Lindsay Kavanaugh, director of Alaska Democratic Party, sent to jail after being stopped for DUI near Soldotna


The executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party was taken to jail early Saturday morning after being pulled over for driving while under the influence, becoming unruly and unplugging Alaska State Trooper breathalyzer equipment.

Troopers stopped Lindsay Kavanaugh at 1:20 am for a moving violation south of Soldotna on the Sterling Highway. She was taken to a Trooper post for a breathalyzer, which she refused to take, and she unplugged the equipment, the report says. Must Read Alaska sources said she was also unruly; she ultimately was arrested for fifth-degree criminal mischief and remanded at the Wildwood pretrial facility in Kenai.

Kavanaugh has been the executive director of the party since 2019. She was a senior advisor to then-Sen. Mark Begich from 2009-2014, and served as an aide to the U.S. House Armed Services Committee before moving to Alaska to take over the Alaska Democratic Party post, which had been left empty after Jay Parmley left the state for South Carolina.

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  1. Democrats seem to do better when they run their operations behind bars. At least the public is a bit safer from these raging, mentally deprived, soul-less degenerates.

  2. Whats that? The entire left wing of government is drunk? Not surprising when they are “telephonically present” at city council even though you can clearly hear they are at a BAR!

    • So says the guy who was once charged for drunken and disorderly and in possession of a firearm.

    • McKinney, I agree with Chance! The question that come to mind is this: Given that some issues are resolved quickly, did Kavanaugh–not an unpleasant looking woman–try to work out an amicable arrangement when she was stopped? Not that anything would have been askew, but just “misperceived.”

  3. Did they throw her into the LGBTQ tank, or the sanitarium wait room before getting her mental fitness test results back?

  4. Awww. Regulations and laws are so pesky, no? Maybe she should have stayed in quarantine where she’s be safe.

  5. What will be interesting is to see if this is reported in the ADN, JE, News Miner, Public, NewsSource, and the like. Generally communists, excuse me Democrats, don’t get press for a faux pas. A Republican, on the other hand, would be front page above the fold.

    • Maybe she’s a distant relative of the High Court. That would probably get in the ADN and News Minus. Dermot Cole needs to cover this one.

  6. This is the delusion of democrats who believe THEY are the ruling class and laws no longer apply to them. They may great away with that in DC and blue states. They learn the hard way in red states. It’s gratifying to see Alaska State Troopers laying down the law.

  7. Let’s cut to what’s really important: did the police use her preferred pronouns during the arrest?

  8. Time out. Everyone knows women are incapable of making important decisions while intoxicated. Just ask any guy who got drunk and then had sex with a drunk woman, who upon waking up changed her mind. Can anyone name one woman who went to jail for same “crime”? So which is it, is a person responsible for decisions made while intoxicated or not. In my opinion, we do not have rule of law, only rules. Rules for us, none for them. She will probably walk, no intent and all the rest.

  9. It’s the democrat party, not the democratic party.

    They are well known to be autocratic, not democratic.

  10. Too late for her to run for governor this time…..

    But certainly has raised a profile bound to attract big out-of-state bucks at the next opportunity.

  11. Didn’t “Uncle Joe” say that no one should be arrested for DUI? How embarrassing! And she actually pulled the plug running the Breathalyzer? Be interesting to see what her BA registered.

  12. So help me GOD you swore ma’am. I bet she thought “they will let me go” and I bet she thinks oath breakers don’t go to hell either. Party on dems, drink and drive. it’s only the highway to hell, yeah baby.

  13. Nothing will happen to her, just look at Paul Pelosi. The mainstream media will drop it, nothing to see here. “It’s a private family matter.” Maybe one of her friends or relatives will download the uber app on her phone.

  14. With Nancy’s husband being DUI, now another prominent Dem, Lindsey Kavanaugh, trying to make the guilt of being a Democrat go away… Like skunk stink, the smell will linger… but I can’t blame them too much, they face a great deal of guilt for failing to redeem the time …

  15. The intense pressure of extreme ideological partisanship would drive anyone to drink. Then mix in the abortion crusade by the radical left for political purposes and you have a rich stew of insanity.If I was the judge I would say: Madam, your sentence permits you to drink alcohol but you have to quit your job.

  16. What’s important here is to smear her name as much as possible before one of our own gets nabbed for doing something irresponsible and dumb!

  17. All I can say is she made a very serious expensive mistake….would have been worse if she killed someone. I don’t care who she is.

  18. Come on folks, it’s no big deal. This is Alaska after all. I recall an incident in South Anchorage some years ago where at a private party a brawl broke out. Reportedly our Mommy Grizzly , Sarah Palin was involved in the brawl and was heard screaming, ” DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHO WE ARE!”.

    All this means is that as Alaskans we know how to Party. Whether we are D’s or R’s…

    • Wasn’t there another prominent Democrat who ran a red light in Anchorage and killed a pedestrian & managed to get away with it? Wasn’t she married to the naked mayor?

  19. As for her behavior, P. J. O’Rourke said it best: “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

  20. Democrats don’t do well with booze. It seems to kill off their braincells quickly and makes them intolerant, irritable, non-inclusive and dysfuntional. That’s why pot became legal. A Democrat thingy. So, is this gal a wino, or just another run-of-the-mill hard liquor drunk?

  21. She can keep Pelosi’s husband company. Oh wait, that’s right, with our 2 tiered justice system the rats will get off with a wrist slap.

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