Nearly 150 workers who oppose C-vaccine mandates attend listening session with Jamie Allard, Mayor Bronson


It started out quietly this week, with 28 mostly medical professionals meeting in a conference room with Assemblywoman Jamie Allard to talk about how they were losing their jobs at Providence hospital, Geneva Woods Health Care Services, Southcentral Foundation and other medical providers because they won’t get a Covid-19 vaccination.

That was Thursday. On Friday, 30 more of them came to talk to Allard. They said there were more like them in the medical establishment, people in fear of losing their jobs, and others who were resigned to the fact that they will be fired, and who are ready to speak out.

On Saturday morning, about 100 showed up, because they, too, wanted to be heard. Mayor Dave Bronson allowed Allard to use the Loussac Library room where the Assembly usually meets. Bronson joined the meeting to listen and give support to the medical workers, and so did City Manager Amy Demboski.

It was all unannounced and unadvertised, just a series of listening sessions to hear the other side of the story, after last week about 15 nurses and medical professionals were organized by union leaders to go to the Assembly meeting and talk about how they support mask mandates at City Hall and elsewhere, and that they support mandatory vaccines.

There are others who didn’t follow that crowd on Tuesday. Listen to the Saturday esponse when the mayor asked them if they would stand if they oppose Covid-19 vaccine mandates:

During the listening sessions with Allard earlier in the week, some participants testified, and left in tears, so upset about their situation, worried about how they will make ends meet. They told Allard that they knew of pregnant women who are not comfortable getting the Covid-19 shot, but are now losing their jobs.

On Saturday, a pregnant nurse from Providence testified that she will be fired because she won’t accept the vaccine.

Between the four days of listening, over 175 people attended, including at least two employees from Alaska Airlines that were losing their jobs.

It was bound to happen: Word leaked out about the listening sessions. About an hour after the meeting started, Assemblyman John Weddleton showed up. TV cameramen arrived. Word had spread that there was a movement afoot in Anchorage, and the liberal majority on the Assembly was not going to like it.

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  1. I would like to know how many of Prov’s docs who specialize in infectious disease oppose vaccination on strictly medical grounds for the general population.

    • Politics divide them too. As a litmus test, look at the cr@p condition some of these *medical/health experts* are personally in. This book should be judged by its cover, an OBESE medical professional, pushing the merits of healthy Pharma, before addressing the literal Elephant in the room deserves no respect.
      What’s that old saying, “never buy a used car from a mechanic,” some of these people are more akin to sleazy used car salesmen.

    • This wasn’t activism – this was an invitation only event. And one held and broadcast using public Municipality resources at that.

  2. I am in the chambers right now. It’s amazing how many people are here at VERY short notice. Multiple testimonials about the damage caused by the shot, some very heart-wrenching. People are testifying that they are being bullied, threatened and intimidated at their work place for refusing jab.

  3. I’m retired military and I work at a local hospital. If Col. Scheller can lose his career for standing up for what’s right, I reckon a retired NCO can lose a civilian job for doing what’s right. I will not comply.

  4. A for ever what is worth comment:
    I had both of the shots and the first one had 0 effect on me and a month later the second shot left me a bit tired for three or four days but I seemingly recovered fully later in the week and returned to a full work schedule, but it was completely different story:
    She developed a reaction to her first shot and by the next morning her face was red and blotchy with swollen lip and eyes nearly shut, neck area puffy and pain full…..slight temp but nothing to worry us….Doctors were no help and all of them contacted just told here to tough it out and as long as she did not develop any breathing problems, stay home with rest and plenty of fluids….it took here almost three weeks to recover and become pain free ….you will likely never get her to take the second shot!!!!

  5. When I hear what’s happening in the hospitals throughout the state and come across this, I have to wonder, “What are these people thinking?!”

