Feds release guidance on Biden vaccine mandates for federal employees


The devil is in the details of the President Biden vaccine mandates that affect some 80 million Americans.

Federal workers must have their final Covid-19 vaccine no later than Nov. 8 to meet the Nov. 22 deadline to be fully vaccinated, according to new guidance just released by the Biden Administration.

The guidance, published at this federal government link on Thursday, is the rest of the story of the executive order Biden issued Sept. 9, requiring federal employees and those working in companies with federal contracts, as well as those working in companies with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, unless they are granted an exemption.

The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force says that agencies no longer are required to give administrative leave for federal employees to get the vaccine; workers will instead use “duty time” to get the vaccine, but may request administrative leave for recovery from any side effects, adverse reactions, or to accompany family members to get vaccinated.

The mandate includes all who are in complete telework status or who are working remotely.

“An agency may be required to provide a reasonable accommodation to employees who communicate to the agency that they are not vaccinated against COVID-19 because of a disability or because of a sincerely held religious belief, practice or observance,” said the guidance. “Determining whether an exception is legally required will include consideration of factors such as the basis for the claim; the nature of the employee’s job responsibilities; and the reasonably foreseeable effects on the agency’s operations, including protecting other agency employees and the public from COVID-19,” the guidance states.

The federal guidance says disciplinary actions should be taken against those who refuse to comply: “… the agency must provide the required procedural rights to an employee and follow normal processes, including any agency policies or collective bargaining agreement requirements concerning disciplinary matters.”

While the employees is challenging the mandate through union or lawsuit, the federal government says it will not put them on administrative leave, but can take other measures. 

The task force told federal agencies in February to ban those employees who won’t wear masks correctly, by putting them on paid administrative leave until the punishment is decided.

“As an initial matter, an agency should provide employees with information regarding the benefits of vaccination and ways to obtain the vaccine. If the individual continues to refuse to be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination, the agency should pursue disciplinary measures, up to and including removal from Federal service. In pursuing any adverse action, the agency must provide the required procedural rights to an employee and follow normal processes, including any agency policies or collective bargaining agreement requirements concerning disciplinary matters. Employees should not be placed on administrative leave while pursuing an adverse action for refusal to be vaccinated, but will be required to follow safety protocols for employees who are not fully vaccinated when reporting to agency worksites,” the guidance says.

“An agency should follow a different process if the employee claims a legally required exception as the reason for not being vaccinated or providing proof of vaccination. In that case, an agency should follow its ordinary process to review and consider what, if any, reasonable accommodation it must offer. All agency personnel designated to receive requests for reasonable accommodations should know how to handle requests consistent with any Federal employment nondiscrimination laws that may apply. If the employee’s request for an accommodation is denied, and the employee does not comply with the vaccination requirement, the agency may pursue disciplinary action, up to and including removal from Federal service,” it says.

In addition, “Agencies are strongly encouraged to incorporate vaccination requirements into contracts that are not covered by Executive Order 14042, consistent with applicable law. This might include, for example, incorporating vaccination requirements into contracts in advance of when they are otherwise required by the Executive Order or incorporating requirements into contracts that are not covered by the Executive Order, such as contracts under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. Implementation of such additional requirements should generally follow the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force’s guidance for implementing the vaccination requirement in Executive Order 14042.”

Read the entire federal guidance for the Biden Vaccine Mandate at this link.



  1. Looks like I am going to be fired as I will not comply. This “vaccine” has already resulted in over 14,500 deaths per CDC VAERS. I would rather be unemployed than dead. It is too bad we forgot the lessons of what the Nazis were shown to have done during the Nuremberg trials. I wrote Dan Sullivan a couple of times hoping he would help.

  2. “The mandate includes all who are in complete telework status or who are working remotely.”
    So now the “party of science” is thinking that persons with the virus can infect others through the internet? Really?
    These goobermint hacks are profoundly stupid…….

  3. This unconstitutional, discriminatory, illegal, unethical “mandate” will die in court, but not by my action… And I think the hair-sniffer-in-chief knows it. Big distraction from all the other tyrannical mess-ups they’re pulling. Removal from federal service is almost impossible – fat chance this order will actually accomplish that! My body, my choice. Sorry to repeat myself so often on this topic, but this one makes me very angry.

  4. Wow, so federal employees are to be vaccinated BEFORE active duty military has their own deadline. (active duty was Dec 15th…. last I heard) I did not realize I was a more essential “combat ready”employee than the active duty service members… unfortunately this does not make me feel important. It makes me feel frustrated, sad, and trapped. I do not want to get the vaccine… but the federal government knows we can’t eat air. I was wondering what happens to all the employees who provide health insurance for their families… if they refuse and get fired… their whole family is out of insurance. This is crazy on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. I do not believe in the “science” behind the vaccine that is doing nothing it was touted to do. I do believe in personal freedom to decide what health care choices are best for me. Guess all I can do is pray myself and my family members stay safe… all of us are in the same boat, fed employees or active duty military. And awaaaaay we go……

  5. I guess no one has informed the dumb moron in the white house that people who are fully vaccinated can GET and SPREAD covid, huh? They are ALL a bunch of morons, as is anyone who voted for them!

