Strange: Palin presumes victory, hires Ward as acting chief of staff


Sarah Palin, who has lost her bid for Congress, declared that she presumes her victory and announced Jerry Ward as her acting chief of staff. She said she was already working with the Congressional Freedom Caucus in Washington, D.C. to deliver opportunities for Alaska and would be meeting with the Freedom Caucus on Thursday.

“It is my privilege to appoint Jerry Ward as acting chief of staff! Please see below contact info for Jerry Ward, COS,” she wrote on Facebook, where she also taped a soliloquy thanking her supporters, calling Republican Nick Begich a Democrat plant, dumping on the Republican establishment, but never mentioning the actual Democrat in the race, her friend Mary Peltola, who appears to be winning and now has over 47% of the vote.

In the special general election on Aug. 16, Palin lost in the final round of counting by 3 percentage points to Peltola, 51.5% to 48.5%. She is currently in second place in a four-person race.

The current standings for the candidates in the general election are:

– Mary Peltola – 101,236, or 47.22%
– Sarah Palin – 57,005, or 26.59%
– Nick Begich – 51,896, or 24.21%
– Chris Bye – 3,716, or 1.73%

Palin would have to be awarded nearly every Nick Begich second round vote in order to get to 50%+1. Leading pollsters don’t see that happening, although it is statistically possible. In ranked choice voting, a significant number of voters do not rank anyone second, and therefore their ballots don’t count toward the final round of counting.

In San Francisco Board of Supervisors, for instance, 53% of ballots were exhausted and only 8,200 ballots counted toward the final result. In the real world, voter behavior is different than in the theoretical world, especially for conservatives.

But Palin said she is feeling victorious.

In an official press release from her campaign she wrote:

“Thank you to my AMAZING, loyal group of friends and family who carried the baton over the finish line!! I can never thank them enough!

“It’s such a great honor to be given the opportunity to run for office in my home state – the greatest state in the greatest nation! We anticipate victory, despite not having election results tonight due to our assumed election integrity, so I’m already meeting with GOP Congressmen with our agenda to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

“It is my privilege to appoint Jerry Ward as acting chief of staff! Please see below contact info for Jerry Ward, COS.” She linked Ward’s GCI email address.

On Facebook, a portion of Sarah Palin’s remarks after the election.

On her Instagram account, Palin also indicated she is the victim of the GOP establishment and Dominion voting machines, politicos, and said she is going to go “even more blatantly ‘go rogue’ to expose the Biden agenda. In her words:

“Don’t retreat… RELOAD! I’m excited to ramp up the fight for America! Thank you volunteers, loyal friends and family, and mostly my favorite people on earth – my kids – for your support. Thank you for the privilege of offering myself up in the name of service to Alaska and America. Thank you, Vets, for our freedom to choose whom governs us! Now, watching election returns: the GOP establishment deserves losses until it’s willing to FIGHT for what is right. They opposed me every step of the way in my Congressional bid, which is par for the course. They were fine with “Republican” Lisa Murkowski taking $MILLIONS$ from Mitch McConnell’s GOP Senate Minority Fund (after she voted to impeach Pres. Trump and supported Biden’s radically liberal appointees) to defeat the top GOP voter-getter (me), as Lisa publicly endorsed the democrat in my race. This, while the GOP establishment actually endorsed the democrat-plant/Trojan horse Begich (of the democrat-dynasty Begich family and who publicly admits to supporting, voting for, and funding democrats) against me, while pushing this new un-American Ranked Choice Voting fiasco. They did away with Primaries, and purposefully confused voters through controlled liberal media, in order to split the GOP vote. RCV is playing out exactly as supporters of this cockamamie system planned. But, it’s not over until the fat lady sings! (Cue PC police for my choice of words in 3…2…1). While the Dominion vote counting continues this month, I have no sympathy for politicos who got sucked into the dark, dysfunctional GOP machine looking at losses today, but I’d have profound sympathy for America if I thought this thing was over. It’s not. Join me, determined to fight even harder, stand even taller, to even more blatantly “go rogue” to expose just how bad the Biden agenda and a complicit GOP machine are for America. Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t believe the lie that a majority supports the direction America is headed. If YOU realize where we’re headed, you’d better go rogue to help save America. Stiffen your spine; hold the uni-party accountable; don’t donate hard-earned money to any hypocritical political machine. Under God, stand united!”

Her boyfriend, Ron Duguay, was the first to comment. “Well said,” Duguay responded on Instagram.


  1. Delusional, bat sh–, nuts. I’m sorry I voted for Sarah Palin second. She doesn’t need a chief of staff, she needs a psychiatrist. As much as I can’t stand Democrats, I guess I have to finally admit that Alaska dodged a bullet.

