Winners: Murkowski, Peltola, Dunleavy


The Division of Elections ran the tabulation on the ranked-choice ballots cast by voters on Nov. 8. The “instant runoff” method of choosing winners yielded these results in the contested races:

U.S. Senate race:

Lisa Murkowski: 135,972

Kelly Tshibaka: 117,299

Murkowski won by a 7 point margin.

U.S. House race:

Congresswoman Mary Peltola: 136,893

Sarah Palin: 112,255

The margin of victory for Peltola is 9.8.

Governors race:

Gov. Mike Dunleavy won with 50.28% of the vote.

Senate Seat D

Republican Jesse Bjorkman won over Tuckerman Babcock.

Senate Seat E

Republican Cathy Giessel won over incumbent Republican Sen. Roger Holland.

Senate Seat N

Republican Sen. David Wilson won over his contenders Scott Clayton and Stephen Wright.

House District 11

Republican Julie Coloumbe won over Walter Featherly and Ross Beiling.

House District 15

Republican Rep. Tom McKay won by four votes over Denny Wells; David Eibeck was eliminated first.

House District 18

Democrat Cliff Groh beat Republican Rep. David Nelson and Democrat Lyn Franks.

House District 28

Republican Jesse Sumner won over Rachel Allen, Jessica Wright, and Steve Menard.

House District 30

Rep. Kevin McCabe won over Doyle Holmes.

House District 31

Democrat Maxine Dibert won over Republican Rep. Bart LeBon.

House District 24

Frank Tomaszewski won over Democrat Rep. Grier Hopkins.


  1. One outa three.
    This ” Instant Runoff ” sure hit us hard.
    And next time, al ballots should be required to be received on or before Election Day, and that should also be Counting day.

  2. Interesting. I know this won’t be a popular opinion amongst sheep but I’m glad the Murk won. Tshibaka is far too much of a duplicitous phony to have been gifted such a position.

    But Murkowski… all of us that voted for you this time will be watching you very closely. Knock off the RINO BS or you’ll be out w/ the dishwater next go round. Unquestionably. This is your opportunity to attempt to demonstrate conservative values to your supporters.

    • The ol Lisa we are watching this time bit lol. That’s what you all said last election and the election before that. Lol I can’t stop laughing. Oh Alaska we are so screwed by these voters.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion TB, but stop the lying slander about Kelly T – she is no phony and “duplicitous” is just a big word trying to make you sound like you know something… Try telling the truth – which is the swamp turtle couldn’t say anything at all true about Kelly. Kelly is honest, talented, and conservative – and would have made a great senator. I expected the result, but I’m still VERY disappointed.

    • Re: your second paragraph … you’re dreaming. Her mentality is that she won and you will listen to HER. She’s far from being humble.

    • Trouser, thank you for helping insure that Alaska remains a colony with your vote for the swamp rat Lisa!

      I’m certain that Lisa appreciates your admonition above too… ( sarcasm)

      I used to think that you had some intellectual substance, I’m not quite sure about that now however.

  3. Tshibaka no doubt already re-submitted her resume’ to the governor: “Pleeeese, Mike, I need a job (batting her eyes) – I promise I won’t quit this time!”

    Big Mike: “Sorry, Chewie – we’re full. But I hear Mary P is soliciting intern applications…”

  4. Wow, what a repudiation of the “current” Alaska Republican Party leadership! Tshibaka and Begich bite the dirt: Tshibaka, limping in behind Senator Murkowski and Begich,…(You got it: Sarah blasted the “pretty boy” out of the water, and, frankly, Palin may be back for Round 3 for another bout against Peltola!)

    The biggest loser, regardless of how you dice this, is Trump!

    • No Hungry, Alaskan’s are the biggest losers. Trump did what he could, it was up to us to do the rest. Biden has 2 sure votes to advance his and Obama’s AGENDA. The Unions will see Hundreds of Billions of dollars. Republican Interest will be starved out, and LITEGATED to Oblivion. The 87,000 IRS Agents will be working Overtime on breaking Republicans. They will get Stronger as We in Alaska will be made Weaker. Alaskan’s did this to themselves, on both State and Federal levels.

  5. What a sad day for Alaska, two traitors are heading back to the Washington DC swamp.
    There, they will further kick the s— out of we the people, further destroy any hope of Alaska recovering from this climate lie, further their ESG/BLM/DIE agenda, further destroy our once great nation by supporting every leftist dumb— idea, and complete the work to replace we the people, with illegal immigrants.
    With only 44% of us showing up to vote, we end up with dark money winning, they got the kids (who have been groomed since kiddy garden) to vote their left agenda.
    I keep voting, calling my friends, if you don’t vote, you dont get to —– about it.
    Wake up Alaska
    Get woke, go broke

  6. We get what the voters wanted only problem not enough people care or understand what’s happening. I blame the media and the people for not seeking information on what the politicians are doing to us and our freedoms.

    • MArk – You’re right that a lot of citizens don’t care and don’t vote, but the problem isn’t “the media” (whatever that is). The information is out there and its easily accessible.

