Breaking: Over 250 end up testifying to Allard, Bronson against vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and onerous work rules


For four hours and 48 minutes, Alaskan after Alaskan came forward to testify against forced vaccine mandates. About 40 percent of those who testified at the Loussac Library on Saturday were associated with the medical community — chiropractors, billers, schedulers, nurses, and technicians. Some came from the Kenai, one flew in from Juneau, but most were from Anchorage. Some called in from the North Slope.

At the invitation of Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, they came in droves to speak their minds against the vaccine mandates being enacted by major employers, including the hospitals and clinics..The event took place in the Loussac Library Assembly Chambers, because of the overwhelming numbers. Earlier meetings had been in a City Hall conference room.

At one point, every seat was taken. Each speaker had three minutes.

“The testimony they gave in front of Mayor Dave and I was different than what we heard last Tuesday, when the doctors in favor of mandates spoke at our regular meeting. But the testimony was also different from what we heard Thursday and Friday in our smaller listening sessions. Today, they were talking about women losing babies in their third trimester….that is something that is really usually rare, but these nurses are seeing more of among vaccinated pregnant women. These were smart, young, 30-something women saying they are not taking the vaccine. They are educated, vibrant, beautiful nurses saying they are not taking the vaccine.”

On Tuesday, medical professionals were brought into the Assembly Chambers to testify in favor of vaccine mandates and mask mandates. They were coordinated by a union organizer and Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar.

Allard and Bronson heard today from a nurse that said if a new mother gives birth in Providence Hospital and is Covid positive, the staff immediately takes the baby away from her for 10 days. Not even the father can touch the baby. The mother cannot breastfeed the baby.

Horror stories like that were told by the dozens at the meeting that was organized by Allard as a listening session, not a townhall. Other Assembly members were not informed about the meeting, but Assemblyman John Weddleton showed up, saying he was returning a book to the library and saw the crowd.

Word then got back to Assemblyman Dunbar, who was furious on social media, and wondered if there was a violation of the Open Meetings Act. He quickly sent word to his blog The Blue Alaskan.

“I can’t remember the last time we had a townhall in there was wasn’t announced/publicized,” Dunbar wrote on Twitter.

He was right. Mayor Bronson had the full support of community members and many in his administration, who were there to support the public. This was not a union-organized event, but one that was decided upon on Friday, when so many people said they could not make the Friday listening session.

“I was just sitting there astounded at the stories they are telling us,” Allard said. Allard said she has heard from people who didn’t get to attend the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday listening sessions, so she plans to schedule more in coming days.

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  1. Members of Congress and Their Staff Are Exempt From Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. That should tell you all you need to know.

    • The US Postal Service is exempt from the mandate. That is even more telling. The largest (employee wise) Federal agency, that has the most contact with the public is exempt.
      It is not about the spread.

    • Come on man!!!!! Surely you know that Biden’s mandates don’t cover congress. They are the legislative branch and make their own rules. Biden has no authority over them. But to ease your concern, only about 20 percent have not gotten the shot. Come on man!!!

  2. I was there. The testimonials were heartbreaking at times. You could hear in people’s voices how frustrated, angry, desperate and sorrowful they are. These are people speaking out who have been suppressed for too long. The Anchorage Assembly had forgotten its place and has become a bunch of power hungry despots. K would say they should be ashamed of themselves but they have no conscience. (Returning a book. Riiiiight. I’ve got a bridge for sale too. And I’m a Nigerian prince from Norway and you’ve won a cash prize.)
    Thanks to God above for Jamie Allard and Dave Bronson. With this one impromptu gathering , literally planned at the last minute, they gave a voice to those crying out to be heard.

  3. Dunbar is incensed that citizens dare to practice their right of free speech! The hallmark of a true Fascist.

    • Don’t worry. We will not have to deal with Dunbar for much longer. I have it on good authority that he will reject his white privilege and not run against Stephanie Taylor. He is going to demonstrate his commitment to equity and allow the black woman to run unopposed.
      Just kidding. I am sure he will do everything in his power to destroy her.

    • He’s an official member of the Commie 9 on our assembly.
      Root out the nine that do not represent us and who use dark monies from marxist leftists to undermine and destroy our beautiful city.

  4. Soon only the unvaccinated we be alive/physically able to work. The unvaccinated surely will inherit the earth.

      • Wrong…the vaccinated lab rats will not survive. You are already dropping like flies. It is happening in real time all around the globe. Good luck.

      • Bwahahahaha… you ignorant, anti science, baby boomer, old fool…you still don’t get it do you? You are the lab rat. You are the walking science experiment. You are the one that will be dead in five years due to health complications or complications from coming into contact with the live virus. Just like the lab animals before you, which is why mRNA was never able to make it to human trials prior to this fraud of Covid, by restricting known therapeutics, only to get emergency use authorization act to inject a population of people with a gene therapeutic that could never make into humans in the lab. They baited you with fear over a virus with a 99% survival rate. Just remember, mRNA killed ALL, 100% of ALL lab animals within a year in every single clinical trial in the lab in decades past. Do you get it yet?… Do you understand science and lab work at all? Do you understand that you will most likely be dead or too sick to function in five years time, like so many are experiencing now?… Unless you received a placebo shot you will be dead in five years from either micro blood clots, cancer, autoimmune response or contact of live the virus because you have successfully depleted your immune system by 35% and that is if you are smart enough to stay away from the boosters that will only deplete it more. But you will praise your clot shot all the way into the grave… cognitive dissonance at it’s best. You are the classic example. Again you are the most ignorant person I have witnessed. I pity you.

