JBER declares public health emergency due to surge in Covid in Alaska


Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson declared a public health emergency on Friday, with a return to heightened measures not seen since last January.

With over 1,000 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed in Alaska daily on some days of the past week, JBER personnel have been advised to limit their exposure in areas, such as Anchorage and Mat-Su, where there are no masking requirements, physical distancing measures, or “other COVID mitigations.”

U.S. Air Force Col. Kirsten Aguilar is the commander of the 673rd Air Base Wing and is the base commander. In a news release, she said that she declared the emergency because JBER is experiencing sustained community transmission. The emergency will continue for 30 days and allows Aguilar to enact further measures if needed. For now, employees and visitors must wear masks while indoors, regardless of their vaccination status and follow other directives still in effect from a July memo.

JBER personnel are 95 percent vaccinated for Covid, after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Aug. 9 announced plans to make the vaccine mandatory.

Another 875 cases of Covid were reported in Alaska on Sept. 16, after two days of cases exceeding 1,000 a day. Alaska has had a total of 96,002 known cases of Covid since the pandemic reached the state in March of 2020. 2,207 Alaskans have been hospitalized with Covid during the pandemic and 454 have died, with deaths attributed to Covid. An unknown number have been vaccinated out of state and an unknown number have had Covid but not sought medical help.

At least 57 percent of the Alaska population over the age of 12 has been fully vaccinated, with 62.2 percent having received a partial vaccine. In Anchorage, 66 percent of residents have been at least partially vaccinated, including 83 percent of residents who are over the age of 65.

Visit the State of Alaska’s vaccine monitoring website at this link.


  1. With that many people vaccinated, its illogical telling the public there is problem. I thinking there are people facing health complications to their new medicine. To save face better than Bean’s Cafe, they calling this disaster covid. I be better off without any funky shots, since being “vaccinated” obviously creates surges.

  2. State Health is very vague in sharing information concerning COVID numbers. For example, out of the total hospitalizations how many are actually exhibiting severe symptoms? They do tell us how many on ventilators, but are they actually that ill WI that ill with the disease? How many of those hospitalized have or have not been vaccinated? Maybe those numbers are out there and I just don’t know where they are, so if anyone has more information please let me know.

  3. Gee wiz you require the “Vaccine” and now you have an emergency! Proof that you can’t fix stupid. BTW Col. Dimwit as your increase the “Vaccine” rate your “Covid” rate will subsequently rise. England has seen an 800% increase in hospitalizations for “Covid”, and they are one of the most “vaccinated” nations on earth.

  4. “JBER personnel are 95 percent vaccinated for Covid!” In a public health emergency, we salute you. Alaskans can get the jab up to 80% and follow other Covid mitigations. We all contribute by employing personal responsibility.

    • so why are they having to lockdown again at a 95% vax rate? whats the point of getting vaxxed if all we have to look forward to is never ending mitigations measures. no carrot all stick no exit strategy, no thanks

  5. Change the C-19 PCR testing protocols to run at 26 cycles as appropriate instead of ramped up to make false positives by running at higher rates. Weed out the other detected corona viruses like the flu and colds, which the PCR test can’t separate. These Data have been adjustable… in other words bogus for over a year.

  6. What are the number for those who contracted the virus, had a 100% recovery, and now have natural immunity? This is a category that has intentionally been left out.

    • Burt.
      Where have you been to school and what have you studied? Tell us more about yourself. You appear to be an expert in your field. Please share your sources so readers can realize more about what is going on in England.
      Please explain your ideas about maintaining military readiness despite Covid. Readers are interested in your ideas.

  7. JBER personnel are 95% vaccinated, yet experiencing sustained community transmission. To the point of public health emergency order. OK, so the vaccine is effective? Or not. Yet it is to be mandated? The insanity continues. Would love honest clarification from somebody.

