Red tsnumani? Tucker Carlson says Republican leadership to blame for lackluster election results


Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the leaders of the Republicans in the House and Senate on Wednesday.

“The people whose job was to win and did not win should go do something else now, we’re speaking specifically of the Republican leadership of the House and the Senate and of the RNC,” Carlson said. “It’s nothing personal, no doubt some of them are nice people, but they took hundreds of millions of dollars to paint the map red and they didn’t. Doesn’t mean they’re evil, doesn’t mean they should be jailed. It does mean they shouldn’t be promoted. No one should ever be rewarded for failure. If there’s a truly conservative principle in life, it’s the principle of meritocracy. You reward excellence, you do not reward mediocrity.”

Promoting them would “reward mediocrity” after such ambiguous election results, he said.

“The plan was really simple. It seemed easy a week ago: An unpopular president, a faltering economy, an open border, the looming risk of nuclear war. How about that?” Carlson said. “Put all those together, how could there not be a massive Republican win nationally? Wins everywhere! Well, there weren’t. Some exceptions, but overall there weren’t. Joe Biden was not punished. In fact, he’s out there bragging about himself today. Pretty frustrating. You want Republicans to win, not simply because they’re so great, but because Democrats are so very bad, and that is not an overstatement.”

Carlson went on to say that those whose job it was to win those races should go do something else now.

“It’s nothing personal. Some of them are no-doubt nice people, but they took hundreds of millions of dollars to paint the map red and they didn’t,” he said of Republican leadership.

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund was the highest in “issue group spending” in Senate races, with a total of $205 million pooled across nine Senate races. The Republican group led by McConnell has focused its efforts in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina; each of those states have recorded over $30 million in spending from SLF, according to the site,

McConnell’s spend in Alaska to prop up Sen. Lisa Murkowski was ultimately nearly $7 million.

“The next highest spending issue group in Senate races is the Democratic counterpart to SLF, Senate Majority PAC with $176M across seven different Senate races. Senate Majority PAC was consistently outspending Senate Leadership Fund until September, but SLF has since placed over $202M between September and November,” AdImpact writes.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Leadership Fund, under the control of Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, spent at least $200 million on the midterm elections, but avoided getting involved in the Alaska race to replace the late Congressman Don Young.


  1. Republicans would have won Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia if Republican moderates would have won their primaries instead of Trump backed whackos.

    • Republicans may still win in Arizona and Georgia. And ‘Hooray’ for Pennsylvanians for electing a brain-damaged radical leftist extremist (but I repeat myself) Uncle Fester to the US Senate.
      And Kari Lake is no “whacko”. She is just loathed by the establishment and the radical left, because like Trump in this regard, she refuses to bend a knee and pay obeisance to them.

    • I think I prefer a democrat to a RINO (so called Republican moderate). At least then you know what you’re dealing with and don’t need to listen to Lisa’s lies. At one point conservative review had her rated lower than Maxine Waters.

    • Why is it the Republicans always have to be “moderate?”
      How come no one ever says a Democrat lost because they were not moderate enough?

    • Frankly, this election turned the moment the Orange Man grabbed headlines two days before the election.

      Oz and Walker may have won outright if Trump had just laid low and kept his mouth shut for three more days. He definitely affected the results negatively across the board for Republican candidates.

      Nobody motivates Democrats to get out to vote like Donald Trump, and no one convinces moderates to vote D instead of R the way that Donald Trump does.

      So…either he intentionally sabotaged the GOP (seeing himself as 2024 savior), or he is completely delusional, or both.

      My money is on both. He’s a lunatic.

  2. In order to do something typically you have to do it. Also, to vote for a democrat one must be an imbecile. So, we aren’t allowed to say they rig the system. What is the root word for dominion $?

  3. I could be worse. Anchorage knows what under represented means, watching allard take on the leftist assembly and boyle taking on the entire leftist asd board by their selves. At least red team in alaska has a even split, and allard ain’t fighting the contankorous leftists alone,
    While national red splits congress. Pray red don’t compromise next year when there is manpower to push back.

  4. could be worse. Anchorage knows what under represented means, watching allard take on the leftist assembly and boyle taking on the entire leftist asd board by their selves. At least red team in alaska has a even split, and allard ain’t fighting the contankorous leftists alone,
    While national red splits congress. Pray red don’t compromise next year when there is manpower to push back.