      • Trump endorsed Kelly and Mike at his last rally, he did not endorse Sarah it spoke volumes..he just skipped right over her. Trump knows.

        • Trump endorsed Kelly and Sarah…..Trump’s afterthought was Mike Dunleavy. I watched for that endorsement and it came after the two that Trump knows best and has worked to improve Trump’s stake in politics.

      • Patricia: ya I agree. She is not wrong about needing to be outspoken and against the likes of Lisa and Mitch, and that’s what ultimately got her the endorsement I think. And unlike MRAK and many of the commenters, I don’t hold it against her for pushing to the very bitter end, and of course, neither does Trump. But how she goes about things and says things is far from impressive for many conservatives, including myself. She really is not Kari Lake, but she tries to be. She genuinely aims for what Kari Lake has going on, but she can’t put it together because her house is not in order and she’s too tempted by silly stuff and not humble enough. She doesn’t understand that humility doesn’t have to sacrifice courage.

        What’s bad is that I didn’t see a single Nick Begich or Sarah Palin ad come across my path, but everywhere I went I saw Peltola ad. Curious what Nick could have done if he had the backing. The thumbs up and down video was perfect, but I didn’t see it anywhere except on MRAK. I even hunted for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I guess it was only on Facebook and like many conservatives, I deleted my facebook account. Sad. Sad to think that the majority wants a republican, but thanks to RCV and Palin’s desire for the spotlight we are going to get a Pelosi supporter that wants to give out more “free” money, even more than Pelosi, and is willing to lie about it in campaign ads to cover it up because she knows Alaskans don’t want what she and her base wants. Man, Democrats are full of themselves and so is Sarah, unfortunately.

    • I ranked Palin second. Frankly, I’d rather have her narcissistic personality represent me than a dyed-in-the-wool communist (despite Peltola being a nice lady she hasn’t gotten the memo that communism doesn’t work). The problem is, over 15,000 Begich voters gave Peltola their 2nd rank last time; if that trend holds this time around, Peltola wins.

    • Agreed. Something happened to her… This clueless diva is vying for prevaricator in chief.. Having seen her performance – and the lack of it in the candidate forum – at the AKGOP Convention last spring, I have to say she is dangerous.

  2. Ron, give me a break. She trained me to say, “well said,” until I couldn’t stand it anymore. You’re doomed, my friend. She isn’t running her mouth to say FU to everyone at MRAK who didn’t vote for her. She’s running it because she’s psychotic enough to actually believe it. Watch your bank accounts.

  3. The only plant I see is the vegetable in front of the camera. Of course we all know math was never her strong suit.

  4. The most telling part of this … statement… is the number of times she used personal pronouns.

    Wonder if she has a life sized picture of herself?

  5. She blames everyone within reach: the GOP, her opponents, the system, the “establishment” (whatever that is), Lisa Murkowski, her fake friends, the lame stream media, local media, the machines, her consultants, her former family. What a list! This behavior is a hallmark of psychopaths.

    Hey Sarah! Look in the mirror you lost all by yourself!

  6. Press release?? Hahahahahahahhaahhahahaha…..[inhale] …. Bwhahahahahahahhahaha

    Diarrhea of the mouth. I’m a conservative and I am glad she is losing. This baboon cannot be allowed to represent Alaska!

      • Your not thinking correctly Mr. W. I would rather have Sarah in than Mary. Are you drinking grandma’s cough syrup?

      • W D Coogan, Careful there Sir, in the case of Sarah we are not just talking about personality, we are making observations about fitness. I actually feel sorry for the poor woman, you should too, clearly she isn’t in a state of mind and properly fit to represent even herself, much less me and you in Congress. I hope her loving throng who didn’t support her campaign with their finances will find a way to support Sarah with their prayers and speak the truth to her in love.

  7. Enough children we all should be wondering about the turtles pace of finding out our election results only 80 % Turtles pace. The Amish need to take over our elections. Suzanne it’s stuck on 80% ma’am?????????

  8. Sarah says we need more people to be rogue. But what is a rogue?

    “ 1 : a dishonest or worthless person : scoundrel. 2 : a mischievous person : scamp. 3 : vagrant, tramp. 4 : a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave. 5 : an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation.”

  9. That’s my gal! She must have come across a bottle of our favorite tequila. (It’s always been best straight, but with just a lick of salt!) Right now she’s riding high and deluded, but so what? Who can fault her for that? Here in the Great Land it helps being a little “touched.” It’ll get you from one frosty morning through the next!

  10. Jerry Ward? What has he been smoking? Chief of Staff of a fictitious congresswoman who represents nobody. Jerry, you’re losing it, pal. You need to channel Don Young, ask him where he hid his famous Alaska neckties, then go back home and forget you ever knew Sarah. Your mental health depends on it.

