Friday night news dump: Senate Democrats to announce majority organization later today


The Senate Democrats’ press secretary says the new Senate majority will hold a press availability to announce its organization for the coming legislative season. It’s a signal that a bipartisan majority has formed.

The timing of the news announced by Noah Hanson, the Democrats’ press secretary, is what’s called a “Friday night news dump,” which is when controversial news is released in the hopes that few will notice.

Democrats are controlling the message for the new Senate majority in the Alaska Legislature.

The press conference will be held at the Anchorage Legislative Information Office, 1500 W. Benson Blvd, Anchorage at 5:30 pm. Access to the public is limited.

The new Senate Majority will be comprised of Sen. Gary Stevens as president, Sen. Bert Stedman and Sen. Lyman Hoffman as Finance co-chairs, and possibly Sen. Bill Wielechowski as Rules chair, Must Read Alaska has learned.

Republicans have more seats in the Senate but the notification coming from the Senate Democrats’ press office is a signal that the Democrats are in charge and will be running the news conference.

Kenai Senator-elect Jesse Bjorkman is part of the organization, as is Republican James Kaufman of Anchorage, and David Wilson of Wasilla.

Republicans Sens. Shelley Hughes, Rob Myers, and Mike Shower have been isolated and not invited to the majority. But it’s clear most Democrats will be part of it, while Hughes, who has served as Senate Majority Leader, is not part of the majority.


  1. “Republicans have more seats in the Senate…” How many if those does the ‘R” stand for “RINO”?? Alaska continues to slide left… It would be nice if we could learn from what other states have experienced by embracing leftism–but not enough are…

  2. It’s official. James Kaufman can kiss my a–.?
    After the election, I sent him a text warning of my concerns he might join a democrat controlled senate as well as bringing back the binding caucus. Of course, I received nothing back and now I know why.
    One shoe dropped just now, so waiting for the other. I’m so sick of traitorous b——s who go to Juneau to feed their own egos and stab constituents in the back.
    Bye bye PFD, hello more grossly bloated budgets, spending, and more kissing special interest’s a—- for support. Nothing changes……

    • I’m not surprised about James Kaufman seeing how he never was a team player. He’s fulfilling his ego just as Revak did. Both have no integrity.

    • Other than the personal comment about Kaufman – he’s just another traitor – just what I wanted to write… I want to cry, but I’m too p.o.’d. Time for a ballot measure petition – kill BM2, kill dark money contributions, kill binding caucuses, and enshrine the PFD statutory formula in the Constitution. Let’s wipe out the Alaska mafia while we’re at it… Why does Alaska keep voting for these fools? To the three “isolated” friends – you are heroes, hang in there.

  3. Exactly why do we have a Republican party?

    And tell me again how this is a red state. I like a good joke.

    • Openly defying the stated will of your constituents is defending and securing the US Constitution how exactly? Refusing to secure the will of the Alaskan people is….what?

  4. Judas James Kaufman. I should have known. But David Wilson? I can’t believe he’s going to sell Wasilla out.

  5. Gladly take whatever committee assignments they majority gives and be the best little member ever! If the assignments are beneath the isolated members expertise to finish work early, then use the extra time to build up one’s distict cementing it red as well as building up and organizing neighbor districts to
    solidify it red or flip it next election. You
    know! The senators given harder work assignments will neglect their district as those senators or representatives press over state matters.

  6. One of the many things which could have been addressed in a Constitutional Convention is forbidding the majority power from ceding control to the minority.

    But as usual, AK alleged conservatives prefer to whine than act.

  7. There are only THREE actual Republicans in the entire Senate??? Even David Wilson, representing a hard right district, turns out to be a liberal.

  8. I hope the non voter lazy people get the full effect of their not voting by way of a sales tax and this I my vote yes for.

  9. Don’t expect much from Bill Wielechowski. If legitimate state business OR constituent assistance takes too much of his time and/or detracts in any way from his perceived self-importance and/or personal “activities”, he will quit. The guy is lazy, but certainly “get’s around” if you know what I mean.

    I live in east Anchorage. A few days after I presented him with a legitimate state-related concern, he informed me that, although my concern was not nearly resolved, he quit. He said he had spent too much time on the topic (after only a few days and not much work) and that would do nothing further.

    Obviously, I do not vote for him each time he runs for office and this is what I get. If I want any sort of representation or assistance with state-related topics, I realize that I MUST move to a different voting district. If the Rules Committee chairmanship takes time away from his personal “interests”, he will do the absolute minimum at the job or nothing at all.

  10. It’s a big government majority, party registration doesn’t matter. The majority of our legislature believes that government knows how best to spend the peoples money and the people can’t be trusted. Seeing as we the people elected these folks, it’s a hard point to argue against.

  11. The minority is announcing the majority???

    Perhaps they forgot what minority means. The majority gets to decide what the majority does.

  12. ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC IS LIMITED ! WE KNOW< WE KNoW ! Rubber stamp our whole state with THAT ! we need to all become " AN ACTUAL DISTURBANCE " as we say down at the Assembly.

    • Because nothing says Democracy like shouting down those with differing opinions. Did it ever occur to you that uncivil discourse is a disadvantage? In general, people hate bullies. You’ll never end tyranny by acting tyrannical.

      • Oh, you must be referring to all the radical leftist extremists here, RV, as they are the ONLY ones who have been consistently shouting down, attacking and trying to censor differing opinions.
        Your open contempt for free expression, and for liberty in general, is clearly on display in every one of your insidiously trollish posts here.

  13. The Republican party is dead in Alaska, It needs to be renamed, “the back stabbing party”. The fools in Juneau did nothing good in the last two sessions. Why are these politicians labeled republican? they are 100% democrats. Our state is in deep shit, the governor seems weak and the legislature is FUBAR.

  14. Openly defying the stated will of your constituents is defending and securing the US Constitution how exactly? Refusing to secure the will of the Alaskan people is….what?

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