    • agreed, if the hospitals are in such a crunch why would they fire good people for not taking a jab that only protects the person getting the jab. it makes no sense

      • I can think of a few good reasons why:
        They are in the medical field and think that slowing or stopping a global pandemic is a good idea.
        The vaccine is the best way to protect their employees.
        Having unvaccinated people in an environment that is necessarily surrounded by covid while there is a tool to protect them is irresponsible.
        If hospitals follow CDC guidelines when it comes to covid exposure (which I’m sure they do) having unvaccinated employees is a burden that they no longer wish to deal with while there is a tool that protects their employees. According to CDC guidelines a vaccinated person is allowed to keep working if exposed to covid, unless they have symptoms…whereas an unvaccinated person needs to quarantine for 14 days. It might just be easier to not have an unvaccinated employee who is repeatedly exposed to covid as one can imagine might happen frequently in a hospital/healthcare setting.
        I’m sure I could think of a few others if all it took was the 30 seconds I spent thinking of those ones.

        • >According to CDC guidelines a vaccinated person is allowed to keep working if exposed to covid, unless they have symptoms…whereas an unvaccinated person needs to quarantine for 14 days. It might just be easier to not have an unvaccinated employee who is repeatedly exposed to covid as one can imagine might happen frequently in a hospital/healthcare setting.<
          This makes ZERO logical sense. ANY healthcare worker, vaccinated OR NOT, when directly exposed to COVID will be required to test and quarantine, UNLESS, they were following hospital PPE guidelines.
          Vaccination against COVID, merely lowers ones chances of dying from it, you will still incubate and spread the virus. This is a fact!

          • Eric,
            I’m not saying it makes any sense, I’m just saying that it is what the CDC guidelines are, and most businesses are following these guidelines. If you aren’t familiar with these guidelines you should look them up. I am not a doctor nor am I a scientist, but I do not understand why the guidelines are what they are. They reward people for not being vaccinated (with free time off of work) and punish those who are vaccinated, this is counter to everything the Biden government claims.

        • Corona virus IS according to the science Fauci surrounding you and always has and is always mutating and always will. It is futile to even attempt to vaccinate against the common cold and its opportunistic, organic mutations. I believe it is the height of folly to make it government policy to attempt to vaccinate against the common cold going forward. Something ELSE not stated is going on here. Some people like and carry on lies. And they will do it to gain advantage for evil purposes.

    • Don’t be so condemning. They represent a crowd taking care of their own life, and their employers and their elect representatives are meddling in their ability to take care of their themselves and life.

      When Abraham made choices we don’t see God meddling in his life, nor shaming Abraham for when he ran ahead of God’s plan, nor did God discourage Abrahams questions to God (Genesis chapters 12- 22).

      Here we have elect representatives and employers taking their authority a bit too far Meddling in peoples lives preventing them making their own decisions.

    • You hear from where, Channel 2 news?

      1. Delta is highly contagious, you will contract it, when you come into contact with it, even when vaccinated.
      2. You will still be admitted into hospital, for emergency procedures, even when vaccinated, and positive for Delta.
      3. Many vaccinated patients are pre-tested for COVID, admitted for a procedure, and STILL test positive for COVID during their stay.
      4. ALL those vaccinated patients, who’re asymptomatic, and test positive for COVID during their routine hospital stay, will be recorded as a COVID PATIENT.
      5. Chances are, you are, right now, carrying Delta, and are completely asymptomatic. You are spreading COVID everywhere you go.
      6. You went for a COVID test, tested NEGATIVE, and 2 minutes later picked it up from whatever/whomever. Now you’re walking around asymptomatic, touching your leaky infected mask, and spreading it around unknowing by whatever method you haven’t considered.
      We are done here, apply some logic.

  6. I can understand the frustration going on here particularly with mask mandates (despite there usefulness) however opposition to a vaccine mandate comes across as veiled anti-vaccination rhetoric. If such a mandate was imposed it would be the ethical thing to do to include medical exemptions (although there is a lack of evidence of the vaccine bringing harm to a pregnancy that I can see from a cursory search for data) so that is a moot point. This just comes across as people being stubborn and onerous to be onerous (similar to last year with people refusing to report information to the census, I know, I was the one that had to convince them to give information). This is not a hill worth dying on.