  5. I’m just flat floored at the total irresponsibility of that super spreader meeting. Words don’t even begin to express my outrage at our irresponsible mayor. He has to go !!!

  6. Once again, they couldn’t give a damn about Covid. It’s social control.

    Covid is just the excuse to corral the sheep.

      • No, Greg, the Chinese started this! If we would have followed Obama’s H1N1 approach (or lack thereof) we would be over this for the most part now, as natural immunity defeated that virus, which was also labeled a “pandemic”.

      • Trump was following what he thought was science – relying on Fauci as the science expert. It’s obvious by now that Fauci is an expert, but it’s not in science.

      • Trump NEVER started this. He worked to “quicken” the process, the vaccination was in the process of being invented by Soros, Bill Gates and Fauci was creating his own version from the Wahoo labs (head of the health org)..

      • Ummm, no Greg, Anthony Fauci started this. He financed the research at Phizers Wuhan lab. Don’t you follow the news? Rand Paul called him on it, then looky, looky 900 pages of electronically transmitted pages appeared that verified he broke the law. Told to stop and he ignored it. I thought you were behind the curve, but not back to kindergarten behind the curve. SMH

  7. I keep reading the articles at and and they never mention anything about Alaska Regional, unless I’ve missed it.

    • Just a little FYI, my father, a physician of 50 years, WWII and Korean War vet, said to stay away from Providence and only go to Regional.

  8. If you other council members weren’t such douchebags, you would have been invited.

  9. And bet no one. No One! Will have sickness because of the gathering. If the freedom event was publicized will had Dunbar and his friends even had come?
    I am glad there be more events. People are socially hungry for more gatherings. Although Allard is making the churches look lazy. Hahaha. She and Bronson are displaying more enthusiasm for community gathering than the church leaders and elders.

    • So what is Assemblyman Dunbar complaining about anyway, he wouldnt even come. At the time he found out sounds like he had time to double over and show up for his photo opportunity.

  10. Taking the baby away for ten days is the cruelest, most IGNORANT thing I’ve heard yet. Honey, that baby has been inside momma, and it’s already been exposed to the virus, so LET MOMMA nurse, or at least see the baby! Daddy has been with momma. Is Providence run by Nazis?

  11. People need to start coming forward and speaking up about their personal side effects from the shot!
    Government and state, even our hospitals are not being honest with us.

      • Have you gotten the d-dimer blood test yet Greg? I keep putting that challenge out – I really want to know what it shows…. In the name of science, please do it and publish the results here.

      • I know of 15 people who have died. I know of many more who are injured. Maybe you are the control group who got the placebo?…remember even your mainstream media reported months back that some of the shots handed out were blanks. If you got the placebo then you should consider yourself lucky because you might just live after all.

      • Yet, you will and it will be your heart. Too bad you won’t have anyone to sue since you signed your rights away to take an experimental shot

    • It sure would make this whole anti-vaccination movement more understandable if some came forward, but for some reason it’s been pretty silent…well except for anonymous posters on social media who make stuff up and those that actually report their side effects to VAERS.

      • Kind of crazy, isn’t it? Like how aside from having about 24 hours of flu-like symptoms after the second shot, nobody I know has had any issues? And I didn’t have any problems with it either except a sore arm for a day? That’s kind of terrible for a vaccine that’s supposed to be incredibly deadly and dangerous, isn’t it? Letting that many people live?

  12. Good grief! Totalitarian & they know they are grasping for air!
    Patriots, keep binding together as 2 or 3 strand together makes a stronger cord!
    What a facial act to the “T”! Goooooood grief!

  13. “Everyone Who Doesn’t Agree With Me Is Antivax”

    This is Forrest Dunbar’s mind frame and it’s sick. he wants you to shut up and do as he tells you.

    I did have some sympathy for the medical system and their woes but not anymore if they’re gonna show up at an assembly meeting and tell you that things are so bad due to staffing shortages but continue on with their policy of “vax or get fired.” How bad could it actually be there? It leads a critical thinker to believe they’re making up how much of a problem there is, especially since the vax has proven to only protect the individual who took the inoculation. At the very least they could postpone this action and revisit their policy when there isnt so much of a staffing shortage but the mask keeps slipping & the gaslighting never ends.