      • The problem is few have time to access what is available – thus the power of the media in providing influential sound bites. Media spin is what is rendering our thoughtfulness impotent.

        • You have a typo there Rich. You wrote:
          “The problem is few have time to access what is available ”
          I think you mean:
          “The problem is few take the time to access what is available ”
          No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

      • And, the average voter does not bother looking for it. Sportsball is on, or facebook is telling me everything I need to know.
        That is why I am opposed to mail in voting, and election month. Too many people who just do not care enough to read the news are voting for reasons that are questionable.

  7. Instant runoff my ear. With a real runoff I would be able to vote for the candidate of choice 2 times; once in the general election and once again in the runoff if they make it there. Rank voting I can only vote for the candidate of choice once.

      • Hahahahahaha,

        If we wouldn’t have lost the election… We totally would have kicked their rears in the election.

        Keep crying, and please keep making these delusional statements regarding the rules or the process being unfair, surely it cannot be the awful candidates, awful campaigns and awful policies, it’s gotta be something else.

        • Matt:
          What is fair about some people getting more than one vote per seat in an election, and others in the same election getting only a single vote counted?
          The people who voted NBIII 1st rank got to vote twice, without having to go to the polls. Whereas the people who voted Palin 1st only got one vote.
          Fair? In what world?

      • 56% of the state?
        If that were true, Murkowski would have gotten 56% of the vote on Election day, no ranking required. She did not.
        Thinking a 2nd rank “vote” means the voter wanted that candidate is just plain stupid. It is the “least worst” candidate that gets ranked 2nd, not the “I want them” candidate.

        • I respectfully disagree. If Murkowski is the least worst for getting second rank votes, what does that make the loser? Most worst? Absolute worst? I think Kelly is a little better candidate than you give her credit for.

  8. A few Democrats actually got beat by Republicans in the RCV system. Notably, Bill Walker for Governor and Grier Hopkins for state house up in Fairbanks. Scott Kendall designed this system to put Bill Walker back into the governor’s office. And Hopkins is Kendall’s brother. LMFAO. Kendall helped get his own brothers a$$ kicked. Time for some champagne!!! RCV is kinda fun.

    • I concur. It was indeed made to use two lesser candidates, Walker and GARA, to defeat Mike Dunleavy. Bill Walker and Les Gara cooperated from the git-go. They had donations from the same legal office, the one that Bill Walker works for. So it was only poetic justice that Big Mike beat them both in first run votes with no RCV needed; he was the first governor to be re-elected to a second term since 1998. Imagine that, 24 years,a quarter of a century! The only thing that bothers me is what Bill Walker and Scott Kendall have in store for Dunleavy’s second term. They have already proved they are in it for themselves, not Alaskans. Go BIG MIKE!

    • Yes and no. Without RCV, Tom McKay and Julie Coulombe would have won their closed primaries and cruised to wins in the general. Without RCV, Kelly T beats Lisa in the primary, Sarah beats Nick in the primary and they head to Washington.

      • Slight correction, Jim, RCV is different than open primaries, as RCV only applies to the general. In the open primary, Lisa beat Kelly and the other 17 on the ballot. Four advanced to the RCV general. There’s no telling who would have won a closed primary, Lisa or Kelly but probably Kelly. – sd

        • The fact that Chesbro got almost no votes in the open primary tells me that Democrats were voting Murkowski instead of a D. How many Rs voted for Murkowski? No way to tell, but I suspect not too many.
          Close the primaries, and you can leave RCV in place. There is zero reason to allow a single party to have more than one person per seat on the ballot.

          • Re: “Close the primaries, and you can leave RCV in place.”

            The use of RCV permits more openness and freedom for voters, candidates and parties. For example, it allows primary losers to run in the general as independents or third party candidates without being spoilers, or substantially reducing the chance they are spoilers. In other words, it allows Alaska to abolish the sore loser laws and prohibitive ballot access petition requirements.

            This approach may also allow parties to better define the term “Republican,” “Democrat,” etc. To expand this concept of party meaning and definition, I can imagine that even if no one else but Murkowski were to run for that Senate seat, she may still not be permitted to run as a Republican; she wouldn’t be allowed to do so by default.

    • Interesting about Scott Kendall’s RCV helping defeat his own brother-in-law Grier Hopkins. I would attribute some of this to John Binkley, the Redistricting Board Chairman. Thank you, Mr. Binkley, for helping minimize Communism in the Interior.

  9. Great news for MRA. By reading a lot of the comments here lately. Looks like a lot of ADN followers are slowly discovering it. Hopefully with an open mind they can welcome some honesty and actual investigative journalism.
    It’ll be painful for them at first. If they don’t fight it, we’ll all benefit. There’s some good mind out there. Just misguided by design.

  10. You missed alot of other races, ALL of the districts should have been listed not just a few, I saw the actual counts (wasn’t you Susan) On Chanel 15. There were many not being included in the state.(ex:G-14.)

    • Only the races that went to the ranked-choice system were in this story, and all of them were in the story. Those that did not have to go through this process were not part of this story. – sd

  11. I think the voters of Alaska were the big losers in the recent election. Once again the Alaskan house and Senate are going to be controlled by the left.

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