Will Anchorage Assembly try to enact its own emergency masking orders on city?


A special meeting of the Anchorage Assembly has been called for 1 pm Monday in a small conference room in City Hall.

The agenda for the meeting is strangely vague, but it relates to as-of-yet unpublicized efforts by the liberal Assembly to take over the executive branch functions, including declaring an emergency or enacting emergency orders on the city.

The agenda item listed only says, “Introduction of Assembly Ordinances related to the COVID-19 pandemic and executive appointments and confirmation.” According to Clerk Barbara Jones’ note on the items: “This is not a public hearing item.”

The Assembly last week attempted to persuade Mayor Dave Bronson to enact a mask mandate in all municipal buildings, something that Bronson said he would not do.

The liberal Assembly, led by Chairwoman Suzanne LaFrance and Vice Chairman Chris Constant, has posted no public documents for this meeting, which may be an effort to prevent activists in Anchorage from weighing in on this topic.

Any such ordinance would have to eventually go through the public process, something sure to be contentious in a city that has just elected a mayor who is opposed to the abuse of power that took place under former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, and Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson.

The next regular Assembly meeting is not until Sept. 28, when the ordinance would likely be subject to public testimony. But the meeting on Monday does have a time allotted for public participation after the mystery ordinance is revealed. The meeting, however, is scheduled to end at 2 pm, thus cutting short any participation by the public.

More details about the meeting at at this link.


    • They are truly evil, in utterly no uncertain terms. If anyone every wondered how Communism came to Russia, or Nazism to Germany, they need wonder no longer, but merely observe what is happening locally.

    • This is how Nazis operate. Keep the Control Group in full tilt, without the public’s knowledge. Force their rules and will on the public through mandating and shaming.
      The remedy:
      Extreme Pushback by the Opposition.

  1. Leftist governments simply don’t have the authority to infringe on our rights, as they’ve been doing. NO government does. They are supposed to protect our rights, not destroy them.

    • Will they? Of course.
      Question is: how hard will they have to shop for a judge who’ll sign off on it?

      Obey serfs. Obey your masters.

  2. They will make it an ordinance over Mayor Bronson’s veto, and it will not go away until we get a conservative (non-RINO) council AND a conservative mayor! A.k.a. NEVER

    • They keep poking the bear and someone is liable to get bit. You can only push this tyranny so long and the people will push back. More so with people who are about to lose there security of a livelihood.

  3. The Assembly has been clear in one regard. They intend to ignore the vote of the people, pretend Bronson doesn’t exist, and rule-yes rule- you all as a politburo.

    You voted these idiots in Anchorage. This is what you wanted.

  4. They all want to be our nanny. They all want to babysit us. Do any of them have children of their own. Note to assembly; we didn’t give you a stipend to “become” our surrogate parents and run slipshod over our medical concerns. You are paid to attend meetings, helpfully AND without circuses, and quietly approve invoices and the budget. THAT’S IT. That’s all we want from you. Join a circus if you want thirtder.

  5. The leftists on the assembly have been attempting to put the whole of Anchorage population under their heel for two years. Never let a crisis go to waste when you can use it to suppress the freedoms of a population and allow for the distribution of wealth amongst your benefactors. These people are criminals and should be charged as such.

  6. Studies show that vaxxed individuals can catch the virus and spread it as much as unvaxxed. Science studies bears this out. And the masks are worthless. Transmission occurs off surfaces. All other information is politically circumstancial and therefore…… totally subjective. Common sense rules have little current value amongst Democrats, Leftists and the media.

  7. Juneau already has it. It’s the Emergency Operations Committee. They are free to do as they please and they do. They set target dates when it will be terminated by so far they’ve been extended 3 or 4 times. We’re full on mask wearing and limited hours for bars/restaurants. I’m waiting for a full closure coming soon.

    • I visited one resturant about 3.5 weeks ago in juneau they were pretty full over half and the bartender told me that the owners were not playing ball with the tyrants this time around and they were gonna continue on until the city shut them down with force

  8. Did the Assembly ever bother to look at the data regarding mask efficacy? If so, why are they going against the science? It has nothing to do with health. It’s all about power and control.

    Wearing a mask is just a way to demonstrate your obedience to the Covid tyrants.

  9. As chief executive the Mayor is the municipality’s chief, and only publicly accountable, law enforcement officer. If the Assembly tries this all he needs to do is state that he will not enforce any of their “emergency” mandates!