  5. Tucker is a common sense guy, here in Alaska people forgot about the bush, southeast, commercial fisherman, and thought Anchorage and Matt-Sue were the only ones voting and forgot the bipartisan anti foreign owned pebble prospect poised to dig up 185 square miles of open pit in prime red salmon spawning ground’s which Peltola and Murkowski were adamant about not allowing., fishing is Alaska’s number one resource and long after the oil wells run dry. Even President Trump said no on pebble.
    Party politics must include common sense to produce a winner;-)

    • Are you sure that the impact of commercial fishing is more than mining? I bet not. The State of Alaska doesn’t get much directly either way but mining job total payroll has to be more way than fishing. Also total tax benefits to local boroughs is huge from mining property. There is a small chance that a mine harms Bristol Bay (very small chance). You can have the benefits of both mining and fishing with some risk however small. However the present sentiment is to not have mining at all because of fishing. Ironically this movement is largely driven by sport fishing. They like to keep part of Alaska as their personal playground and don’t seem to mind if they keep the area impoverished. Sad stuff. There is plenty of space for everyone and Alaska and Alaskan’s would benefit greatly. Keeping people impoverished to have a play area seems immoral to me.

      • Are you kidding me? Have you seen and read the pebble plan and disclaimer., Unless you have done that, your comments are without merit.
        I have made a documentary on the platinum mine at goodnews bay which was pro mining.
        So Joe, if you can find somebody that knows more about mining than me, I will become a Monk.

    • Oh my. Go do some real research.

      You have no idea whatsoever about modern mining operations, you know nothing about the economics of the fishing or mining industries, and you know even less about about the demographics of Bristol Bay.

      Pebble didn’t go forward simply because the didn’t pay off BBNA. Simple as that.

  6. Using man’s imperfections red and blue team will have to lean on to the Lord’s strength when the other pushes back. The Lord gives what suits. God’s purpose. The red team in alaska and congress red members would continue igoring God if they held a supermajority because of manpower strength.

    • So everything works out, even bad allowed-bad things come from us while God still uses the bad turning it for our good, that suits God’s bigger picture than man’s vision.

  7. McConnell is so enamored with being “leader” that he pulled funding from Republicans that would not vote for him, and put in into candidates that would. He does not care if it is Majority Leader, or Minority Leader. He just wants to be leader, and will do whatever he can to keep that seat.
    That’s why he funded attack ads against Kelly T., and that is why he pulled money from key Senate races. Better to be leader of the minority than fix the country and support your Party.

  8. I like Tucker but he understands that’s the way politics work. These professional celebrity politicians like Beto O’Rourke and the pork chop Stacey Abrams make more money than most movie stars, and in some cases four times as much. People continue to throw money at them even though they can’t win, but rather their supporters want them out there just for the cause. So there’s been in $700 800 900 million on these people for what? At least a legitimate Republican candidate has a chance to win over the poor candidates the leftists parade around.

  9. In 7 decades on the planet I’ve never seen a worse case of political malpractice.

    It’s incomprehensible the Republicans could not take advantage of the worst inflation in over 40 years, rising crime, and government mandated abuse of troubled children.

    If there was ever a time to ditch the GOP and replace it with anything, it’s now.

    • “…….If there was ever a time to ditch the GOP and replace it with anything, it’s now.”
      Are you suggesting that supporting the Demonrat Party is an appropriate response to this election? Or even that a national political party can be stood up within a two year election cycle? Or two such cycles? Or that somehow, by some stroke of a magic wand, a new party will bring about true political, social, or cultural reform or peace…….like the death of the Whig Party and standup of the Republican Party did in the late 1850’s………immediately before the nation attempted collective suicide?
      Do yourself a credibility favor; try thinking before typing out such emotional silliness.