    • Doug,
      Out of curiosity, what hill is worth dying on for you? I think many will choose different hills and that is their right.

      • Preferably in a shootout with the ATF over gun laws Waco-style.
        In all seriousness everyone has the right to die on the hill they choose but some hills are more valuable/worthy of dying on than others. I just do not see fighting a vaccine mandate as a worthy cause.

    • You can be pro vaccine and not be pro mandates. Do even know if it is constitutional what Biden did? No. Nobody does because we have never done this to the public ever. EVER We have had lots of much more severe diseases that were handled with safer more tested vaccines and we still didn’t try to mandate and coerce the general public to get vaccinated. If you really believe these vaccines are as safe as all other vaccines, you have something psychological going on that has created a real blindspot, as do many others. If this was 50 years ago, these vaccines would have been halted. If this was normal circumstances with no pandemic and no fear mongering and no docs speaking constantly in hyperbole, these vaccines wouldn’t have even made it to the FDA, just like all of the other attempts at mRNA vaccines over the past 10 years, although with how corrupt and incompetent the FDA has become, who knows. This isn’t going to be the only novel virus to come about. This is most definitely a hill worth dying on so future generations don’t have to experience this. I do not accept the medical hierarchy scaring the public into hysterics about a new disease using exaggerated numbers and only speaking about the horrors and then doing the exact opposite for vaccines that come from big pharma that funds the very government agencies that are supposed to police them. I can’t believe anything at this point and it is entirely the medical industries fault for choosing hyperbole instead of honesty and these people see it and are living it.
      There are only two reasons why mandates are even needed. Normally the vast majority just line up for them:
      1. The medical industry has not been honest and transparent with the public and doesn’t trust the public. The public is reciprocating.
      2. The reality is that these vaccines are a higher risk than any other vaccine of the past when the disease isn’t as risky as conveyed for many many people.
      Respectfully, your comment comes across as someone being stubborn and dismissive because your ego isn’t allowing things to come into your consciousness. Do you know that in Europe they are now doing organized studies to see why a large portion of women are experiencing big differences and disruptions in their menstrual cycles after being vaccinated? Turns out that misinformation might have some truth to it and the real misinformation is coming from our medical talking heads.

      • Fauci, just this morning said on Meet the Press when asked about natural infection, there was no science to support it. Yet, in a subsequent question said natural infection derived immunity coupled with one shot offered excellent protection. Wait what?
        Fauci is unwilling to admit that natural infection provides and protection worthy of study, so therefore he cannot recommend anything but the shot, as its not being studied (by him). The man just talks in circles.
        Fauci lies by omission, and is nothing more than a political shill.
        One thing he has never said, to my knowledge: “If you are OBESE, get the shot, no matter your age, you will have comorbidities, and you will probably die from a severe COVID infection.” Why hasn’t he ever said this? Politics, fat shaming?

      • 1. If your really curious about how these vaccines work as and are worried about transparency I’d suggest jumping on pubmed (or insert your favorite medical/academic database) and you will see a whole host of studies and articles on Covid and its vaccines. Suggested searches include pfizer vaccine papers from the last year as well as papers on efficacy and safety. Contrary to your point about lack of transparency the covid-era has been one of the most transparent and most rapid in terms of publishing and sharing medical information in academic and medical circles as anything remotely related to covid right now gets published for better or worse (I mention for worse as during the early days of the pandemic there were some really really poorly written/misleading papers being circulated out of China).
        2. As for this second point, were not 50 years ago. as related to my earlier point we live in an unprecedented era of information sharing as well as medical advancement so much so that medical papers published just 10 years ago are already considered outdated for most fields of research. That said, as I pointed out in my earlier point there is repeated studies showing that this vaccine is generally safe. Yes there are people that will be allergic to it/will have negative reactions however very rarely are these reactions severe (or else we would be publicizing the death count for the vaccine and not Covid everyday) however these severe reactions are rare enough to warrant continued use of the vaccine.