  8. Oh no! A “case” pandemic! Remember a long time ago they were actually counting “deaths” until they they admitted they were counting every gun shot, car crash and suicide victim as a “Covid death” and people lost faith in their “death count”? Almost overnight they started counting “cases” instead.
    Countless commercials on TV fraudulently claiming the vax is FDA approved while in reality there is no current vaccination in production that is fully FDA approved. ALL current vaccinations are ONLY FDA approved (like they have been from the beginning) for Emergency Use Only because they are experimental therapy.
    We are being lied to and manipulated. Why?

    • To get you under control. That’s why.
      To get you used to complying without question.

      This has never, ever, been about Covid. This has always been about furthering the takeover of public life begun by Bush 43 and the TSA/Homeland Security farce

  9. Its a documented fact all around the world that the more you vaccinate for Covid the more Covid you get. But nobody wants to face this reality.

    • I’ll be honest, that sounds real crackpotty. However, that’s when India took off after having a year of lower infection rates than everybody else. And all of the other countries that are very vaccinated are still experiences surges while India is not after they reversed their discouragement of ivermectin. They are now suing WHO for giving them false information about ivermectin and causing people to needlessly die. Notice that the news doesn’t want to report the good news coming out of India. Their numbers have plummeted. Everything now makes me strongly consider that antibody dependent enhancement is occuring, or at least vaccine avoidance mutation, which brave physicians warned about. And I’m trying to not to take joy in being right, but I have to say it will make me laugh when “we” finally discover that the vaccines are exposing the unvaccinated to the disease more than before (LinkedIn took down my comment when I said that at the beginning of the year) and that treatments are going to be our only way out of this and some of them have been discovered and available this entire time but weren’t used because they weren’t purpose built and patented for covid. And also because if treatments are too effective, they wouldn’t get emergency authorization for the lucrative and ego driven vaccines. Notice they have stopped the poo pooing of newly discovered treatments now that they have full FDA approval.

  10. It’s almost like there’s a global pandemic taking place and it might be a good idea to have our military fully available while our Commander in Chief isn’t at all fully available.

    • If that were true, given our current data they would immediately stop vaccinating the armed forces. At this point it seems as though the powers that be want a sickly and “unavailable” military.
      Things that make you go Hmmm.

  11. We might be in trouble.
    Colonel Aguilar just told the Communist Chinese, America’s sworn enemy, the Giessel-Walker team’s new best friend, that their designer virus works exactly as designed against the American military.
    Colonel Aguilar told us -and the Communist Chinese- that their China flu survives -and thrives- in a highly disciplined, inherently hygenic, inherently healthy population with a 95% vaccination rate and mask mandates.
    We don’t know what impact the “public health emergency” has on the ability of JBER soldiers and airmen to kill people and break things in America’s defense.
    Maybe the “public health emergency” was ordered only because families and others whose jobs are not killing people and breaking things get incapacitated by, and die from, China flu.
    One would think a military “public health emergency” means deploying emergency mobile medical facilities and staff, like Southern Command did with Joint Task Force Haiti, President Trump did with the U.S. Navy hospital ship sent to New York, or like the C-17 flying humanitarian aid from Homestead, Florida to Colombia in 2019.
    A “public health emergency” serious enough to be ordered for 30 days seems serious enough to justify confining everyone to base for 30 days until the emergency is over, and that this information should be shared with civilian counterparts so they too can declare a “public health emergency”.
    But no. Out of curiosity, but expecting no meaningful answer, we ask why.
    Current events give Americans little reason to trust the intentions of senior military and Department of Defense officials
    … and, in light of this article, no reason to start.

  12. This all about riding the scare wave onto , if possible. ( believe me their trying their hardest) to keep this going to force mail-in ballot stuffing yet again.
    2022 is right around the corner.

  13. So, the military base is well above any of the estimates for vaccinations required for herd immunity. At 95% immunization I do not know of any virus with a higher threshold than that for herd immunity. If they are still having cases, that shows that either the vaccine does not work or it is giving people the virus. The precautions they take on the base are already insane, but I guess they have to ramp up the fear. With all the precautions you are required to take on a military base, for there to be community transmission only shows those measures do not work that well either. What makes it funnier is that anyone in the military is supposed to be fit enough and young enough that they should not have any problems fighting it off anyways. I do not recall any flags being lowered in the state for a Soldier/Airman that died from Covid. I would really like to see how many cases are people that have had the shot, as far as I can tell it is useless or gives you the sickness.