  10. Basing a conclusion on amount of funds expended as reason for suggested failure is both simplistic and avoids the real issue. The real issue here was at least two-fold: a recruitment of candidates who were way, way out of the mainstream and faulty messaging. Money matters in political campaigns but even wads of money cannot overcome a goofy candidate with a shrill message disconnected from reality.
    Odd candidates with a muddled message caused the red wave to break on the reef of public opinion offshore more than how money was expended by Mitch and the boys. In the event, a huge wad of the money spent by the politicians who hold these troves is wasted on campaign support staff who gin up endless flyers that plug the mailboxes of citizens with little or no impact. And, a lot of money is spent on media, much of it negative, that gets lost in the noise and confusion of modern campaigns. What we wind up with in our little experiment in democratic decision making is huge sums of money wasted on negative campaigns that has little or no impact on the average voter. All the money in the world can’t salvage a campaign by an odd candidate with an incoherent message, even if they are well-known, as Sarah Palin and Dr. Oz illustrates.
    Guys like Tucker Carlson can play the blame game all they want, carping about Mitch McConnell and other folks who spent gobs of money that didn’t move the needle in the direction he desired but it doesn’t change the fundamental problem with too many races where Republicans got smoked: bad candidates with a message that didn’t resonate with a majority of voters.

  11. If you have a restaurant and no one comes in you can either blame the customers or blame your menu. The republicans ran some extremly marginal candidates with high negatives and obvious contradictions to your messaging, an example might be Hershel Walker paying for at least four abortions while saying he is against it and in general being dumber than a box of rocks. Trump was able to overcome his many contradictions with the values of his voters but most can’t. Hopefully he gets dumped with the rest of them. Democrats also have their share of weak candidates starting with the President but also Democrats have never professed to have values so the contradiction isn’t as hard for them to overcome. Quality of candidates is important for Republicans, that lesson will have to be learned again.

    • True or not, Walker makes a good Republican. Trump is overblown and overrated. I know people who still had Trump flags up in their yard up until a couple of months ago. Trump was/is dragging eveybody down. I wish they would lock him up, and I voted for him once. DeSantis is a breath of fresh air, one that even Democrats can get behind.

      • I too am tired of the overblown and (WAY) over-rated fg. Can’t see D’s getting behind Desantis given his fiasco towards legal asylum seekers from Texas, who he flew to Florida then dropped them on Martha’s Vineyard with fake resources pamphlet.

        Or his insistance that we only allow images of heterosexuality to children in school. Or a list of other things that make Desantis’ baggage look less than tfg’s.

        Rs will fall for him.

  12. I blame Mitch McConnell for this. He is a disgusting RINO that must be demoted from his position in the Senate. AK republican party has overwhelmingly censured him along with RINO Murkowski. Furious over his arrogant abuse of power!!

  13. There is a huge push to get rid if McCarthy and McConnell. They can’t get majority leadership if just a few republicans in either house say “hell no!” To them.
    And there are already some who are on the wagon. They purposely held back funding or actively tried to defeat many candidates that were not going to “serve” them. Many of them won.
    Look for fireworks in the us house and senate!

  14. So which villages won the voting scheme money anyhow?! I’ve seen many articles about the failures of this election but no updates about that particular magic act…

  15. I have wanted new leadership for a long time. McConnell is certainly not a conservative. For some reason I’ve always thought McCarthy was sort of a milquetoast. So they raise a lot of money, which is important but their job is to listen to their constituents first, money and lobbyists second.
    They have become too divisive for the Republican base.

  16. I don’t know what is so hard to understand, after GOP taking careful aim and shooting themselves in the foot again. The biggest cause is the abortion issue and that dumbass Graham, bragging how the first thing he plans to do is introduce legislation for a nation wide abortion ban. No matter that it was after 15 weeks, it still worked to give the DEMS the ammunition to get voters out.

  17. The elections are totally in the machines and their selections these days. Happening all around the world and recently in Brazil. People are waking up and working to make elections great again. We are on the brink as a free people and must be vigilant and on our knees. Like Rome, we will fall from within if we do not take steps to come back to our foundation.

  18. “……It seemed easy a week ago: An unpopular president, a faltering economy, an open border, the looming risk of nuclear war……..”
    So what is the Republican leadership supposed to do? Is the electorate blind? With everything going to Hell, is the leadership supposed to beg for votes?
    The public simply isn’t hurting enough yet. It’s really that simple. So is the answer;
    Dial it up. I’ll bet a few nuclear detonations will grab some attention, especially if some of them are in North America. Famine, anyone? No fuel to be had?
    Bring it. The wailing and gnashing of teeth will be music to my ears.

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