MatSu Borough election results include strong voter support for protection of Second Amendment


The Matanuska-Susitna Borough held its election on Nov. 8. The borough is the only one in the state that aligns its election with the general election date. The unofficial results are as follows:

Assembly District 1

  • – Tim Hale, incumbent, 3,124
  • – Brian Endle, 2,345

Assembly District 2

  • – Stephanie Nowers, incumbent, 2,043
  • – Meghan Trupp, 1,329
  • – Dana Raffaniello, 1,329

School Board District 2 (Jim Hart vacating)

  • – Kendal Kruse, 2,267
  • – Ray Michaelson, 1,942

School Board District 3

  • – Kathy McCollum, 3,648

School Board District 5 (Ryan Ponder vacating)

  • – Jacob Butcher, 2,018
  • – Shirley Akelkok, 765
  • – Jimmie Elrod, 603

School Board District 6

  • – Ole Larson, 3,541

School Board District 7 (Jeff Taylor vacating)

  • – Ted Swanson, 2,314
  • – Christiana Sitbon, 1,608

Proposition 1, requiring any future ordinance regulating the discharge of firearms outside city limits must be ratified by voters before it could take effect.

Yes, 20,254

No, 7,979


    • We considered putting up a sign, much like checkpoint Charlie’s “you are leaving the American Sector” on the Knik River bridge as you cross into the muni.

  1. Anyone concerned that we are putting gun rights up to “mob rule / democracy”?
    The Valley very well could be Anchorage in 30 years.
    So of the majority votes anti-gun we have to accept that?
    About as unconstitutional as it it gets.
    Sic Semper Fidelis!

    • What’s anti gun about it? The proposition was to put it in the power of the voters rather than the borough assembly. It’s pro gun more than anything.

    • And what’s the alternative? How did you vote on this? What this does is prevent government from making off the cuff snap decisions about our gun rights.

  2. As all Americans should. Yes, please try and take our 2nd amendment away… that will be the day haha stupid liberals

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