Listicle: Who won by more than 60% landslide?


In the 2022 state legislative races, Democrats and small-Permanent Fund dividend Republicans were winners for the Alaska State Senate. Republicans lost two seats and Democrats gained two, giving them nine seats to the 11 seats held by Republicans. Republican senators are actively forming a bipartisan coalition majority, similar to the bipartisan caucus that ruled during the days of the Bipartisan Working Group of the 27th Legislature, which had six Republicans and 10 Democrats. They are cutting out the most conservative senators, Sens. Shelley Hughes, Mike Shower, and Rob Myers, all Republicans. They are, at this writing, considering giving Sen. Bill Wielechowski, a Democrat, chairmanship of the Rules Committee, where he can kill or move legislation. Former Sen. Cathy Giessel, a Republican who opposed Gov. Mike Dunleavy while she was Senate president, and who supported abortion-promoter Bill Walker for governor, returns to the Senate as part of this bipartisan caucus.

In the House, Republicans won 21 seats, which makes for a strained majority, with some legislators not wanting to include the most compromising and the least compromising legislators in the caucus. Announcements about the majority are expected soon and may include no-party members.

The winners who won by the biggest margin were those with no opponents or opponents who didn’t campaign. Here’s the list of landslide victories (over 69%):

Senate – Candidates who won with over 60% of the vote

Jesse Kiehl, Senate Seat B: 95.82%, (no opponent)

Shelley Hughes, Seat M: 75.82%

Bert Stedman, Senate Seat A: 68.79%

Loki Tobin, Seat I 66.41%

Rob Myers, Seat Q: 62.59%

Lyman Hoffman, Seat S: 64.74%

House District – Candidates who won with over 60% of the vote

Josiah Patkotak, House District 40: 97.92%, (no opponent)

Mike Prax, House District 33: 97.51%, (no opponent)

Bryce Edgmon, House District 37: 96.52%, (no opponent)

Ben Carpenter, District 8: 96.60%, (no opponent)

Andi Story, House District 3: 95.45%, (no opponent)

C.J. McCormick, House District 38: 85.09%, (no opponent)

Cathy Tilton, District 26: 80.83%

Sara Hannan, House District 4: 79.19%

DeLena Johnson, District 25: 77.83%

Genevieve Mina, House District 19: 74.21%

George Rauscher, House District 29: 74.12%

Alyse Galvin, House District 14: 66.94%

Mike Cronk, House District 36: 65.37%

Jamie Allard, House District 23: 61.52%

Louise Stutes, House District 5, 60.95%


  1. Behold Alaska’s very own version of Washington DC’s Uniparty.
    Face it, voting is more and more meaningless with every passing election. Our rulers will do want they want regardless.

    • Democrats hardly vote for fiscal responsibility. They vote to ensure the working man is kept down with never ending taxes.

    • The right whines and blames everything but themselves. Until the right takes the time to understand what is happening we will continue to see results like these. It’s not corrupt elections that are to blame, it’s not rhino’s, it’s that people that are right of center don’t vote with the same turnout as those that are left of center. The narrative is largely controlled by those that are left of center, the narrative claims the Matsu and Kenai lean strongly to the right, yet by and large both consistently vote for those who support big government…how’s that make sense to anyone?

  2. Well. I’m just thankful some conservatives are
    going to juneau! Considering the times the split at the local and national delegation is appropriate. They only emergency sounding is the alarm that the Church can hear is the Church is running out of time to complete the task spreading the gospel and saving men, women, and children including these leaders .
    The political split, it may make the churches use time, resourses better including pastors re-evaluate are their sermons teaching
    the God’sWord like jay
    vernan mcgee, jerry prevo, trailblazer on katb
    89.3fm or spouting off opinions or motivational
    speaking to get the head nods,clapping, and hoohollaring. The few conservatives and
    people have to remember this
    – be faithful with completing little tasks given today, and HE- the LORD -will give more-bigger roles- later.

  3. Demos in charge still. I hope they take the PFD and start state taxes. Uninformed non voters needs to be taxed to the hilt.

  4. Back to the same old nonsense with Ma Giessel. Hates anyone who has more power than she. Out to get Dunleavy. A tyrant. Watch your backs, everyone.

  5. In many instances, these results are more a reflection of two other factors rather than anything special about the candidate. Incumbency is the biggest factor, which gives major advantage over newcomers. The other is voter registration/party tendencies in those districts. Sarah Hannan had an opponent but SArah was the only Democrat is a hugely Democrat district, so she’s a shoe-in. Same for George Raucher as a Republican in a hugely Republic district. These are only two exmpales but these two factors explain most of the 60% “landslides”.

  6. Do they really enjoy their status as thieves? “Small PFD” Republicans and Democrats… This isn’t the will of the majority of Alaskans. How is it anyone’s will? Why are we blind to the government robbing our investment account? Would the same folks be comfortable with them taxing our IRAs at 50% or more? I’m shocked and disgusted, but I do know how they can keep getting elected: by promising something for “nothing” and depending on government workers and unions who have an interest in more government funding to vote for them to rob the people so they can get more. Or is it that simply too many immigrants from the left coast have moved here? Alaskans aren’t stupid, but too many have tuned out political responsibility for fear of drowning in the roar of negativity from the MSM and dark money funded campaigns. The turtle didn’t fund any local campaigns, but the sour taste left in our mouths from daily mailers and other ads turned everyone off. Familiar names – even of thieves – gather lots of votes. Scale back government – don’t steal the people’s money. Cathy Giessel once complained that I called her a thief after one of her POMV presentations – my response: “What else do you call it when you take something from someone without their permission”? Stealing. Wake up Alaska!

  7. The Masked Avenger is spot on in his analysis. The left creates a system knowing that our side will p-ss up a rope and enjoy the temporary warm feeling of personal victory. If nothing else, just think of this: Alyse Galvin won with OVER 60% of the vote. That gal is mental. Ponder that for a bit.

  8. Imagine , if you will anyone you know in Alaska voting for Edgemon and Stedman……………They have already walked off with 9 billion dollars not counting this year’s, and bill of course is charming and nice but his actions show he is one of the Nasty Nines lawyers of Anchorage. OPEN BORDERS IS WHAT THEY WANT NOW, and by golly , they just might get it. Go ahead ask any of the dems if they are for OPEN BORDERS ! I dare ya

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