  14. Let’s stop and think about this for a minute… 95% of the JBER population IS vaccinated with 100% mask mandate and social distancing. These are also probably mostly fairly physically fit and healthy individuals, yet they are still worried about community spread… So how’s that vaccine mandate/ mask mandate and social distancing, really working out??? It appears that, alas, it is not…

  15. With Milley at the top, how can we trust anything the military does? It’s just the armed branch of the democrat party anymore.

  16. Hmmm…95% of JBER are vaccinated, but there’s a COVID crisis. As of august 70% of positive cases in AK we’re amongst the vaccinated. If these vaccinated people start dying from COVID-19 it looks like we may have
    Antibody Dependent Enhancement
    occurring with the”jab!”
    Happened with RSV and measles vaccine in the 60’s and killed quite a few people before they pulled to vaccine

  17. Are they still using the 95% false positives testing method?
    And are there still financial incentives to hospitals for reporting inflated Covid numbers?
    The FDA advisory panel just voted 16-2 to NOT recommend the booster jab for ages 16 to 65 over concerns of myocarditis.
    The federal government is making it difficult to get ivermectin and other therapeutic drugs that are being shown as effective against Covid.
    There appears to be a coordinated effort to eliminate any option except this dangerous experimental mRNA jab.
    There’s definitely an effort to suppress any bad news concerning adverse reactions to the jab.
    If there was a real pandemic going on everyone would be trying anything and everything they could think of to try and get it under control…if that was their goal.
    Instead the government and health authorities are doing everything they can to stop doctors from discovering treatments that go beyond just getting shot up with a dangerous gene therapy drug.
    You really need to ask why that is.

    • Thanks PJ, you said most of what I was going to say. With 95% of JBER vaccinated you would think it is a virus free utopia. Why do you think they are having this problem? It is the vaccine! The majority of break through cases are the Vaccinated, not the Unvaccinated. They are finding that the vaccinated have a higher viral count in their mucous membranes. They are the carriers! The best example is the difference between Israel & India. Israel is 80% vaccinated and has the greatest breakthrough cases in the world. India has been issuing Ivermectin to the public and are near zero cases. You would think our idiot government officials could figure this out. Me thinks there is an agenda here and it isn’t for the publics benefit! Time to wake up folks and demand better from our elected officials. Call our feckless Governor and demand he put an end to masks that don’t work and allow patients to have access to alternative therapeutic medicine. Biden reduced Regeneron production by 50% just to punish the success Florida has had with it. We have medical tyranny in America just to fill Big Pharma’s pockets!

  18. Just wait till they are 100% vaccinated and the emergencies continue. No more blaming the 5% for making the 95% non combat ready.
    All you vaxxers are like a wife being regularly beat by your husband just continually defending his action by telling everyone you deserve it. Everyday the parameters for this virus as well as the vaccine change, continually invalidating the previous days statements and yet the vaxxers are quick to defend the lies and rationalize the government overreach of power.
    It is difficult to trust a person. It requires in-depth interaction built over a period of time. But to trust an organization such as a government, it is nearly impossible but yet the vaxxers have thrown all their trust in a variety of organizations that have continually lied to the people.
    Hospital administrators and Doctors are incentivized by Federal money for every COVID-19 positive case. Politicians are incentivized by pharmaceutical lobbyists with monetary kickbacks. Unions are incentivized by government power brokering and monetary benefits. Government is incentivized with power by mandating people to wear mask an seeing the numbers of compliant and the destruction of small businesses. There are clear and factual motives for this “pandemic” and yet vaxxers absolutely will not do the research. I suppose it would be too damaging to their own psychy to have proved their self foolish for hastily believing in the government and injecting an UNTESTED vaccine in their own body. So now they are only left with name calling and shaming.

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