    • Actually, the vaccinated are known as super-spreaders within the hard science community, as they’re actually incubating the next variants. Unfortunately, we only follow the political science, when dealing with the lunatic left zealots.

    • They know. The shot has nothing to do with the Corona Virus. They just needed an excuse to put their Venom in your blood.

  6. they squack squack squack about “Far right radicals” what do they think will happen when the feds create a whole lot of disgruntled people with no money and nothing to to when they have no job for not accepting the “vaccine” into their lives. but then aagain maybe thats what the feds are hoping for

  7. The public should demand the mental examination of the person characterized as the “winner” of a very suspicious national “election”. Also is whomever depicted as Biden actually Biden or some sort of a double. We have a right to have this forensic authentication done by someone dedicated to God, truth, and this great republic, Rhe United States.

  8. Actually you must not be very well educated. The Delta variant was first identified in December of 2020. There wasn’t even a vaccine out then for your so-called super spreaders to spread it. You got any more hard science because I feel a need for a bowel movement and need something to wipe with.

      • LoL. I doubt very many readers are offended on here. Usually I’m not the one to draw first blood as you know if you’re a regular. If a guy is going to come on here and make up lies, then he should be man enough to accept his criticism for doing so. We’re all adults here mostly even though many of the bloggers act like children. That was your cue to come back and say we’ll stop acting like a child then Greg. Come on man!

    • Dear Greg, stop commenting misinformation. There was your death jab available in December 2020. Don’t you forget how conveniently big Pharma announced it right after Nov3? Please be quiet and go back to being a retired state leach living in a state that is not Alaska

      • No, the Delta variant first appeared in India in December of 2020. Yes Russia and other countries we’re trying to develop an inferior product that was basically unsuccessful. But he’s talking about the vaccinated being super spreaders which is untrue. It’s the unvaccinated that are more likely to spread the disease.

      • Retired state Leach? Where are you getting that from? If you’re talking about the two years I was a part-time shop teacher for the state of Alaska, do you have any idea how much money I squirreled away getting paid for that job? That’s another assumption that you have made which is incorrect. Now if you said that I had bought micron at 27, LoL, you would be more correct.

        • I’m not the one who stated he was a retired State Employee, whom lives in Florida. Exactly where did you teach? I was unaware that the State employed shop teachers, not even at the Universities. So you bought desk top computer 30 years ago? What does that have to do with your misinformation about there not being a vaccine available in Dec 2020, when it clearly was being distributed to those at high risk. Your wet paper bag argument is as bad as Sophias

    • Forkner, other countries and other companies had released earlier, their variants of vaccine. China released Cansino in July 2020, and Russia released Sputnik 5 shortly after that, both were used in India where the largest concentration of the Delta Variant originated in its infancy. United States didn’t see the Delta Variant until the May /June 2021 time frame.
      Please do your research.

      • Do your own research. You’ll find that the vaccine you’re talking about was an early attempt, unsuccessful I might add and stopping the original covid-19 virus. Immunity from those early shots was almost non-existent hence no variance showing up. Plus everybody knows that viruses mutate on their own with no help from vaccinated people. The cold virus mutates so quickly that developing a vaccine for it is almost impossible. The flu shot that we get every year is also an attempt to protect against the ever-changing virus. It is comical though to see that just like a pack of hyenas, when one of them gets wounded the rest of the pack come to its aid. And then, something happens and they all attack him just like you guys do one of your own.

    • Actually we’re saying two different things. You’re talking about the first vaccine administered on December 7th 2020 in the UK. I’m talking about the first Delta variant identified in India during the same month of the same year. Please explain how the first shot and a so-called super spreader event started by people who have been vaccinated according to this fool, happened simultaneously. Good luck

      • Forkner, why do you continually misrepresent what people say. I said nothing about vaccine and December. Put down your bottle of booze and re read my statement.
        Your point is that the Delta Variant couldn’t have been created by the vaccine because you believe the vaccine was released at the same time or after the identifying of the Delta Variant. My point is that there were other vaccines from other countries that were released up to 6 months PRIOR to the identification of the Delta Variant and those vaccines were being used in India, the first noted location of the Delta Variant.
        No vaccine for Covid-19 is killing the virus or boosting your body’s immune system to kill the virus, FACT! So that gives thought that during the contraction of Covid-19, that the vaccine in some, could possibly be giving an environment to which the virus interacts with the vaccine to create a stronger variant. Science has not proved one way or the other with doctors and scientists having opinions for both sides. Variants are always being created just from the nature of survival. Vaccines could be making stronger variants though and that’s what happens when a vaccine doesn’t kill the virus.
        I’m out of ways to say it to you without drawing it on chalkboards. Comprehension is not your strong suit, but you are not alone.

  9. Resist. Don’t give in. This is a spiritual battle. What will the federal government do without workers if enough people say no? They need us more than we need them.

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