnership with the United States meant to launch studies on a possible future cooperation on nuclear-powered submarines, constitute unacceptable behavior between allies and partners, whose consequences directly affect the vision we have of our alliances, of our partnerships and of the importance of the Indo-Pacific for Europe,” Le Drian said on the France Diplomacy official website.

The Biden Administration last week announced a new nuclear submarine partnership with Australia and the U.K. that eliminates an existing partnership between Australia and France. To France, it is a sign that it needs to break from its strategic alliance with the U.K.

“This decision is contrary to the letter and spirit of the cooperation which prevailed between France and Australia, based not only on a relationship of political trust but also the development of a very high-level defence industrial and technological base in Australia,” Le Drian wrote.

“The American decision, which leads to the exclusion of a European ally and partner like France from a crucial partnership with Australia at a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, be it over our values or respect for a multilateralism based on the rule of law, signals a lack of consistency which France can only notice and regret,” the statement continued.

“With the Joint Communication on Europe’s strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region being published today, France confirms its desire for very ambitious action in that region aimed at maintaining ‘freedom of sovereignty’ for all. As the only European nation present in the Indo-Pacific, with nearly two million of its nationals and more than 7,000 military personnel, France is a reliable partner which will continue to honour its commitments there, as it has always done.”

He called the decision “regrettable” and said it “only heightens the need to raise loud and clear the issue of European strategic autonomy. There is no other credible path for defending our interests and values around the world, including in the Indo-Pacific region.”

White House officials said that the Biden Administration would continue to engage with France over the dispute.


  1. Can’t blame France,
    Free states in America should call
    for a constitutional rule of law strategic autonomy from the Biden regime usurping federal power and destroying our nation.

  2. Westphalian Order collapsing? NATO rethink? We are in the post post-war world now. Let’s see how far along western nations can coast with open borders, multiculturalism, outsourced industries and shrinking middle classes. Far from “reorganizing” the world, the world may “reorganize” them.

  3. Screw France. Australia has been a better ally than France. Oh sure, they helped us whip the Britt’s, but they also made us fly around their airspace when we bombed Kadaffi, and they were helping Sadam build those breeder tractors. Australia got a better deal from us so they took it. It’s just business. Don’t bunch your panties up France. We saved your ass twice on 2 world wars.

    • Australia is also heavily in hock to China!! In other words China , likely our greatest opponent in the indo Pacific region is under a heavy influence from China which has invested greatly there and has a huge number of its citizens there. How l9ng do you think it’s going to be before they crack the secrets of this new submarine and other defense secrets Australia and the US share?

  4. The most surprising aspect of this administration is that people are surprised. Biden was a member of a 100-person committee for most of his adult life. Except when he was VP, which aside from being a heartbeat away, is the tiebreaker for that 100-person committee. He has zero leadership experience. Plus, now, he is senile. In their zeal to defeat Trump, the media purposely avoided any scrutiny of Biden. Now every week brings a new trainwreck. What will be next?

    • It is my general understanding that describing a person as senile is no longer appropriate. Instead, reference should be made to the scales of dementia. Cool. It appears that “the Big Guy” may be an early stage four on a seven-stage scale. I expect that it may be tough for him as well. After all, he isn’t Harvard, Princeton or Cal Tech material and the presidency is a difficult job. His staff can cover for him much of the time, limit his public appearances, not take questions from reporters, insist he use a teleprompter for short speeches with simple words and simple solutions, take frequent naps, eat ice cream and go to bed early. It is all good. No one will notice that he shuffles when walking, eyes go blank or forgets the names of close allies standing in front of him. Nobody will know that he is senile. I mean suffering from progressive dementia. Nobody.

  5. I think we have Donald J. Trump to thank for this more than Biden. The Former Guy is the one who instituted the “America first” policy relative to the European union, separating us from them and allying more closely with China and Russia. ‘Course, that didn’t go well, but I am surprised Biden is still pursuing it, albeit in a more moderate posture.
    OZ and the UK are likely to be secure partners, and this deal makes sense in a lot of ways, but the French seem to be overreacting a bit. They have more to gain from a secure western alliance that they have to loose, minus the beaucoup bucks they will lose in the sub deal.
    Once again, follow the money.

    • This one is strictly on Biden. Get over it – Biden and his cronies are stupid and tyrannical. Speculating that Trump would have done the same and originated the idea is just dumb and hateful. Show us the evidence H.E.

    • Yeah the French apparently have a shorter memory than most Americans. They don’t want to be friends no more except when they benefit from it. Fine, defend your own country next time. Don’t come cry babying to us. The French build a pretty good fighter jet which they happily sell all around the globe. The French do what’s best for France and it’s time that America started doing what’s best for America.

    • Actually, I think Trump’s foreign policy was exceptional. He did not get us into any new wars. He identified and focused our attention to China – not Russia – as our greatest threat. Even Democrats (when they can separate their commercial interests) agree. He moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Signed ME peace treaties.

  6. Hold on…correct me if I’m wrong, but does it boil down to they want to buy a better product from us, rather than a lesser one from France? I confess I know nothing about any of this, because I haven’t yet read about it. The article really should break it down better please.

    • It’s been in the news for several days. But to answer your question, yes the Australians would rather have nuclear subs than older diesel subs. Australia is always been a diamond in a goat’s ass. The Japanese wanted it in world war II. The Australians are just thinking out loud and with the Chinese flexing their muscle in the South China Sea it’s just a way for one of our allies to beef up and defend their own country so we don’t have to do it for them. But China isn’t stupid. They don’t want the United States or Australia to default on their loans. Really they just want to be the world’s banker and don’t really care if you speak Chinese or not. They just want to own you. And they’re well on their way to owning America.

  7. What’s the problem? France doesn’t like the US anyway. For years France and other nations subsidized Airbus for direct competition against our domestic plane builder Boeing. Due to subsidies from those governments Airbus could undersell Boeing which violated many trade agreements. Biden will reach out to France, that should solve everything.

  8. In light of events of the past two months, it is very difficult to argue that the national security “team” he has around him is competent. This is an honest assessment with ninety percent of the media still doing everything they can to provide cover. People have already been killed as a result of Biden’s appointees. It may become much worse.

  9. The Agreement between the US and Australia is for diesel subs, not nukes. The French love nukes. Biden is probably getting rid of old diesel inventory on the cheap. Now, the Chinese Commies will be better outfitted than the Aussies. Who’s side is Biden really on?

    • The U.S. hasn’t produced a diesel-electric submarine in many, many decades. Nor has the U.K. – both of their attack and ballistic missile submarine fleets have been all nuclear since like the 1990’s. The Royal Navy had a class of 4 diesel-electric boats (the Upholder class) that they retired early and sold to Canada.

  10. Suddenly American neo-con’s are concerned about France. Or foreign affairs in general. You can’t make this s**t up.

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