    • Speaking of critical thinking, I can think of a few good reasons why a vaccine would be required to work in the medical field:
      They are in the medical field and think that slowing or stopping a global pandemic is a good idea.
      The vaccine is the best way to protect their employees.
      Having unvaccinated people in an environment that is necessarily surrounded by covid while there is a tool to protect them is irresponsible.
      If hospitals follow CDC guidelines when it comes to covid exposure (which I’m sure they do) having unvaccinated employees is a burden that they no longer wish to deal with while there is a tool that protects their employees. According to CDC guidelines a vaccinated person is allowed to keep working if exposed to covid, unless they have symptoms…whereas an unvaccinated person needs to quarantine for 14 days. It might just be easier to not have an unvaccinated employee who is repeatedly exposed to covid as one can imagine might happen frequently in a hospital/healthcare setting.
      I’m sure I could think of a few others if all it took was the 30 seconds I spent thinking of those ones

  14. The covid virus is not finished with us yet, I wonder with the ball in their court and their liberal actions on mandates and the vaccine if they can live with increases of covid deaths.Everyone around the world are laughing at us, they see the political whiny and think if I had the shot I’d take it What are you really like, Anchorage?

    • Mandates are not law and as with Obama care the govt cannot legally force citizens to buy crap govt insurance let alone force no proven death jabs. So says the supreme court

  15. Wish I had known. Would have been there to testify. I had Covid and informed my employer of (and presented to) the Cleveland Clinic immunity study that said that Covid survivors have excellent and long lasting immunity. Employee health ignored it and I sent it to our corporate Interim President, who never responded. I then received a canned email from Employee Health, which just towed the party line. As it was mandated or I would lose my job (I have severe reservations about “the jab” for scientific reasons regarding the different so-called immunizations, as well, and am a man in his late 60’s and not interested in seeking a new job), I did the J&J shot as I felt it would be potentially the least dangerous. I am so pissed that I had to do this that I can’t see straight. After attending a very civil protest rally, our employer apparently deemed us “dangerous” and increased security around our corporate headquarters. Well, there’s my three minutes. Thanks for the forum and for speaking the truth to power, as the left likes to say!

  16. With all the B.S. that this assembly pulls, it is so nice to see someone fighting back for our rights. They have shoved so many conservatives – or anyone that doesn’t think just like them – into the closet for fear of retribution.
    I think the most nauseating, cruelest thing that I have read yet is Providence takes babies away from their mothers? This is a baby that has been attached to its mother for 9 months – sharing everything between the two of them – and they think a COVID + baby is a threat? If the libs had their way, they would toss the baby in the trash. If they do it at 6 weeks old, what’s the difference? Oh ya – the difference is their ever-changing “science”.
    And Sleepy Joe and Co. along with congress are not mandated to get the poke. Let that sink in. Oh, and neither are millions of illegal immigrants.

  17. Infants fair better if breastfed, and can acquire immunity from infections mom has had in the past or present via her milk supply.

    Not to mention the attachment that happens with mother and child in the first few days after birth, plus the importance of skin on skin contact. By removing them from their mothers care they are doing more harm than good. The pcr test does not tell them if someone is actively ill and has been used to create a false narrative that everyone is an asymptomatic carrier!

    • Thank you.
      I have always had issues with the “asymptomatic spread”. This is primarily a respiratory illness and spread happens in most cases just like any flu, by droplets that are expectorated. In order to propel them in sufficient quantity to cause infection in another individual, respiratory symptoms generally need to be present i.e. coughing and sneezing etc. No symptoms implies no major avenue for the virus to spread effectively.
      In the beginning the PCR test was only an indicator of active disease, if it was confirmed by symptoms of the patient. We need to re-examine the parameters at which the test shows a positive result, meaning test results should include how many cycles were necessary to arrive at this positive result.

  18. Not getting vaccinated during pregnancy is straight up child endangerment! They SHOULD have their babies taken away. Permanently!! Unless they’re using covid as an abortion method, which would be even more stupid than the average antivaxxer!! This is from an article in a medical paper.

    “Doctors said she’s one of many pregnant COVID patients to need life support. During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is suppressed so as to not attack her fetus. This makes a pregnant individual highly susceptible to severe illness.

    “For the majority of patients, they end up having to be delivered while still on the ECMO machine,” said OB-GYN specialist Dr. Christina Han.”

    • A little reading revealed that pregnant women are NOT technically immune-compromised. Their immune system adjusts to aid the pregnancy. Factors that may impact are increasing displacement in lung capacity or women with heart conditions will experience more strain, if also fighting the virus. There are not many young healthy moms-to-be with heart conditions. Considering that pregnant women are cautioned against all kinds of dangers, like smoking, drugs, alcohol etc. I fully understand their reluctance to be vaccinated, especially not knowing the long term impacts on a developing fetus. It should be up to the individual and her doctor to decide.

      • After a little more reading, a study from Utah revealed that pregnant women with co-morbidity, like obesity, diabetes, hypertension or those who were older, had a higher likelihood of severe outcomes with a Covid infection. These women are already in a high-risk category and need to decide with their doctor whether or not a vaccine is advisable. Again it boils down to the individual’s personal circumstance. Your categorical Gestapo-like pronouncement lacks subtlety and compassion.

  19. Well the majority of the assembly have mad it clear that they do not care what the people of anchorage/eagle river think, they do everything they can to silence THE PEOPLE… its nice to know this administration WANTS to hear what people have to say. After all we DID elect him!

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