        Respectfully, I understand your skepticism of the US medical industry given the sensationalistic news media coverage that appears to be counter productive to want they want to achieve. I do have misgivings about the fear-mongering going on especially among health professionals and worship-cult that surrounds Fauci these days. However, regardless of your skepticism and what you are reading on the news and social media I implore you to go read these papers for yourself, and if you find yourself having trouble understanding I suggest consulting further with the people that either wrote it (You’d be surprised a lot of them will respond if you email them) or read even further into the subject matter.

        I’ll end on something my fiancée who holds a phd in medicine told me one day while complaining about people claiming to make “informed” decisions: “There is no such thing as an “informed” decision, just a right and wrong decision.”

        • Whatever Doug. You are really missing the mark for me on just about every point I made. And your fiance’s statement is chilling to me and is precisely what I’m fighting against. How can I ever expect to make a “right” decision without trying to get informed? Is fiance saying that the right decision is to have blind faith in doctors? Who? Which one? Or am I supposed to look at the studies myself and make the best decision I can based on my limited knowledge, but I should never expect to be “informed”? Ok, fine. I’ve done that. And I’ve made my decision, but that doesn’t matter and I should be forced to make the “right” decision? I really don’t know what that quote is supposed to mean except “don’t research. Just do what people smarter than you say”
          Regardless, the medical hierarchy of “accepted knowledge” has been wrong, is wrong and will be wrong many times in the future. The medical hierarchy doesn’t deserve our blind faith, especially when we believe they are wrong by looking at the evidence we can see ourselves. And without a doubt, not when we can see their conflicts of interests. Mandates and coercion ain’t cool ever. But I will say this much, you should listen to your fiance so you can have a happy marriage and not listen to me. Good luck.

    • look at it this way doug. its a form of protest. if 2020 has proven anything its that the government and their collaborators can take everything away from you on a whim. through coercion and force they closed businesses, told you whether or not you were essential, locked down playgrounds , shut down schools, forced individuals and their children into masks ( with at best flimsy evidence of their efficacy) , lied about all matters pertaining to covid ( the local bureaucrat claimed 4 out of every 100 ppl infected with covid would die, dangerous misinformation), they stole property rights away while still collecting property taxes, AQD herself dictated how many people you were allowed to have in your house under threat of fine and possible police action,
      they took money that could have been used to bolster the medical system and bought real estate and funded biased political orgs , they did all this and more with out thinking at all of the negative side affect of their hyper focused policies suicide, drug addiction\overdose , alcoholism, teen suicide and anxiety, loneliness, depression, domestic violence , child abuse and much more
      they did all this for what? covid is still here and now they demand that you go out and get a shot to protect them and the” community”
      the only thing that many people have left after the government and their collaborators policies is body autonomy (just barley) and now they demand you give that up as well so naturally there is gonna be push back’ if they would have used a lighter approach and not ruined their own credibility since day one by compulsively lying and then trying to destroy anyone with a differing opinion
      IMO this protest wouldn’t be happening right now. now they’ve left this the last hill to die on that for a small percentage will be literally factual.

      • Look, you’re not wrong about most of that as I hold serious misgivings about how this pandemic was handled past about June of last year (I am firmly in the camp of the all or nothing approach, once Covid-0 became unattainable there was no real reason to stop it especially now with delta).

        Additionally my views on covid policy are heavily colored by having spent the first half of the pandemic in Singapore which was extremely strict (and still is which I have major misgivings about) which made almost all restrictions in Anchorage seem minimal in comparison.

        And this protest probably could have been avoided if the handling of the pandemic in the early days was better. I still wish to see people go get vaccinated, there are better ways of opposing the government anyways than just being a controlled opposition.

  7. Is allowing one man to amass more wealth than most nations have a good thing when they can force their vision for our lives down our throats? You can count on one hand the number of politicians that are willing to stand up for us as they take away our livelihood and our free will. None of the few politicians standing in protest are willing to cross the redline as they qualify their statements with “I am pro-vaccine”. If you want to have a secret meeting leave your cell phone at home.

  8. Alaska Regional has no such mandate and they are hiring. Many it is time to ditch Prov and Native and go to work for a company that no “forced” mandates.

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