    The People spoke loudly when we elected Bronson; the Assembly needs to get on board or get out of the way.

  10. The only thing they can recommend is treatment be available for the ill, as masks are once again useless.. Keep the sick 12 feet apart and stay home for the 24 hours you are contagious that is all. Even social distancing is a failed idea. Also the vaccine will help in some forms of this disease but proper treatment as well as a strong and healthy immune system is good. I still think if you have multiple illnesses or multiple deficiencies you will have a tougher go. Even exercise would benefit the ill especially outdoors helps reduce the effects of the virus as the more active you are the faster the virus leaves your system. Indoors along with no treatment is a bad deal. We have had almost two years and we know the healthy active young people are not having issues with this virus. Look only to the rare of recovery among the military and those who are active during the transmission period. Flattenthefear.com has a great amount of illness tracking information that you can read and don’t be afraid of Covid, just defeat it with exercise testing and dissipation of the illness thorough a strong immune system and adequate ventillation.

  11. And please if you are going to where the useless mask, wash it, It is a fact that a contaminated mask or wherein a mask during transmission, super infects your system and collects contaminates that only increases the spread of the disease. Dirty masks are Deadly and keep the virus with you longer.

    • Breathe, walk, jog, sprint and repeat. Boost your immune system and treat with many successful remedies. If you notice every time the media says stay home everyone is going to die. Two weeks after said events and activities with less restrictions the numbers plummet and then they are left scratching their heads. Then they ramp of the fear and claim the mask works, but the dirty masks cause an increase in infection rates and don’t solve the problem. Time to get active and take your lives back.

  12. I dare say offering up complaints about ‘the liberals’?seems so shabby since Alaska has voted conservative in all but one presidential election cycles.

    • Dulcie, apples & oranges, but you are correct Forrest, Chris and company (with 2 exceptions) are not liberals, they have become a full-blown politburo Marxists.

  13. Prediction: Assembly will pass their masking ordinance. They will override Bronson’s veto. And Bronson will refuse to enforce it.

    Remember their attempt to take control of their own space in Loussac and 3 offices in the Hill Building so that they can enforce masking on their meetings. That ordinance also wants to take operational control of Election Central. This particular fight is not about masking at all. Rather, it is about the Assembly taking over vote counting just in time for the April election. Masking is the shiny object they want you to look at while they take control of election tabulations. Cheers –

    • Republicans were caught with their pants down in 2020. By the time they knew what was going on, Democrats had already installed Dominion in almost every state and installed pliable Rino’s like Raffensperger and Kevin Meyer who roll over for fraud

  14. If the Assembly wants to enact any kind of Emergency declaration, it MUST be the same exact one that was in place under the former Mayor and Acting Mayor. There is no reasonable justification (outside of political vitriol) to do anything different.

  15. Leaders lead and tyrants dictate! The Marxist Anchorage Assembly Members have violated the Color of the Law too long with their tyranny. Time for all of them to resign. If they shove through any new ordinance anyone who attempts to enforce it will be violating the our rights and privilege protected by the Constituion or the Color of the Law!

    Definition Of Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law

    Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.

  16. Anchorage must eliminate mail in voting (except for absentee). We will never have a fair election again if we don’t. Voter ID and in person voting makes cheating a little more difficult. If SOA isn’t going to clean up the voter registration database, We the People should start doing our own canvassing exercise. How many deceased voters are still registered? How many have moved?

  17. One could be forgiven for suggesting the uber Left infesting the Assembly shove their emergency mask mandates where the sun doesn’t shine.
    The wee shites seem way too comfortable in their transition from representatives to rulers, protected by their easily corrupted mail-in vote scheme.
    Contemptuously underestimating angry, resourceful, motivated taxpayers who don’t like their rulers, who want their rulers gone… entire regimes crash because of this, why should this one be any different?
    Figure out what props up this mask-erade, residents might just be able to tear it down and begin again with something more honest, more user friendly.
    Eaglexit’s a good start.

  18. Perpetuate the fear are the orders from the string pullers to keep this going into the 2022 election. They need the mail in voting in conjunction with their ranked choice scheme

    • And the Dominion vote-tabulating equipment.
      And the Clerk, who is employed by the Assembly, who counts votes during Assembly elections.

  19. To call these assembly members liberal is being generous. They have more in common with the radical left. Almost all studies done on general public mask usage shows they offer very little, if any, help in stopping the spread of COVID.

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