  11. Holy crap. What was that? What is she taking?
    Drugs? Alcohol? She clearly needs anti-psychotic
    medication. Adderall is not the correct Rx for her.

  12. Fort Knox? What’s stashed there besides the Russian gold there Sarah? Yawn. Is that all you got? I hear your assets are about to be seized.
    What did you do now? And for how much $$$?

  13. Who let her out of the asylum? Don’t they lock up those kind of people with delusions of grandeur any more? Suzanne, I loved your style and the comments here were really funny. Be careful Palin isn’t contagious.

  14. “……..I’m a conservative and I am glad she is losing………”
    And that right there is why the Demonrats on this society and always will. Get accustomed to losing, not only politically, but culturally, because it’s your future.

  15. Spends years trumpeting her successfully running oil investment dollars out of Alaska by signing the Democrat authored ACES legislation, calls Nick Begich a “Democrat plant”.

    You really cannot make this stuff up…….

  16. “Palin would have to be awarded nearly every Nick Begich second round vote in order to get to 50%+1.”
    Thanks again to NBIII voters for ensuring we have a socialist/leftist representing us in Congress.
    Look, I know it is like eating a sh** sandwich, but better someone who annoys the F out of you in Congress, than someone who is going to vote in lockstep with the green new deal, the anti-gun agenda, and support equity instead of economic prosperity.
    The Democrats thank you.

  17. She just can’t put down the crack pipe. She’s got to have that limelight, and the last word. No wonder her marriage failed. I’m not a fan of the palins but you can’t blame them for leaving her.

  18. Well, let’s be honest. If the people who voted for Begich were responsible.. they should have put Palin 2nd. It’s all a joke because we know they didn’t. A lot of you can blame Palin all you want. But the true losers were the ones who voted for Begich 4 times, (with him finishing 3rd every time) and NOT putting Palin 2nd.

    I hope Palin wins still but I have very little hope that Begich voters were as responsible as they needed to be. However, I wont totally write off the possibility yet.

    As for everyone who DID Rank the Red. Thank you and, next time we gotta increase voter turnout. It was a low year for us and that contributed to our loses. Maybe we need better candidates all around.

    • Begich was the true conservative in this race. Sarah lost because of Sarah. She brought us “ACES.” She brought us governor Walker. Now she brought us the left wing radical, Mary Peltola. Nick Begich would have won if Palin didn’t enter the race out of opportunity. Begich entered the race long before Young died. Palin is delusional if she really thinks Nick Begich is a democrat. I hate to say it, but Katie Couric was right. Sarah Palin really is ignorant.

  19. It is entirely possible in her magical world, she actually won. I heard the unicorn vote came in big for her.

  20. Yah the onion got peeled. All the Palin haters just got revealed this morning and you all probably voted for the RCV also!
    Be careful what you wish for! It’s not over.

  21. Palin Derangement Syndrome on full display.
    But that’s why the republican party is what it is – a bunch of RINO’s that choose style over substance.
    Begich has ZERO conservative bona fides.
    He lost to Sarah 2 times – he should’ve done the right thing and got out of the race.
    Sarah’s record.
    Small town girl, ran for city council elected, ran for mayor elected, appointed to the AO&GC and exposed the corruption.
    Ran for governor against the greatest political machine in Alaskan history and won – essentially starting the modern Tea Party movement.
    Then ran as VP with a deeply flawed candidate, McCain who was scared to challenge Obama on anything.
    Begich is no different than Romney, Graham, Ryan, McCain, the Bushes, etc – a RINO, says all the right things but does what the establishment dictates.
    Most of you are horribly offended by Trumps style because he isn’t “statesman” like enough, right – like Jeb or Romney.
    And the demonrats win again.
    Thanks RINO’s for inadvertently doing the progressives bidding.

    • ACES.
      Quit in her first/only term as Governor
      Absent from AK politics for over a decade
      Endorsed Walker over Parnell
      Called for Uncle Ted’s head
      Spent more time chasing celebrity than real impact in politics.
      Blames everybody but herself for her loss.

      That’s Your paragon of conservatism?

    • “Begich has ZERO conservative bona fides”

      Really? He has been a documented conservative going back at least as far as his high school days. He has worked for conservatives all his life.

      Try doing some research.

    • Howdy Done. Great POST.. You should have put it up in June, and run it a 100x times. The Sarah Hate is so Deep here it might have Enlightened only a few—But at Least They Would Be SAVED——-From Sarah Derangement Syndrome.

      • Except I used to be her biggest supporter, until I found out she supported left wing candidates, like Walker and Peltola. That, plus she really has a deep hatred for the oil industry.

        I had such an admiration for her, but then she revealed her true self.

        • No, I doubt that Sarah has revealed her true self to anyone.

          I mean, we could all start with narcissistic, dishonest, ignorant, etc. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg

  22. Sarah,
    If you are lucky enough to win, please ensure you work for we the people as you said you would.
    Align yourself with other strong current Republican leaders, stop leading with your mouth.
    You have two ears, listen twice as hard. This job will need your undevided attention, not sound bites.
    Be a great leader, strong and clear communicator.
    Be willing to be wrong and course correct yourself.

  23. Having tubed Nick Begich’s run to be elected and not having been elected herself, she appoints Ward as Chief of Staff. To what, any sensible person might ask? Does that mean Ward will drive her to the airport when she heads back to Manhattan on her next diplomatic trip to promote Alaska?
    Sarah Palin needs to up stakes and move to Arizona for good. She’s run her course here, worn out her welcome and fooled around in politics long enough that her brand is worthless.

    • My thinking here is that Nick Begich tubed himself by blowing his own chances with Don Young. Young didn’t like Begich and said so giving much to voters here IMO.
      That said, Palin’s Ward appointment doesn’t make much sense.

      • Begich did what dozens of others over the last 10 years didn’t have the balls to do. Take the old man on. Don Young should have retired years ago and everyone knew it. It took Nick Begich to show Young was no longer a conservative and he didn’t have anything left in the tank.

        As for Palin, she is a pied piper, playing a song for her children as she leads them to political destruction. She has done it every time but her fans don’t care. They love the (sh-)show.

        • Nick did have the balls and spent a lot of his own money. That said, it takes more than balls and your own money to win in this state. And had Don Young survived, he would have beat Nick Begich like he beat them all IMO.

        • Howdy Betty. Like Sarah lead most of the Freedom Caucus to THEIR House and Senate Seats by Campaigning for them for the last 10. Years.

    • Look up Jerry Ward’s history if you’re not personally familiar with it.

      …the search phrase should be “unindicted co-conspirator”

  24. Congratulations Sara Congratulations Kelly beware oath breakers congratulations to the citizens who stand with integrity

  25. This is why I stopped voting for Sarah Palin. I heard a wise saying once that went like this: “I would rather the world think I’m a fool than for me to open my mouth and remove all doubt.” Sarah Palin removes all doubt every time she opens her mouth.

  26. Jerry Ward? Oh my. The greasiest politician who ever graced the Kenai Peninsula. How he hasn’t been indicted (or has he?) over the years for some of the stunts he pulled, I’ll never know.

    Yeah, that in and of itself speaks Volumes about Sarah Palin’s character.

    Yeah, T-man is right to warn folks to watch accounts. If Sarah goes to DC with Jerry in tow, it’ll be epic.

    Frankly, since I just so love comedy of the bizarre, she may have just switched me from a “never, ever Palin” to a “maybe this will be fun to watch” Palin voter.

    Yes, I admit it, I go to car races for the crashes and hockey games for the fights…I guess that would make me a prime Palin voter?

      • Oh my. Go take your meds.

        Trump mobilizes leftwing voters, which means…he cannot win without attracting more voters and he’s desparately short on KoolAid for enlarging his core follower.

        No moderate or classic conservative will have anything to do with Trump or Palin.

        If you can’t work with folks of different views and agendas, you have no business in politics. Trump was largely ineffective when dealing with congress, something he has in common with Obama. Those two are more alike than most realize.

        So MAGA? Cheap stickers on red trucker hats made in China? Really?

        MAGA is about stroking Trump’s inflated ego. He doesn’t love the USA, he loves His USA. Big difference.

  27. Congratulations on your convincing victory, Sarah. I hope you can work well with newly elected Governor, Charlie Pierce, and Senator Buzz Kelley!

  28. This is disconnected from reality. If folks want to understand why I declined to rank Ms. Palin on my ballot, please refer to this episode. There are others. It is not possible to advance conservatism through irrational candidates.

  29. Sarah jumped in at the very last minute and disrupted a solid plan to put another consevative in the house, which Nick and his people had been working on for over a year. She didn’t understand RCV then and probably still doesn’t. Someone will have to explain to her why she lost. She probably still won’t get it….. (Posted this yesterday; don’t know why it didn’t go through) – M.John

    • Except the people who benefit from RCV have all the money. They will spend whatever it takes to keep their gravy train going.

    • Howdy Carol. She’s good for 80—100— Comments here, everybody else 20—30.. Nick’s gone, Tara Sweeney, loooong gone. Sarah is still in the fight. If she loses it will get real quiet around here.

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